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Telephone Directory 1937

In 1937 there were 83 premises with the phone, or about 77 once business only lines were excluded.  This meant about 22% of houses in Hartley were on the phone which was a respectable number for the time (when statistics were first kept in 1970 only 35% were on the phone then.

The list below has been extracted from the Gravesend area phone directory for 1937.  Therefore it is possible I have missed some.  It only includes those with Longfield numbers.  A few properties in Hartley Bottom and the southern end of Church Road had West Ash (now Ash Green) numbers.

First NameSurnameHouseRoadNumberOccupation
BAlexanderCavanChurch Road21**
H BAllkinsGlebeChurch Road31**
CharlesAppletonThe Stoep31**
S HArtheySt AnnesStack Road31**
Albert VBakerHome LodgeHoselands Hill22**
WBaldockManor Drive Cottage22**
E V (Mrs)BaldwinSt TeresaGorsewood Road22**
WilliamBallHaseleholtHoselands Hill31**
E P (Miss)BarkerHeart Lea21**
W GBensonCoppice Lea31**
Bermondsey BCFairby Grange21**
C SBignellColyton31**
BBishopLittle Stirrups31**
F EBlakesleyBrickend31**
Miss BKBoucherThe ShopChurch Road21**
A CBuckGlenhomeAsh Road22**
Percy CBurrThe ShawAsh Road31**
W JByeThe FirsManor Drive31**
BrosCampkinCherry Orchard Farm21**Poultry Farmers
Miss EMKCapperPales21**
W HChisholmRestharrow21**
F CChuter21**
W & SonCoxBlack Lion21**
HCroftonSpinney Corner21**
Gomer BDaviesTreveorAsh Road22**
Miss BDavies-CookeMilddle Farm21**
H FDayHottsfieldHoselands Hill31**
Miss DDayMeadcot21**
O FDelfIrene House21**
C MEllerbyChurch Road31**Agricultural Contactor
Mrs ESFarrantCrown PointHoselands Hill31**
F WFirmanHomefieldAsh Road31**
GertrudeFirthChantry CottageStack Lane22**
A LGableLittle Merrett22**
Frank WGableHartley Manor Lane31**
C JGaddMonksilver`21**
N LGayesDenyonHartley Manor Corner22**
Fenton MGibsonLangleyAsh Road31**
T WGregory-GouldRochfordChurch Road31**
HGroomHartley Manor21**
EricHamilton-PiercySan RoqueFairby Lane31**
Mrs JHancockBrambledownManor Drive22**
P LHarrisBeulahStack Lane31**Builder
E M (Miss)HarryPredannack21**
Hartley Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd21**
Hartley and District Social Club31**
Hartley Country Club21**
T CHemmesleyWoodlands21**
RSHoathGreycoteManor Drive31**
THockleyAshleighChurch Road21**
GIsaacsHartley Court Cottage21**
J&MModesAsh Road31**
Jubilee StoresAsh Road31**
Mrs DKeenFairmileAsh Road31**
AlexanderKirkFingleHoselands Hill31**
Lt Cdr GSLawrenceHoselands Hill21**
R ALawrenceMoor Ct21**
Charles BMacfarlaneHartley House21**
Miss JFMaxtonHartley Manor Farm21**Pig Breeder
Rev BMcLaughlinRosary Cottage31**
Percival B P (Dr)MellowsTichfield21**
Merton House School21**
W S HMiddletonThe WinnattsManor Drive21**
HMyersGorse CottageGorse Way31**
Harry TParrettHothfield Dairy21**
HCPayneThornton HouseGorewood Road22**
F NPeacockThe LanternGorewood Road31**
H TPenneyWindy RidgeChurch Road31**
J OPriestleyGrafton HouseHoselands Hill21**Physician
J RStevensHazel LodgeAsh Road22**
J N (OBE)SticklandKay Cottage21**
J RSticklandOld Downs21**Coach, Tutor
E DSudellAvianChurch Road21**
Francis FTateBrendonAsh Road31**
C WTaylorMeru21**
Townleys Cake ShopAsh Road22**
AlfredWatsonWaysideAsh Road21**
James RWebsterAnnetteChurch Road31**Poultry Farmer
Lt Col FC (RMA)WillesJune Hill21**
EstelleWinwoodMeadow Cottage31**
CWorsleyAudubonManor Drive31**

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