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Will of Nicholas Piggott of Meopham (1687)
Reference: Lambeth Palace Library

He leaves his soul to God and body to be buried in linen at his executor’s discretion.

“I give and devise to my son Thomas, my house and outhouses and all my lands lying and being in the parishes of Hartley and Ash, now in the occupation of James Lance.”

To son Thomas, £150 out of his lands at Meopham and Ridley, £50 to be paid 1 year after his decease and the remainder 2 years after his decease.  Also a gold seal ring marked “TP”.

To cousin Ester Darby, £5.

To cousins John and Jane Piggott, 20 shillings each.

To any household servant at the time of his death, half a crown each.

He orders his executor to pay his cousin Susan Stephens, £5 “that I had with her by the gift of her great uncle Richard Stephens.”

He makes his other son Nicholas his executor.

Dated 3 September 1687
(S) Nicholas Piggott
Witnesses: (X) Dorothy Godden, (X) Dorothy Taylour, (S) Christopher Copland
Proved 6 October 1687.

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