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Will of Robert Dalton of Hartly, yeoman (1728) (summary)
Reference: CKS DRa/PW7

He leaves his soul to Almighty God, and his body to be buried at the discretion of his executors.

To granddaughter Judith Dalton (executor) - all lands wheresoever

To kinswoman Joan Breghtley (?) - £5

To grandson Robert Dalton and kinsman William French - 20s each when they are 24.

To kinsman John Dalton, son of John Dalton - £3 when he is 21

To kinsman Jeremy French, John Dalton and Nicholas Dalton - 20s

To sister Mary French and nephew Edward Dalton - 5s each

(X) Robert Dalton

Witnesses: Robert Day (X), Edward Thorpe (X)

Dated 5 October 1726

Proved 29 April 1728

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