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News Jan - March 2020

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Hartley Players support West Kingsdown, New Ash Green and Longfield community charities with show profits
Donations by Hartley Players to Carers' Cafe at Wellfield and also other local charities.
(Kent Messenger, 30.3.20)

Darent Valley Hospital nurse says new Arriva bus timetable will not let her get to work
Following the new Covid-19 timetable for the 423/433 route from Hartley to Dartford introduced on 28 March, a Hartley nurse explains how difficult it is to get to work at Darent Valley Hospital for 7am when the first bus is not now until 10am.  The timetable is basically a Sunday level of service.

Pensioner injured after being robbed in own home in Hartley
Woman in 80s  atacked in house in Church Road on 3 March.  Purse stolen.

Parish Council Meeting 9 March 2020

Parish   Council: Councillors

12 councillors attended the   meeting plus one member of the public.    No councillors declared interests in agenda items       

Finance:   Reserves

The council added £13,365 unspent from other   reserves back to the general reserve.    They have so much money in reserve that they need to open another bank   account because the Barclays account now exceeds the £85,000 compensation   scheme maximum.       

Parish Council:   Website

The internal auditor said they needed to   comply with Website Accessibility Guidelines by September 2020, clerk to   investigate.       

Finance:   Policies

The Finance Committee also reviewed various   financial policies.       

Amenities: Manor   Field

The contractor for the car park lighting said   they had quoted for the lights outside the pavilion.  The car park lights would be a lot more -   £750.  Council agreed to pay.       

Youth Services:   

Council agreed to increase youth budget from £4,000   to £12,000 to cover Hartley's annual contribution to new scheme mentioned at   the January meeting.  The Sevenoaks   Youth Bus will be available so the outdoor provision at Hartley can run all   year.  The scheme will run from 1 April   2020 for 48 weeks with 2 week breaks in the summer and Christmas.  Full council supported the recommendation 9   votes to 2.  Councillors also agreed to   pay £100 for portable toilet at Family Fun Day in August.       

Roads: Ash   Road

Gates to be installed in the next month.  Parish council told by KCC request for   diversionary route when Ash Road was blocked was not possible, all they would   do is put up 'Road Closed' signs.  They   will put in a request to KCC Highways Improvement Plan for the whole of Ash   Road between Church Road and St Johns Lane to be resurfaced.  Cllr Brazier (KCC) was surprised they   requested this as it was far too expensive.       

VE Day   Commemorations:

Additional costs of £525 for   security for the marquee approved.       

Roads: Gorsewood   Road

Complaints received about the state of the   road.  Cllr Oxtoby thought it was a   general problem in Hartley       

Amenities:   Allotments

Further to the previous meeting they   accepted quotes from Mr Munday of £335 (fence) and £185 (bushes)       

Finance:   Payments

Payments of £9,011 for March were approved   

Coronavirus: Brits stranded on cruise ship Grand Princess off California to be flown home
70 year old woman from Hartley on birthday cruise tells of conditions on board ship as it is held off the coast of America.

Crime Report - March
From e-watch website.  Due to the current emergency they have no reports after 14 March.  Theft of green wheelie bin 2 (Larksfield 1, PItfield 1); theft of vehicle or trailer (Woodland Avenue 1, Porchester Close 1); criminal damage 2 (Woodland Avenue 1, Caxton Close 1); burglary of outbuilding 1 (Larksfield).

Crime Report - February
From e-watch website.  Criminal damage to vehicle 2 (Porchester Close 1, Caxton Close 1); theft from vehicle 1 (Springcroft 1); burglary of outbuilding 1 (Porchester Close).

Driver arrested after pursuit by off-duty Swanley officer
21 year old man from Farningham accused of failing to stop at road accident at Longfield on 15 February.
(News Shopper, 26.2.2020)

Storm Dennis: train damaged and services delayed after collision with fallen tree at Longfield
Falling tree caused damage to train outside Longfield Station at 10.16am (pictures)
(Kent Messenger, 16.2.2020)

Parish Council meeting 10 Feburary 2020
Parish   Council: Councillors
12 of the 13 councillors were in   attendance, plus county councillor Cllr Brazier and 1 member of the   public.  Cllr Oxtoby declared an interest   in the redecoration of the pavilion as she is related to one of the   contractors.       
Amenities:   Cricket
Cricket club reported the posts protecting   the square at Manor Field had been moved as had their equipment in the   storage container.  Football club to be   informed in case it was them.  Cricket   club running family fun day with licensed bar on 23 May.       
Amenities:   Allotments
Quotations to be sought to remove fence   panels to assess damage to neighbours fence as agreed in November meeting,   also to cut back bushes encroaching on allotments.       
Amenities: Manor   Field Pavilion
They had got 4 quotes for a schedule   of works but now wanted to change the specifications.  They went back to the two preferred bidders   and full coucil accepted quote from The Sixpence Company for £2,550.   Faulty shower tap repaired for £195.  Calor Gas have written to say pipework will   need replacing.  They also accepted a   quote from Hartley Electrical Contractors for £65 to test the emergency   lights.       
Amenities:   Trees
They have not heard further from the landowner   regarding the tree overhanging the burial ground, District Council agree it   is dangerous but said it is up to the Parish Council to do something about   it.  PC will write threatening to take   legal advice if nothing done.  Council   accept offer from Kent Downs AONB Team for 45 ash saplings at a subsidised   price of £101.  Location of planting to   be confirmed.       
Amenities:   Gorsewood
Fly tipping continues at Gorse Wood.  Items dumped include mattresses, a   trampoline and enclosure and bags of clothes.    West Kent Housing Association say their staff may be able to use their   volunteering days to help in any clean up organised by the parish council.       
Cherry Trees:   Shops
Following complaints about the state of the   paving there in November, they wrote to the landlord but have received no   reply.  Kent Highways not interested   because it is private land.  They have   written to the MP, and he has written to the landlords but got no reply   either.       
Amenities:   Playgrounds
Mr Mundy to be asked to action the 24   points from the latest playgrounds inspection.       
Amenities:   Woodland Avenue
Committee rejected request to hold a   3 day traditional family funfair there, and allowed the person who crashed   into the gate to pay the £360 cost at £10 per week.       
Council to ask Sevenoaks about green belt policy   after permission for building was granted (? Quay House)       
Finance:   Payments
Payments for February of £12,435 were   agreed, including £1,680 for 7 days' work at Rectory Meadow.   

Bad weather incidents
Kent Fire Brigade clear fallen trees at Hodsoll Street and Caling Croft, New Ash Green.

Police in Horton Kirby and New Ash Green find 700 cannabis plants as well as knives, a knuckle duster and an axe
Two rooms in a house at Coltstead, New Ash Green, used for growing the plants (about 2kg).
(Kent Messenger, 8.2.2020)

Crime Report - January
From e-watch website.  Criminal damage to car 4 (Porchester Close 3, Northfield 1); Burglary 1  (Church Road); attempted burglary of outbuilding 1 (Ash Road)

Kent Catholic Schools' Partnership forced to think again about Kent Test policy
Group which runs Our Lady of Hartley RC Primary School among several others, have postponed their recent ban on pupils sitting the Eleven Plus Kent Test at the school, to allow current year 5s to sit the exam this year.
(Kent Messenger 22.1.2020)

Hartley Parish Council Meeting 13 January 2020

Parish Council: Councillors
12 members of the council were present along with Cllr Brazier (KCC) and 2 members of the public

Finance: Community Infrastructure Levy
The council has received £12,641 from this source.  Cllr Abraham said Sevenoaks had confirmed they could use the money on the Manor Field Car Park, which the Finance Committee authorised at the same meeting, including £750 to Hargreaves Architects Ltd to prepare plans.

Finance: Precept
Council sets 2020/21 precept at £137,773 (2019/20 - £133,697) with a band D charge up 3% at £53.89.

Finance: Insurance
Additional charge of £11.33 to include the new burial ground Pergola.

Parish Council: Office Equipment
They decided laptops were a better buy and so authorised purchase of two for £972 plus over £500 set up costs with Wrotham Computer Care Limited.  The contract for the photocopier has come to an end so they decided on a 5 year contract with existing supplier Kent County Supplies at £140.45 per quarter and 0.21p per b&w copy and 2.1p per colour copy (current contract is £190.90 per quarter with 0.37p b&w and 3.4p per colour, last year they made 72,529 b&w copies and 39,165 copies).  They will need to remove the hard disk on the old copier for £500 because there may personal data about benefit claimants on it.

Youth Services:
Following West Kent Housing's withdrawal of provision of youth services, plans had been drawn up by the youth Hub delivery manager for 1 x 2 hour youth club in New Ash Green and West Kingsdown (all year) and 1 x 2 hour street provision at Hartley (summer months).  Committee rejected current plans, partly on cost grounds.  Family fun day in August at Woodland Avenue had been well attended

Health: Urgent Care Centre
Council happy that public consultation supported Gravesham Hospital as the site for this.  They also plan to send letters of complaint about the local surgery, in particular the new prescription ordering system.

Roads: Ash Road
Finance Committeee OK with increased cost of £2,786 for village gates.  Also they are unhappy KCC will not install a fixed speed camera here because the road doesn't have a record of serious accidents.  Police apparently recently carried out recent speed checks, which the council have asked for details of.  KCC Highways Improvement plan rejected HPC request for alternative route when Ash Road is blocked.

Roads: Castle Hill
Following complaints about lorries using the road, council to request signs at either end.

Hartley WI:
Council gives them permission to decorate Hartley Green with knitted sunflowers to celebrate their 100th anniversary in 1921

Roads: Merton Avenue
Complaint about the state of the unmade up par tof the road referred to Kent Highways.

Amenities: Manor Field
Council agreed to pay Kent County Services £1,750 to pave area around VE day beacon

Amenities: Manor Field Pavilion
They accepted quote of £642 from Hartley Electrical Contractors to install external socket and £188 to replace car park floodlights

Roads: Stack Lane
Sign at junction with Church Road needs replacing, district council are aware
Roads:   Manor Lane
Sign at junction with Church Road needs   replacing, district council are not aware       
Cllr Abraham says Sevenoaks have no intention of   withdrawing draft district plan, which was rejected by the inspector.       
Finance:   Payments
Payments of £8,908 for January were   approved.   

Southeastern delays as train hits bicycle on tracks at Longfield
Hour delay to services after accident which occurred at 8.15pm
(Kent Messenger, 4.1.2020)

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