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News November - December 2020

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09 November 2020 - Parish Council: Councillors
11 councillors were present, plus the clerk, Cllr Brazier (KCC) and 1 member of the public.  Apologies from Cllr Penny Cole and Ross were accepted.  There were no declarations of interest.
Parish Council Meeting

09 November 2020 - Finance: Budget
They agreed the draft budget.  The precept to remain unchanged at £137,774.  Total projected income £162,247; total expenditure £170,867.  The deficit to be financed from the council's considerable reserves.  Significant changes over 2020/21 are: Employer's pension contributions +£3K, Burial Ground maintenance +£2K, open space grass cutting +£1K, open space miscellaneous -£7K, playground maintenance -£0.5K
Parish Council Meeting

09 November 2020 - Parish Council: Covid-19
Following government instructions, pavilion closed from 5th November.  Cleaning to be suspended, but temperature checks on water outlets to continue.  Office remains closed.  Assistant clerk will work from office, clerk will work at home.  Council agreed on one off payments totalling £1,600 to clerk and assistant clerk in recognition of work they'd done during pandemic.
Parish Council Meeting

09 November 2020 - Finance: Payments
Payments of £17,929 were agreed, save the pavilion water bill of £577 which they thought was excessive.  Castle Water said it was an estimate and to do a meter reading if they wanted an accurate one, but councillors couldn't find the meter, so company will have to come out to do it.
Parish Council Meeting

09 November 2020 - Neighbourhood Plan:
Planning committee of 28/11 heard that Fawkham want to pursue an application for the valley to be designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on their own and not as a joint application with Hartley.
Parish Council Meeting

09 November 2020 - Planning: Beechcroft Farm
Council raise objection to broiler houses being built on land to west 20/2772, although it Is in parish of Ash.
Parish Council Meeting

12 November 2020 - Crime: Ash Road
Network rail remove conspiracy theorist's banner on railway bridge at the bottom of Hoselands Hill
Nextdoor > Heart of Hartley

23 November 2020 - Car Fire in Dickens Close
Two engines called to car fire on drive at 12.18am.  Thought to have been caused by electrical fault.
Kent   Fire Brigade

26 November 2020 - Crime: Wellfield
Following robbery of parcel delivery van in Wellfield, 2 men from Gravesend and Chatham convicted.
Dartford Messenger

27 November 2020 - Crime: New Ash Green
5 rare tortoises stolen from house in Coltstead on 20/21 November
News Shopper

03 December 2020 - Tortoises are stolen in raid
Five tortoises stolen from Coltstead on 20/21 November
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03 December 2020 - Hospital full up with ambulances being redirected
"Pressure of Covid crisis is laid bare", about one in five ambulances at Darent Valley Hospital have been redirected from other hospitals, routine operations at DVH are now being cancelled.  Increasing case numbers has led Kent to being put in Tier 3 restrictions.
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14 December 2020 - Neighbourhood Plan:
Planning committee of 9/12 decided to recommend publicising a Neighbourhood Plan for Hartley and to set aside £5,000 from reserves for it.
Parish Council Meeting

27 December 2020 - Health: Covid-19
Local hospital becomes latest to receive batch of the Pfizer vaccine, picture of member of staff first to receive vaccine
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29 December 2020 - Crime: Hartley Bottom Road
3 horse blankets taken, owner told a number of hay, equestrian tool etc thefts locally recently
Nextdoor > Heart of Hartley

30 December 2020 - Crime: New Ash Green
Brawl at New Ash Green Rugby Ground, weapons spotted by onlookers.  Humorous commenters note the ground is on Punchcroft.  (additonal information) Local people report fight ended up at Woodland Avenue / Church Road junction
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30 December 2020 - Police probe launched after mass brawl at New Ash Green sports pavilion field leaves man with facial injuries
Around 30 men said to be involved.  Reports on the Next Door Heart of Hartley website say injured man found on junction of Woodland Avenue and Church Road in Hartley.
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