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Crime Report

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Latest crimes since 14 December reported by the e-watch website.  The dates in some cases are only approximate and it appears from other statistics that not all crimes are listed on the site.

Burglary Of Dwelling: Wellfield (16-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/005312/18
Criminal Damage: Conifer Avenue (14-Dec-2017).  Crime No: YY/037670/17
Criminal Damage: Quakers Close (28-Dec-2017).  Crime No: YY/039191/17
Criminal Damage: Brambledown (8-Jan-2018).  Crime No: YY/000888/18
Criminal Damage: Brambledown (25-Jan-2018).  Crime No: YY/002870/18
Criminal Damage: Dickens Close (2-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/003701/18
Criminal Damage: Ash Road (3-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/003769/18
Criminal Damage: Church Road (8-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/004614/18
Theft: Ash Road (20-Dec-2017).  Crime No: YY/038369/17
Theft: Cavendish Square (4-Jan-2018).  Crime No: YY/000561/18
Theft From Motor Vehicle: Conifer Avenue (6-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/004160/18
Theft From Motor Vehicle: Fairby Lane (6-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/004168/18
Theft From Motor Vehicle: Dickens Close (9-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/004496/18
Theft From Motor Vehicle: Ash Road (9-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/004497/18
Theft From Motor Vehicle: Parkfield (9-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/004503/18
Theft From Motor Vehicle: Church Road (9-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/004506/18
Theft From Motor Vehicle: Ash Road (12-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/005290/18
Theft From Motor Vehicle: Gorsewood Road (15-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/005047/18
Theft From Motor Vehicle: Woodland Avenue (16-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/005420/18
Vehicle Interference: Porchester Close (9-Feb-2018).  Crime No: YY/005224/18

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