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Will of John Dawe of Fawkeham (1499)
Reference: CKS DRb PWR 5 sig 324
John Dawe is still commemorated in the name "Dawsland", a block of land at the south end of Church Road and now the name of a house there.  The location of the other 4 acres in Hartley which came to him via his wife Agnes is uncertain.

To high altar of Fawkham - 12d

His descendants who hold his land in Fawkham to find "lampadem ardentem tempore

Personal estate to wife Alice.

Executors to be John Sampson and Alice.

Dated 2 April 1499

This is the last will of me John Dawe of and upon the disposition of my lands and tenements in Fawkham.  First I will that 4 acres of land that came to me by Agnes my wife, lying in Hertle be sold by my executors and feofees.  John Northasch to pay debts.  Also (2) A piece of land in Ash containing 2½ acres to son Martin; (3) Also I will that Kytfelde containing 3½ acres and Hie Lande containing 4½ acres, and Barne Crofte 1 acre 1 rood, and 4 acres of land called Stableris, lying in the parish of Hertle be sold by my executors.... for debts and bequests; (4) Bokes Acre in Fawkham, tenement called the Berne and housing called Bokesse to son Simon.

Also son Thomas to get 20d per year for 2 years, same for youngest daughter Johan.

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