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Wills are an excellent source for the history of how people used to live in Hartley. They give an idea of the relative standing of the person, and tell us of their families.

They survive for Hartley from about 1450 onwards. Depending on where the will was "proved" it will be filed at:

  •   Centre for Kentish Studies (CKS/KAO) - all wills proved at the court of the Archdeacon or Bishop of Rochester (pre 1858)
  •   The National Archives (TNA/PRO) - all wills proved at the court of the Archbishop of Canterbury (pre 1858).
  •   Principal Probate Registry - all wills proved after 1858.

There are also a few "Inquisitions Post Mortem" (pre 1660). These are local enquiries held when a tenant of the crown died, to see if anything was owed to the monarch.

Alice Averill of Ash, widow (1626)
Nicholas Averill of Ash, yeoman (1631)
Robert Averill of Hartley, labourer (1637)
Robert Averill of Ash, yeoman (1656)
Robert Batt sen, of Longfield (1734)
John Beke of Ash (1466) Added 12.7.2023
William Bensted of Hartley, farmer (1836)
Eilzabeth Bensted of Hartley, widow, (1845)
William, Bensted junior of Hartley Court (1868)
Michael Beresford of Westerham, esquire (1608)
George Beresford of Westerham , (1614)
Michael Beresford of Ash, next Sandwich (1628)
Edward Best of Hartley, yeoman (1719) (added 26.7.20)
Edward Best of Hartley, yeoman (1803)
Mary Best of Hartley, servant (1847)
William Best of Hartley, yeoman, (1728)
Thomas Blomefield of Green Street Green, Clerk (1771)
Thomas Burrow of Ash, yeoman (1589)
Thomas Burrow of Longfield, yeoman (1656)
Thomas Burrow of Hartley (1692)
James Burrow of Kingsdown, gentleman (1729)
Elizabeth Burrow of Kingsdown , (1730)
John Carrier of Hartley, yeoman (1633) (added 26.7.20)
William Cayno of Hartley, clerk (1593)
Ewen Charlton rector of Longfield, clerk (1548)
George Charrington of Beddington, yeoman (1795)
Everard Clement of Ash, clerk (1700)
Thomas Copland of Meopham, Tobacconist (1739)
John Cotyer at Haye of Woodins, Hartley (1452)
Thomas Cotyer of (incomplete) (1473)
Thomas Cotyer of Dartford (1504)
Peter Cotyer of Dartford (1528)
Thomas Cripps of Hartley (1527)
Thomas Cripps of Hartley, yeoman, (1587)
Thomas Cripps of Hartley, yeoman, (1596)
Robert Dalton of Hartley, yeoman, (1728)
John Dawe of Fawkham , (1499)
William Draper of East Greenwich Gentleman (1538)
John Edwards of Hartley (1664)
Thomas Edwards of East Malling yeoman (1673)
Nicholas Ellis of Hartley (1614)
Katherine Ellis of Hartley (1633)
George Eves of Hartley, clerk (1667)
Elizabeth Eves of Southfleet, widow of George Eves (1671) Added 8.12.2021
John Feerby senior of St Pauls Cray (1455)
William Sidney Forrest of Hastings (1915) Added 26.7.2020
John Fuller of Hartley (1500)
Robert Gens of Southfleet, yeoman (1576)
George Gifford of Fawkham, gentleman (1704)
Thomas Gifford of Fawkham, esquire (1705)
Richard Glover of Hartley, victualler (1748)
John Glover of Eynsford (1814)
John Glover of Shoreham, farmer (1864)
Thomas Glover of Eynsford, farmer (1886)
William Goldsmith of Hartley, publican, (1803)
John Goldsmith of Gravesend, Victualler (1810)
Thomas Goodwin of Fawkham (1844)
Christopher Hayes of Maidstone, gentleman (1785) Added 15.4.2018
Christopher Hayward of Eynsford, yeoman (1750)
John Hickmott of Cliffords Inn, London, gentleman (1657)
Charles Hickmott of New Windsor, Berks, gentleman (1673)
Joan Hickmott of Oxford, widow (1673)
John Hodsoll of Ash , (1434)
Lawrence Holker of Gravesend, gentleman (1708)
Lawrence Holker of Milton next Gravesend doctor (1738)
Lawrence Holker of St Thomas Apostle, London (1794)
Sarah Holland of Beckenham, widow (1779)
Christopher Humphrey of Horton Kirby (1547)
Robert Jasper of Ash (1389) added 14.11.2021
William Jewell of Sevenoaks, gentleman (1730) added 26.7.2020
William Jewell of Sevenoaks, gentleman (1762) added 26.7.2020
Thomas Johnson of Hartley, yeoman, (1695)
John C W, Kershaw of Hartley, zoologist (1950)
Sarah Kidder of Hartley, widow (1741) added 26.7.2020
William Kipps of Hartley (1609)
Stephen Kipps yeoman (1638)
William Knight of Greenwich, labourer (1707)
John Knowles of Hartley, victualler (1782)
John Launce of Southfleet (1424)
James Lance of Ash, yeoman (1527)
William Lance of Ash (1551)
John Lance of Ash, husbandman (1555)
James Lance of Ash, yeoman (1592)
Thomas Lance of Ash (1624)
William Lance of Ash, yeoman (1664)
James Lance of Ash, yeomen (1729)
William Lethieullier of Beckenham, surgeon (1736)
Samuel Lethieullier of Beckenham (1751)
Sarah Lethieullier - see (Holland)
Harry Mab of Hartley (1497)
Thomas Man of Ash (1466)
John Middleton of Longfield (1511)
William Middleton senior of Nursted (1570)
Henry Middleton of Hartley (1666)
Francis Middleton of Hartley taylor (1688)
Nicholas Middleton of Ash, yeoman (1704)
Thomas Middleton of Ash, yeoman (1718)
John Middleton of Ash, yeoman (1792)
Richard Miller of Ash, yeoman (1670)
Robert Monk of Hartley, farmer (1817)
Mercy Monk of Hartley, widow (1829)
John Northassh of Hartley (1506)
George Oliver of Ash, yeoman (1639)
Joseph Oliver of Hartley, yeoman (1731)
Joseph Oliver of Hartley, butcher (1806)
Anne Overy of Hartley, widow, (1638)
John Overey of Hartley, labourer (1509)
John Overey of Hartley & Ash, yeoman (1555)
John Overie of Hartley, yeoman (1652)
Richard Overy the elder of Hartley, yeoman (1591)
John Overy of Hartley, yeoman (1626)
William Overy of Ash (1450)
William Overy of Horton Kirby (1482)
John Page of Erith, gentleman (1800)
John Parysse of Hartley (1451)
George Pase of Hartley (1608)
Mary Paise of Fawkham, widow and tailor (1638) added 17.9.2018
William Paise of Fawkham, tailor (1630) added 15.9.2018
Alice Peckham of Yaldham (1693) added 4.1.2023
Dorothy Peckham of Ash (1657) added 4.1.2023
Emma Penhale (1426) Added 8.12.2021
Thomas Peny of Fawkham (1464)
Ralph Petley of Riverhead, esquire (1704)
Jane Petley of Riverhead, spinster (1743)
John Petley of Rochester, gentleman (1747)
Robert Carter Petley of Riverhead, esquire (1788)
John Petley of Riverhead (1792)
Nicholas Piggott of Meopham (1687)
Edward Potter of Oxford, gentleman (1702)
William Potter rector of Hartley (1566)
Richard Prowse of Woolwich (1845) added 21.10.2018
Richard Rabson of Ash, Schoolmaster (1796) added 7.11.2020
John Robynson of Fawkham, Priest (1516)
Thomas Rodwell of Hartley, Builder (1918)
Richard Rokesley of Dartford , (1448)
William Smythe of Fawkham , (1530)
Alice Smythe of Fawkham, widow (1531)
Henry Stacye of Ash, gentleman (1626)
John Stacy of Hartley, gentleman (1658)
William Swan of Southfleet (1534)
Thomas Swan of Southfleet (1570)
William Swan of Southfleet (1619)
Sarah Effield Tasker of Wilmington, widow (1845)
Finch Taylor of Darenth, gentleman (1771) added 26.7.2020
Richard Thorpe of Hartley, yeoman (1729)
Edward Thorpe of Hartley, yeoman (1779)
Francis Treadwell of Hartley, blacksmith (1819)
Richard Treadwell of Hartley, yeoman (1803) added 15.9.2018
Richard Treadwell of Hartley, yeoman (1806)
William Treadwell of Hartley, shopkeeper and licensed victualler (1853)
John Troylard of Hartley, (1457)
Finch Umfrey of Darenth esquire (1713) added 14.4.2018
Finch Umfrey of Dartford, esquire (1743) added 14.4.2018
Elizabeth Umfrey of Dartford, widow (1782) added 14.4.2018
John Underhill of Fawkham, yeoman (1718)
Mary Underhill of Fawkham, widow (1729)
Thomas Underhill of Hartley, yeoman (1765)
Elizabeth Underhill of Northfleet Green, formerly Hartley, widow (1775)
John Urban of Southfleet (1421)
John Wade of Ash (1837)
Thomas Walter of Fawkham, yeoman (1555)
Thomas Walter of Lyons Inn, London, gentleman (1600)
Thomas Walter of Hartley (1608)
John Walter of Fawkham, esquire (1623)
Dorcas Walter of Fawkham , (1630)
John Walter of Fawkham, esquire (1657)
Thomas Walter of Fawkham, yeoman (1658)
John Walter of Hartley,(1675)
Edward Welch of Hartley, husbandman, (1718)
Elizabeth Whiffen of Ridley, widow (1667)
George Whiffen of Ash, yeoman (1668)
Thomas Whitehead of Hartley, yeoman, (1583)
Thomas Whitehead of Hartley, yeoman, (1626)
Jane Woodin of Hartley widow, (1850)
Thomas Young gentleman, (1688)
John Young yeoman (1713)

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