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Inquisition Post Mortem of Phillipa, widow of Henry Lescrop of Masham, kt.
Reference: TNA/C137/59/54

Phillipa owned land in Kent, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Dorset and Middlesex.  It is not certain where the 36 acres she owned at Hartley was located.  This is a summary of the inquiry for Kent, taken at Dartford in 1407.

Inquisition at Dartford 16.4.1407

She held in her demesne as of fee:

Chelsfield, manor and advowson
East Hall, manor
Fawkham, manor and advowson of church and chantry there of Bishop of Rochester by knight service, annual value 100s.
Ash, manor of Thomas Earl of Arundel of his manor of Kemsing, by 1/4 knight's fee.  Annual value £6.
Hills Court
Hartley, 36a of John Urban by fealty and rent of 10s, annual value 3s 4d and 3s rent from lands there, of John Urban, service unknown.

She died on 19.11.1406.  Elizabeth wife of Robert Lovell is next heir, aged 24 years and more.

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