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Inquisition Post Mortem of Richard Wilson (1576)
Reference: TNA C142/173/96

Inquisitions post mortem used to be held before a jury when a significant landowner died.  The purpose was to see whether any dues were payable to the crown.  Richard Wilson was the owner of Goldsmiths Cottage, and since a second property is mentioned, probably the neighbouring Skips Cottage.  His brother Robert Wilson (1555- ) inherited the farm, but gave it to his daughter Margaret on her marriage to Thomas Acourt in 1577.

Inquisition held at Deptford Strand in the said county on 11 February 18 Elizabeth before Richard Malthouse etc....... commissioners of the lady queen of the said county.... to inquire after the death of Richard Wilson, recently deceased within age, by the oaths of John Leche, John Kinge, William Johnson, John Eal[..], John Allen, Stephen Frenche, Henry Brookhase, Thomas Kempsall, Robert Vyolet, Richard Felton, John Prouisse and Richard Spenser... who say on their oaths that the said Richard Wilson.... before his death was seized in his demesne as of fee of and in one messuage or tenement, one cottage with garden, 20 acres of land and 6 acres of furze and heath belonging to the said cottage, with the appurtenances in Hartley.... And further the jurors say on their oaths that the said Richard Wilson so seized of the premises died on 20 February 15 Elizabeth (1573).....  And the said jurors further say that the said messuage and all other premises with the appurtenances are parcels of the manor of Hartley.... and is held now and in the form as lands are held in the said manor of Hartley, which manor of Hartley is held from the lady queen in chief for a hundredth part of one knight's fee.   And that the said messuage and other premises with the appurtenances are worth 20s 4d pa. in all revenues besides expenses.  And the said jurors say that Robert Wilson is brother and heir of Richard Wilson aforesaid, and that the said Robert Wilson at the time of the holding of this inquisition is of an age of 21 years and 1 month and not above.  And besides the said jurors say on their oaths that the said Richard Wilson did not hold any other lands or tenements from the said lady queen nor anyone else at the time of his death in his demesne as of fee, in possession, reversion or use in the said county of Kent.....

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