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The Edwards were a fairly short term residents of Hartley in the 17th century. John Edwards (d 1667) and Thomas Edwards (d 1673)were probably related, but I haven't been able to prove it yet.

John Edwards owned Stocks Farm, which he had owned since between 1633 and 1642. He also once owned Hartley Wood Corner which he had given to his elder son Peter in 1658. John Edwards junior lived in Dartford and sold Stocks Farm within a few months of inheriting it.

Thomas Edwards owned Hartley Cottage and Forge Cottage. However in 1658 he sold both to Thomas Young.

Will of John Edwards (1667) summary
Reference: Centre for Kentish Studies CKS/DRb/PW34

He leaves his soul to Almighty God.

To poor of Hartley: 10 shillings at his burial.

To George Eves, minister: 20 shillings to preach a sermon at his funeral.

To John his son, of Dartford: his land at Hartley, with reversion to executrices, and annuity of £5 to any widow)

To his two daughters, ie. Dennis Alchin widow, and Annis Kettle, wife of Francis Kettle of Stone (executrices): lease of 2 pot? houses at Milton next Gravesend.

To grandson, Barnaby Alchin: £5

To Dorothy Goldsmith of Boxley widow, beloved sister: £5

To Matthew? Goldsmyth, beloved kinswoman, daughter of his sister: £5

To all godchildren: 5 shillings each.

To Denise and Annis, executors: the remainder of his personal goods.

To George Eves, overseer: 20 shillings for his pains.

John Edwards (X)

29 August 1664; proved 1667

Will of Thomas Edwards (1673) summary

He leaves his soul to God and his body for a decent burial

To poor of East Malling: 20s in cash and 20s in bread.

To wife Ann: £10 or a year's boarding with his executor; wearing apparel; 5 sheets and 5 pairs of coarse sheets; 12 fine napkins and 12 coarse napkins; 1 fine tablecloth, 3 coarse tablecloths; 2 fine and 3 coarse pillowcases; 4 towels and 6 coarse towels; 1 new hanging press for clothes; 1 great joined chest called the wooden chest; 1 plain chest and 1 trunk covered with leather etc. - for life only then to grandson William.

To grandson William: various gifts of bedding etc.

To Mary, Anne and Joan, daughters of William: £30 each.

To grandson William: land at Riarsh and East Malling and all other land (not specified)

Executor to be William, overseer his friend Francis Twisden.

Dated 7 March 1672/3

Proved at London 6 May 1673

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