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Will of Richard Thorpe of  Hartley, yeoman (1729)

It appears Richard Thorp moved to Hartley between 1714 and 1716, his elder daughters Anne and Sarah were christened at Ash on 15 March 1707 and 23 September 1714 respectively. But his youngest daughter Elizabeth was Christened at All Saints' in 1716. He is presumably a relation of Edward Thorpe, a significant landowner, who owned several farms in Hartley in the mid 18th century. His wife Elizabeth was buried at Hartley in 1734.

"In the name of God, Amen. I Richard Thorp of the parish of Hartley in the county of Kent, yeoman, being weak and infirm in body, but of sound and perfect memory (I thank my Almighty God) and being willilng to set my house in order before I die, for the preservation of peace and amity amongst my wife and children, do therefore make this my last will and testament in manner following:"

He leaves his soul to Almighty God, and body to be buried at the discretion of Elizabeth Thorp, his wife and executrix

To eldest daughter Anne Thorpe - (1) £60 to be paid by executrix 1 year and 1 day after his death "without fraud or further delay"; (2) Four of the largest pewter dishes to be delivered by his executrix 6 days after his decease.

To daughter Sarah Thorpe - £30 to be paid by executrix, one month after she turns 21. Until then executrix "to keep and maintain my said daughter Sarah Thorp with lodging, clothing and the usual necessities of life"

To daughter Elizabeth Thorpe- same bequest as Sarah

Remainder of personal estate left to loving wife Elizabeth Thorp.

Richard Thorp (X); witnesses John Young, John Gwynne

Dated 17 June 1729

Proved at Rochester 5 July 1729.

Will of Edward Thorpe of  Hartley, yeoman (1779)

Edward Thorpe (1779) was a significant landowner. In the earliest parish rating list of 1744 he owned Blue House Farm (Mintmakers, Church Road), and Brickend. His first wife Sarah (d 1747) is buried in the chancel of All Saints' Church, Hartley. His second wife Ann Crowhursst is named in his 1772 will but she died in 1776, three years before Edward. Both are buried at Hartley, not in the chancel as as near as possible - in the churchyard under the east window.

In the name of God, Amen. I Edward Thorpe of the parish of Hartley in the county of Kent, yeoman, being aged and infirm of body, but of sound and disposing mind (praised be to God for the same), do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following: that is to say

First and principally I resign my soul into the hands of Almighty God, my Creator, who gave it. And my body I comit to the earth to be decently interred at the discretion of my executors hereinafter named.

And in respect to the worldly estate which it hath pleased God to berstow upon me, I give and dispose thereof as follows (my said debts, legacies and funeral expenses together with the charges of proving this my will, being first paid and satisfied.

I give and devise to my dear and loving wife Ann for and during the term of her natural life, one annuity or yearly rentcharge of £10of good and lawful money of Great Britain, to be issuing and payable out of all and singular my messuages or tenements, lands and hereditaments and premises, situate and being in the several parishes of Hartley aforesaid and Ash in the said county of Kent, to be paid to her half yearly by my executors hereinafter named

Also I give and bequeath unto Sarah Clements my goddaughter, the sum of £20 of like lawful money. Also I give and bequeath unto Ann the now wife of Solomon Judd of Chelsfield in the said county, husbandman, the sum of £5 of like money. Also I give and bequeath unto Sarah the now wife of ___ Chapman of Dartford in the said county, carpenter, the like sum of £5 of like money.

Also I give and bequeath unto such of the poor of the said parish of Hartley, who do not then receive alms of the said parish, the sum of £5 of like money to be paid in five several payments, that is to say, 20 shillings part thereof on every 21st day of December in each year until the said sum of £5 be all paid. The same to be distributed by and at the discretion of the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the said parish for the time being each year.

Also I give, devise and bequeath unto my two nephews Richard Thorpe of Shopborne in the said county, yeoman, and Henry Thorpe of Ash aforesaid, yeoman, and to their heirs and assigns forever. All those my messuages or tenements, lands, hereditaments and premises situate, lying and being in the said several parishes of Hartley an dAsh, as before mentioned, or elsewhere in the said county of Kent. Together with all and singular my debts dues and owing unto me, bills, bonds, mortgages or securities for money, stock in trade, goods, chattels and effects whatsoever and wheresoever. And I do hereby nominate and appoint the said Richard Thorpe and Henry Thorpe (my nephews) joint executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former or other wills by me at any time made.

In witness whereof the said Edward Thorpe the testator have hereunto set my hand and seal, this 8th day of July in the 12th year of the reign of our sovereign lord George the Third, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth, and in this year of our Lord 1772.

The mark and seal of Edward Thorpe

Witnesses: Robert Waring (2 others not visible on microfilm)

Proved at Rochester 24 March 1779

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