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The Oliver family were for many years the tenants of New House Farm where New Ash Green is today. Joseph Oliver appears as the tenant in the earliest rating list in 1744 until 1795 (possibly father and son). The will of George (1639) is important because the parish registers for Hartley from that time are missing.

Will of George Oliver of Ash, yeoman (1639)
Reference: TNA PROB 11/179/517

He leaves his soul to Almighty God ("as it becometh every good Christian body, I commit and commend my soul unto the hands of Almighty God, my creator and redeemer, in whose great mercy and through the merits of his passion, I hope and assuredly believe to receive pardon and forgiveness of my sins and to rise to him at the last day). Body for Christian burial.

"I give and bequeath to my brother Thomas Oliver of Hartley the sum of two shillings, and to his son Abraham Oliver I give three shillings, and to his daughter Alice Oliver two shillings, and to three more of my brother Thomas's sons, I give twelve pence a piece".

Remainder of his estate to go to his 'loving' wife and daughter, whom he makes his executors.

The mark of George Oliver, witnesses Jeffrey Darling (X), Thomas Jones (S)

Dated: 29 January 1639; proved at London 11 March 1639 by Anne Oliver his relict.

Will of Joseph Oliver of Hartley, yeoman (1731)
Reference: CKS DRa/PW7

He leaves his soul to Almighty God "who gave it, in assured hopes of joyful resurrection" and body for decent burial.

To George Oliver of Dartford: £20

To daughter Elizabeth: £20

To wife Mary Oliver: £20

To eldest son Joseph: £20; Mary and Joseph to be executors

Wife to have all personal effects for life, then Joseph.

(S) Joseph Oliver. Witnesses: (S) John Young; (S) Richard Rabson; (S) John Gwynne

Dated 8 January 1730; Proved 8 September 1731

Death Duty Register - Joseph Oliver of Hartley, butcher (1806)
Reference: TNA IR26/

(18 December 1806) Joseph Oliver of Hartley, administration to William Oliver of Hartley, husbandman, son

Estate £100

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