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News September - October 2020

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Dartford man caught with shotgun and ammunition pleads guilty
(26.10.2020 News Shopper) Police following van from Temple Hill, Dartford see them collect orange bag from address in Longfield.  Van stopped in Meopham where bag was found to contain weapon.

Hartley Parish Council Meeting 12 October 2020
Note: this is incomplete because several of the committee minutes are not yet available.

Parish  Council: Councillors

All 13 councillors were in  attendance for the Zoom meeting, along with Helen Boden (clerk), Cllr Brazier  (KCC) and 1 member of the public.  Cllr  Hughes has signed her acceptance of office form.  Cllr Malham declared an interest in  allotments as an allotment holder, Cllr Oxtoby in works on Hartley Green as  she is related to the contractor.

Burial  Grounds: New Burial Ground

The council have been told  by Sevenoaks Council that this has been built without planning permission,  the original one having run out before they started works.  Planting a hedge is not works.  Council agree to apply for retrospective  planning permission at a cost of £231.  

Amenities:  Cricket

The cricket club say they can't find anyone  to take away the old sight screens.  Council agree to pay Eastwood Metal Recycling to remove the screens whether  or not the cricket club will contribute.  

Amenities: Manor  Field Pavilion

Council rejected request from member  of the public for disabled toilet here, for spectators at football matches  and burial ground visitors.  Council  point out pavilion is not used by footballers.  

Remembrance  Sunday:

Council decide that no service is possible  due to Covid.  Chairman and Vice  Chairman will lay wreath.  

Parish Council:  Covid-19

In light of updated advice they have updated  the special conditions of hire to the pavilion.  New provisions include using the QR poster  with mobile phone NHS app, asking attendees to wear face masks and to get  tested if they develop symptoms within 10 days of visiting the pavilion.  Cllr Perry Cole (Hartley & Sevenoaks)  reported local cases were mainly related to schools, care homes and people  returning from holidays.  

Finance:  Payments

Payments for October of £11,554 were agreed   

Sarah Wellgreen: police call off search for body two year on
(9.10.2020 News Shopper) Kent police confirm they have called off the search for her body after 2 years.  Her mother tells of the devastation the loss has caused to her family, and thanked police and others for all their efforts.  Local search group vow to carry on looking.  Police call on her murderer to do the decent thing and say where the body is.

New Ash Green Woman Honoured
(9.10.2020 Kent Messenger) Retired 83 year old music teacher awarded British Empire Medal (BEM) for services to community in New Ash Green, which includes running a weekly music workshop for 40 years.  

Singer HRVY to join Strictly Come Dancing launch after clear Covid test
(Gravesend Messenger 9.10.20) Pop star, who originally comes from Hartley, to join Strictly Come Dancing contest.

Milestone Academy in New Ash Green sends pupils home after staff member tests positive for Covid-19
(23.9.20 Dartford Messenger) Years 7-11 told not to return to school until 7 October.

Longfield Academy confirms staff coronavirus case as potential contacts told to self-isolate
(14.9.20 Dartford Messenger) School has not decided to send any pupils home because the staff member concerned didn't have direct contact with any pupil.

Parish Council Meeting 14 September 2020

Planning:   District Plan

Cllr Alford has been told applying for   Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Status on Fawkham Valley would take 20   years, so they decide to look at the option of a neighbourhood plan.       

Planning: Fawkham   Manor Hospital

Council decide to object to the   application to build 12 houses and 20 apartments here on green belt and   traffic grounds       

Parish Council:   Website

Ahead of the September accessibility   deadline, they have paid University of Kent £25 for a health check, which   said it was mainly OK, but needed several PDF documents converted to an accessible   format       

Burial Grounds:   

This committee met on 2 September but minutes are   currently not available       

Finance:   Payments

Payments of £18,810 for September were   approved.  These included £780 for a   VE/VJ commermoration seat on the Village Green, £320 for tree works at Hoselands   Green, £547 Covid related expenditure   

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