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Parish Council Elections 1976-2019

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1976, 1979, 1983, 1983 (by election), 1985 (by election), 1987, 1989 (by election), 1991, 1995, 1999, 2000 (by election), 2001 (by election), 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015, 2019

6 May 1976
Candidate PartyVotes
Amos, George Edward708ELECTED
Ball, William659ELECTED
Eames, Frederick George982ELECTED
Fielding, Robin John475ELECTED
Fry, Yvonne Margaret938ELECTED
Hart, Patricia Elizabeth502ELECTED
Hitchin, Edmond John Talbot559ELECTED
Johnston, Roy Cyril504ELECTED
Ley, Josephine Gladys501ELECTED
Metcalfe, Maurice Alfred445
Rowlerson, John Nigel441
Shubert, Margaret Elizabeth938ELECTED
Simpson, Roy Gordon367
Tate, John Philip594ELECTED
Warner, Neal449

Spoilt Papers 45
Turnout 45%

Messrs Ball and Fielding resigned in 1977 and were replaced by Mrs E Millar and Mr J Borrett.  There is no evidence an election was called nor do the council minutes suggest that the formal process of cooption was gone through.  

24 May 1979

This election was held a few weeks after the general election, which no doubt explains the very low turnout.

This election must have been the final straw for the four estates of New Ash Green which were then in Hartley parish and a huge incentive for them to want to go to Ash parish.  None of the three candidates who lived in New Ash Green were elected, so an area representing about a fifth of the population had no representation at all on the council.  The problem is the lack of warding of Hartley council, which can produce skewed results like this where whole areas of Hartley can end up with no voice on the council.

Candidate PartyVotes
Amos, George Edward**368ELECTED
Bass, Edna162
Borrett, John Egbert**382ELECTED
Coutts, Olga Yvette268ELECTED
Day, Humphrey Edwin Alexander231
Eames, Frederick George**455ELECTED
Fry, Yvonne Margaret**401ELECTED
Hitchin, Edmond John Talbot**264
Johnston, Roy Cyril**378ELECTED
Ley, Josephine Gladys**360ELECTED
Millar, Emmeline**362ELECTED
Porter, Betty284ELECTED
Shubert, Margaret Elizabeth**436ELECTED
Smale, James Allen251
Tate, John Philip**318ELECTED
Vivian, Terry James246

Spoiled Papers: 0
Turnout: 15.94%
** Denotes previous member of the council

5 May 1983

Uncontested election, the following were elected unopposed:

Amos, George Edward**
Borrett, John Egbert**
Callaghan, David
Coutts, Olga Yvette**
Eames, Frederick George**
Fry, Yvonne Margaret**
Millar, Emmeline**
Shubert, Margaret Elizabeth**
Tate, John Philip**
Williams, Tony Martin

** Denotes member of previous council

23 June 1983 - By-Election

Only 10 candidates had stood in May, so a by-election was called to fill the vacancy.  The turnout of 2.9% is thought to be the lowest ever in Sevenoaks District, as far as one of the council election workers remembered many years later, neither candidate was at the count either.  Again this was held just after a general election.

Candidate PartyVotes
Barlow, Stuart Philip Charles103ELECTED
Johnston, Roy Cyril44

2 May 1985 - By-election

<table><tr><td><strong>Candidate </strong></td><td><strong>Party</strong></td><td><strong>Votes</strong></td><td><strong></strong></td></tr>
<tr><td>Baxter, Julia Mary</td><td></td><td>421</td><td></td></tr>
<tr><td>Bowen, Thomas Wardell</td><td></td><td>524</td><td></td></tr>
<tr><td>McNeill, Elsie Jane</td><td></td><td>921</td><td>ELECTED</td></tr></table>

Spoilt Papers: 24
Turnout 36.85%

7 May 1987

Higher turnout this time as it coincided with a general election.

Candidate PartyVotes
Barnett, Alan Peter795ELECTED
Borrett, John Egbert**1167ELECTED
Bowen, Thomas Wardell762ELECTED
Callaghan, David**717
Coutts, Olga Yvette**829ELECTED
Eames, Frederick George**1394ELECTED
Fry, Yvonne Margaret**1239ELECTED
Gibbons, Ian Arthur John998ELECTED
Millar, Emmeline**1103ELECTED
Shubert, Margaret Elizabeth**1346ELECTED
Tucker, Eileen Doris1173ELECTED
White, John Eric658
Williams, Tony Martin**1121ELECTED

Spoiled papers: 44
Turnout: 47.63%
** Denotes member of previous council

7 September 1989 By-election

Uncontested. Maurice Hawkley Clutterbuck declared to be elected.

According to Tate ("The First Hundred Years") there were 2 by-elections this year following the resignations of Cllrs Borrett and Bowen.  In the other Kevin Paul Ward was elected (not sure if an election had to be held).

2 May 1991

In this election the Conservatives, who have always dominated the council, decided for once to run under their true colours.  Their slate of 9 candidates occupied the top places in the poll.  Actually other elections have shown the Conservatives of Hartley would have done better had they revealed their allegiance on the ballot paper, this is particularly noticeable when someone is standing for the district council as Conservative and "Independent" for the parish council.   

Candidate PartyVotes
Barnes, Ronald497
Barnett, Alan Peter**Independent Conservative864ELECTED
Clutterbuck, Maurice HawkleyIndependent572ELECTED
Coutts, Olga Yvette**752ELECTED
Eames, Frederick George**Independent Conservative1017ELECTED
Fry, Yvonne Margaret**Independent Conservative1052ELECTED
Gibbons, Ian Arthur John**Independent Conservative880ELECTED
Millar, Emmeline**Independent Conservative961ELECTED
Tucker, Eileen Doris**Independent Conservative936ELECTED
Ward, Kevin Paul**Independent Conservative817ELECTED
White, Lynda JoyceIndependent Conservative768ELECTED
Williams, Tony Martin**Independent Conservative874ELECTED

Spoiled papers: 23
Turnout: 34.18%
** Denotes member of previous council

4 May 1995

Uncontested election.  6 Conservatives again stood under that banner.

Candidate PartyVotes
Barnett, Alan PeterConservativeELECTED
Coutts, Olga YvetteELECTED
Eames, Frederick GeorgeConservativeELECTED
Fry, Yvonne MargaretConservativeELECTED
Gadson, KennethELECTED
Gibbons, Ian Arthur JohnConservativeELECTED
Gronow, CliveELECTED
Millar, EmmelineConservativeELECTED
Richardson, John ThomasELECTED
Tucker, Eileen DorisConservativeELECTED
White, Lynda JoyceELECTED

6 May 1999

Uncontested election, all candidates deemed elected.

Barnett, Alan Peter**
Coutts, Olga Yvette**
Eames, Frederick George**
Fry, Yvonne Margaret**
Gadson, Kenneth**
Gibbons, Ian Arthur John**
Gronow, Clive**
Millar, Emmeline**
Mitchell, Christopher
Modell, Trevor Royston
Tucker, Eileen Doris**

** Denotes member of previous council

25 May 2000 By-election

Candidate PartyVotes
Alford, ChristopherRetd Local Government officer580ELECTED
Cruse, Martyn FrankIndependent Team387
Sewell, Vincent JamesIndependent566ELECTED
Williams, Tony MartinIndependent Team425
Wilton, CliffordIndependent202

Spoiled Papers: 1
Turnout: 25.4%

13 December 2001 By-election

Candidate PartyVotes
Gaywood, JamesIndependent329
Glover, Roy HaroldFarmer482ELECTED
Newins, Lyndon371ELECTED
Oxtoby, AnneIndependent319

Turnout: 24.44%

1 May 2003

A very keenly fought election with a record 26 candidates.  The ballot paper was over 2 feet long.  This was also the first election when Hartley Parish Council had been increased from 11 to 13 members.

Candidate PartyVotes
Abraham, LarryPutting Hartley First874
Alford, Christopher**Putting Hartley First832ELECTED
Barnes, RonaldIndependent Team530
Barnett, Alan**Putting Hartley First821ELECTED
Brudenell, JuliaIndependent Team575
Burns, JanePutting Hartley First772
Coutts, Yvette**Putting Hartley First842
Gaywood, James**Putting Hartley First907ELECTED
Glover, Roy**Independent Team743
Gronow, CliveIndependent Team514
Harris, MalcolmPutting Hartley First835ELECTED
Johnson, SeanIndependent Team508
Lawrie, RonaldIndependent Team516
Lewis, StephenIndependent Team486
Maddocks, PeterIndependent Team505
Mayer, PeterIndependent Team557
Modell, Trevor**Independent Team288
Newins, Lyndon**Independent Team483
Oxtoby, AnnePutting Hartley First815ELECTED
Ramsay, BrianPutting Hartley First845ELECTED
Sewell, Vincent**Putting Hartley First758ELECTED
Solman, MargaretPutting Hartley First787ELECTED
Tremain, AndrewPutting Hartley First824ELECTED
Williams, TonyIndependent Team506
Wolstenholme, DavidIndependent Team459

**  Denotes member of previous council
3 May 2007

Another clean sweep for the grouping calling themselves "Putting Hartley First".  The poll was topped by the three candidates who were also standing for the Conservatives on the District Council on the same day.

Candidate PartyVotes
Abraham, Larry**Putting Hartley First1201ELECTED
Alford, Chris**Putting Hartley First928ELECTED
Barnett, Alan**Putting Hartley First881ELECTED
Burns, Jane**Putting Hartley First912ELECTED
Cole, PennyPutting Hartley First867ELECTED
Gaywood, James**Putting Hartley First1169ELECTED
Graeme, David**Putting Hartley First850ELECTED
Granger, SteffanPutting Hartley First827ELECTED
Harris, Malcolm**Putting Hartley First907ELECTED
Mayer, PeterIndependent668
Minns, JonathanPutting Hartley First753ELECTED
Newins, LyndonIndependent618
Oxtoby, Anne**Putting Hartley First888ELECTED
Ramsay, Brian**Putting Hartley First1081ELECTED
Sewell, Vincent**Putting Hartley First829ELECTED

Spoiled - too many crosses: 8
Spoiled - blank: 23

Turnout - Hartley North: 28.91%
Turnout - Hartley South: 42.14%
Turnout - Postal Voters: 66.06% (this also includes Hodsoll Street voters for the district council the same day)

Average Votes per ballot: 7.1

**Denotes member of previous council

5 May 2011

Another keenly fought election with a new grouping called "100% Hartley" running the incumbent "Putting Hartley First" group close.  However it was the one independent candidate, Mrs Fernley, who ended Hartley's one party state.   One of the Hartley First grouping had moved away and it seems the electorate did not like the non-Hartley address on the ballot paper.

Candidate PartyVotes
Abraham, Larry**Putting Hartley First1214ELECTED
Alford, Chris**Putting Hartley First981ELECTED
Britton, Daniel100% Hartley671
Burchell, RogerPutting Hartley First908ELECTED
Burns, Jane**Putting Hartley First963ELECTED
Chick, Vincent100% Hartley681
Coates, RobertPutting Hartley First953ELECTED
Cole, Penny**Putting Hartley First976ELECTED
Fernley, ValerieIndependent766ELECTED
Fowler, Daniel100% Hartley644
Glander, LaurencePutting Hartley First775ELECTED
Graeme, David**Putting Hartley First900ELECTED
Horwood, MichaelPutting Hartley First760ELECTED
Minns, Jonathan**Putting Hartley First622
Oxtoby, Anne**Putting Hartley First1002ELECTED
Ramsay, Brian**Putting Hartley First1012ELECTED
Sewell, Vincent**Putting Hartley First862ELECTED
Shipston, GlenIndependent631
Swain, Jamie100% Hartley652
Swain, Jerry100% Hartley622

Spoiled - too many crosses: 3
Spoiled - blank or uncertain: 31

Turnout: 47.82%

**Denotes member of previous council

7 May 2015

Held the same day as the general election, for the first time not enough candidates came forward for the parish council (a common occurrance these days), so all 12 nominated were automatically elected.  All 12 were from the "Putting Hartley First" grouping.  Subsequently Mrs Rogers was coopted to the council.

Actually there was a 13th candidate for this election who would also have been elected, but their nomination was wrongly refused by Sevenoaks Council on the ground they had nominated themselves.  The Electoral Commission said it is perfectly acceptable for someone to nominate themselves.

Candidate PartyVotes
Abraham, Larry**Putting Hartley FirstELECTED
Alford, Chris**Putting Hartley FirstELECTED
Bennett, SheilaPutting Hartley FirstELECTED
Burchell, Roger**Putting Hartley FirstELECTED
Burns, Jane**Putting Hartley FirstELECTED
Cole, Penny**Putting Hartley FirstELECTED
Graeme, David**Putting Hartley FirstELECTED
Oxtoby, Anne**Putting Hartley FirstELECTED
Ramsay, Brian**Putting Hartley FirstELECTED
Sewell, Vincent**Putting Hartley FirstELECTED
Tremain, AndrewPutting Hartley FirstELECTED
Vesey, DorothyPutting Hartley FirstELECTED

**Denotes member of previous council

2 May 2019

Once again only 12 nominated candidates for 13 vacancies, so all were elected without a poll.  All belonged to the "Putting Hartley First" slate, so this grouping will have been in power 20 years by the next election in 2023.

Larry Abraham**
Christopher Alford**
Sheila Bennett**
Penny Cole**
Perry Cole
Lesley Driscoll
Annette Ewing
David Graeme**
Mally Malham
Matt Mohr
Anne Oxtoby**
Ian Ross
Vince Sewell**

**Denotes member of previous council

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