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Thomas Man was probably the same person (or his son) who bought a house and 34 acres at Hartley in 1421. The acreage would suggest that it was Fairby, but by 1466 he no longer owned land in Hartley as all the lands he refers to are in Ash. The will mentions two masses that people would often leave money for in wills - a trental was a requiem mass said 30 times said on a single or successive days. The Trental of St Gregory became popular in the mid 15th century and was also 30 masses spread over 10 major saints' days. People did this because they believed it would reduce time spent in purgatory, the medieval church encouraged this, which was after all a source of income. See "Inward Purity and Outward Splendour" by Judith Middleton-Stewart (2001)

Will of Thomas Man of Ash (1466)
Reference: CKS Exhibited at Dartford 4 November 1466

In the name of God, Amen. The 4th day of November in the year of the Lord 1465 (?). I Thomas Man of Ash, of sound mind, make, do and constitute my last will and testament in manner following.

First I leave my soul to Almighty God, the Blessed Mary the Virgin mother of the same, and all the saints in heaven. My body to be buried according to ecclesiastical law in the churchyard of St Peter and St Paul, Asshe.

Item. I leave for paying my funeral expenses, both on the day of burial and for my trental - 3s 4d. Item. I will that my wife Joan have celebrated St Gregory's trental for my soul as well as the souls of my parents, benefactors and all the faithful departed, for which being done I leave 2s 6d.

As for the remainder of my all my goods.... I give and leave to Joan my wife, that she my arrange and dispose of the same, as seems to be done more safely. And I make, ordain and appoint the same Joan my wife aforesaid as my executrix..

Furthermore I will and ordain by the presents that the said Joan my wife shall have all my lands and tenements, which are in the parish of Asshe, that is all the lands and tenements that Richard Leve, John Beeke , now deceased, and John Boxwod hold (?????) jointly to the use of the said Joan, by the gift and feoffment of Robert Swon, William Overey and John Hyngon. And also all those lands which lie in divers parcels in the Asshe, which Thomas [....] and William Harlowe hold by the gift and feoffment thereof, on which account the feoffment will show more clearly. To have and to hold all the said lands and tenements with their appurtenances to the said Joan for the term of her life. And after the decease of the same Joan, I will that all the said lands and tenements with their appurtenances shall go by remainder in full to my rightful heirs forever.

In witness of this I have placed my seal to the present will. Given the day and year of the Lord abovesaid with these witnesses: William [...]rbyfeld chaplain, Thomas Fenor, John ____ (blank in document), Thomas William and others.

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