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Finch Umfrey owned Old House Farm in Ash, this included some fields in Hartley, roughly where Penenden and the western part of Farm Holt are today.  It was given in marriage to him and his wife Margaret Clement by her parents Everard and Frances Clement.  The last of the Umfrey's Elizabeth died in 1760 and her heirs George and Jarvis Brook sold the land to James Lance of North Ash in 1782, thus joining the farms.

Will of Finch Umfrey of Darenth, esquire (1713)
Reference: TNA PROB11/

He leaves his soul to God and body to be buried in the parish church of Darenth.

He owns manor of Kingsdown next Sittingbourne and land and farms at Kingsdown next Sittingbourne, Doddington, Milstead, Horton Kirby, Fawkham, Longfield, and Eynsford.  This is settled on himself for his life and then to his then wife Margaret for the term of her life, and after her death to the children of himself and Margaret.  "And whereas all that farm commonly called Frenches Farm and all other the messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments of my late father in law Everard Clement and Frances his wife, and of my then wife Margaret or any one of them, situate, standing, lying and being in the several parishes of Ash next Ridley and Hartley in the said county of Kent, are settled in manner following (that is to say).  To the use and behalf of the said Everard Clement for and during his natural life, from and after his death to the use and behalf of her the said Frances Clement, for and during her natural life, and from and after her death, to the use and behalf of me and Margaret my then wife, and of the heirs of her, the said Margaret, and for want of such issue to the use and behalf of the heirs and survivors of me and my then wife Margaret.  By virtue of which settlement the inheritance of all and singular the said mentioned manor, lands and tenements is vested in me and in my heirs, in case my son Finch (Umfrey) shall depart this life before he attain the age of 21 years.  He being the only heir of the body of my said wife Margaret deceased.  If therefore it shall please God that my said son Finch shall depart this life before he attain the age of 21 years or after without alteration of the limitation of use or uses of manor and lands herein mentioned, then I do hereby give and devise the same and every part and parcel thereof unto my loving wife Jane (Umfrey) and to her heirs and assigns forever."

To cousin Elizabeth Giles, £10.
To Vicar of Darenth, £5.
To Poor of Darenth, £5.

He names wife Jane as executor and guardian of his son Finch, expressing a wish that he be raised as a scholar if possible.

Dated: 25 August 1711
Proved at London: 6 July 1713

Will of Finch Umfrey of Dartford, esquire (1743)
Reference: TNA PROB11/

"First I give, devise and bequeath all my manors, advowsons of livings, lands, tenements and hereditaments with their appurtenances situate, lying and being in the several parishes of Kingsdown, Milsted, Horton Kirby, Facomb (Fawkham), Longfield, Ash, Hartley, Ainesford (Eynsford), and Dartford in the county of Kent, and all other my real estate whatsoever and wheresoever unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Umfrey.  To hold the same to the said Elizabeth Umfrey and to her heirs and assigns forever."

"Item: I give and bequeath unto the poor of the parish of Ash in the county of Kent (being the place of my nativity) the sum of £5 sterling to be paid by my executrix to the minister of Ash aforesaid in one month after my decease to be distributed to such poor persons of the said parsih, as he may judge most to need the same."

To Thomas Umfrey of London, clogmaker, £120.
To Elizabeth Tilghman and Rebecca Tilghman of Frinstead, £5 5s each.
To John White of Wilmington, clerk, £50.
To Humphrey Fern, his godson, son of James and Rebecca, £100 when he is 21.
To Jane Taylor, daughter of John Taylor of Darent(h), clerk, £500, to be paid 3 months after the death of his wife Elizabeth.
To Sarah Ansett?, £100.

If any of the legatees predecease him, their bequest to be paid to their personal representatives.  Provisions in case there is not enough in the estate to pay bequests.

Remainder of real and personal estate to wife Elizabeth, whom he makes executrix.

Dated: 11 July 1743
(S) Finch Umfrey
Witnesses: Henry Woodin (S), Nicholas Adams (S), Abraham Tilghman (S)

Proved at London: 17 October 1743

Will of Elizabeth Umfrey of Dartford, widow (1782)
Reference: TNA PROB 11/

She leaves her "poor and immortal soul into the hands of God" and her body to be "buried by my beloved husband in the vault in the churchyard of the parish of Dartford aforesaid".

To poor of Dartford £100 to be paid by the minister to those most in need.

"Item: I give, devise and bequeath all that my manor, capital messuage or farm with the lands, houses, outhouses and appurtenances thereunto belonging, lying and being in the parishes of Kingsdown near Farningham and Milsted or elsewhere in the county of Kent, being now in the tenure and occcupation of George Elwyn or his undertenants together with the perpetual advowson of the living of Kingsdown aforesaid to Finch Taylor of Darent(h) in the county of Kent."  Subject to trust to pay his sister Jane Taylor £500, contained in her husband's will.  She also charges the estate with £200 to be paid to Abraham Tilghman of Frinsted, Kent.

She leaves 4 adjoining properties in High Street and Lowfield Street, Dartford (in the occupation of Thomas Glover, George Becket, Mary Cottrel and Thomas Hills) which had belonged to her father John Jarvis; together with 2 other tenements in Dartford in the occupation of Samuel Hunter and James Lake, to her uncle William Jarvis of Margate.  After his death they are to go to William Brook, her father's sister's son.  After his death to be divided equally among his children as tenants in common.

To aunt Mary Hansell of Dartford, 20 shillings per month for life.
To aunt Ann Hansell, £100.  She also leaves her 2 houses in High Street, Dartford (in the occupation of Robert Cornish and Ann Branden, widow) for her life, and after her death they are to go to Ann's niece Elizabeth Short of Dartford.
To Elizabeth Pierce, wife of Edward Pierce of Dartford, grocer, £100 and £60 to each of her chldren.
To Richard Short of Dartford, barber, £100, and to his two children Richard and Ann, £40 each.
To Ann Branden of Dartford, widow, £100 and £40 to each of her children.
To Rebecca Ferne and Jemima Ferne, daughters of James Ferne and Rebecca his late wife of Chatham, shipwright, £50.
To Mary Cable, daughter of late John Cable of Frindsbury, victualler, £50.
To Elizabeth Short, £20.
To William Brook, £50 and to his son William, £5.
To Elizabeth Gils, spinster of Dartford, [blank]
To Elizabeth Mailer of London, wife of [blank] Mailer and daughter of Mary Salmon late of Dartford, [blank]
To Mary Pocklington, late of Dartford, £60.
To Jane Hawker of Canterbury, nurse, £10
To Thomas Machin of Fish Street, London, apothecary, [blank]
To Elizabeth Machin, wife of Thomas Machin, £50.
To Jane Stocker, sister of Elizabeth Machin, £50.
To [blank] Steet? of Dartford, £5.
To ????? Cromp of Newland, Glos, £5.
To Finch Umfrey, son of John Umfrey of Thame, Oxon, £100.
To Reverend Pierrepoint Cromp of Frinstead, £5, and £5 each to his wife and Abraham Cromp his son.
To Elizabeth Plummer of Chatham, £5.

"Item: I give, devise and bequeath to Abraham Tilghman esquire of the parish of Frinsted in the county of Kent, all my other freehold lands, tenements and hereditaments with their appurtenances situate, lying and being in Horton Kirby, Longfield, Ash, Eynsford, Hartley and elsewhere not hereinbefore disposed of towards the performance of this my will, and if my personal estate should not be sufficient to pay the several legacies hereby given and bequeathed, it is my will that the real estate hereinbefore given and bequeathed to Abraham Tilghman esquire, shall be liable to be charged with the payment of so much of the said legacies as are not paid out of my personal estate, and with the monthly payment hereinbefore given."  Abraham to get remainder of real and personal estate.

Dated: 12 November 1760
(S) Elizabeth Umfrey
Witnesses: (S) Robert Harper, (S) Ralph Cramlington, (S) John Stanhope.

Proved at London 7 October 1782 by Eleanor Ansell spinster, cousin and one of the next of kin and personal representative of Abraham Tilghman, the named executor who predecased Elizabeth Umfrey.

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