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Finch Taylor of Darenth, gentleman 1771
He was the owner of Woodins in Church Road.  He appears to have acquired it from his sister Jane who was left it the will of their father John Taylor.   Woodins had been originally bought by their grandfather Richard Taylor in 1706.

This is the last will and testament of me, Finch Taylor of Darent(h) in the county of Kent, gentleman, being of a disposing mind, memory and understanding.

He leaves soul to God and body to be buried at discretion of executors.  

To “worthy friends” Thomas Chiffinch of Southfleet esquire, Mre Chiffinch, his wife and Mrs Elizabeth Umfrey of Dartford – one guinea each to buy a (mourning) ring.

To cousin Phoebe Ashley, daughter of his late aunt Phebe Davidson – his 4/5th share in messuage and land at Wye in Kent and £100.

To cousin John Mare of Wansom Farm? - £200.

To Thomas Fence of Chatham, shipwright and all his children by his deceased cousin  - £100 to be divided equally among them.

To friends Francis Vincent “my late partner” and Francis Fludyer of the Stamp Office London, gentlemen – an annuity of £30 during the life of Elizabeth Tough wife of Samuel Tough late of Leadenhall Street, London, whipmaker.  Also to cousin Thomas Coast of Bexley, labourer – annuity of £10 payable out of the lands left to Searle & Page.  Annuities payable four times a year at the church porch of Darenth Church out of the lands he leaves to his cousins Judith Searle and John Page.  Lengthy provisions about annuities.

To George Relph of Darenth his late tenant - £10 for mourning.

“Also I give and devise all and every my messuages or tenements, farms, lands, and hereditaments with their and every of their appurtenances, situate, lying and being in the several parishes of Darent, Stone next Dartford, Sutton at Hone and Hartley in the said county of Kent and now or late in the several tenures or occupations of myself, John Powel, William Munn, Richard Garrard, George Saunders, George Durham, John Chapman, William Rowland, James Best, George Whiffin, John Saker and Flower Aungier ……. unto my cousins Judith Searle of Bexley in the county of Kent, widow, and John Page of Erith in the said county of Kent, yeoman.  To hold to them the said Judith Searle and John Page and to their respective heirs and assigns forever equally to be divided between them, share and share alike, as tenants in common and not as joint tenants.”  They also to receive the leasehold land he occupies from Dean and Chapter of Rochester at Darenth and remainder of personal estate.  Judith and John to be appointed executors.

Signed and sealed 14 November 1771
(S) Finch Taylor
Witnesses: (S) Thomas Smith, (S) William Farrant, (S) William Munn
Codicil dated 9 December 1771 leaves additional gifts to Samuel and Elizabeth Tough and their daughters Mary Tough and Elizabeth Tough, also Francis Vincent and Francis Fludyer.  Also he leaves his wearing apparel to Thomas Coast of Bexley
Proved at London 16 December 1771.

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