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The first will is that of Richard Glover, who was born in Fawkham in 1680, who became the first licensee of the Black Lion pub, which he purchased in 1731 for £60 from the Best family of Middle Farm.

The others are wills for the ancestors of the Glover farming family today.  It is not fully established whether Richard (1748) is also an ancestor.  

Will of Richard Glover of Hartley, victualler (1748)
Reference: CKS

Richard Glover bought the house that became the Black Lion in 1731.

In the name of God, Amen. I Richard Glover of Hartley in the county of Kent, victualler, being indisposed in bed, but of a sound and perfect mind and memory, praised be Almighty God for the same, yet duly considering the frailty of human nature and the certainty of death, do make my last will and testament in manor and form following (that is to say). First and principally I do with all humility resign up my poor and immortal soul into the hands of Almighty God, my creator hoping through the meritorious death and passion of my dear redeemer Jesus Christ to have and receive full and free pardon of all my sins and transgressions, and my body I commit to the earth to be decently interred and buried at the discretion of my executrix hereinafter named. And as for such worldly estate as it hath pleased Almighty God to bless me withal, I dispose thereof as followeth. First I will order and direct that my just debts and funeral expenses be first satisfied and paid. Also I give and devise: All my messuage or tenement situate, standing, lying and being in Hartley in the county of Kent aforesaid, and now or late in the tenure or occupation of John Treddale (Treadwell), together with the smith's forge thereto belonging, together with the yard, garden and orchard thereto belonging. And also all that piece of arable land thereto adjoining containing by estimation 2 acres and a half and now or late in my own possession and occupation. And also all that messuage or tenement situate, standing, lying and being in the parish of Meopham in the county of Kent aforesaid, together with all the edifices and buildings thereto belonging. And also the yard, garden, and orchard and all that piece of arable land thereto also belonging, containing together by estimation 2 acres more or less, now or late in the tenure or occupation of Frances Townsend - unto my son Richard Glover and to his heirs and assigns forever, subject nevertheless to the payment of £20 a pieces of lawful money of Great Britain unto my two daughters following (viz.) unto my daughter Hannah, the wife of John Baker, to be paid to her within twelve months next after my decease without the intermedling of her husband and her receipt shall be a full discharge. And in case my said daughter Hannah shall happen to depart this life within twelve months next after my decease, then my will and mind is that my said son Richard Glover shall retain the said sum of £20 so given to my said daughter Hannah. And shall pay the same amongst all and every the child and children of my said daughter Hannah when they or any of them shall attain their respective age or ages of 21 years, equally to be divided between them, share and share alike. And the other sum of £20 wherewith the messuages, lands and tenements above mentioned are charged with the payment thereof unto my daughter Susan, the wife of John Loft, to be paid likewise in twelve months next after my decease. Also I give and devise unto my son Francis Glover: All that my messuage or tenement situate, standing, lying and being at a certain place called Hodsoll Street in the parish of Ash cum Ridley and now or late in the tenure or occupation of John Bratton or his undertenants. And to his heirs and assigns forever. Also I give and devise unto my loving wife Dorothy: All that my messuage or tenement wherein I now dwell, situate, standing, lying and being in the parish of Hartley aforesaid, commonly called or known by the name of the Black Lyon, together with all that piece or parcel of land thereto adjoining containing by estimation one acre and a half for and during the term of her natural life. Also I give and devise all that other messuage next adjoining the aforementioned messuage, together with all and every the yards, gardens, orchards, backsides and appurtenances whatsoever to the said messuages or tenements belonging, unto my said wife Dorothy, of and during the term of her natural life. An from and after her decease, I give and devise the two last mentioned messuage or tenements and piece or parcel, together with the yards, gardens, orchards and backsides thereto belonging unto my son Francis Glover and to his heirs and assigns forever. Subject nevertheless to the payment of £20 a piece unto my two daughters following (viz.) unto my daughter Ann Glover and unto my daughter Sarah the wife of Wilks, to be paid to them severally and respectively within twelve months next after that he shall have the possession thereof. Also I give and bequeath all my ready money and securities for money and my stock of beer and other liquors unto my loving wife Dorothy. Also my will and mind is such and I do hereby declare the same to be that my said wife shall have, hold, live, occupy, possess and enjoy all and singular the furniture" of house, brewing utensils for live, then to son Francis Glover.

Wife Dorothy to maintain Mary Peate, then Francis to do the same. If he refuses then son Richard to bring her up and Francis to pay him £10.

Wife Dorothy to be executor.

(X) Richard Glover

Witnesses: (S) John Selby; (X) Edward Thorpe; James Trumball

Dated 26 September 1748

Proved at Rochester 14 November 1748

Will of John Glover of Eynsford (1814) - summary
Reference: TNA PROB 11/560

To wife Mary Glover: £50 and as much of his furniture that she wants; and annuity of £20 for life or until she remarries. By this he intends to bar dower.

To daughter Mary the wife of John Maddock: £150.10.0

To George Goulding of Otford, farmer, and Thomas Street of Southwark, gent: all his lands and household goods upon the following trusts: they to sell and, after debts and funeral expenses have been paid, invest the money in Government Stocks on trust for all his children except Mary Maddock. The money to be paid to them on their 21st birthday, or if daughters, on their marriage if earlier. He has already advanced money to some of his children, viz. to son James Glover - £600; to son Samuel Glover - £450; to son Thomas Glover - £350; to son Mark William Glover - £350; to daughter Charlotte Iggulden - £250. These sums are to be deducted from their respective shares. Lengthy details of the trust.

Deleted clauses mention children Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Kemp, Ann Peirce?, John*, Sophia.

(S) John Glover

Witnesses: William Kemp, William Bran, Robert Simmons

Dated 7 December 1813

Proved at London 28 September 1814

* NB: this John is the John of the following will (1864)

Will of John Glover of Romney Street Farm, Shoreham, farmer (1864)
Source: Principal Probate Registry

This is the last will and testament of me John Glover of Romney Street Farm in the parish of Shoreham in the county of Kent, farmer. I bequeath all my estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever unto my trustees hereinafter named, upon trust as soon as conveniently may be after my decease, to covert into money, get in and receive so much thereof as shall not consist of money and to stand possessed thereof and of the money which I shall be possessed of at my decease upon trust to divide though not produce thereof after payment of my debts and funeral and testamentary expenses and the legacies hereinafter bequeathed unto and equally between my nine children, namely: Jane Glover, Sophia Glover, John Glover, William Glover, Mary Glover, James Glover, Caroline the wife of Robert Young, Henry Glover and Thomas Glover; subject nevertheless as to the share of my said son John Glover, to a deduction therefrom of the sum of £50 which I have already paid and of all sums which I shall hereafter pay not exceeding the further sum of £10 in respect of the interest upon a sum of £200, part of a larger sum of £400 advanced to my said son John Glover by the late Mr Edward Crowhurst of Cockerhurst Farm in the said parish of Shoreham, and for the interest in respect of which said sum of £200 I have until October next made myself personally liable. And I declare that the share of my said daughter Caroline Young shall be for her sole separate and exclusive use, free from the debts, control or managements of the said Robert Young and shall be applied and disposed of from time to time as she shall, notwithstanding her marriage, by any writing under her hand or by her will, direct or appoint. And I further declare that the receipt or receipts in writing of my said daughter Caroline alone and notwithstanding marriage shall be a sufficient discharge to my executors for her said share, or for any part thereof which in such receipt or receipts hall be expressed to be received. I appoint my said sons James Glover and Thomas Glover executors of this my will, and bequeath to each of them the sum of £10 as an acknowledgement for the trouble of executing my will and authorise the acting executors or executor for the time being of this my will to satisfy any debts claimed to be owing by me or my estate, and any liabilities to which I or my estate my be alleged to be subject, upon any evidence they or he may think proper, and to accept any composition or security for any debt and to allow such time for payment (either with or without taking security) as to the said acting executors or executor shall seem fit; and also to compromise or submit to arbitration and settle all accounts and matters belonging or relating to my estate and generally to act in regard thereto as they or he shall deem expedient, without being responsible for any loss thereby occasioned. Lastly I revoke all former wills...............

Dated 17 March 1863

(S) John Glover

Witnesses: Charles Crispe of Shoreham, miller; John Baxter of Shoreham, farmer

Codicil dated 17.3.1863 - since he has advanced money to others of his children, their shares of the estate should be adjusted accordingly.

Proved at London by James and Thomas Glover, 17 December 1864

Will of Thomas Glover of Lower Austin Lodge, Eynsford, farmer (1886)
Source: Probate Registry

Leaves all his real and personal estate to wife, Rosina, who is appointed executrix.

(S) Thomas Glover

Witnesses: William Greig of Eynsford, schoolmaster; Thomas Glover of Bowen Farm, Eynsford, carpenter

Dated: 2 April 1884

Proved at London by Rosina Glover, 14 July 1886

Glover Family Tree
This tree has been questioned, in particular the link between the John born Hartley 1748 and the later Eynsford / Shoreham family.  So the conclusions must only be considered to be tentative at present.

1. William (publican and parish clerk fl 1665 Fawkham d 1713 Fawkham)
2. John (b Fawkham 1665 d Fawkham 1672)
2. Benett (b Fawkham 1669 d Fawkham. bur 6.10.1701)
2. William (b Fawkham 1672) = (Fawkham 1696) Margaret Gowlatt
2. Mark (b Fawkham 1677)
2. Richard* (b Fawkham1680 d Hartley 1748) = (Fawkham 1710) Dorothy Wood (d 1760)
3. Francis = 1 (1747) Mary Wingate; 2 (1780) Rachael Fielder
4. John (b Hartley1748-1814) = (1771) Mary Rhodes (1752-1825)
5. Mary (1776 - ) = _____ Maddock
5. James (1777 - )
5. Samuel (1779 - 1819)
5. Elizabeth (b Eynsford 1782 - ) = Thomas Kemp
5. (Mark) William (b Eynsford 1786 - ) = Elizabeth
6. Sophia (1821 - )
6. William (1841 - )
5. Margaret (b Eynsford 1788 - )
5. Charlotte (b Eynsford 1790 - ) = Henry Iggulden (1851 living at Herne)
6. Henry (1830 - )
5. Ann (b Eynsford 1792 - ) = _____ Peirce?
5. John** (b Shoreham 1794 d Shoreham 1864) = 1. Sophia** (b Shoreham1799-1848); ?2. Mary _____
1851 Census of Romney Street Farm, 181 acres, employing 3.
6. Jane (b Shoreham 1821 - )
6. Dulsabella/Delia (b Shoreham 1823)
6. Sophia (b Shoreham 1824 - ) Living with Henry's family (1881)
6. John (b Shoreham1826 - ) = Sarah 1861 living at Wrotham
7. John (b W Kingsdown 1849 - )
7. Delsabella (b W Kingsdown 1850 - )
7. Caroline (b Kemsing 1851 - )
7. Edward (b Wrotham 1852 - )
7. Thomas (b Wrotham 1855 - )
6. William (b Shoreham 1827/8 - ) = 1. Ellen ____ (b Sevenoaks 1811 - )
1891 living at Hampstead, Middx 2. Ann ____ (b Gt Yarmouth 1830 - )
7. Frederick (b Seal 1859 - )
7. Emily (b Seal 1861 - )
7. Florence (b St Pancras 1870 - )
6. Mary (b 1829 - )
6. James (b 1830 - )****
6. Caroline (b Shoreham 1833 - ) = Robert Young (b Cudham 1831 - )
7. Henry (b Shoreham 1858 - )
7. Sophia (b Shoreham 1860 - ) = George English (b Framlingham, Suff 1859 - )
6. Henry (b Shoreham 1834 - ) = Elizabeth L Manley (b Coulseam Wilts 1839 - )
m 1861Q2 West London
7. Lilly (b Ash 1865 - )
7. Henry (1866 - ) = Martha Florence Hunt (b Kennington Middx 1865)
m 1898 Q2 Fulham 1a 424
8. Kenneth (b Ash 1899 - 1927) = Hilda _____ (of Ash, Kathleen’s sister)
8. Harold (1901 - 1993) = Kathleen _____ (of Ash) (d 1971)
8. John Henry (1904 Q2 - 1973)
7. Albert (b Ash 1868 - )
7. Mary (b Ash 1870 - )
7. Dulcie S (b Ash 1872 - )
7. Jeannette A (“Nettie”) (b Ash 1879 - )
7. William J (“Willie”) (b Ash 1880 - )
6. Thomas (b Shoreham 1837 - 1886)*** = Rosina (b Cudham 1833 - )
7. Herbert (b Eynsford 1869 - )
7. Beatrice A (b Eynsford 1871 - )
7. Arthur J (b Eynsford 1873 - )
6. Augustus (b Shoreham 1838 -1859)**
6. [one other daughter]
5. Sophia (1796 - )
4. Richard (b Hartley 1750) = (1773) Hannah Henkins
5. Mary (b Longfield, bp Hartley 1774 - )
4. Sarah (b Hartley 1752) = (1769) John Hook
4. Hannah (b Hartley 1753) = (1775) William Hodsoll
4. Mark (b Hartley 1756)
4. Thomas (b Hartley1758 - )
4. Samuel (b Hartley1761 d Hartley 1763)
4. Ann (b Hartley 1764 - )
3. Elizabeth (b Fawkham 1711 d Fawkham 1724)
3. Mary (b Fawkham 1713 d Fawkham 1730)
3. Sarah (b Fawkham 1714) = _____ Wilks
3. Ann (b Fawkham 1716)
3. Richard (b Fawkham 1718)
3. John (b Fawkham 1720)
3. Susan(na) (b Fawkham 1722)  = John Loft
3. Hannah = John Baker
2. Joan (b Fawkham 1683)
2. Mary (b Fawkham 1685) = (Fawkham 1715) Joseph Cornford
3. Richard (b Fawkham 1723 d Fawkham 1723)

* Richard is probably the son of William Glover of Fawkham.  William and Richard his son leased for 14 years from 1706 the 'Black Lyon' in Fawkham - perhaps they took name with them to Hartley?
** Memorial in Shoreham Church "In memory of Sophia the wife of John Glover of this parish, who died August 23rd 1848 aged 49 years, left issue 6 sons and 5 daughters.  Also John Glover died February 20th 1861 aged 70 years.  Also Augustus Glover the youngest son of the above, who died December 13th 1859, aged 21 years."  Will proved 17.12.1864, estate under £800.  Executors James Glover of Seal Chart, Seal, Steam Machine Proprietor; Thomas Glover of Lullingstone, farm bailiff (sons).  He married Sophia Russell at the Church of St George the Martyr Southwark 16.10.1819.
*** Will proved 14.7.1886.  Formerly of Lower Austen Lodge, Eynsford, late of Hampton Cottage, Eynsford, farmer (d 6.5.1886).  Executor: Rosina Glover of Hampton Cottage, widow, relict.  Estate £649.15.0
**** possibly the James Glover of Dunks Green, Shipbourne, gardener (d 22.1.1892), will proved 6.2.1892.  Executor James Winn, nurseryman and fruit grower.  Estate £199.6.0

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