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Will of Thomas Whytehead (1583)
Reference: CKS DRb/PW14 & Bancks

According to the sale deed for Hartley Manor Farm in 1633, the Whiteheads were the tenants there.

He was a yeoman of Hartley. He left his soul to Almighty God and his body to be buried in Hartley Churchyard. His wife's name was Elizabeth. He had a son Thomas, and he left the remainder of his goods to son Thomas and wife Elizabeth. He also had three daughters, Joan, Ann and Susan to whom he left £5 each.

Will of Thomas Whitehead of Hartley, yeoman (1626)
Reference: CKS DRb/PW26

Will dated 23 January 1625/6

He leaves his soul to Almighty God. To be buried in Hartley Churchyard.

To Dorothy his wife: "half of my house and farm wherein I now dwell" and half of his stock and chattels etc.

To Thomas, his son: the other half of lands and chattels etc.

To Parnell, his daughter: £3

To Dorothy, his daughter: 40s

To William his son: £10

To Richard and Percival, the children of his son-in-law Robert Kittle: 20s when they are 20.

He appoints Dorothy and Thomas to be his executors.

(X) Thomas Whitehead

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