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News April 2020

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18 April 2020 - Arriva   announce further bus reductions

As a result of the   Covid-19 emergency, Arriva announce that Saturday services on the 489 to   Gravesend will be reduced from every 80 minutes to just 4 journeys a   day.Arriva Press Release

Parish Council Meeting 15 April 2020
15 April 2020 - Parish Council:   Councillors
This was the council's first   virtual online meeting as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Present were Cllrs Oxtoby, Abraham,   Bennett, Penny Cole, Driscoll, Graeme, Malham, Mohr, Ross, Sewell.  Also Cllr Brazier (KCC) and 2 members of   the public.  Apologies from Cllrs   Alford and Perry Cole.  No declarations   of interest were received.>

      15 April 2020 - Burial Grounds: New Burial   Ground
The big news was the announcement   that the burial ground was ready and the council voted to open it with   immediate effect.  Other matters   considered at the meeting of 9 March were: (1) Concerns about state of   lavender and box border.  (2) They will   obtain quotes for post and chain fence to separate ashes burial site.  (3) Path from car park to be cleared of   vegetation and moss.  (4) They plan to   get new quotes for the brick plinths.    (5) They have appointed the firm Gardens of England as the   gravedigger.  (6) Following a request   to reserve a plot for interment of ashes, they had said in August that was   allowed but now they have considered the matter further and reversed that   decision.  They were concerned about   revenue loss if the burial was many years later, and also might be too hard   to administer (approved by full council).    (7) They recommended banning larger American style caskets for burials   (approved by full council)>

      15 April 2020 - Burial Grounds: Hartley Burial   Ground
(1) Shed is full of rubbish and   looked dangerous, they will tell Mr Munday they plan to remove it.  (2) Wooden fence to left of entrance gate   requires repair as it is leaning. (3) they have told an enquirer that it is   OK to bury ashes in a reserved grave space, however a burial could no longer   take place there.>

      15 April 2020 - Burial Grounds: Old Garden of   Remembrance
Extra layer of bark to be   added to the newly planted area>

      15 April 2020 - Burial Grounds:   Charges
They amended the scale of fees   agreed at the October meeting because they realised they wanted to increase   fees for out of parish people by £15 not £5 (approved by full   council)>

      15 April 2020 - Amenities:   Gorsewood
They accepted quote from   Sevenoaks Council of £850 to clear up flytipping there>

      15 April 2020 - Covid-19: Manor Field   Pavilion
They closed Manor Field   Pavilion on 23 March.  Someone to visit   once a week to check on condition and to make the building   "occupied" so legionella insurance is not invalidated.  Full legionella test to be done before   reopening.>

      15 April 2020 - Covid-19:   Playgrounds
They closed them until at   least 30 April.  They resolved to set   up arrangements to inspect them every 8 weeks as required by insurers (they   have amended their requirements which would normally be 4 weeks because of   the crisis)>

      15 April 2020 - Covid-19: Parish   Office
Office is closed.  Assitant clerk will work there, clerk will   work from home, refurbished laptop bought to achieve this (£577 to include   required login software).  If clerk   needs to attend office, it must be when assistant clerk isn't there.  Council agreed to delegate power to clerk   to spend up to £2,000 on matters arising from the pandemic.>

      15 April 2020 - Covid-19:   Volunteers
Cllr Penny Cole reported the   Sevenoaks Council scheme has 33 volunteers in Hartley>

      15 April 2020 - Finance:   Payments
Payments of £9,142 for April   were agreed.>


Hartley farmer, Kent County Council and NFU Mutual call for care on countryside walks over Easter weekend
Sheep worrying at Hartley Bottom farm leaves two sheep injured, one of the dog assailants being a daschund.  Farmer reports many more walkers on footpaths since the Covid-19 restrictions were imposed.
(Dartford Messenger, 10.4.20)

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