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Newspaper Stories 1945 - 1949

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12 Jan 1945 Parliamentary Boundary Review Bromley & West Kent Mercury
Advert from Boundary Commission about the division of the existing Chislehurst and Dartford seats into the following constituencies: Bexley (Bexley MB) 56,518; Chislehurst (Chislehurst & Sidcup UD, Swanscombe UD, Dartford RD) 70,749; Dartford (Dartford MB, Erith MB, Crayford UD) 69,539; Orpington (parts of Beckenham MB and Bromley MB currently in Chislehurst Division, Orpington UD) 53,352.

[The House of Commons (Redistribution of Seats) Act 1944 set up th current Boundary Commission but also instituted a minor review to split the 20 seats that were over 190% of the electoral quota of 53,110 registered voters, this included Dartford and Chislehurst seats)]

12 Jan 1945 Sizmur - Brookes Wedding Kent Messenger
Wedding at Congregational Church of Roy Ralph Sizmur [1922-1993] of Ash Road and Kathleen Brookes [1919-1964] of Ash. He works for J&E Halls at Dartford

13 Jan 1945 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Merchant Navy Knitting party - report for 1944; (2) Naturalist Club at WI Hall - film show; (3) Wedding of Roy R Sizmur of Olinda, Ash Rd at Congregational Church; (4) Obituary of Mrs Gladys E Bignell of Colyton (funeral 20.1.45).

20 Jan 1945 Ash Youth Club Pantomime Gravesend Reporter
Pantomine for Red Cross at Country Club by Ash Youth Club

26 Jan 1945 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
(1) Request for sweets to be sent to Country Club for childrens treats; (2) Obituary to Mrs Bignell (51) of Colyton

27 Jan 1945 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
The Late Mrs Oldrey

"In the passing on Friday at the age of 80 of Mrs Rosalie E Oldrey, of The Limit, Hartley, the parish has lost one of its oldest and most beloved personages to whom the churches and all social functions are indebted, for willingly given and valuable services. An accomplished pianist, her services were in constant demand, and she had rendered served at the organ at both the Parish Church and the Congregational Church, officiating at the latter church every Sunday morning until recently. Born at Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the deceased lady and her late usband came to reside at Hartley about 23 years ago. She had been widowed about 5½ years. The cremation was arranged to take place at Golders Green Crematorium yesterday (Thursday)."

Hartley Naturalist Club

Cine film presentation by Universities Federation for Animal Welfare. Club for under 16s has 30 members and 5 associate members over 16.

02 Feb 1945 Chickens for sale Kent Messenger
"For sale, 5 Stock cockerels, Rhode; 2 goats, 1st kidders; 1 incubator, 100 egg size; hot water system. Morgan: Greycote, Manor Drive, Hartley, Longfield."

03 Feb 1945 Children's Entertainment Gravesend Reporter
Entertainments for 140 children at Country Club

09 Feb 1945 Garage Fire at Church Road Dartford Chronicle
Garage Fire at Church Rd, building and car destroyed

09 Feb 1945 Great Pluck When Wounded - Hartley Gunner is 'Mentioned' Kent Messenger
"Among those whom the King has approved should be mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy is Gunner C L Larkin [1920-2004], aged 24, only son of Mr and Mrs Larkin of Jessern, Ash Road, Hartley.

Before being called up for the Army at the age of 20, he worked for Mr Sharmoon at Trosley Towers, near Wrotham. He has 2 sisters.

Gunner Larkin went to North Africa in November 1942, with the 1st Army and was in the Tunisian campaign.

Afterwards he was with the 5th Army landing at Salerno, on September 9th, 1943, when he was wounded in the left arm and left foot.

Mrs Larkin has received a letter from Lt LW Aldous, expressing his great appreciation of her son's behaviour on the morning of the Salerno landing.

'Through no fault of anyone's, it was unfortunately quite a time before we could do more for him other than first aid,' he writes, 'He never complained, and by remaining cheerful throughout did much to enable men to carry on with their work in a calm and normal manner.'"

[1729540 Gunner Charles Leslie Larkin (1920-2001) was part of the 80th Heavy AA Regiment, Royal Artillery.]

10 Feb 1945 Home Guard Gravesend Reporter
Home Guard Stand Down Dinner and Entertainment

16 Feb 1945 Hartley Parish Council Kent Messenger
"The clerk reported that LPTB and the Rural Council Transport Committee had arranged the extra stop asked for by the Parish Council in Ash Road above St John's Lane. Mr Gates reported on the meeting concerning post-war housing recently held at Dartford, and said the meeting contributed no solution to the question of temporary accommodation, being mostly occupied by the views of contractors and operatives on the superiority of good brick construction. The council decided to hold a special meeting to discuss how the subject would affect Hartley."

17 Feb 1945 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Obituary of Peter Newcombe of Rosyth, left Hartley 14 years ago; (2) Ratepayers Assn: discussed new war memorial, widening of roads etc

23 Feb 1945 Oddfellows Dartford Chronicle
Oddfellows: meeting of 4625 lodge at Black Lion

25 Feb 1945 Junior Naturalist Club Kent Messenger
35 attended Junior Naturalist Club, including 9 new members

02 Mar 1945 Home Guard Dinner Dartford Chronicle
Home Guard Dinner for No 3 (Hartley) platoon at Country Club

03 Mar 1945 Country Club Gravesend Reporter
Country Club AGM; thanks to CM Ellerby for laying out sports ground (article includes list of events)

09 Mar 1945 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
(1) WI social evening includes entertainment by WI Drama Group; (2) Longfield Young Farmers Club - "About 25 members visited Joyce Green Farm and watched machine milking. Afterwards the senior members visited Mr Strickland's while the younger members went to the rhubarb sheds in Dartford. The party was led by Mr F Barker, club leader."; (3) Hazel Chisholm of Restharrow fined 10 shillings for driving when licence had expired on 5.4.1944

10 Mar 1945 Message from Australia Gravesend Reporter
"Mr and Mrs Hoadley, of Church Road, Hartley, have received a letter from Mr H Bain of Hurstville, New South Wales, stating that their son, Stoker D R Hoadley [1924-2011], was entertained by the Penshurst Sub-Branch of the Returned Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen's Imperial League of Australia at a convivial evening held on December 23rd last. 'As I write this Christmas Day,' states the letter, 'I know that your thoughts are of him, and we join with you in praying that he will be delivered safe and sound to you before Christmas 1945. We of the 1914-1918 conflict remember the hospitality extended to us and we are determined to try and repay in some small measure that hospitality, and have therefore thrown one clubroom open to all members of the British services. The writer carried very pleasant memories of the hospitality extended to him by the people of Dartford in late 1916 and early 1917 after leaving Lincoln, where he was a case for 17 weeks. Your son is well and happy and asked me to send a note of love and remembrance to all. I conclude with wishing you and all the folks of Dartford a very pleasant and peaceful new year.' Stoker Hoadley, who is at present in New Zealand, was at one time a member of the Home Guard at Hartley and joined the Royal Navy over 2 years ago."

10 Mar 1945 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Home Guard Good Service Awards

"Two NCOs of A Company, 19th Batt (Farningham) Kent Home Guard, have been awarded the certificate for good service. They are CSM F Smith (Longfield) and CQMS John Sale, of Hartley."

WI Social Evening

"Social Evening: As the result of a very successful social evening held at the Women's Institute £11 7s 6d was raised for St Dunstan's. After games and refreshments, the audience was entertained by members of the Women's Institute Drama Group and the Choir. An amusing ballad version of 'Widdecomb Fair' with a modern flavour left spectators weak with laughter, especially at the antics of the grey mare played by Margaret Phillips (hind part) and Lorna Willmot (front half). Two sketches 'Granny is 100' and 'Winter in Torquay' were much enjoyed, and the choir concluded with songs from 'The Maid in the Mountains'".

16 Mar 1945 Hartley Parish Council Kent Messenger
"Mr Charles Sizmur presided at the March meeting, when letters were read from Ash Parish Council regarding the proposed revision of omnibus services, and from Mrs Firman regarding the proposed lopping of her tree overhanging the highway. Mrs Gates reported that at a further meeting of the post-war housing conference, sponsored by Dartford Trades Council, she had been appointed to a rural district committee which would suggest improvements to the rural area and submit a list to the Housing authority. Captain Bignell pointed out that the chief needs of the district were more good houses, those already owned by the RDC having stood up to blast very well, but the present shortage of labour and material restricted any operations. Mr Bishop complained of the furring of pipes and the hardness of the water, and it was agreed that the attention of the Mid Kent Water Company be drawn to this."

23 Mar 1945 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
Land for Sale at Gorsewood Road

"Hartley - for sale. Plot of land, 100 feet x 200 feet on Gorsewood Road, woodland, also a plot on Gorse Way 120 feet by 200 feet, pasture; water and electricity to both sites; price £210 each plot - Coney, Hartley Bottom, Longfield."

Tractor for Sale

For sale: iron horse tractor, plough, cultivator etc, £168 - Free, Castle Hill.

Canon Parker to Retire

"After 10 years as rector of Longfield, Canon Parker is to retire. From 1912 to 1935, Canon Parker [b 1871] was headmaster of King's School, Rochester, and he and his daughter Miss Norah Parker [1897-1962], intend to live in Rochester after his retirement. During the war he has taken an active part in Civil Defence duties in Longfield, while Miss Parker has been in charge of the first aid post at Kent House."

24 Mar 1945 Confirmation Service Gravesend Reporter
All Saints: 22 Confirmed

30 Mar 1945 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
WI Drama Group

Three one act plays by WI Drama Group. List of those taking part (also in Reporter 31.3.45)

Hartley Parish Council

"Parish Meeting - on Wednesday last week, Mr Chas Sizmur, chairman of the Parish Council presided, and the clerk, Mr LU Judge, presented the council's report. This included an account of efforts made to improve the bus service, reported on by Mr Passmore Bishop. Mrs Gates reported on the Dartford meetings on housing she had attended as delegate from the council. The future planning of Hartley and merits or demerits of council houses which would be rented on favourable terms was discussed, and the suggestion made that the council should survey the question. The chairman said the council was now working on this and would report to a parish meeting in due course."

13 Apr 1945 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
Lost Two Sons in War - Sad News for Hartley Parents

"News has been received by Mr and Mrs JR Stickland, the Old Downs, Hartley, that their thrid son Cpl Alfred Gordon Stickland, 20 (pictured), has been killed in action in Western Europe.

In March 1941, another son, George Norman Stickland, was killed in an air accident while serving in the RAF.

Educated at Haileybury College, Cpl Stickland joined the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment in September 1942, and was later transferred. He went abroad in October last year, and was in the 51st Division.

His eldest brother, Capt John Charles Stickland MC RA served through the Malta campaign.

Mr and Mrs Stickland also have a girl and boy still at school." (also mentioned in Times 4.4.1945 and Reporter 14.4.1945)

[14405011 Corporal Stickland 1/7 Battalion, Middlesex Regiment died 24.3.1945 buried Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Netherlands. At the time his unit was involved in the battle to cross the Rhine]

Hartley Parish Council

"Mr Charles Sizmur presided at the monthly meeting on Wednesday last week. The question of short distance passengers on the Gravesend - Hartley bus service was again discussed. The clerk read a letter from the Gravesend engineer stating that trees were being lopped or removed from Darnley and Old Dover Road to permit the use of double deck buses on local services. This would relieve the pressure of local passengers on the country buses. The owners of overhanging trees in the Hartley area have expressed their readiness to remove them with the council's assistance. Mrs Gates reported on the recent meeting in Dartford of the post-war housing committee, which she attended as delegate, and Captain Bignell confirmed that the RDC had been allotted and secured sits for 150 temporary houses in Stone, Swanley and Horton Kirby (50 in each). The question of permanent houses was deferred for the present.... Reply was received from the Mid Kent Water Company that no further steps could be taken to soften the water supplied to Hartley, and that this was no harder than was common to all chalky districts. Arrangements were made for the repair and repainting of the council's notice boards on Hoselands Hill and Church Road."

21 Apr 1945 All Saints' Church Organ Gravesend Reporter
(1) All Saints: organ fund for installation costs, donations to ST Carter of Rose Cottage, Church Rd; (2) Country Club Social with the Regal Orchestra; (3) Sgt John Sale of Broomfield, Ash Rd, returns from being POW

27 Apr 1945 John Sale released POW Kent Messenger
Sergeant John Sale returns home after being liberated by Americans from POW camp

28 Apr 1945 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Dr Barnados Collection

Dr Barnardos house-to-house collection raises £8

Hartley Rabbit Club

Rabbit Club: 1st AGM (Mrs Gates chm; Mrs Withers, sec)

30 Apr 1945 Bedstead for Sale Kent Messenger
"Full size Iron Bedstead with spring and wool mattress - Apply Costen, Homestead [Tor Lodge, Church Road], Hartley, Dartford."

05 May 1945 Hartley Ratepayers Association Gravesend Reporter
question of Hartley School

11 May 1945 VE Day Celebrations Kent Messenger
Caught napping: Hartley, near Gravesend, arranged a meeting for Wednesday night to plan its VE Day celebrations!" (in other words a day after VE Day!)

12 May 1945 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Longfield Entertains the Children

Longfield Village celebrated VE Day by the youngsters taking the matter into their own hands while the adults were considering what should be done to amuse them. Early in the day a group of lads with flags and bunting paraded the streets, they asked for nothing, but money and foodstuffs were thrust upon them, and the material for a bonfire was kindly given by Mr Skelton, the wood merchant, and on the woodpile a tripod was erected on which hung an effigy of Hitler. But the children had in the meantime built up an appetite; fough tables were procured and the youngsters, about 40 of them, did justice to a splendid tea in the open air by the roadside. Abundant help and provisions were forthcoming as the adults entered into the spirit of the thing. Next came sports in great variety and a large crowd had assembled by the time the fire was kindled and Hitler went up in smoke.

In the Village Hall the Scouts were preparing for a dance in the evening, complete with dance band and no entrance fee, and by 9pm the hall was crowded with joyous youth and a good sprinkling of adults.

The Parish Church was more than full at the Thanksgiving service, conducted by Canon W Parker, who used the Order of Service issued for the occasiion adding only a very short address.

Hartley Bonfire

A large crowd assembled in the evening of VE Day on the sports ground of Hartley Country Club and shortly before 10.30 there was a huge bonfire which could be seen for miles around. Afterwards it was open night in the Hall of the Club and there was dancing until the early hours, the music being provided by Mrs R Howe.

Earlier in the day All Saints' Parish Church was filled to overflowing when a Thanksgiving Service was conducted by the Rev J W Henderson (Rector)."

[Reporter 19.5.1945 said there were further Thanksgiving Services at All Saints' and the Congregational Church on the following Sunday.]

18 May 1945 Rabbits for Sale Kent Messenger
Rabbits and hatching eggs for sale - Townley, Hartley Cottage, Hartley Green

25 May 1945 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
Hartley Rabbit Club

First show of Hartley Rabbit Club, list of winners - Mrs R Balchin, Mrs Pentland, Mrs Townley, Jean Gay, Mrs Alexander, Michael Gay, Mrs Hollands. Reporter 26.5.1945 - special prize for Mr Alexander of Cavan

Death of Mrs Geo Day

"Ebenezer Chapel, Ash was filled with relatives and friends on Tuesday to pay a last tribute to Mrs Day, widow of Mr George Day, who after a service conducted by Rev JD Vigo waw buried there beside her husband.

Mrs Day, who died on Friday, aged 73, was much loved throughout the village, where she took an active part in social life until she was obliged to relinquish her activities during her husband's illness.

The late Mr Day was a magistrate and county councillor, and one of the most prominent men in the public life of the district.

Mr and Mrs Day celebrated their golden wedding in 1941.

Over 50 years ago Mrs Day came as a bride to North Ash Manor, and when, 6 months ago, the manor was sold, whe went to live in a small house in Church Road, Hartley.

Among the flowers at the funeral was a bunch of roses from the old manor garden, sent by the present owners, Dr and Mrs Cressall." (list of mourners and picture of Mrs Day)

08 Jun 1945 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
Children's Party

"About 125 children were entertained at a Victory party in the Country Club Hall, which was decorated with red, white and blue flowers. The tea committee, comprising Mrs McKenzie [b 1907], Mrs Shambrook [1879-1972] and Mrs Phillips were assisted by Mrs Hooper [1869-1959], Mrs Johnes, Miss Ling [1882-1966], Mrs Sizmur, Mrs [1889-1964] and Miss Townley [1918-1991] and Mrs Withers [??-1965]. Mr C Sizmur chairman of the parish counicl and the Rev JW Henderson spoke, and Mrs Gates and Mr Withers organised games. There was a punch and judy show and ventriloquial and conjouring entertainment. Before the children went home they had ice cream and lemonade served in bakelite picnic cups which they took away as souvenirs."

Victory Celebrations

"Hodsoll Street and Ridley held their victory celebrations on Saturday, the chief attaction being a fancy dress parade. Mr John Bolster brought out his early Edwardian motor car, and the occupants were in period costume. Mr Bert Graham produced a Victorian chaise, which was occupied by two ladies dressed in early Victorian style. There was also a penny farthing bicycle. Nursery Rhymes such as 'Mary had a little lamb', 'The old woman who lived in a shoe', 'Little boy blue', and others were portrayed. There were many original and picturesque costumes. Led by Miss Pamela Lucas as Drum Major, the Culverstone band led the procession through Hodsoll Street and back to the meadow, where sports were held. Mrs Short of Meopham and Mrs Meager of Ash, were the judges and distributed the prizes. Mrs Claud Goddard of Holywell Park, gave prizes to unsuccessful entrants. After the sports, tea was served and later there was dancing on the green, Culverstone Band providing the music."

Seaside Once More

Members of the [Ash] Social Club and friends spent an enjoyable day at Hastings on Monday.

Home Again

"Prisoners of War, Jim Young and George Ripley, both of North Ash, have arrived home."

09 Jun 1945 VE Day Celebrations Gravesend Reporter
(1) Children's VE Party at Country Club (see article); (2) Hartley Players revived

15 Jun 1945 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
Dogs for Sale

Daschunds for sale 10 guineas - Brickend, Longfield 2146.

Hartley Parish Council

"On Wednesday last week, it was reported that the gun pits on Hartley Green will be filled in as soon as labour or volunteers are available. It was also reported that the relighting by the Southern Railway of the steps at the Ash Road end of the Fawkham Station path was under consideration. The chairman, Mr C Sizmur, reported on the success of the children's victory party, and it was resolved to send letters of thanks to Mrs McKenzie (WVS), Mrs Phillips (WI) and Mrs Shambrook (Congregational Women's Guild) for their help. Mrs Gates reported complaints of the collection of the 2.30 post at Hartley PO before the advertised time and the clerk was instructed to write to the Postmaster of Dartford. Mr Bishop wrote requesting the council to take up with the Food Office the refusal of rations for the children's VE Party, in view of press reports that special rations would be granted for celebrations arranged by public authorities. He said it was not fair that individuals should give up their own scanty rations, as had been done in Hartley."

17 Jun 1945 When Your Man Comes Home to You - Be Loving Be Patient Sunday Mirror
"…...It's difficult to know the thoughts that may be going through a man's mind when he comes home for good. Of course all men have not had equal experience of war, any more than have all civilians. Most of the men I have met say: 'There's been hell over here too, hasn't there?' when I have appeared to sympathise with them. But really they are surprised at the degree of comfort we have been able to maintain. Mrs Sims, of 8 Valley Villas, Longfield, near Dartford, Kent, whose son in law came home 3 weeks ago in plaster - he had contracted arthritis working down the mines for the Germans said: 'They don't like to hear you grumble. When I started to criticise the rationing my son said: 'You should taste real hunger.' They are not bitter about experiences of that kind until we grumble......"

[Probably Ellen Sims 1879-1954]

22 Jun 1945 Captain Bignell MBE Dartford Chronicle
Capt C S Bignell of Colyton awarded MBE for Civil Defence work (also Reporter 23.6.45)

29 Jun 1945 Two Men Kept Her Talking While Confederates Rifled House Kent Messenger
"Four young men were concerned in a daring daylight robbery at The Gables, Hartley, near Gravesend, the residence of Mrs Newcomb, a widow who is deaf and lives with her two daughters.

The thieves stole a sum of money, and a quantity lof valuable articles, including jewelry, a cigarette lighter, and a wallet of stamps etc.

Mrs Newcomb, who was in the house by herself at the time, answered the back door to two men who requested a drink of water.

While these two men engaged Mrs Newcomb in conversation over their drink of water, two confederates - who had entered the house by the garden door - raided the bedrooms and study.

To make sure the two men she had been talking to found their way to the public footpath, Mrs Newcomb courteously escorted them to the garden gate, where the other two men were waiting.

The four men cordially thanked and said goodbye to Mrs Newcomb, who was not aware of the theft until some time later." (also in Chronicle 29.6.45 and Reporter 30.6.45)

29 Jun 1945 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
(1) Burglary at The Gables, home of Mrs Newcomb; (2) Nigel Fisher, Conservative candidate to speak at Country Club

30 Jun 1945 Crofton - Briggs Wedding Times
Marriage of John Lyndock Moncrieff Crofton [1911-1995] to Rosemary Jean Briggs of Tenbury Wells

30 Jun 1945 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Hartley Coop Soc - committee turned out in poll; (2) Bishop of Rochester to visit to baptise Rev Henderson's son

06 Jul 1945 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
(1) Local buses to run an hour later; (2) Summary of war from civil defence viewpoint in Dartford RDC; (3) Engagement of John L Moncrieff, son of Mr & Mrs Crofton of Spinney Corner

07 Jul 1945 General Election 1945 Gravesend Reporter
Election - large audience for Conservative candidate at Country Club

13 Jul 1945 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
Youths Tricked An Old Lady

"'It is difficult to think of a more despicable thing than to steal from the house of an old lady of 80 years,' said Mrs M Ling (presiding) at Dartford on Friday, to 3 youths who appeared on a theft charge.

The accused, all of whome came from Rotherhithe were Frederick Donald Chapman [1927-2001], 17, Francis Barton 18 and a lad of 16.

All pleaded guilty to stealing articles and cash to the value of £106 10s 10d.

Evidence was given that Mrs Newcombe, aged 80, was alone at The Gables, Hoselands Hill, Hartley on June 20th, when one fo the accused knocked at the door and asked for a drink. Mrs Newcombe later went from the house to direct the accused on the way to London, and he was met by two other youths.

It was alleged that these 2 youths gained access to Mrs Newcombe's house through a spare room window while the other accused had asked for water.

Det Cons W Bone said he was in Parrock Road, Gravesend, when he saw the accused at the front door of an unoccupied house. As a result of his interview, they were later charged.

The 16 year old lad was remanded until the next juvenile court, and the two others were remanded for 21 days to appear at the next London Sessions.

Det Cons Bone was commended by the Magistrates."

Hartley Parish Counicl

"It was agreed on Wednesday last week to write to Capt CS Bignell congratulating him on the award of the MBE, it being the opinion of members that this was most worthily deserved. It was reported that no reply had been received from the Food Officer to the council's request to purchase rationed foods so that residents might be reimbursed with the rations they gave for the children's victory tea. A further letter is to be sent asking on what authority the Food Officer declines to issue permits, as it is understood such permits are authorised by the Ministry of Food. It was reported that £24 6s 8d had been spent on the VE Day Fete, leaving £36 13s 4d to be refunded to the rating authority out the grant of £61. The postmaster wrote stating that the time of collection of letters from Hartley Post Office had been deferred from 2.30 to 2.40pm. Members noted with pleasure the improved bus services."

20 Jul 1945 Goat for Sale Kent Messenger
Goat for sale - Glenholm, Ash Road. Longfield 3161

10 Aug 1945 Northen - Townley Wedding Kent Messenger
Marriage at All Saints' Hartley of Captain Basil Northen RE [1916-1994] of Rutland to Junior Commander Mollie Elizabeth Townley [1923-2016] of Hartley Cottage, where reception for 40 was held.

07 Sep 1945 Author's Cottage? East Kent Gazette
"The roof of a dilapidated stone cottage at Hartley, Gravesend, in which Daniel Defoe is believed to have written 'Robinson Crusoe' has fallen in. Villagers want the cottage to be restored and a plaque placed on it."

[This is very unlikely to be Defoes Cottage, as it was probably built in the early c19th]

02 Oct 1945 Shooting Charge Daily Mirror
"Lieutenant Leonard John Michael Burns [1920-1999], 25, of the Wiltshire regiment, stationed at Wrotham pre-OCTU training camp, Kent, was remanded at Northfleet yesterday, charged with shooting Mr Harry Brunt of Manor Drive, Hartley near Gravesend in the foot. It was stated that Burns was talking to friends, including Brunt, in an inn when he told them he was in trouble, pulled out a revolver and fired it."

12 Oct 1945 Woman Aged 82 is to wed man of 38 Daily Mirror
"A woman of 82 and a man of 38 are to be married soon 'for companionship'. The woman is Miss Florence Treadwell of Rats Castle, Darenth, Kent, the main Mr Leonard Lee.

Mr Lee has been living as a paying guest at Miss Treadwell's for 3 years. The banns were called in Darenth Church in August. There was a rumour in the district that the couple had eloped and got married. But this is not true. It arose because they left Rats Castle a few days ago. But yesterday Miss Treadwell told me 'We are not married and we have not fixed the date yet.' Miss Treadwell said she would have marreid years ago, but her parents needed her and she looked after them. The man she would have married has been dead for 2 or 3 years.

Miss Treadwell said her age had been given incorrectly. She was, she said, not more than 20 years older than Mr Lee. But Mr E T Wade, of the Post Office, Green Street Green, a village near Darenth, assured me that Miss Treadwell, who is his sister in law, would be 83 next February. And the rector of Hartley, Kent, where Miss Treadwell was born, told me that in his register he found that a Florence Treadwell was baptised at Hartley Church on February 22, 1863.

Miss Treadwell consented to be photographed in the garden of Royle Cottage, Boughton, near Faversham, Kent, where she and Mr Lee are staying. At my request she went in and asked Mr Lee 3 times to come out, but he would not." (picture of Miss Florence Treadwell).

[They were married in 1945 Q4 in Dartford Registration District. She might have been a lot older but in fact she outlived her husband. Leonard died in 1954, Florence died in 1956 at the age of 93]

13 Oct 1945 Horse Racing Times
F Winter of Longfield racing owner/trainer?

04 Jan 1946 House for Sale at Hartley Gravesend Reporter
For Sale: modern bungalow (2b, 2r,bath,kitchen,200' gdn) £950

18 Jan 1946 National Farmers Union Gravesend Reporter
Film of local farms shown at Dartford NFU

08 Feb 1946 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Dartford RDC oppose Meopham new town, preferring for Hartley, Longfield at Kingsdown to be developed as larger villages; (2) 423 bus to have improved peak hours service, Sunday am buses restored

15 Feb 1946 Church Field, Fawkham Gravesend Reporter
Fawkham: building scheme for Church Field by Sir Thomas Hohler rejected by RDC, because of ample land for development at Hartley

08 Mar 1946 KCC Election Gravesend Reporter
KCC elections: GE Leavey (ind) wins Dartford Rural E; Hartley ballot; box had to be rescued from snow drift at Kingsdown

15 Mar 1946 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Percival L Harris [1900-1983], summoned by wife Mary [prob 1896-1968] of Stack Rd for desertion; (2) Longfield Young Farmers: Vera Glover (chm); cttee incl Kenneth Glover

18 Mar 1946 Child Missing for 20 Minutes, Found dead on Live Rail Daily Mirror
"A child aged 2 years 8 months, John Alistair McDonald was found dead on a live raid on the Southern Railway line north of Fawkham Station, near Gravesend, Kent. John had been missing from his home at Hartley Old Rectory, Longfield, only 20 minutes." (Reporter 29.3.46 mentions inquest)

05 Apr 1946 Parish Council Election Gravesend Reporter
Parish Council election results: James Grieve [1882-1968] tops poll with 166 votes

26 Apr 1946 Obituary of Sir Thomas Hohler Gravesend Reporter
Obituary of Sir Thomas Hohler of Fawkham Manor

10 May 1946 Hartley Players Gravesend Reporter
Hartley Players: "Children to Bless You"

05 Jul 1946 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Claremont, Church Road

Robert R Wilson [1898-1971] cleared of building Claremont, Church Rd too big

Gorsewood Road Planning Appeal

(1) Planning appeal by LJ Griffin [1914-2000] of Maxwelton, Church Rd against Dartford RDC's refusal to allow him to build on his plot at Gorsewood Rd. Reporter 30.8.1946 reported that the appeal had been allowed

Dartford Chronicle

Paper renamed "Dartford and Crayford Chronicle"

12 Jul 1946 Murder at Fawkham Gravesend Reporter
Murder of Sheila Martin (11) at Stony Field Wood, Fawkham (cont'd 19/7 and 16/8)

12 Jul 1946 Cycle Convoy for Children at Fawkham Kentish Express
"Because they fear a murderer may be prowling about Fawkham, mothers have restarted their wartime cycle convoys to protect children on their way to and from school. The convoys began originally during the flying bomb raids. They have come back again since 11 year old Sheila Martin was found strangled with a piece of her hair ribbon on Sunday. Supt Smeed, Chief of Kent CID has charge of the investigations into the murder of Sheila."

18 Jul 1946 Road Accident Daily Mirror
"Bus with 30 land girls aboard, crashed through a shop wall at Longfield, Kent, yesterday, when avoiding a cyclist, and pulled up at the counter. Nobody hurt."

26 Jul 1946 Maintenance Arrears Gravesend Reporter
William J Gillman [1886-1962] in arrears of maintenance for wife Evelyn [1880-1968] of Acacia Gorse Way

02 Aug 1946 Pea Picking in Kent Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News
"Pickers, here at work near Longfield, are paid 4 shillings for a 40lb bag. A family of 8 recently earned £86 in another part of the county" (picture of the pickers at work in Longfield on Brickfield opposite approximately 225 Main Road)

09 Aug 1946 Local News in Brief Bromley & West Kent Mercury
John Wells Thatcher

"The death occurred on Friday of Mr John W Thatcher, aged 90, of 48 London Lane. Interment was at All Saints' Hartley Kent on Wednesday. Messrs H G Dunn & Sons were the undertakers."

[Mr Wells Thatcher was former Churchwarden and editor of the Parish Magazine]

Telephone Coins Ring a Gong

"When coins are dropped in a telephone coin box they ring a gong. There is a different gong for each type of coin. Among the many different things that fugure operators have to learn is to be able to recognise the different sounds made when a call office subscriber inserts a penny, a shilling or sixpence. Operators are trained at actual switchboards in many exchanges, but calls they receive do not come from the public but from experience teachers at a switchboard elsewhere. These teachers can send out to the trainees all kinds of calls, and they even have certain switches that will imitate to the new operator the sounds made by the dropping of different coins in a box. Was that two pennies or was it a sixpence put in the shilling slot? The coin must not only fit the slot but it must ring true to the operator. In the General Post Office, Home Counties Region, there are telephone operator schools at Guildford, Canterbury, Slough and Norwich. At other centres in the region are schools for postal workers and engineers."

16 Aug 1946 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Boundary Commission reccomends Dartford RDC should be in Dartford Const; (2) Ronald Rich [1920-2009] of Longfield - illegally sold roller loaned by Hubert Gladish [1890-1966] of Church Rd; (3) Prize winning spaniel of Mrs Dorracott [prob 1909-1980]: "Philemon of Thatchend"

20 Sep 1946 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) All Saints/Congr Ch/Social Centre fete at Hartley Manor, rain; (2) Minor Changes to timetables of 423 and 490a

04 Oct 1946 Dedication of Organ Gravesend Reporter
All Saints': dedication of organ; harvest festival

11 Oct 1946 Hartley Parish Council Gravesend Reporter
Parish Council: complaints about postal service and derilict orchards

18 Oct 1946 Brands Hatch Gravesend Reporter
"Motor Car Racing at Brands Hatch?" (motorcycle circuit then) 15.11.46

13 Nov 1946 Furniture for Sale Times
Mr Dallen is selling furniture

15 Nov 1946 All Saints' Parish Magazine Gravesend Reporter
Parish Magazine to be revived

22 Nov 1946 Inefficient Brakes Gravesend Reporter
Walter E Busby [prob 1897-1970], Chelsham Church Rd: inefficient brakes

13 Dec 1946 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Hartley Players "Charity begins...." a triumph; (2) All Saints: sale of work at WI hall raises £100; (3) Hubert W Gladdish of Stocks Farm, fined £24 for taking car; (4) Case against 15 year old girl for brawling in bus queue dismissed

25 Jan 1947 House for Sale at Hartley Gravesend Reporter
Homefield, Ash Road/Stack Lane advertised for sale

01 Feb 1947 MP Visit Gravesend Reporter
MP for Chislehurst, G D Wallace [1906-2003] addresses constituents in Hartley

08 Feb 1947 Local News In Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Compulsory Purchase notice for land in Merton Avenue; (2) Youth club AGM - membership up from 21 to 38; (3) Marriage of Pamela Symons [b 1920] of Fairby Lane in India; (4) For sale: building plots in Ash Rd

15 Feb 1947 Local News In Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Parish council complains of RDC's plans for council house allocation; (2) WI - 26th birthday, details; (3) Marriage of Dorothy Talbot [1920-2000] of The Winnatts, Manor Drive to Dr J L Jenman [1923-2007] of Elizabeth Cottage, Gorse Way

22 Feb 1947 Local News In Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Opening of Childrens' Clinic at WI Hall, weds 2-4; (2) Womens Conservative Meeting attended by 40 despite atrocious weather; (3) Social Centre: lecture on leoprosy in Africa; (4) Adult Education lecture: Post War Czechlosovakia

01 Mar 1947 Local News In Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Country Club AGM - retirement of CS Bignell as Hon Secretary; (2) Marriage of Dr Elizabeth Jenman [b 1919] of Elizabeth Cottage, Gorse Way; (3) Dartford RDC - tributes to CS Bignell on his retirement

08 Mar 1947 Local News In Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Rabbit club to be wound up; (2) WI Drama Group, 3 one act plays features first male actor

22 Mar 1947 House for Sale at Hartley Gravesend Reporter
For Sale: 3 bed house, 5 acres, 300 fruit trees - £3,400 freehold

29 Mar 1947 Hartley Conservatives Gravesend Reporter
Conservative fete at Hartley Manor to be opened by Miss Hornsby-Smith [1914-1985]

19 Apr 1947 Country Club Gravesend Reporter
Country Club - application for widening of food licence refused

26 Apr 1947 Local News In Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Fairby High School: accident to Miss Dewar; (2) Social Centre Concert: features BBC accompanyist John Mills

03 May 1947 Local News In Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Social Centre: concert featuring Eve Maxwell-Lyte [1908-1955], singer [She was best known for folk songs and shortly before her appearance in Hartley had appeared on television. She was also a descendant of the Rev Lyte who wrote the hymn 'Abide with Me'. An example of her singing is on YouTube]; (2) Country Club: 21st anniversary event on 10th May

08 May 1947 For Sale The Stage
"New 4ft wardrobe trunk £10; American Trunk £5; Large Feather Fan £5; lovely complete CP Fit up £30. Bassano, Hartley, Dartford"

10 May 1947 Local News In Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Hartley Players: "Ladies in Retirement" (details - 31.5.47); (2) Ratepayers Assn: SW Willsmore [1903-1971] of Copthorne, Ash Rd to be chairman; (3) Buses: additional Gravesend-Ash bus at 4.09 for children considered

17 May 1947 Hartley Manor Farm for Sale Gravesend Reporter
Advert for auction of Hartley manor Farm

24 May 1947 Local News In Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Robert P Bigwood of Elderberry Cott, Gorse Way - speeding charge; (2) Social Centre, application to serve refreshments refused

31 May 1947 Local News In Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Conservative Fete: details and picture; (2) Whit Sunday. at All Saints' and Congregational Church; (3) Changes to routes 423, 489, 490/490A

14 Jun 1947 Editor of Gravesend Reporter Gravesend Reporter
Reporter Outing presided over by managing editor, Mr A Witt [1886-1961] of Fairby Lane]

21 Jun 1947 Local News In Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) New pews at Hartley Church; (2) RC School: Stage show at Country Club; producer: Sister Camillus

19 Jul 1947 Local News In Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Rectory Fete raises £129: details; (2) Mrs Willmott of Highlands: application for catering licence refused

16 Aug 1947 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Marriage of Sheila F Witt [1919-1991] of Treetops (picture); (2) Sunday School outing to Sheerness

12 Sep 1947 Bromley to have its Own MP Bromley & West Kent Mercury
"Commission Inquiry into NW Kent Boundaries

The Parliamentary Borough of Bromley will probably be divded before the next General Election into two parliamentary boroughs for Bromley and Beckenham (with Penge). As a consequence West Wickham, which is in the municipal borough of Beckenham, will be taken away from Orpington, and Hayes and Keston area will be included in Bromley. The future of the Chislehurst and Orpington Divisions is in the melting pot.

The recommendations of the Boundary Commission were the subject of an inquiry held by Mr R M Montgomery KC at the Council Offices, Dartford, last Thursday.

The recommendations, which were first published last June are: Bromley Parliamentary Borough: The municipal borough, Parliamentary Electorate 46,510 in 1946. Beckenham Parliamentary Borough: The municpal borough and the urban district of Penge, electorate 72,061. Chislehurst: The uban district of Chislehurst and Sidcup and the civil parishes of Darenth, Stone, Sutton at Hone and Wilmington in the Rural District of Dartford, electorate 63,290. Orpington: The urban district of Orpington and the civil parishes of Ash, Eynsford, Farninghan, Fawkham, Hartley, Horton Kirby, Kingsdown, Longfield, Lullingstone, Ridley and Southfleet in the rural district of Dartford, electorate 51,796.

Mr S Critchley Auty, Town Clerk of Bromley, supported the Commission's recommendations. Similar representations were made on behalf of Beckenham and by Mr E T Chater for Chislehurst and Sidcup Council. Mr Stephen King, Clerk of Orpington Urban Council, said that authority supported the recommendations. If the Commission acceded to a proposal that Dartford Rural shold be taken away from Orpington, the electorate of the Orpington Division would be reduced from 51,000 to 42,000. Orpington was losing an electorate of 21,000 to Bromley and Beckenham and did not wish to endanger its independence.

Sir Waldron Smithers MP said Dartford Rural district was part of the old Chislehurst Division which he represented for 21 years. He did not think there was much community of interest between Dartford Rural and Orpington, but on the whole he supported the recommendations subject to any fresh proposal being made. If Dartford Rural were taken away, Orpington would still have a larger number of electors than 9 other divisions in the country. If it was thought desirable to increase the Orpington electorate, Halstead and Shoreham might be included. Mr Allison Beer, chairman of Orpington Urban Council, agreed with Sir Waldron, and added that Halstead and Shoreham were nearer the centre of Orpington than the centre of Sevenoaks.

A representative of Dartford Rural Council opposed the present proposals, but was in agreement with those made in 1946 for a Parliamentary Division to be formed of Dartford Borough, Dartford Rural and Swanscombe.

'Community of Interest' was a phrase used by several speakers, and this led Mr S Critchley Auty to suggest that it was being rather overdone; he did not see what that had to do with polling stations Mr Montgomery said it was one of the things that had to be taken into consideration. Mr Allison Beer said Orpington was the largest urban district in the country, and more than three-fourths of it was rural. Community of Interest should not be taken too seriously. The Orpington area included many villages, and if they took over other villages from the Dartford Rural area they would receive the same service.

On behalf of several parishes in the Dartford Rural area, it was stated that if any change were made they would prefer to be included in the Dartford Division.

Mr T A Tolhurst of the National Union of Conservative Associations, supported the proposals in general, but suggested that Dartford Borough and Dartford Rural District should be one division; if Swanscombe were included there would be an electorate of 51,000. He also thought Erith and Crayford might form a division. Mr Montgomery: Does this plan involve an extra member? Mr Tolhurst: Yes, for Erith and Crayford.

Major Robertson, Conservative agent for Chislehurst Division, spoke in favour of the proposals, as did Labour and Communist representatives. Mention was made of the LCC semi-satellite town which will increase the electorate of Chislehurst and Orpington. It was stated that since January 1945, the population of Orpington has increased by 10,000.

Mr Montgomery said he would submit his report and the result would be known in due course. Sir Waldron Smithers was accompanied by Mr C Knight, Conservative agent. Councillor J Davis, vice-chairman, and Councillor Brittenden, of Orpington Council were also present."

[The paper of 19.12.1947 reported that the Commission had confirmed the proposals locally without amendment. It can be seen that they were prepared to accept a massive disparity in the electorates between the new Bromley and Beckenham seats]

18 Sep 1947 House for Sale at Hartley Times
Thomas Graham [b 1911] of Fairby Lane - vehicle owned not in servicable condition

20 Sep 1947 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Obituary of W Richards of Ash Rd (68) [William J J Richards of 4 Black Lion Cottages]; (2) Social Club Dance (with Alan Argent's Band); Country Club Tennis Dance (with Happy Days Band)

02 Oct 1947 Financial Notes The Stage
"Individual Music Company Limited (439862) - Private Company, registered July 29. Capital £100 in 1s shares. Objects: To carry on the business of music publishers, photographers, printers etc. The directors are James Sheppard, Gorse Way, Hartley, Longfield, Kent... (and 2 others)" [Company Dissolved 1973]

04 Oct 1947 Hartley Social Centre Gravesend Reporter
Social Centre: 12 talks on Musical Appreciation at Amphion

11 Oct 1947 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Hartley Youth Club Dance; Local MP at Social Club; (2) Kenneth E Kitto of Black Lion - speeding

18 Oct 1947 Hartley Conservatives Gravesend Reporter
Dance to celebrate 100th member of Young Conservatives

25 Oct 1947 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Social Centre: Bromley Baptist Church Choir; Country Club: amateur boxing tournament

01 Nov 1947 All Saints' Church Gravesend Reporter
St Lukes-tide Music and Arts festival at Hartley and Fawkham Churches includes choir concerts at both churches, art exhibition at WI Hall

15 Nov 1947 Social Club Gravesend Reporter
Social Club: advert for dance with Jack Cosgrove's Band

22 Nov 1947 Hartley Players Gravesend Reporter
Hartley Players: autumn show cancelled due to lack of male players

29 Nov 1947 Roads News Gravesend Reporter
(1) Percy W Dennis [1894-1962] of Clifton, Ash Road - speeding; (2) Motorcycle Accident on Hoselands Hill

06 Dec 1947 Obituary of Charles Humphrey Gravesend Reporter
Obituary of Charles Humphrey (86)

20 Dec 1947 Parliamentary Boundary Review Gravesend Reporter
Boundary Commission: Hartley to be part of Orpington constituency

27 Dec 1947 Women's Institute Gravesend Reporter
WI Play at Country Club: Wedding Eve Melodrama, details

03 Jan 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) All Saints: big increase in Christmas Communicants; details of festival of 9 Lessons and Carols; (2) Church Rd: fire at house due to faulty wiring

10 Jan 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Wedding and picture of Lois Mary Jean Miller of The Gables [Ash Road]; (2) Babies Clinic - Christmas party

17 Jan 1948 Sunday School Gravesend Reporter
Sunday School Play, includes list of performers

07 Feb 1948 Hartley Social Centre Gravesend Reporter
Social Centre - talk by Elise Sprott "London Calls the world"

14 Feb 1948 Hartley Conservatives Gravesend Reporter
Women Conservatives AGM - 257 members, president Mrs Hohler

21 Feb 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Social Centre: film called "Iron Duke"; (2) Country Club: famous flautist John Amadio performs; (3) Social Club Dance with Alan Argent's Dance Band

28 Feb 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Wedding of Vera Rose Willis of Fairby Cottages; snowy day; (2) Congregational Church: 40 attend social event in hall; (3) Social Centre: talk on South Africa

07 Mar 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Country Club

Arts Council Concert at Country Club: John Amadio on flute

Hartley Parish Council

Parish council: plans for local entrant to "Miss Dartford"; Reporter 7.8.48 No Hartley entrant in "Miss Dartford"

13 Mar 1948 Probate Notice Times
Probate notice of John George Baxter formerly of Hoselands Hill, but lately of Gravesend

20 Mar 1948 Plots for Sale Gravesend Reporter
Messrs Winnett - for sale: 200' deep plots on unmade road: £2 per ft

27 Mar 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Dances at Social Club (Bill Colemans Band) & Country club (silver star band); (2) Social Centre Play "Down on the Farm" at WI hall; (3) All Saints -Stainer's Crucifixion by Hartley & Fawkham choirs; (4) Naturalist Club - talk by League against cruel sports

03 Apr 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Obituary of John Warren

Obituary of John T Warren of hartley Manor Farm (62)

Hartley Players

Hartley Players: production cancelled due to illness; All Saints - Church packed for Easter Sunday service

10 Apr 1948 St Joseph's School Gravesend Reporter
St Joseph's School: fire destroys shed

10 Apr 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Marriage of Ella Reeves of Sherard [now Cob Trees], Gorse Way [Margaret Ella Reeves (1917-1996) married Lionel W Goodchild (1923-1996)]; "Comedy at Hartley" - description of WI's 3 one act plays

17 Apr 1948 All Saints' Church Gravesend Reporter
Total of 562 articles of clothing for Rev Henderson's Clothes for Europe appeal

24 Apr 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Wedding of Eileen Cheary [prob 1926-2013] of 2 Darenth Cottages; (2) Youth Club Dance in Social Club Hall (Alan Argent's Band)

30 Apr 1948 Land for Sale Bromley & West Kent Mercury
"For sale - Two plots land 65ft x 99 ft. 1 plot 151ft x 99ft. Approved for building. 45s per ft. Apply T Graham & Co, Fairby Lane, Hartley, Dartford, Kent." Same edition has "For sale - 15 cwt Ford Truck, 1st regd 1947, mileage under 7,000; suit builder or farmer; perfect condition; £240. Apply T Graham & Co, Fairby Lane..."

08 May 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Dr Barnados collection raises £10; United Nations Appeal £9

19 May 1948 Probate Notice Times
Probate notice for claims on estate of Lucy Smith of Oakdene

29 May 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) NSPCC collection raises £19; (2) Mothers Union "Wave of Prayer" at All Saints 4-6pm, 5th June

05 Jun 1948 Dartford Rural District Council Gravesend Reporter
Discussions re: merger of Dartford BC and Dartford RDC

12 Jun 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Suspected unexploded AA shell found at Southdown, Hartley Bottom; (2) All Saints - 17 confirmation candidates (see also 19.6.48); (3) Young Conservatives AGM attended by 40, chairman: MA Metcalfe [1911-2004]

03 Jul 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Children sent to Fawkham School by taxi after unsolved murder at Fawkham Green; (2) Dancing display by pupils of Miss Marjorie Shade; (3) Tragic death on Lesley Ann Hart (5) of Lal-Bagh, Church Rd, electrocuted on railway

09 Jul 1948 House for Sale at Hartley Bromley & West Kent Mercury
"Immediate possession; Freehold, wellbuilt house at Hartley, 45 mins from town, in grounds over 2¼ acres; 3 bedrooms, 2 receptions, study, bathroom, electricity, water, phone, 3 greenhouses, storeshed, garage-workshop etc. Price inclusive of season's crops from over 2 acres mature apple, plum trees and low fruit. £6,000. Apply owner Waters, The Greys, Lynsted, Sittingbourne. Tel Doddington 247.

17 Jul 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Congregational Church wedding of Mr & Mrs Harry Turley of Longfield

24 Jul 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Youth Club easily win local sports tournament at Wombwell Hall

30 Jul 1948 Fine on Nurse Who Used Title Thanet Advertiser
"'The profession must be protected,' said the Mayor (Alderman W J Perkins) at Margate magistrates court last week, when a fine of £1 was imposed upon a 50 year old nurse who unlawfully used the title of State Registered Nurse. Defendant was Mrs Ada Caroline Dawe of Ash Road, Longfield, Dartford [1898-1974, actually of Maclean, Ash Road, Hartley] , and Mr J W Girling who appeared for the General Nursing Council, alleged that she obtained an appointment as a SRN as sister in charge of the sanitorium at the Royal School for Deaf and Dumb Children. When she started work there in September last year, she wore the uniform of a SRN, and also used the initials after her name. After a doctor had visited the school in March this year inquiries were made and defendant, who was questioned about her qualifications, was given permission to to to her sister's house to obtain her certificate, but had not been seen since. In a letter to the court defendant said illness had prevented her sitting for her final examination and obtaining qualification as a SRA. She needed a job at the time she obtained the appointment and admitted making a mistake."

31 Jul 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Rectory Fete raises £120 - details; (2) Sydney W Morris of Friezland, Gorse Way - careless driving

21 Aug 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
New Barn man fined for shooting dog of Henry J Cracknell of Gorsewood Rd

28 Aug 1948 Bus Improvements Gravesend Reporter
Improvements to 423, 489a and 490 routes

10 Sep 1948 Country Bungalow for Sale Bromley & West Kent Mercury
"Hartley, 1 mile from Fawkham Station, Kent, 3 bedrooms, 2 reception, kitchen, bathroom, electric, mains water, ½ acre well cultivated ground; price £1,600. May be viewed Sunday September 12, 11am to 6pm at Hillview, Gorsewood Road, Hartley. Further Particulars, H S Atkins, Antique Dealers 61 High Street, Chislehurst. Imperial 3950."

11 Sep 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Accident to driver with Hartley water Company; (2) Local Arts Council concerts features Canadian soprano, Ann Watt

25 Sep 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Charles Young (24) of Hill view, Hartley Bottom-injured in road accident: (2) Hartley Players to perform "Fresh Fields" by Ivor Novello

02 Oct 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Hartley Arts Circle: exhibition of work at WI Hall; (2) Social Club Dance (Alan Argent's Band); (3) All Saints' Harvest Festival

08 Oct 1948 Farewell Redistribution Party Bromley & West Kent Mercury
"At the Hartley Country Club last Thursday a farewell redistribution party was held by the Chislehurst Division Conservative Association to mark the loss of a number of parishes situated in the Dartford Rural Area and in the Swanscombe Urban District, to the Orpington and Gravesend Divisions respectively. Mr Edward Moore, chairman of the Chislehurst Division, welcoming Majory Twyman, chairman of the Orpington Division, and Lt-Col Wilkinson, chairman of the Gravesend Division, said that for oer 30 years the whole of the Dartford Rural District had been in the Chislehurst Division and the loss which was probably grater to them as a party than any other redistribution in the country, meant the Chislehurst Division lost 50 per cent of their income and over 2,000 enthusiastic members. Major Twyman welcomed the Dartford Rural District into the Orpington Division. Mr Moore, introducing Pat Hornsby-Smith, the prospective Conservative candidate for Chislehurst, said that probably one of hte main reasons why they in the Rural District and Swanscombe felt so sad at leaving Chislehurst and going into the Gravesend Division was because it would mean losing Miss Hornsby-Smith as their candidate. Miss Hornsby-Smith gave a resume of her experience in the Division in the past 2 years. Miss Eira Barker, the Dartford Rural Area president, made a presentation on behalf of the three Hartley branches to Miss Hornsby-Smith and a presentation was made to her by Mr F A Penwarden on behalf of the Eynsford Branch. Dancing took place and entertainmenet was provided by Cal McCord and Joyce Stoker."

[Pat Hornsby-Smith seems to have been genuinely popular amongst party workers. She could hardly have welcomed the boundary changes as it meant she had a much more marginal seat to fight and indeed she would lose it in 1966. She regained it in 1970 but then she lost out when other candidates were selected for the redrawn seats for the 1974 election].

09 Oct 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) CJ Gadd [1893-1969] of Monksilver, Ash Road, appointed Keeper of Egyptian & Assyrian Antiquities at British Museum; (2) All Saints: choir performs Cantata "Daughter of Moab"; (3) Conservative Club farewell to Pat Hornsby-Smith (picture); (4) Compulsory purchase order for land at Haverstock Drive & Silverdale

16 Oct 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) 5 building licences granted for work at Hartley; (2) All Saints: many requests for repeat of Cantata

23 Oct 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Hartley Cricketer Weds (George Hitchcock of New Barn)

04 Nov 1948 Food For Britain Otago Daily Times
"Final Song, Town Hall, Wednesday, November 10, 1948, Proeeds: FOOD FOR BRITAIN. Admission free, but you can reserve a seat for 1s at Begg's on Friday, November 5.

A great programme for a great cause is being arranged. Famous trio in charge - Demmy, Himmy, Alfie.

Extract from a letter: 'Bay Lodge, Hartley, Dartford, June 8, 1948. I am a widow of a New Zealander who came to fight. He hoped to return to God's Own Country, but passed away before that could happen. I received today your lovely parcel, and am truly thankful for your extremely lovingkindness to the people of England. We all think you are wonderful. Yours very sincerely, Emmeline Waite."

[People from the Commonwealth were enormously generous in sending food parcels to Britain at this time]

06 Nov 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Ash Road: complaints of speeding traffic; (2) BR refusing to fence railway (see 3.7.48); (3) Lecture by Dr Geoffrey Bush on "Henry Purcell" at Amphion [Avalon], Ash Road; (4) Article by "AEE" - 'So This is Hartley'

13 Nov 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Obituary of William S Day of 5 Ash Rd (road accident); (2) Country Club - 250 attend members night (Majestic Stars from Gravesend and Silver Star Band)

20 Nov 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Bankruptcy of Robert R Burnsten-Wilson of Claremont Church Rd, trading as Beehive Building Company (see also 25.12.48); (2) Fairby Grange - concern over fate in NHS reforms

04 Dec 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Obituary of Robert Shorter (93) of Ambleside, Ash Rd; (2) Badminton Club Dance (Skyliners Dance Band)

11 Dec 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Obituary of Hedley Symons of Fairby Lane; (2) Cricket Club AGM attended by Les Ames (President A Witt)

18 Dec 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) "Teas and Morning Coffees at Last" at Hartley Post Office; (2) Sermon by Rev W T Jones of CMS at All Saints; (3) Messrs Winnetts: double fronted brick built modern shop: £3,000

25 Dec 1948 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) All Saints: 9 Lessons and Carols; readers include F Tate; (2) Convent School Concert at Country Club: list of performers; (3) Three Plays performed by WI - details; (4) Youth Club Dance (Alan Argent's Dance Band)

01 Jan 1949 Greyhounds Wanted Limerick Leader
"English Advertiser requires top class dogs only. Distance 460 to 700 yards. Communications to W O'Riordan (Licensed NGRC Trainer), Clifton Kennels, Hartley, Dartford, Kent, England. Phone Longfield 3232"

[Clifton Kennels was where Green Way is today]

15 Jan 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Social Centre & Naturalists Clubs parties

22 Jan 1949 Dennis Wedding Gravesend Reporter
(1) Wedding of Gladys May Dennis [b 1907] of The Elms, Ash Rd; (2) Childrens' Party attended by 140

29 Jan 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Sunday School Outing

Sunday School visit to Chatham Theatre

Pratt Wedding

Peggy Sylvester Pratt [Sylvester Vivienne Day 1923-1972] of Downs View, married at Dartford Reg Office

Alexander - Bigwood Wedding

Marriage of Iris Bigwood of Elderberry Cottage, Gorse Way to Alan Alexander (b 1919) of Cavan, Church Rd

Choral Society Founded

Choral Society: inaugural performance at WI Hall

05 Feb 1949 Council Houses Gravesend Reporter
Tenders invited by Dartford RDC to build 26 houses at Ash Rd

12 Feb 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Hartley Social Centre

Social Centre: lecture and film "Young Mr Pitt"


Dances at Hockey Club and Social Club

19 Feb 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Industrial Injury

Thomas Stevens of Downs View (56) injured working on a farm

Young Conservatives

Young Conservatives Play "While the Sun Shines " big success

05 Mar 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Merger of Dartford Borough and District Proposed

Dartford BC proposes taking over rural dist except Southfleet

Burglary at Ash Road

Break in at Messrs Pilley & Talbot, The Parade, Ash Rd

05 Mar 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Missionary Work

Miss Mary Edmunds [d 2009] in going to India with CMS

[Her obituary says she grew up in Meopham and went to Gravesend Girls Grammar, and worked as a teacher at St Thomas Girls School at Basharwa, where she also ran the school hostel from 1948 to 1979, when she returned to look after her mother]

Bungalows for Sale

Bungalows for sale at £2,950 and £4,200

19 Mar 1949 Failed to Stop at Lights Gravesend Reporter
Frank Woodall [probably 1926-2009] of Ash Rd - case of not stopping at traffic lights

19 Mar 1949 Women's Institute Gravesend Reporter
WI - Jane Austen Talk in costume by Miss Minnis

26 Mar 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Hartley Parish Council

Apathetic Ratepayers - only 4 attend parish meeting

Hartley Players

Hartley Players "Lady from Edinburgh". (picture ,& report 16.4.49)

02 Apr 1949 Country Club Cricket Gravesend Reporter
Letter from EC Harris bemoaning lack of young cricketers coming forward in spite of excellent facilities at Country Club

09 Apr 1949 Gorsewood Road Development Gravesend Reporter
Gorsewood Rd - minister overrules RDC and allows development

09 Apr 1949 Girls Friendly Society Gravesend Reporter
All Saints - 43 people enrolled into Girls Friendly Society

16 Apr 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
KCC Election

Kcc election, Dartford Rural East won by F Goodwin (C) with 2,377 votes, a 1,400 majority over socialist candidate

Church Choir

All Saints - Stainer's Crucifixion by choir of Hartley and Fawkham

Dr Barnados

Dr Barnados raises £9.12s

26 Apr 1949 Flying Officer Edwards Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
"Family notice - Edwards - killed in action on April 26, 1945 over Fedje Fjord, Norway, F/O William John Edwards, RAAF, aged 25 years, only son of Mrs S T Edwards, husband of Jean MS Edwards, of Longfield, Kent, England and father of Christine. To his dear memory."

29 Apr 1949 Young Conservatives in Witty Comedy Bromley & West Kent Mercury
"Terrence Rattigan's 'While the Sun Shines' was presented by Orpington Division Young Conservatives, and produced by the Hartley Branch on Saturday at Orpington Church Hall. This witty wartime comedy of a girl who could not make up her mind and her English, French and American suitors was a production of polish and pace. Admirably directed by Rita McKenzie it had the advantage of actors who knew precisely what they were doing, and who did it with a minimum of effort and mannerism. As the pivotal Earl of Harpenden, Seaton Miller did well in a long and exacting part. If he did not quite catch the sophisticated languor of the nobleman, he brought to the part a sincerity unusual in light comedy. Leslie Green's Lieutenant Mulvaney was performance full of clever innuendo and American wit. His accent was perfect. The Frenchman Lieutenant Colbert, played by Fred Deverteuil, had a Gallic dash and charm. For the two ladies, one can have nothing but praise. Lady Elizabeth Randall was portrayed with charm and sensitivity by Betty Gould. She kept alive a part that can easily slip into sugary sentimentality. Mary Cavenagh made Mabel Crum provoacative and vivacious, and strangely touching in the last act. Michael Simmons was fruitily blimpish as the Duke of Ayr and Stirling and Geoff Brown impeccably and amusingly correct as Horton. Stage manager was Frank Howe."

30 Apr 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
All Saints' APCM

Vestry Meeting: FE Todd & WR Solly reelected churchwardens

Labour Party AGM

Longfield & Hartley Labour Party AGM attended by only 20

When War Came to Hartley

When War Came to Hartley by AE Edward (about battle of 1554)

06 May 1949 Cricket Bromley II v Hartley Country Club Bromley & West Kent Mercury
"On Saturday at Hartley, Bromley lost by 36 runs. Hartley 129 (D Tindley 16, D Hamilton 40, J Hitchcock 10, C Ellerby not out 30, B Stay 10, A Brookes 10, G C Wheeler 3-36, S H Mansbridge 2-17, R P Miscampbell 2-14). Bromley II 93 (S G Chavasse 25, S H Mansbridge 41, D Tindley 4-22, T Iddison 4-27)"

07 May 1949 Local Weddings Gravesend Reporter
Marriages of Elizabeth R Appleton of The Stoep; Margaret & Frederick Graham (to live at Forge Cott); May M Sizmur

07 May 1949 Obituary of Henry Fielder Gravesend Reporter
Obituary of Henry W Fielder, postmaster 1930-47

14 May 1949 T Graham & Co Auction Gravesend Reporter
Auction of lorry and 300 other lots of T Graham & Co of Fairby Lane

21 May 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) WVS offers transport to local hospitals; (2) Marriage of Constance A Greenaway [1929-2014] of 1 The Parade (picture)

28 May 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Buses: improved connections at Fawkham Station on 489/490/490A; (2) Gravesend & Dist Building trades Assn meeting - local members successful in tenders for Dartford RDC at Hartley

04 Jun 1949 St John's Lane Widening Gravesend Reporter
Compulsory Purchase notice for land for passing places at St Johns Lane

18 Jun 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Gerald Edwards of Ash Rd recovering in hospital after accident; (2) Break in at Hartley Cooperative Stores, cigarettes etc stolen

25 Jun 1949 Hartley Pumping Station Gravesend Reporter
Hartley Water Committee: notice of intention to sink new borehole

08 Jul 1949 Cats for Sale Sevenoaks Chronicle
"Siamese Kittens by Champion Slades cross Shahid ex Safphire Belle, 5 and 6 guineas. Payne, ST Adwen, Hartley, Near Dartford, Kent. Phone Longfield 2117

09 Jul 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Hartley Women Conservatives 25th anniversary; 280+ members; (2) Dartford RDC - 26 houses at Hartley to cost £29,722 [Hoselands View, Wellfield, Larksfield]; (3) Rectory Garden fete - detail

16 Jul 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Obituary of JR Stickland (61) - 25 years resident at Old Downs; (2) Social Centre Garden Party - details

16 Jul 1949 Keep it Dark, Say the Women of the Village Daily Mirror
"Housewives in the winding, old world village of Hartley (Kent), population 568, thoroughly enjoy an evening stroll in the lightless streets by moonlight. If ever it was decided to bring the place up to date with street lighting it wouldn't be nearly the same, they say. They like to see their neighbour's windows lit up.

'We like it that way. It makes the place look bright and cheerful' say 80 members of the local Women's Institute.

'It would be a shame if Hartley nights were spoiled by street lights. So towny...' Mrs Irene Wall [1913-1958] of Church Road, told the Daily Mirror yesterday, 'There are no streetlights anywhere in the village, but we don't want any. There are no pavements so we have no kerbs to trip over. Most of us carry torches in our bags on dark nights.' What about the children? Say their mothers, 'Bus stop near our houses. They are safe enough'."

23 Jul 1949 Post War Development Gravesend Reporter
Is Hartley's Rural Charm Doomed? (C Lynton-Harris)

30 Jul 1949 Hartley Conservatives Gravesend Reporter
Womens' Conservative Association - 120 visit Chartwell

07 Aug 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Mothers Union - 23 in trip to Canterbury; (2) 6 acres of corn destroyed by fire at Hartley Manor Farm (& 20.8.49)

20 Aug 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Graham Willmott (50) of Ash Rd - caused obstruction with; (2) Auction sale of 350 lots of furniture etc from Old Downs

27 Aug 1949 Sunday School Gravesend Reporter
Sunday School outing to Herne Bay

03 Sep 1949 Obituary of Kezia Richard Gravesend Reporter
Obituary of Kezia Richard (71) of Black Lion Cottages

10 Sep 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Gorsewood Road - application by A Hitchcock for caravan site; (2) Father P C Scally to be new RC priest

17 Sep 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Parish Council prefers names Wellfield, Larksfield; (2) All Saints - CMS collection raises £16.12.4

23 Sep 1949 Fawkham Manor for Sale Kent & Sussex Courier
"Lofts and Warner - Never Before on the Market. By Direction of G Hohler esq. Kent on the Downs. Adjoining Fawkham Station and the Village of Longfield.

The important Freehold agricultural property - The Fawkham Manor Estate. Comprising Fawkham Manor, with 14 principal and secondary bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, suite of reception rooms, good offices. Main electricity and water, central heating, garage, stabling, 3 lodges. Magnificently timbered gardens.

Five dairy and mixed farms, being: Hill Barn Farm, Scudders Farm, Churchdown Farm, West York (sic) Farm and Pennis Farm. All with farm houses and buildings. Two secondary residences. Numerous other cottages and small holdings and market gardens. 250 acres valuable woodlands and plantations. In all about 1,000 acres. Much with vacant possession.

Lofts and Warner will offfer the above by auction in suitable lots on 27 September next at the Bull Hotel, Dartford if not previously sold...."

24 Sep 1949 Social Club Gravesend Reporter
RAF "Gagbusters" perform at Social Club

01 Oct 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Protest meeting against Hartley, Longfield, New Barn becoming an overspill town of 5,000 from Dartford. (letter 8.10.49); (2) New Labour Parliamentary Candidate at Institute Hall; (3) All Saints crowded for Harvest Festival

15 Oct 1949 Hartley Social Centre Gravesend Reporter
Social Centre Symposium "Hartley Early Days" by older residents

19 Oct 1949 House for Sale at Hartley Times
Sale of 8 bed house & 8 acres by Coney for £10,500

19 Oct 1949 Jerseys at Reading Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News
English Jersey Cattle Society Autumn Show has picture of Fawkham Cherry 2nd, born Feb 1945 by Fawkham Emperor out of Buckhurst Cherry, shown by Houlding Brothers. Sold for 460 guineas, top price on 1st day.

29 Oct 1949 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Record pear and apple crop at Hartley; (2) Charles Appleton [1879-1961] made fellow of Royal Geographical Society; (3) Arts Society concert at Congregational Hall: Madeline Phol pianist etc; (4) Youth Club Dance (len Russell's Band)

18 Nov 1949 Cheap Day Tickets for Rambles and Outings Bromley & West Kent Mercury
British Rail Advert: 3rd class return from Bromley South to Fawkham (Longfield) 2 shillings 9 pence

30 Dec 1949 Dogs for Sale Times
Poodle pups for sale from 10 gns, by Arnold

31 Dec 1949 Local News in Brief Dartford Rural District Bulletin
This newsletter was published about every 3 months by the council. In 1949 they mention that (1) the DRDC rate will go up from 15s 4d in the pound to 16s 9d; (2) 270 houses were built this year, 216 by the council and 54 privately; (3) Wellfield and Larksfield have been renamed and Hoselands View a new road named; and (4) There was a pen portrait of Hartley's district councillor A E Edward.

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