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Newspaper Stories 1970 - 1979

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Some names redacted for data protection reasons.

5 Apr 1970 Skinheads held in clashes Sunday People
"Police held about 20 skinheads after clashes between rivals at football matches in London yesterday… police also turned one skinhead off the Dover - London train at Longfield, Kent and told him to walk home."

1 May 1970 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
"Rail Travel - it will get worse!" Hartley PC Meeting (1) Concerns about withdrawal of 8.04 Longfield train even though more houses locally, Mr Irving MP has arranged meeting with BR. (2) Development at Fairby Lane refused. (3) [NAME] is leaving as clerk, replaced by [NAME]. (4) Sports Facilities - call for swimming pool locally. (5) PC Noticeboard to be put up at Library. (6) War Memorial will be moved to Green within a fortnight.

1 May 1970 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Hartley Churches Association to hold regular Whit Sunday service at Hoselands Green

15 May 1970 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Hartley Churches Association

They cancel Whit Sunday service, raise record £85 6s 7d in Christian Aid House to House Collection

Local Wedding

Marriage of Alan Frank Gibbons [prob 1939-2017] of Orchard Cottage, St Johns Lane to [NAME] of Northfleet at All Saints (picture)

29 May 1970 Hartley Keep an Eye on the 08.09 Train Dartford Chronicle
Hartley PC: (1) Complaints of overcrowding on 8.09 train from Longfield, standing room only at Farningham Road. (2) War Memorial has now been moved "everyone agreed this was a more fitting place than the junction of Church Road and Ash Road, with continuous traffic passing by. The now vacant island at this spot will be reconstructed when Church Road is widened." (3) Mr Metcalfe has given a seat to be placed half way up Hoselands Hill. (4) Concerns about safety of children riding horses in widened part of Church Road, felt to be an issue for the parents. (5) St Johns Lane residents complain about concrete post and chain link fence erected opposite them, which they consider gives it a 'Belsen' look, ask for hedge to screen it.

29 May 1970 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
RC Church fete

Opened by Fr Bonaventure Fitzgerald, parish priest, raises £500. 1st prize in raffle was a sail boat.

Hartley Choral Society

Longfield and District Choral Society became Hartley Choral Society in autumn 1969 holds concert in WI Hall.

29 May 1970 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Inaugural meeting of Hartley and District Handicapped Youth Club, opened by Dartford RDC councillor Mrs Yvonne Fry.

12 Jun 1970 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
10th anniversary of Union of Catholic Mothers in Hartley

19 Jun 1970 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Wedding of [NAME] of Felsted, Church Road to [NAME] of Fawkham at St Mary's Church

26 Jun 1970 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
50-60 people can't get mortgages to buy in New Ash Green, apparently because of the slow pace of the development.

26 Jun 1970 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
H V Green Ltd - New Detached House - 4 bed, bathroom, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, gas CH, garage £10,250

17 Jul 1970 Hartley Hill Cottage For Sale Sevenoaks Chronicle
Newell and Hamlyn: "Hartley near Longfield: A most attractive thatched period cottage about ½ mile from the village. Together with gardens and grounds of about 5 acres. Hall, lounge, dining room, study/bedroom 4, breakfast room, kitchen, 3/4 bedrooms, separate WC, double garage and single garage, outbuildings... central heating. Freehold £18,000 [Hartley Hill Cottage, Church Road]

18 Aug 1970 Local News in Brief Times
3/4 bed house for sale with garage £7,000 (probably 21 Springcroft)

9 Dec 1970 Judgement Tomorrow on 1964 Jailings Belfast Telegraph
"The court of Appeal yesterday reserved judgement on appeals by two men serving 15 years' prison sentences, against their conviction 6 years ago of an £85,500 bank van robbery. The men, [NAME], 37, then of Townsend Street, Walworth, London, and [NAME], 29, a native of Plaistow, London, were convicted at Maidstone Assizes in 1964 of robbing the van at Longfield, Kent, in September 1963."

6 Sep 1971 Local News in Brief Reading Evening Post
Accident to Craig Murphy aged 10 on A4 at Newbury

19 Nov 1971 Lorry and Car in Accident Sevenoaks Chronicle
Car, a Hillman Imp was driven by Robert Senior of 5 Larksfield, Hartley, accident occurred at junction of Pembury Road and Quarry Hill.

28 Dec 1971 Safe - A Baby who was Stolen by Mistake Daily Mirror
"Little Rachel Davidson played happily on her tricycle yesterday.. Only hours after another ride almost led her to disaster. It was a ride that started when she was stolen by mistake - and ended in a crash that could have killed her. 18 month old Rachel was stolen as she lay sleeping in a pram in the back of her parents' van. 2 youths jumped into the van while it was parked at Northfleet, Kent on Chirstmas Eve. Then, without realising that little Rachel was in the back they drove 10 miles to Cuxton, Kent. There the van crashed and was overturned. Rachel and her pram were hurled out of the back onto the road. It was only then the youths realised she was there. One of them, bleeding from an injury received in the crash, hitch hiked back to Northfleet with Rachel. She was left at a house only 200 yards from where she was taken. There she was given milk by a woman who rang the police. The baby's nightdress was covered with the youth's blood. But she herself was unhurt. Her mother, Jenny, of Longfield, Kent said yesterday: 'I asked some friends to get in my Christmas groceries as I was working late. I put Rachel in the back of the van and went to pick up the groceries. I left the keys in the van and the door open because I expected to be only a minute. But when I came out the van had gone. The next few hourse were the longest of my life.' Her nightmare ended when police told her early on Christmas Day that Rachel was safe. And Rachel? She was happy too making the most of that tricycle. Two youths have been charged with taking and driving away the van."

7 Jan 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Hartley Swimming Club has average of 60 at Swanley Pool in winter, 80 in spring and 100 in summer

14 Jan 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
New Ash Green Post Office ready but can't open due to objections from National Association of Sub-Postmasters, Hartley and Ash PO said to be against.

21 Jan 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Fears cyanide may have been dumped in Longfield prove to be unfounded but gates will be fixed to the site to prevent illegal dumping.

28 Jan 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Councillor [NAME] of New Ash Green, owner of the Grapevine, cleared of acting in a pecuniary interest by DPP regarding planning application by Bovis said to favour his business.

4 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
"Gate locked before the train came… // An over zealous British Rail official caused a crisis at Longfield Station last Thursday.

A number of schoolchildren were in the booking hall, sheltering from the cold morning and waiting for the 7.49 to Rochester when the door to the platform was locked just before the train came in.

The children were left behind, with a long wait for the next train. One boy was too late at school to take his mock A level exam.

the scene was witnessed by several adult passengers and Mr Y Fry phoned British Rail.

A letter of apology was read at last Friday's meeting of Hartley Parish Council.

Members of the council are protesting at the rural Council's decision to go ahead with the link road between Wellfield and Gorsewood Road. Local residents feel the increase in traffic through Wellfield will become a hazard.

A census has shwon that 5,000 vehicles a day now use Ash Road - an increase of approximately 40% over the past 5 years.

A report of a meeting between members of both Ash cum Ridley and Hartley Parish councils regarding open land between New Ash Green and Hartley was submitted and it was proposed that the two councils should discuss this question more fully. It was also agreed to contact the woner of Hartley Woods, with a view to securing it as an open space for Hartley. // after investigation the Department of the Environment found that Hartley Churchyard was not a public health hazard, and it will, therefore not be closed....

There are now 426 pupils on the roll at Hartley Primary Schools with 3 mobile classrooms.

Financial estimates for 1972/73 showed it will be possible to reduce the rate from 2p to 1p. Mr W Ball the chairman congratulated the clerk Mrs D Evans on a job well done."

4 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
"A View of a Loo Wins Reduction: A Hartley man, who claimed he could see workmen using a toilet on a building site when he looked out of his kitchen window, asked for a reduction in the rateable value of his home at Kent Local Valuation Court at White Oak, Swanley, last Thursday.

Mr P E Smith of Wild Barfield, Merton Avenue, claimed that there was high density development in the vicinity of his bungalow, which has sprung up since 1968. Mr Smith, who said he had occupied his bungalow since 1961, claimed that the area in which he lived was no longer rural in the strictest sense of the word because of the development.

He alleged that the road in which he lived, which is not made up, was awash with mud and water, particularly since contractor's lorries were using the road. // Mr Smith also said it was impossible to walk along the road from May to September without wearing rubber boots.

Speaking about the development of 36 flats at the rear of his property, Mr Smith quoted from an environment inspector's report, which state that the development would be of old people's bungalows.

He said Dartford rural Council had obviously changed their mind after getting the planning permission.

Mr Smith also complained that sheds which had been erected in 1968 for workmen were very unsightly and still had not been taken down.

Mr I E Salway, Deputy Valuation Officer, agreed that the development at the rear of Mr Smith's property had a higher density than elsewhere in Hartley.

The panel agreed in reduction of £5."

4 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
NW Kent Town Draft Town Map still envisages a new road through Fawkham Green (presumably the bypass road from New Ash Green)

4 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
All Saints Church APCM. Electoral roll has 237 names. David Sergeant and Dennis Rumley elected as churchwardens. Record number of communicants on Christmas Eve. Names of PCC members also listed.

4 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Enforcement Notices' Plea Lost - Websters Whiting Works, Hartley Bottom Road loses appeal against all uses other than chalk extraction and treatment. Extraction began in 1954 and is expected to be exhaused in 1978. Claims company had installed machinery related to engineering, welding, joinery and building work

4 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Theft of car radio in Hartley Bottom Road

4 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Confirmation service at All Saints' Church, candidates named

11 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
10th anniversary of the Fawkham and District Archaeological Group. Meeting showed "The Pilgrims Way" film by Hartley Cine Club

11 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Longfield Parish Council - 33 new sodium streetlights for Longfield (£670); concerns about withdrawal of bus service to Longfield Hill, they were told only 7 schoolchildren there used the bus, but 30 under school age live there too, trying to get school bus at least for area; they are also writing to Thames Weald buses to see if they are interested in providing shopping buses

11 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Hartley and District Choral Society performed Handel's Judas Maccabeus at Church Hall

11 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Feature on Bow Arrow Hospital for long term diseases such as MS, Chest Disease, Old Age

18 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Old Time Dance Group ran for 16 years by Mr [William Alfred Venus 1906-1974], and Mrs [Margaret E 1913-2001] Venus

18 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Death of Ida Somerton Bellerby aged 80. Born Yorkshire, well known pianist and taught local children. LRCM. Served in ENSA in Middle East in WW2. Lived in Hartley for 20 years

25 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Mystery killing of family pets in Hartley and Longfield. Included 10 rabbits in a hutch at 44 Essex Road, Longfield belonging to Mr R T Taylor, where wire had been ripped off. [NAME], naturalist of Grasmere, Gorse Way says it is probably badgers or foxes.

25 Feb 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Feature on Longfield School rural studies department.

3 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
"Save village plan put to parish council:

Formation of a Hartley Preservation Society was suggested to Hartley PC last Friday at All Saints' Committee Room.

The chiarman Mr W Ball, ssaid that about 20 years ago the Council hoped to make a development plan for the area. There were overruled.

He added that the parish council are given early notice of planning applications, and these are read at monthly meetings, when the public are allowed to attend, and at the end, invited to air their grievances.

Planning application for the residential development at the rear of Old Downs and Ash Raod has been refused by the rural Council Mr R J Billings has appealed to the Environmental Minister who has ordered a local enquiry at White Oak, Swanley, this week.

Mrs Y Fry reported that she had been approached by elderly residents, who were unable to cope with large gardens, about the possibility of building maisonettes on the sites.

Mr Ball said hew would put the suggestion to the Rural Council.

It was reported taht the parish council are making strenuous efforts to obtain land for open spaces in Hartley, and teh rural council are in sympathy with their endeavours.

After several years of pressure by the parish council, work has begun on Ash Road. The next few months will see a wider road developed with two footpaths as far as St John's Lane, thus ensuring the safety of pedestrians in the busy village centre.

Attention was drawn to the chaotic state of Round Ash Way, when children are leaving school. Cars are bumper to bumper, and residents are unable to get in or out of their drives. It was also asked if traffic could be controlled through Stack Lane.

Another complaint concerned the dumping of girders and concrete at the entrance to Hartley Wood. The council are taking steps to see that such dumping does not recur.

Owing to road works in the village, it was decided not to enter Kent Best Kept Village Competition this year."

3 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
"Friary Plan put on ice: Kent county Council have served a preservation order in respect of the Carmelite Friary, church Road, Hartley, which was threatened with demolition.

The Provincial, the Rev A Brennan, recently applied to Dartford Rural Council for planning permission to build a new students' residence on the site.

Now the application has been shelved, while Whitehall decide whether to include the friary in the list of buildings of architectural or historial interest.

When the rural Council Planning Committee first discussed it, Mrs Yvonne Fry, member for Hartley, said demolition would rob the village of a piece of its history."

10 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
"Residents Fight Top People's Homes' Plan - But Builder tells of stark problems

Objectors to a proposed development at Hartley were told last week that he building of 48 executive type houses in the village would help a local builder to continue in business and provide houses to people without them.

They were listening to a 2 day public inquiry into an appeal by Mr R J Billings against Dartford Rural Council's refusal to grant planning permission for land at the rear of Old Downs and Ash Road, Hartley.

Mr John Newey QC, representing Mr Billings, stated that the 8 acre site which his client owned was not good agricultural land, but part of it had been cultivated, Mr Billings was also a farmer, he said.

'Mr Billings used to build about 150 houses a year, but the position is at the moment that in the whole of Kent he has only 20 sites for 20 houses,' Mr Newey told the inspector Mr R Le B Shelton.

'That is a very stark and real problem if he is to continue his business,' he added.

The council's main objection to the development was that part of the site was within an area being considered for inclusion in the metropolitan green belt.

Mr James Milburn, for the council, said that only about 1 acre of the site was within an area designated for development on the Kent Development Plan.

He maintained that there were 2,000 private houses due to be built at New Ash Green and Swanley, and these would meet the demand in the rural area.

Much of the evidence and cross-examination was concerned with possible aggravation of crowded commuter trains from the Hartley-Longfield area.

Mr Newey said it was not intended to have a greater density than 8 houses to the acre on the site. They would be for professional, managerial or executive people.

And it would be wrong, he held, to suppose that the people who bought them would necessarily work in central London.

Mr John Porter, of Porter and Cobb, estate agents, told the enquiry that, although the houses would be more expensive than some in the area, he had no doubt that they would sell without any difficulty.

He added that the cost of plots of land in the area at the moment was 'fantastic'.

Mr R T Byrom, senior planning assistant of the rural council, referred to other appeals in the area that had been dismissed.

One of these, rejected by the minister in 1965, also an application by Mr Billings, concerned an area of 89 acres, which included the current appeal site.

'The appeal site is countryside and by remaining in agricultural as a barrier against the spread of development westward into the Fawkham valley, it plays an essential part in protecting the countryside and preventing the merging of Hartley with the village of Fawkham,' said Mr Byrom.

Mr Philip Bradshaw, a principal assistant with Kent County Council's Roads Department told the inquiry that residential development of the appeal site would be likely to cause hazards to road safety, mainly because of the restricted access onto the Ash Road.

He was questioned at length by Mr Newey, who did not agree with his estimate that the development could produce an additional 500 vehicle movements in the area.

The Inspector said he had received 22 letters from local residents who objected to the development.

Forty Hartley people were represented by counsel, Mr Bryan Prior, who said 'It would provide additional pressure on local facilities which are already suffering from excessive use', he told the inspector.

Among local residents to give evidence was Mr Robin Fielding, an electrical engineer and training officer, of Ash Road, who concluded 'I oppose any expansion whatever in the village.'

Mrs Natalie Waterson of Fairby Lane, who travels to London by train each day spoke of the 'intolerable situation' which would exist on the railway if any more building were allowed.

Mr K Willis, of Old Downs, Hartley, told the inspector that, even bearing in mind that the government were pressing local authorities in the Home Counties to consider the generous release of land, he would still be against the development.

Headmaster of Hartley Primary School, Mr David Connick, referring to the situation at his school, said that every week this term a new child had been admitted to the school from families who had just moved to Hartley.

In his summing up, Mr Milburn referred to the government's go ahead decision for New Ash Green in 1964.

He quoted Mr Richard Crossman, who said that permission did not represent an abandonment of the green belt policy and was preferable to 'drips and drabs' and infilling development. The appeal site was the sort of thing that this remark had in mind, claimed Mr Milburn.

Concluding his case, Mr Newey outlined 8 points in favour of the development, which included the great demand for housing, the shortage of building land, the fact that Hartley was not included in the Green Belt in the 1960s, the small agricultural value of the land, and the urging of local authorities by the government for the release of more land.

The Inspector made 2 visits to the site and will make the recommendations to the Environment Minister."

10 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Hartley Man is Labour's new leader. George Amos (61) BEM elected chairman of Sevenoaks CLP, he has been a member for 40 years and was for 3 years president of his union the Amalgamated Society of Woodworking Machinists (now part of the GMB union)

10 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Obituary of Beatrice E Temple of 34 Brambledown, Hartley. She was born in Hampshire, lived in Ash for a while and was one of Hartley's oldest residents. List of mourners.

17 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Rochester Diocesan Synod voted 136-72 in favour of union with the Methodists.

24 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Zig Zag lines to be added to zebra crossings

31 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Speakers at annual parish meeting say youth facilities are practically nil

31 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Country Club - membership 600, profit £2,000 (1971 report)

31 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
London Country bus fares to rise from 19 April, 5p, 7p, 9p, 10p adult fares to rise by 1p

31 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Marriage fo Michael Fryer of NAG to Catherine Anita Brewster of The Croft, Ash Road (picture)

31 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Kentish Express
Dr Barnardos house-to-house collection, run by Barbara Mayer, in Hartley raises £110, plus £23 from a Barn Dance. Scouts "mamoth" jumble sale raised £105.

31 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Feature on Livingstone (old cottage hospital); Mabledon (polish psychiatric hospital in WW2 now open to all)

31 Mar 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
"Youths who turn to vandalism". Hartley PC meeting told of lack of facilities for the youth of the village. Seat at Cherry Trees donated by Mr Heale has been vandalised. Traffic island at Church Road/Ash Road junction has been completed.

14 Apr 1972 All Saints' Organ Dartford Chronicle
"The old organ at All Saints' Hartley, has gone into retirement after many years' service and it has been replaced by a Hammond electronic organ, which will be maintained for free. As it is much smaller, it will make a space available for desperately needed pews. A fund raising committee under the chairmanship of Mr Geoff Mayer has been set up to pay for the new organ; donations have already been received and more promised. The committee have to raise £400 a year for the next 5 years."

The following week the paper reported an Organ Fund coffee morning where Mrs [Gladys] Tyrrell ran the Trading Stall.

14 Apr 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Discoveries at Scotgrove (see article)

14 Apr 1972 Staff Wanted Kentish Express
"Experienced hairdresser required. Top wages, commission and travel allowance, part or full time. Also apprentice and Saturday girl. Happy salon - Thelma, Hartley, Longfield 3805 or 2134."

21 Apr 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Organ fund coffee morning, Mrs Tyrrell ran trading stall

21 Apr 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Marriage of [NAME] of Les Marecottes, Woodland Ave to [NAME] of Bexleyheath (picture)

21 Apr 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
"Residents band Together". Meeting of 90 set up Associaion to protect villagers' interests. Cllr Yvonne Fry told them she thought parish council already does this. Disbanded Hoselands View Association donates their leftover funds.

28 Apr 1972 Hartley Players Dartford Chronicle
Noel Coward play "Look after Lulu" is their 100th production

28 Apr 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
[NAME] and [NAME] of [probably Ashcroft] Church Road married at All Saints' (picture)

28 Apr 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
"3 Way link for super council: Dartford Borough, Dartford Rural and Swanscombe Urban Councils will be combined in one big districtif the Local Government Boundary Commission's draft proposals, published on Wednesday, are approved.

This follows the line up predicted by the Kentish Times.

The draft proposals ae, in effect, the government's blue print and could become law by the end of the year, with or without modification after written representations from local authorities and individuals.....

The proposals for Kent cut down the 47 existing authorities to 14 new districts.

In 1971 the census population of the new Dartford district was 119,290 it will cover 40,470 acres and have a rateable value of £5,133,700.

In the shakeup Gravesend and Northfleet combine with part of Strood Rural to form a new super district, and Chaham and Rochester merge with the remainder of Strood to form another.

The Dartford district will be one of 5 in Kent with a populatino between 100,000 and 120,000.

elections for the new districtw will be held in 1973 and the new authorities wil come into operation in April 1974.

When Dartford Borough was conservative controlled, the authority proposed a merger with Dartford Rural District. This was bitterly opposed by the RDC.

Later, under Labour, Dartford Borough tended to look towards living with Swanscombe. Now it lloks as if it will have the best of both worlds.

Mr F L Sturt, Clerk to Swanscombe UDC, said: 'This is what we suggested. It is what we wanted. Of course, we would rather stayon our own, but we know that is impossible, so I do not think we shall object.'

Alderman David Wise, Leader of Dartford Borough Council said: 'I have not yet seen the detailed proposals - the suggestion that Dartford Borough, Dartford Rural and Swansombe urban should be amalgamated in their entirety is administratively convenient and is likely to cause few problems when a changeover takes place.'

He continued: 'However, I still believe that the long term interests of the people throughout the area would best be served for those parts of the rural district which fall outside the Dartford Parliamentary Constituency and which have more rural affinity with the countryside to the south, to form part of the district council based on Sevenoaks.

The chairman of Dartford Rural Council, Councillor Eric Costin, said: 'We have opposed this all the way along and we prefer to be left alone and not merged with anyone. If this is the Government's decree, however, we must accept it, pull together and work as one authority.'

Mr Richard Jones, clerk of Swanley Parish Council, said: 'My council will not like this one bit. But it is a draft proposal and the argument will start all over again. This blueprint will mean people of Dartford Rural District paying higher rates to provide facilities for Dartford Borough.' "

11 Aug 1972 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Proposed wards for new Dartford Borough (at this point all of Dartford RDC was due to go to Dartford): Fawkham & Hartley - 2 councillors (Electorate 3,112), Longfield - 1 (1,665), Ash cum Ridley - 1 (1,442), total number of seats 61.

16 Nov 1972 Local News in Brief Times
Marriage of [NAME] to [NAME] of Westerham

1 Dec 1972 Two Villages are Now Really One' Dartford Chronicle
"Hartley and Longfield had lost their separate identities since WW2, a chartered surveyor claimed at the NW Kent Town Map Inquiry on Tuesday.

The surveyor Mr J A Porter, claimed development had now connected the villages and for this reason green belt policy should not apply.

the written statement stated that a main aim of the Green Belt was 'to protect the countryside south of the A2 trunk road and prevent the coalescence of settlements in the area.'

Mr Porter added 'These two villages have already joined so how can this apply there?'

He was giving evidence to support an objection to a 7 acre plot of land in Hartley/Longfield being zoned Green Belt. The land, off Castle Hill, Hartley Green, is held in trust by Barclays Bank Trust Company, who want it zoned residential.

None of the other aims of Green Belt - to protect the countryside, to provide a barrier against further expansion of London, and for people's enjoyment - seemed to apply in the case of this land, Mr Porter added.

Mr John Taylor, representing Kent County Council, said people going to thearea would have tier enjoyment spoiled by a view of the development 'From two footpaths on the opposite side of Fawkham Valley, the houses would be very conspicuous'.

'Surely you would agree,' he asked Mr Porter, 'that when you have a valley like this it is important that it should be preserved?'.

Mr E R Emery, representing the CountyCouncil's roads department, said even if 8 houses an acres were built on the site, roads in the are would be overloaded.

Mr john Grove, representing Barclays, claimed the site developers had accepted that Castle Hill would have to be improved and widened before they started work.

Mr John Simmons, a assistant county planning officer, said 'This is a very pleasant country lane for the most part and would be spoiled if widening were to take place. It would mean felling trees, teh loss of 2 cottages and cutting the bottom of some people's gardens'.

The inquiry adjiurned until this Thursday."

20 Jul 1973 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
"Lots to see and do at the Fete" Long article and picture of Hartley Fete which raised about £1,000 for the NSPCC and Pensioner's Party. It was run by the Hartley Churches Association under the chiarmanship of David Seargeant. The winner of the Mote House Cup for the best dressed stall went to the Hartley and District Handicapped Youth Club wiht the All Saints' Women's Fellowship and Hartley and District Swimming Club highly commended. The raffle had 40 prizes including a sailing dinghy. There was a children's art competition. Fete week included (Mon) Fashion show by Moods Boutique; (Tue) Dancing Display by Audrey Tutton School; (Weds) Hartley Primary School Musical Evening; (Thurs) Hartley Morris Men at Village Green followed by Hartley Cine Club film evening; (Feb) Disco organised by Club 73 and a Cheese and Wine Party by Hartley Conservatives.

17 Nov 1973 Cockney cuts a dashing figure on new council Sevenoaks Chronicle
"If there was a competition for the best dressed councillor in England, the 33 year old [NAME] - leader of the Labour party on the new Sevenoaks District Council and prospective Labour parliamentary candidate for Sevenoaks - would surely win. Cool and trim in a well-cut pastel suits offset by coloured shirts and contrasting ties - he cuts a dashing figure among his more staidly dressed collegaues on the council.

Appearences, however, are deceptive. Neither advertising executive nor film producer, he is in fact the self made businessman son of a Scottish miner. Born within the sound of Bow Bells on May 28 1940 in Trinity Street, near the Elephant and Castle, London, [NAME] is the 3rd child of a family of 5. His parents Eileen and James [NAME], came from Blantyre in Lanarkshire - the village of David Livingstone - where his father was a pit worker in a local coal mine. On his arrival in London James [NAME], opened a shop in the Elephant and Castle, which he ran successfully until it was gutted by bombs in the second world war. [NAME] his son, remembers, 'After this catastrophe we weren't left with very much at all. For the rest of the war we lived carefully ... never starving but never being abel to afford any luxuries either. After managing a chemist's shop for a while my father became a security officer for the London Rubber Co - a job he held until his retirement some years later.'

Now 33 year old [NAME] is the owner of a prosperous wine business based in New Ash Green and Margate. He lives with his 31 year old wife [NAME] and 9 year old daugher [NAME] in an attractive 3 bedroomed house in a recent housing development area in New Ash Green. Puffing on a cigar among some of the symbols of his present material success - the expensive looking stereo record player and an enormous colour television set - his face clouds as he remembers the lean years of his youth. 'I've had a hell of a struggle to get where I have. I was brought up in Streatham and went to Hillbrook Secondary School for Boys in Tooting before transferring to the Brixton School of Building, where I took a signwriter's course to learn how to put the fancy lettering on shop windows and signs. At 15 family illness and economic necessity forced me to leave before completing my course. So i entered the wine trade a delivery boy in a shop in Brixton Hill. From then on my career gathered momentum and by the time I was 17 I landed the manager's job in a branch of Victoria Wine Ltd in my home town - Streatham.'

At 21, he married and decided to look around for a better paid job. He recalls: 'I went for a post with EMI, the record company, as head cashier and personnel officer at a new warehouse opening in Croydon. Of course I had no experience of the work. However I managed to convince them that with my 'extensive' knowledge of managerial work, this job would be no problem at all. It was sheer cheek and by brazening it out I landed the job. I found I had more than a hundred people to look after and a whole department to build up ... It was very enjoyable.' On a more serious note he observes: 'There are many instances in life when you have to prove to people that your sincerity and ability are worth more than any number of paper qualifications. Given the will power anyone can make it. Pick any man out of the East End of London and give him the right opportunities and he will achieve as much as someone who has the advantages of wealth and education. I can be enitrely ruthless in business and politics if the need arises. But if something goes wrong the only person I can blame is myself. After the spell with EMI I went to Caledonian Airways at Gatwick Airport, where I handled all the company's finance until 1964. I then returned to the wine trade for good, eventually opening my own off licence in 1969 and another in Margate in 1972.'

[NAME] inherited his Socialist aspirations from his father, who had always been a staunch supporter of the Labour Party. As a child, [NAME], would deliver Socialist pamphlets round the neighbourhood from door to door. After he left EMI he became a fully paid up member of the party, having seem how the 'industrial system favoured those people who possessed financial resources and who spoke with the right accent, and how it discriminated against the working man.' He entered politics in 1969, helping to found the Hartley and District Labour Party near New Ash Green. In 1970 he stood for the first time for local election in the parish of Ash-cum-Ridley, taking the Labour vote from 12 at the previous election to 322. At present he is vice chairman of the finance, planning and estates and building committees and a member of the General Purposes Committee on the Dartford Rural District Council. In June 1973 he was elected to the new Sevenoaks District Council, where he hopes to ensure the development of high standard of amenities and housing.

His socialism took root early. 'My father tried to protect us from the very hard times of the 1940s. He wanted to will us forward away from teh hardships he was used to. Nevertheless he couldn't hide from us the knowledge of his home in Blantyre ... because the family told us the story of how as a young man he had his back broken when the coal man he was working in collapsed around him. It was a dreadful pit disaster and I've never forgotten it. And I saw how people had to struggle to get on and express their personalities. The class system formed an impregnably effective barrier against the majority of the working class. All the managerial men were Conservatives. A person with money had all the doors open to him, whereas those without had to open them for themselves, fighting to prove they had the ability. In the 1950s the average man was just regarded as a person to do the job and not as someone to be consulted on how it should be done. We went through a period more recently when things got better and there was a general all round increase in prosperity. But nowadays money really had become the root of all evil with astronomical interest rates and absolutely no hope of the average man ever being able to afford his own house. At the moment those who have are making their fortunes while the other 90 per cent are finding it difficult just to make ends meet. The working people are the most important people in the country and without them the economy could never function. They ought to be rewarded on this basis. I want freedom of choice for everybody throughout the system ... not just in the areas which the Conservatives decree whoudl be free. I, by working hard and succeeding, am proving that the working man can get on. It is the responsibility of those who make good to help those less able than themselves. I get very angry about exploitation and people who try to dominate the underprivileged. Basically I am a very down to earth person like my father. I like to think that I'm sincere.'

[NAME] is dedicated to improving the well being of his fellow man - in all facets of life. His membership of local bodies suggests something of the range of his activities and interests - he is a member of the Dartford and Bexley Marriage Guidance Council, the Thameside Divisional Education Executive, the South East of England Regional Development Board and the New Ash Green Centre Society for local traders. He is also a governor of Longfield School - the local secondary high school - and the chairman of the Dartford and Rural District Arts Council.

In what little spare time these activities allow, he manages to play a fair amount of golf, enjoy some cricket during the summer months and do a lot of fast motoring throughout the year in his gold and black Ford Capri. His ambitions are to own a pub and be a Member of Parliament for Sevenoaks. At present he continues to look after his business and focusses all this remaining energies on trying to eradicate tose financial, educational and social disadvantages that prevent others from attaining the self respect and material success that he has achieved. In the light of this aim this unusual combination of the talents and a successful shop keeper and the ideals of a Socialist politician can be more completely understood." Picture of [NAME] in his shop.

22 Feb 1974 Local News in Brief Times
Marriage of [NAME] of Ashleigh, Church Road

8 Mar 1974 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
For Sale: Det chalet house at Dickens Close, 4b, 1r, 2bath £19,950 Prall Champion & Prall

8 Mar 1974 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
For Sale: Det house at Conifer Avenue, 4b, 2r, 1 bath £23,000 Prall Champion & Prall

8 Mar 1974 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
For Sale: Det chalet at Stack Lane (probably house called Cherry Trees) house 2 years old, 3b 1r 1 bath £16,250

15 Mar 1974 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Sevenoaks domestic rates 42.57p in the pound; HPC 1p in the £; Longfield 0.8p; Ash 1.1p; Fawkham 1.2p

13 Apr 1974 Tories win by-election Sevenoaks Chronicle
"Conservatives sighed with relief this week after winning the first Sevenoaks District by-election. The Fawkham and Hartley seat was won by Mrs Sheila Eames, and so retains the Tories' 2 seat majority on the District Council. Mrs Eames who is a Hartley housewife had a majority of 318 votes. The independent candidate, Mr William Hawkins took 108 votes. Results: Mrs Sheila Eames (Cons) 697; Mr George Amos (Lab) 379; Mr Brian Franklin (Lib) 180; Mr William Hawkins, Fawkham and Hartley Pressure Group Independent 108."

[I think the Pressure Group was concerned with Cesspool emptying charges imposed by Sevenoaks Council]

19 Apr 1974 Speed track nightmare in death-trap village Gravesend Reporter
"There was a time when the trees formed an archway over Ash Road, Hartley. Now residents claim that progress has turned the road into an extension of nearby Brands Hatch. There have been 9 accidents in a year. And residents fear that the next one could be fatal - if motorists are allowed to ignore the 30mph limit.

'We are waiting for someone to be killed,' said Mr Brian Pooley. He said that, before the police districts changed, he had complained to the traffic police on numerous occasions about cars speeding and last made a complaint to police headquarters at Maidstone on Saturday. 'The worst speeding is during the rush hours and late at night,' said Mr Pooley. 'People are late for their trains in the morning and rushing to get home at night. During the day large lorries really shift down the road and, at other times, vehicles seem to be facing each other.' Mr Pooley said he had contacted newly elected Conservative Councillor for Hartley, Mrs Sheila Eames, about the problem. 'Our next logical step is to organise a petition,' he said.

His wife, Mrs Sheila Pooley, said 'It's a nightmare and since we have been here it has increased. It's nerve racking when you've got children old enough to take themselves to school.' Mrs Pooley said that youths often raced motor bikes and cars round Hartley Green opposite her house, and sometimes they had careered across her garden.

Mrs Brenda Storrie said that she found the nuisance worse when the pubs closed. 'For some unknown reason, they go round this corner opposite the Green far too fast,' she said, 'I just can't understand why there have not been more accidents. They just skid around the bend. We moved here because we thought we were coming to the country. It does get you down.

Mr Raymond Woodall, who has lived in the village for 35 years, said, 'The road is definitely dangerous now to what it used to be. We get a lot more traffic from New Ash Green and several big haulage firms in Hartley add to it. There is no doubt about it, vehicles go just too fast.

A spokesman at Ketn Police headquarters at Maidstone said that there had been 16 accidents in 3 years on the road which had resulted in 5 serious injuries and 18 slight injuries. 'These accidents have been and are being studied to see if any pattern emerges whereby corrective, preventive measures can be taken,' said the spokesman."

Article features pictures of Raymond Woodhall and Ash Road traffic along the stretch between Church Road and Hartley Green.

28 Jun 1974 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
£41,000 underpass at Gorsewood Road opened. HPC says it was needed because of a number of near misses

29 Jun 1974 Chantry Avenue Advert Sevenoaks Chronicle
Prall & Prall Estate Agents: "Select development of new luxury properties being built by William F Blay. Choice of either 2 bedroomed detached bungalow or 3 or 4 bedroo detached houses. Prices from £16,000." [Chantry Avenue, Hartley]

11 Jul 1974 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
"Council to Fight for Name

While accepting that amalgamation may be inevitable under the Boundary Commission's review of district council electoral requirements, Longfield Parish Council are determined that Longfield shall retain its identity.

At their meeting on July 3, members voted in favour of a resolution which they will send to Sevenoaks District Council, stating their views on the proposals, that all wards should be made larger to give 3 member representation.

They point out that they would prefer Longfield to remain as now, namely a one member ward, believing that mere increase in size and numbers of members representing a larger ward, does not lead to increased efficiency and any more than larger districts have or will lead to increased efficiency.

'If, however, the Boundaries Commission is set on larger 3 member wards, there is only one obvious suggestion, namedly amalgamation with the present 2 member Hartley Ward. This will give approximately 1,500 electorate per member, as against 1,400 over the whole district', states the resolution.

But they stress that as Longfield embraces most of the public services such as railway station, telephone exchange, shopping centre and secondary school for the combined area, it must not lose its identity in any new ward name, which the Parish Council suggest should be Longfield - Hartley ward."

4 Oct 1974 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Stack Lane

Stack Lane may be made one way say KCC, they have asked RC school to make up road outside school

Motorbikes in Woods

Hartley Village Association complain of motorbikes in woods


Rumours of pylons being built from Longfield to NAG

2 Jan 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Parish council concerned after fire engine took ½ hour to come from Sevenoaks. Calls for them to come from Dartford or Gravesend.

9 Jan 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Rector's Poetry

Rev Williams penned 6 poems and circulated them to all 1,250 households with request for donation If they liked them. £330 raised.

Cycling Proficiency

Memorial at Primary School requested for Mr Hellard, cycling proficiency teacher.

All Saints' Church Wallpaintings

"Ancient Wall Art Comes to Light" during restoration work. S wall of nave thought to be St Christopher and Jesus. In addition to the one that mysteriously appeared on Christmas Day a few years ago.

Scouts Grapevine Magazine

Scouts: 100th edition of the Grapevine, founded in 1966. First editor Peter Wilson, current editors Joan Delf and [NAME]

16 Jan 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Village Fete

1975 Fete beneficiary to be Boys Town after the WI and Hartley PCC withdrew. P Hewett to be chairman.

OAP Christmas Dinner

HCA Christmas Dinner for 120 elderly at Long Valley Hall

Longfield Library

Old bank to become library. Total cost £10,500

All Saints' Church, Wallpaintings

Ancient pictures found in All Saints' Church, dated by expert to c12th to c14th but unrecoverable. Old tombstone found at base of font. Picture of Rev Roger Williams

23 Jan 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
HPC told the fire engine did arrive on time but then couldn't find the house. Mr Ball said it demonstrated the need for numbering

31 Jan 1975 Local News in Brief N/A
Scout Jamboree

Scouts: Hartley scout [NAME] to represent area at Norway jamboree.

Hetty Rimington

91st birthday party for Hetty Rimington of Gorsewood Road (picture)

Charles Ellerby Exhibition

Exhibition in library by Charles Ellerby and his sister. Picture of Charles and librarian

6 Feb 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Chantry Avenue Property for Sale

Prall Champion and Prall marketing 3/4 bed houses and 2 bed bungalows from £16,000 at WF Blay Ltd's new development at Chantry Avenue

Barbara Goodwin

Obituary of Barbara Goodwin (92) of Whiffens Cottage, latterly of Fairby Grange, born West Yoke

Skip Wickham Retires

Profile of Herbert (Skip) Wickham, retiring after 36 years at Lloyds Bank Dartford Branch (picture)

Fawkham Manor Hospital

Campaign against plans for British Pregnancy Advisory Service to take over Fawkham Manor

13 Feb 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Fawkham and Hartley to increase from 2 to 3 seats on Sevenoaks Council. Ash to increase from 1 to 2.

15 Feb 1975 Scaffolding Hire or Buy (advert) Sevenoaks Chronicle
"Straight, Contract, Long Term, Hire Purchase. Details from Arted & Co Ltd, Woodland Avenue, Hartley, Dartford. Tel Longfield 2080 and 4422."

20 Feb 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
All Saints' Meeting

"The annual meeting of the Parochial Church Council of All Saints' Hartley was held in the church hall recently. It was reported that most of the refurbishing work of the church had been completed, except for a few minor items. The interior is now brighter, more convenient and generally ready to meet the requirements of the congregation. The churchwardens were also pleased to announce there had been no deterioration in the fabric of the building oever the past 12 months. 26 stacking chairs have been purchased for use at crowded services. When the old font was dismantled an interesting discovery was made. The base was found to be an old ledger slab reversed with some lettering and an inset for a brass on the underside. Teh fund raising committee were sorry to lose their founder chairman, Mr G Mayer, who has resigned and a new leader is required. Thanks were given to all who have helpted to raise money in the wide range of projects organised in the past year. Favourable reports were given by all other committees and the rector, the rev R A Williams, in his closing remarks said the need was for all sections of the parish to cooperate and for Christian peple to bring their influence into a wider range of activities."// Hartley Players

Review of Hartley Players "They Came to a City" (picture)

27 Feb 1975 Hartley Parish Council Meeting Dartford Chronicle
Hartley Parish Council

(1) Parish council have bought Manor Field but they don't like KCC's suggestion to widen road up to entrance. They hope for public access in Foxborough Wood. Say MF nothing to do with proposed golf course; (2) Calls for high kerbs at Hartley Court Green as the bench keeps getting damaged by cars speeding round the corner

Longfield Parish Church

Feature on Longfield Church

28 Feb 1975 Hartley Parish Council Meeting Gravesend Reporter
(1) Parish council urged to buy Rectory Meadow; (2) Stack Lane: problem with diseased trees; (3) Manor Field: plans to buy land for recreation ground

3 Mar 1975 Local News in Brief N/A
Picture of RC Church and Little Shop

6 Mar 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Bus Passes

Bus passes available for OAPs and Disabled only if they earn less than £19.35 (single) or £26.75 (married)

Samuel and Harriet Crow

Diamond wedding of Samuel Crow (79) and Harriet Crow (80) (of Dawsland, Church Road). Married 28.2.1915. He worked for GLC as a renovator for 27 years and papered Buckingham Palace in 1925. She has been in hospital for 17 years.

Rear Admiral John Bell

"A Hartley man has charted a new course on Monday, when he took over as Director of the Naval Education Service. Rear Admiral John Bell, 51 of Hartley [1924-2004] of [5] Conifer Avenue will work at the Ministry of Defence. He was born in Erith and his mother Mrs Mary Bell still lives at Basildon Road, Abbey Wood. Admiral Bell, married with 3 daughters, joined the Royal Marines 32 years ago and joined the Royal Navy in 1945. He is pictured with his great Dane Ludo."

An Epidemic of Illegal Parking

(poor quality photocopy for transcription) "An epidemic of illegal parking [….] Longfield village. More than 100 motorists have been prosecuted for illegal parking since Christmas compared with less than 20 convictions for driving in the 7 surrounding parishes. […...................] 'The figures underscore the growing parking problem Longfield faces. And it will get worse,' said Sergeant Phillips. He emphasised that most of the prosecuted motorists were not from Longfield. 'Many are commuters from outside the village. They come to use the station. Others visit Longfield shops of have children at the Longfield schools.' Local people have long been complaining that they cannot find room to park outside their own houses. Parish Councillors have been fighting to have a car park built on the south side of Longfield station to relieve the congestion. But even if this plan goes through, it will not satisfy many Longfield residents. It was announced at Monday's meeting, that if the car park is built, most of the village's streets will be marked with double yellow lines. If so, no motorists, not even Longfield residents, will be able to park on the streets."

7 Mar 1975 Local News in Brief N/A
Plans by Barry Richards to build golf course next to Manor Field

13 Mar 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Health centre to be built in 1976

20 Mar 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Metrication of stamp charges from 27.9.1975

21 Mar 1975 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Country club membership at record high of 920 (only 400 in 1969)

27 Mar 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Stack Lane

Official notice of prohibition of traffic order; Rates

Rates to be 14.53p (SDC), 46.27p (KCC), 4.92p (water), 1.5p (HPC)

Fairby Lane Court Case

Appeal court finds in favour of KCC that Fairby Lane is not a publicly maintainable highway. Lord Denning said the tithe map proved it wasn't a highway, and hadn't been maintained since.

Alcoholism - a helping hand

Feature on the Helping Hands Charity (now called Turning Point) founded by Barry Richards of Hartley, a retired mill owner, after he lost many friends to alcoholism. Chairman of charity, Peter Harle, also lives in Hartley

27 Mar 1975 Local News in Brief Times
Houses in New Ash Green selling for £11,675 to £17,000

27 Mar 1975 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
House Numbering

Parish council asks for Ash Road and Church Road to be numbered.

WI Choir

Wl Choir "Yeoman of the Guard" (picture)

4 Apr 1975 Local News in Brief N/A
Scout Gang Show

Picture of three of the performers (named)


Rangers clean road signs, picture of 6 of the helpers (named)

10 Apr 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
"Residents of New Ash Green, the modern housing development which is being run along village lines, claim that the soaring cost of maintenance is undermining the communal way of life. The 3,000 residents are divided into neighbourhoods, and pay subscriptions to their neighbourhood associations for the upkeep of their homes and the land surrounding them. A further subscription is levied by the Village Association for the maintenance of ground between the neighbourhoods.

But this year the levies have leaped by as much as a third, and many residents feel the time has come to take the task of maintenance out of the communcal hand, and for individuals to maintain their own properties and adjacent land. Mr David Valls-Russell, a member of the Coltstead Neighbourhood association told the Kentish Times: 'When the villages started in 1968, the communal way of doing things was thought the best to produce a close knit society. We must still keep these aims, but the communal maintenance is proving too rigid to cope with increased costs. Some neighbourhoods have already decided to allow individuals to paint and maintain their own propertiesand the ground around them, and I htink that the other groups will finally have to follow suit.' Mr Valls-Russell said that in his own neighbourhood the yearly subscription had gone up from £35 last year to £54 this year. Some communities were paying up to £70 a year. 'We don't want to spoil the neighbourhood idea. Community spirit can stop an area running down, and keep it in best trim. But now alternatives may have to be included.' The neighbourhood communities are holding their annual meetings this week and it is felt ath most will allow for more individual maintenance in future."

10 Apr 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Bramblefield Car Park Proposed

Ronald Billings, a "farmer" offers to build car park at Bramblefield on 2½ acres for 400-500 cars, so long as he can also build a petrol station. His application for a car park there 3 years ago was refused.

Wellfield Estate Phase 3

Sevenoaks Council advertisement for phase 3 of the Wellfield estate - 8 x 2 bed and 26 x 3 bed houses

Station Road

Proposal to make Station Road one way scrapped after objections

17 Apr 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Bazes Shaw gets planning permission, no woodland to be lost

18 Apr 1975 Local News in Brief N/A
Kent Cricketer Derek Underwood visits Country Club

18 Apr 1975 Local News in Brief N/A
Horticultural Spring Show winners. Overall highest points winner was Keith Scott

24 Apr 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Doris Hemesley

Obituary of Doris Hemesley (72) who had lived at Woodlands, Ash Road since 1931. She was widow of T C Hemesley (d 1960) and director of D Hemesley Ltd , fruit merchants

Hartley Old Rectory

Hartley Old Rectory Planning Appeal - 3 different applications (a) 5 (b) 20 and (c) 75 houses. Applicants point out permission was given for houses on green belt land just to the south. Sevenoaks Council says it would mean Hartley and Longfield coalesce and would cause overcrowding on the trains as a survey had found that half of the employed newcomers in Hartley and the surrounding villages commuted to London.

1 May 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Ash Parish Council

PC complains that Sevenoaks now want to charge for cesspool clearance when the 9 northern parishes used to get 18,000 gallons emptied for free; (2) Ash Parish Council calls for all of NAG to be in Ash parish.

Hartley Village Association

Hartley Village Association may close

15 May 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Water Charges

Complaints about level of water charges in Hartley, said to have risen 216% in last 7 years. Local man [NAME] complains that water rate has risen 67%

British Empire Medal

British Empire Medal for 49 year old employee of Halls Thermotank Products of Dartford, who lives in Ash Road

5 Jun 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
5th anniversary of the Hartley Mentally Handicapped Youth Club

7 Jun 1975 Electoral Review Proposals Issued Sevenoaks Chronicle
Local Government Boundary Commission propose increasing councillors for Fawkham and Hartley to 3 and for Ash-cum-Ridley to 2.

12 Jun 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Cesspool Emptying

Sevenoaks Council propose to allow 4,000 of cesspool clearance free, then £4 per 1,000 gallons. Previously locals had 18,000 gallons free and then £2 per 1,000 gallons. "Councillors had to contend with interruptions from angry ratepayers in the public seats".

Longfield Recreation Ground

Longfield PC using 1857 Enclosure Act to stop motorbikes on recreation ground

13 Jun 1975 Local News in Brief N/A
Marriage of Laura Goodwin of Ash Road (20) to Tony Linch. Picture includes Jonathan Suckling (10) of Dickens Close

19 Jun 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Muriel Priscilla Cloke

Obituary of Muriel Priscilla Cloke (67), died while on OAP outing to Weymouth. Born Longfield, lived many years in Hartley

Kent County Structure Plan

Kent County Structure Plan Report "Conservation and Character of the Built Environment" says Hartley and Longfield are "below average" and "few or no constraints will be made on future planning growth". Dartford, Swanley and W Kingsdown are classed as "poor visual quality". Only Southfleet is thought worth preserving locally. It may allow small scale expansion of Hartley and Longfield.

Baldwyns Green

Baldwyns Green (Commons number CL103) listed as having no known owner by KCC

Central Park, Dartford

Threat to build road through Central Park, Dartford


[NAME] (28) of Dartford, managing director of EG Porter & Son Ltd, builds and races hovercraft

Legal Action Threat Faces Residents

"A New Ash Green residents society is threatening some of its homeowners with legal action if they do not pay subs levied by the society for maintaining the neighbourhood. New Ash Green is divided into areas, each of which has its own residents society, whose responsibility is to organise and pay for the upkeep of the land in its neighbourhood and the external painting and maintenance of the houses. Home owners pay subscriptions to the society to meet the cost of this work, bu tin the last year inflation has meant that the subs have risen by up to 50 per cent- most home owners are now paying £100 a year to the society.

Mr Martin Boorer, a spokesman for the village's social committee told the Kentish Times: 'Many neighbourhoods in New Ash Green are facing the problem of people falling into arrears on their subs, because they are often mortgaged to the hilt and just cannot meet the increased cost. In those neighbourhoods where the houses are built to appeal very often to young couples just starting out in life, the bite of inflation is usually felt even more acutely, and here the problems of bad debts is at its worst.'

The residents society which is threatening to submit the names of bad debtors to a solicitor, is that of the Penenden neighbourhood, which has 140 homeowners. Arrears on subscriptions there now total £700. 'This may seem strong action to take,' Mr Boorer said, 'But it is hoped that the threat will be enough to make debtors realise that they simply must pay up and not let their subscriptions slide. New Ash Green is unique in many ways, and has a tremendous community spirit. But to maintain this everyone must share responsibility. It would be unfair to the rest of the residents if those with bad debts were allowed to get away with it. The cost of contracting painters and groundworkers is enormous, and has to be found. Subscriptions would have to be raised for those prepared to pay to cover the deficit caused by bad debts if the situation were not taken in hand.' Mr Boorer explained that the Penenden Residents Society had decided to contact a solicitor about people who were more than 2 quarters in arrears - those with £50 or more owing. 'The Society felt lit was better to take action now, rather than leaving it so long that many people would never have a hope of meeting their debts,' Mr Boorer said. 'But we hope this will prove no more than a threat. We have sued people before - around 6 in the last 6 years. But these were irresponsible moonlighters who welched on their mortgages as well, and simply disappeared. This problem is something else - it is caused by inflation and is affecting people who simply cannot make ends meet.' "

20 Jun 1975 Local News in Brief N/A
RC Church: value of being a Carmelite Parish questioned

26 Jun 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
No Paper Collections

Sevenoaks Council not collecting paper for recycling because they say it isn't worth it

1976 Rail Timetable

BR announce more off peak trains in 1976 timetable

Rectory Meadow Appeal

Appeal against refusal of planning permission rejected.

26 Jun 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Middle School

New middle school at NAG announced. Site unknown

Cesspool Charges

Cesspool charge rethink after conservatives defeated when some including Councillor Sheila Eames, vote against their party

Billings Hill Shaw

Billings Hill Shaw site bought, council uncertain whether to put play equipment on it.

NAG Polling Stations

New Ash Green resident [NAME] says primary school should not be used for elections

27 Jun 1975 Local News in Brief N/A
Police: chief constable announces land bought for police house in Longfield/Hartley area

3 Jul 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Eureka Nudist Club

Sevenoaks Council refuse application to create Eureka Naturist Club

Hartley Village Fete

Fete week - (Su) Car gymkhana at Longfield Car park; (M) Fashion Show; (Tu) Dancing display; (W) Hartley Choral Society Concert; (Th) Whist drive; (F) Disco

4 Jul 1975 Local News in Brief N/A
Petition of 500 to withdraw Longfield School from Thameside Scheme.

10 Jul 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
MP Sir John Rogers only holds surgeries in Sevenoaks, claims no demand from Swanley

17 Jul 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Hartley Parish Council

(a) extension of 100 houses to Wellfield Estate, some allotments may be lost for new road. Concerns over loss of woodland; (b) proposals for RC church on Priory Meadow to accommodate congregation of 200; (c) buses not going via Wellfield during the day as they are supposed to; (d) new road surface at Ash Road said to be noisy due to large pieces of tarmac


Reports of buses not going round Wellfield during the day, like they were supposed to

Ash Road

New road surface of Ash Road said to be noisy because of large pieces of tarmac

24 Jul 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Cesspool Emptying

Sevenoaks Council Policy committee refuse to discuss cesspool charges, even though residents had been waiting 3½ hours. Current proposal is £2.50 per 1,000 gallons. An average cost of £60 pa.

Village Fete

Fete week raised £600. Cancer Research House to House collection raised £123

Hellard Plaque

Hellard plaque instituted for those who got highest score in cycling proficiency test

31 Jul 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Bus Route 423

423 bus will now run Swanley - Watchgate, 400 bus will run from Dartford to Longfield

Cesspool Charges

Cesspool charges will now be: rateable value £1-200 (£10 pa); £201+ (£15 pa) for 12,000 gallons, then £3 per 1,000 galls. Mid Kent Water Co concerned it may encourage people to knock holes in them. SDC say flat rate will stop this kind of evasion

Garden Party

Peggy Wilson and [NAME] from Hartley attend Buckingham Palace Garden Party

Hartley Footpaths Group

Hartley Footpaths group founded at a meeting at Lyndon Stack Lane on 24th July. G Amos (chairman), Don Bishop (secretary), Mr & Mrs McGrath, H Wickham, [NAME1], Mr & Mrs [NAME2] committee members

Stack Lane

Stack Lane prohibition of traffic order - official notice

7 Aug 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Downs Valley Accident

[NAME1] (10) of Copse Side fell down drainage shaft at new development off Ash Road. Friend [NAME2] raised alarm.

Fire at Briars Way

Mr and Mrs [NAME]'s bungalow at Briars Way has roof destroyed in fire. They had only just moved there 18 months before and had just refurbished it. Fire brigade from Dartford, Swanscombe and Strood attend. Mr B Cory helped rescue furniture

New Ash Green Shopping Centre

New Ash Green shopping centre said to be too small, 30 shops fully tenanted, but extension put on hold due to economic climate.

Discord In Village Shangri-La

NAG said to leave older people feeling left out, and they have to go to Hartley. VA fees have risen from £24 to £65 in 4 years says one couple.

Hartley Convent

Public notice - convent application will affect setting of Middle Farm and RC Church listed buildings

Vandalism at Longfield

Vandals wreck play equipment at Whitehill Road, Longfield

14 Aug 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
The Badger

The Badger Pub at New Ash Green opens, named after 2nd Royal Tank Regiment who recruit in this area

Cesspool Charges

SDC cesspool charges - complaint to ombudsman

21 Aug 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
New WI Hall

Evening WI needs help cleaning second hand wooden blocks bought for floor of new hall

Round Ash Way

Levens Fox advertise 4 bedroom Billings House (?Round Ash Way) for £22,000

28 Aug 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Complaints at the number of lorries in Ash Road

4 Sep 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Hartley By-Election

Fawkham and Hartley by-election following retirement of Don Rice (Con) due to ill health. Profile of candidates George Amos (Lab), Peter Loftus (Lib, 47, moved to Hartley 11 years ago, but claimed to be "associated" with H since 1937, Frank Shubert (Con, 46, lived in H for 8 years, sales executive with Standard Telephone and Cables)

Bus Fares

Bus fare from Penenden to Longfield up from 8p to 12p in one year. At this rate it will be £1.41 in 6 years.

11 Sep 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Residents stymie golf course plan for Hartley

"Residents of Hartley holed in one last week in their objections to a 125 acre golf course around Hartley Manor, off Manor Drive, Hartley.

Backed by overwhelming objections from villagers, Sevenoaks District Council Planning Committee gave their thumbs down to the plan.

The Glover family, who are tenant farmers of the land, said good agricultural land would be lost. Each year 115 tons of grain were produced from the land and, with other land, the grazing helped produce 12 tons of beef a year.

Hartley Evening WI said Foxborough Woods would virtually disappear under the plan and would no longer support a large amount of wildlife. The village would cease to be rural and would become part of the urban sprawl of North Kent, they claimed.

Many objectors said narrow roads and lanes surrounding the course would not take an extra traffic load.

The applicant, Mr Barry Richards of the Manor House, said the course could be turned back into farming land. changes in the course layout could mean some trees could be preserved. The plan would not add significantly to the volume of traffic in the area, he claimed.

A Kent County Council report has said there is a need for 2 new public golf courses in NW Kent. But Sevenoaks District Council Planning Officer said the Hartley site did not fit in with the required criteria.

The Planning Committee turned down the plan because the approach roads were unsuitable. It would mean the loss of good farmland, felling extensive woodland would spoil the look of the area, and, it would introduce an artificial and highly maintained landscape."

Planning Enforcement

SDC to take enforcement action against 4 caravans at Westfield, Church Road

18 Sep 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Hit and run thief spoils Roman holiday

Mr and Mrs [NAME] of Gorsewood Road were in Rome, when man statched Mrs [NAME]'s handbag when she was sitting on a bench and fled on a scooter. Contents worth £150. During the commotion their camera was also stolen.

Hartley Footpaths Group

Hartley Footpaths group to conduct survey

Downs Valley Taken out of Green Belt

12 acres of green belt at Ash Road proposed to be released for development by KCC, and also 10a at West Yoke

19 Sep 1975 Local News in Brief N/A
Slimming Magazine Club

Slimming Magazine Club members have lost 1,000lb since being founded in March

Horticultural Society

Horticultural Autumn Show. List of winners.

25 Sep 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
West Yoke Development

Ash Parish Council against West Yoke development plans


Local doctors campaign against metrication of medicines

School for 500 planned

8¾ acre site needed in Hartley for Middle School, Northfield appears to be only candidate. Cllr Shubert said another middle school planned for New Ash Green. Site by Longfield Station also proposed.

£80,000 Village Hall a gift

picture and article of opening of New Ash Green Village Hall, built by Bovis.

26 Sep 1975 Local News in Brief N/A
Footpath Survey

Footpath survey walk led by George Amos

Middle School

Middle School for 500 planned. 8¼ acres needed, likely site to be just south of Billings Hill Shaw.

26 Sep 1975 Hartley By-Election Kent & Sussex Courier
Sevenoaks Council by election for Fawkham and Hartley: Frank Schubert (Cons) 803, Labour 305, Liberal 122

2 Oct 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Kent House Surgery

Application to convert Kent House, Longfield from residential to doctors' surgery

Chantry Avenue Property Sale

Levens Fox advertise 1 year old 3 bed, 1 bath house, bow window (?Chantry Avenue) for £28,000

9 Oct 1975 Women's Institute Dartford Chronicle
Afternoon WI dance classes at Scout Hut. WI Hall nearing completion but fundraising still required for heating

16 Oct 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Village Fete Proposals

Fete proposals - Children's Country Holidays Fund, Rivendall, a hostel being set up in Gravesend for battered wives

Primary Class Sizes

Primary class sizes: Longfield 30.6, Hartley 25.4, New Ash Green 22.9. Hartley school said to be "pretty full" but nuimbers falling

Dartford Swimming Pool

Dartford Swimming Pool under construction

Round Ash Way Property Sale

Levens Fox - 4 bed 1 bath Billings corner house (Round Ash Way?) - £26,000

23 Oct 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Arson at South Darenth

Disgruntled ex-employee living at Pitfield, Hartley [NAME] (18) given life for £242,000 arson of Westminster Mills. [Also in Times 16/10/75]

Hartley Players

"Satirical Parable is set in 'black' mood". Picture and review of 'Everything in the Garden' staged at Country Club Hall

A O Bassett of Kentish Times

Obituary of A O Bassett (90), last surviving son of Kentish Times' founder Rowland G Bassett (paper founded 1881)

30 Oct 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Local opposition leads to reduction from 88 to 70 new homes at Wellfield - KCC also say only 1¼ parking spaces required instead of two.

6 Nov 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Scouts Swimming Gala

Winners at Swanley Swimming Gala for Scouts

No power, no roast, but plenty of beef!

Power from Sutton at Hone to Hartley cut. For most it was off 4 hours from 1.45 pm on Sunday. Attributed to 'mystery' fault in HV cable

Carve up - M-Way threatens N Kent Countryside

As Swanley to Dunton Green section of M25 planned. M25 will be the title for the whole road, replacing the M16 in London.

13 Nov 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Florence Gay

Obituary of Florence Gay, who died at her daughter's home in Frankston, Australia. They were stewards of the Country Club until her husband's death in 1950. She moved to Southfleet and became home help before emigrating to her daughter and husband in 1966.

Village Fete

Fete raises £508 for Boystown and £127 for OAP's Christmas Party

20 Nov 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Horticultural Society's 11th annual meeting.

27 Nov 1975 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Village Fete Proposals

1976 Fete to be for Rivendell

Police House

Building of Police House in Hartley postponed

St John's Lane Property for Sale

Levens Fox Advert - 4 bed, 2 reception, 1 bathroom house (St John's Lane or Grange Way) - £26,950

13 Dec 1975 Cesspool Charges: Alarm Grows Sevenoaks Chronicle
Oppostion to new charges led by Ash and Hartley Parish Councils and Cllr Scanlan. Council for last 2 weeks has charged on gallonage, opponents say it should be by rateable value, pointing out the difficulty of apportioning charges in the case of shared cesspools. Council refuse to review scheme for at least 6 months

24 Dec 1975 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Caxton Close Naming

Caxton Close named. Parish Council's choice of "Valley View" rejected by Sevenoaks DC.

Buses Through Wellfield

Buses to be routed through Wellfield

2 Jan 1976 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Profile and picture of PC [NAME], local PC for Longfield and Hartley. Ash Road Traffic and poaching mentioned as problems.

9 Jan 1976 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Roman farmstead found at Wellfield, dated to c1/2 AD discovered by Brian Tremain (2 pictures of dig)

17 Jan 1976 Who Elected Who? Sevenoaks Chronicle
On Thursday January 8, 1976, I had the doubtful pleasure of attending a meeting of the full council in what has probably come to be known as the 'Sleeping Bag and Cornflake Session'. My main interest in this meeting, in common with most of the attending public (some of whom - until the intervention of Cllr Scanlan, were left standing, there being insufficient seating accommodation) was the question of the sewage charge of £10.80 levied on the electorate, who, thanks to masterly inactivity of previous councils, are still the proud possessors of the status symbols called cesspools - in this nuclear debate.

After the usual political skirmishing on sundry points, the subject of cesspooll charges was reached and it was obvious fromt eh reaction by the attending public that this was their focal point of interest. The debate was somewhat prolonged. Cllr Scanlan quite efficiently proposed the charge of £10.80 be suspended for further consideration - the legal side is apparently still very uncertain. He was ably supported by Cllr Reeves who suggested a differential rating scheme would restore the status quo of the cesspool owners removing the £10.80 charge, which where cesspools are shared, is regretably causing friction.

Whilst many cesspool owners had taken various ations to dispute the imposition of this charge by our elected district council, an action supported by a number of parish councils - to name but a few: Ash cum Ridley, Eynsford, Hartley, Fawkham and Farningham. I am deeply perplexed as a Fawkham resident, totally unashamed I confess to helping the election of Cllr Mrs Eames and Cllr Schubert [1923-2000] to Sevenoaks District Council. These two councillors are alleged to represent the views of Fawkham and Hartley. Who was the main councillor speaking in favour of the retention of the £10.80 charge? Surprise, surprise - Cllr Mrs S Eames who incidentally was supported in the voting by Cllr Schubert. Why, why, why do these councillors fail so miserably to represent the views and needs of the misguided electors who elected them. There is no dispute regarding voting as on Cllr Scalan's demand, the vote was recorded, and, regretably, the council voted to retain the charge of £10.80 for cesspool owners.

When re-electing our district council in the spring of 1976, I strongly oppose the reelection of Cllrs Eames and Schubert and suggest if the Tory party do not wish to lose possibly 1,000 votes, they nominate 2 other councillors who will carry out the wishes of the people who elected them to the council.

John E Meyrick [1912-1999], Halehurst, Fawkham Green.

{Very interestingly when Fawkham and Hartley ward had a third councillor added for the 1979 election, Cllr Eames and Schubert were joined by a new conservative candidate - one J Meyrick!!]

19 Feb 1976 £100,000 for Youth Club is 'Blackmail' Dartford Chronicle
A villager hit out this week at a bid by youth leaders to 'blackmail' residents in New Ash Green into paying out for a £100,000 club for teenagers. Village youth leaders had claimed the club was needed to help combat the growing vandalism.

But Mr Laurence Pestell [probably 1922-2007], a father of two and former chairman of the village school's parent teacher association said: 'It is self deception to believe that a monumental gift to serve 300 youth in a community is going to cure the cancer of parental neglect. We have nurtured a Dr Spock generation of adolescents accustomed to having material wishes gratified by guilt ridden, self concerned adults. If it is thought that through a payment we may once again relinquish parental responsibility for their social development, it is but the price of futher nails in the coffin of the faily, community and social structures.'

Mr Pestell believes that instead of a new youth club, the village hall should be redesigned to cover teenage activities. Then, he says, entire familes could use the hall. 'Youth will then feel part of the entire community and be better equipped to share responsibilities and parents would be equally involved. There are a number of community tasks that the young could do which would shame their elders in New Ash Green. Teenagers could offer to clearn up the shopping centre or weed the shrub beds for the village's neighbourhood societies.'

Pressure for New Club

"Villagers in New Ash Green are pressing for their own country club. They want it to be centred on the old manor house in the village which is used by the builders Bovis, as their headquarters. But Bovis say they will need the house until the village is completed. However [NAME], Bovis chief at New Ash green said 'We are looking into the idea of a country club. If we can find someone to run it on a commercial basis it is a possibility' "

5 Mar 1976 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Picture of RC school visit to newspaper offices

12 Mar 1976 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Public notice of changes in local schooling

13 Mar 1976 Local News in Brief Sevenoaks Chronicle
Hartley Manor For Sale

"Hartley - Interesting Manor House dating from 1710. A spacious family house surrounded by farmland only 1½ miles from Longfield Station. Entrance hall, drawing room, dining room, study, billiard room, cloakroom, kitchen, scullury, utility room, maid's sitting room, 6 principal bedrooms, 2 secondary bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, oil-fired central heating, garaging for 4 cars, stables, gardens, paddock, about 5½ acres. £49,500."

Rates for 1976-77

District Council General Rate for former Dartford Rural District 67.72p in the pound. Parish Rates: Hartley 0.95p, Ash 0.65p, Longfield 0.90p, Fawkham 0.65p.

26 Mar 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
Middle Farm

Concerns about state of Middle Farm

Gorse Wood

Parish council offered remainder of Gorse Wood

26 Mar 1976 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Picture of prizewinners at Tunbridge Wells festival from RC School

15 Apr 1976 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Hartley told they must wait for bigger buses.

24 Apr 1976 101 Candidates for 54 seats - battle begins Sevenoaks Chronicle
Candidates for Fawkham and Hartley Ward of Sevenoaks District Council (2 seats) - Sheila Johanna Eames (Cons) of One Acre, Church Road, Hartley; Malcolm Charles Horton (Lab) of Tayga, 12 Conifer Avenue, Hartley; Katherine Phyllis Mowforth (Lab) of The Kaben, Woodland Avenue, Hartley; Frank George Schubert (Cons) of The Knoll, Church Road, Hartley. Eames and Schubert are sitting councillors.

30 Apr 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
Question of Ash Road relief road raised every year since New Ash Green built.

8 May 1976 Tories Back - and in Style Sevenoaks Chronicle
Sevenoaks Council Elections: Conservative 36 (+7), Labour 2 (-4), Liberal 4, Independents 12. Schubert and Eames (Cons) elected for Hartley, Scanlan (Lab) for Ash. Paper appears to support the Conservatives claiming "In the first 3 years of the council the controlling Tory group had been teetering dangerously at the edge with a tiny majority. It meant a vociferous opposition and endless problems." [by "vociferous opposition" I presume they mean a council properly held to account! Paper promised full results the following week but they omit all the northern parishes, perhaps they were not thought to be a true part of the district?]

15 May 1976 Youngsters Paint Out the Crime Sevenoaks Chronicle
[NAME] (pictured) of Hartley School wins 3rd prize in art competition run by Kent Police and TSB on theme 'The Prevention of Burglary'. [NAME] of Hartley School highly commended.

21 May 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
New Ash Green By-Pass

Letter by P Wilson of The Seasons, Gorse Way about relief road. Reminding readers they were told New Ash Green traffic would go via A20

Post Box

Post box at end of Stack Lane to be replaced

21 May 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
Problems of horse riding on footpath 301 from Billings Hill Shaw to Church Road

15 Jun 1976 Local News in Brief Times
Death in Brussels of James Appleton, ex grp capt RAF, memorial service in Hartley

15 Jun 1976 Dinner of Peril Daily Mirror
A lamb salad school lunch was blamed yesterday for an outbreak of food poisoning which made 150 children and 6 teachers ill at two schools in the Kent village of New Ash Green. 9 youngsters were still in hospital yesterday, and the schools have now been closed.

5 Jul 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
Gorse Wood

Gorsewood - Trees threatened with felling

Dorothy M Cook

Obituary - Mrs Dororthy M Cook of 7 Ash Road. Aged 66, born Battersea. Midwife. Husband Alfred was retired farmer, d 1970.

10 Jul 1976 Fire Risk Boards to be Retained - Asbestos issue is referred to new committee Sevenoaks Chronicle
Polyurethane Ceiling Boards - removed from Greater London Council homes because of an alleged fire risk - may be retained in council houses owned by the Sevenoaks District Council.

The District Council's housing committee recommended at its meeting last week - by a vote of 10 to 4 - that no action be taken on the 111 houses and 33 flats owned by the council that have polyurethane ceilings at first-floor level.

They also decided to defer for further consideration and investigation another public health issue - the use in council houses of asbestos products, which in particular cases have been linked as a caustive factor in cancer.

Debate on the two issues sometimes became voluble - particularly between councillors Leslie Robus and Geoffrey Blaxall.

On the polyurethane ceilings issue, Cllr Michael Judge said: 'When we have the question of 144 tenants and their families, and hte question of £23,500 in houses alterations that might guard them from a possible fire risk, then I have no choice but to oppose this motion. I do not want it recorded that I stood here and agreed with a motion that we take no action because of a cost of £23,000'. Cllr Judge, together with Cllr Blaxall was among the 4 councillors who opposed a motion that no action be taken on the polyurethan issue.

In a report to the committee, the councillors were told by the council's Technical Officer that polyurethane ceiling boards were used in new houses and flats at Birchwood (Walnet Way and Wisteria Gardens), Hartley (Wellfield, Brambledown, Pitfield and Hawthorns) and South Darenth (Montgomery Road and East Hill). It was also used in sites now in the area of the Dartford District Council. Technical Officer Mr A T Bennett said: 'Although classed as self extinguishing and, with the Artex finish used, having a Class I spread of flame rating it was discovered that the material could burn in a fierce flame and its use was discontinued on my instructions in February 1975. Following the publicity given to actions by the GLC in removing this material from their own properties, and after a fire in some bungalows owned by Ashford Borough Council, a statement was made in the House of Commons by the Under Secretary of State for the Environment.'

The Under Secretary had said that polyurethane ceilings now in use 'did not constitute an unacceptable risk', and that the advantages to be gained by alteration of replacement would not justify the costs involved. Mr Bennett also quoted the under secretary as saying that 'no financial assistance toward such wok would be forthcoming from the government' The Technical Officer said the cost of lowering the fire risk of the polyurethane with half inch plasterboard sheets would be £23,500. The Council's treasurer Mr I F Morris told the committee that the council did not have the money to carry out the alterations.

On the asbestos issue, Mr Bennett said the main risk was the possibility of inhaling asbestos dust. Cllr Robus disagreed with Cllr Blaxill's suggestion that council tenants be warned by letter about the possible dangers of asbestos dust. This, he said, 'might scare the living daylights out of them'. He recommended, and the committee agreed, that they adopt Cllr Blaxill's proposal that the matter be referred for further investigation to the council's home and Water Safety Committee, but said they reject his suggestion that tenants be circularised on the possible problems associated with asbestos until a full report is made.

16 Jul 1976 Village Fete N/A
Fete - Opened by Lady Astor. Beneficiaries Rivendall Hostel, Gravesend; Children's Country Holiday Fund; HCA Welfare Fund

22 Jul 1976 Preview Daily Mirror
Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen to play at Hartley Social Club

23 Jul 1976 Hartley Parish Council Meeting N/A
(1) Billings Hill Shaw - Preparations of land: 200 "diseased" fruit trees to be removed. (2) Manor Field - Parish council decides to appeal against refusal for public open space.

30 Jul 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
Scouts - Presentation to Skip Wickham for 30 years' service (picture)

4 Aug 1976 New Houses, 40 minutes from London, from £11,500 Daily Mirror
At New Ash Green near Longfield, Kent, we are offering new 2 and 3 bedroomed houses with good sized bedrooms, spacious living and dining areas, fitted kitchens, bathrooms and central heating. You'll be living just 40 minutes train ride from the centre of London, yet you'll have excellent shopping and recreation facilities close at hand. £575 deposit subject to status. Bovis Homes.

6 Aug 1976 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Old Downs - Pupils (named) from Primary School raise £10.50.

19 Aug 1976 Farmer Opposes Council Plans Dartford Chronicle
"Farmer opposes council plans

A Hartley firm of tenant farmers will be fighting to keep their farm intact at a public enquiry in Swanley on September 6.

Hartley Parish Council want to turn half of a 20 acre field into playing fields for the local people. The parish council own the land at Manor Field, Hartley, and lodged a planning application with Sevenoaks District Council for the change of use from agriculture to public open space. Becaue the District Council did not deal with the application quickly enough, the parish council lodged an appeal with the environment secretary.

The tenant farmers H F and J H Glover are against any moves to take agricultural land. Recently Mr Roy Glover told the Kentish Times 'It seems a pity that so many adults don't realise how fast our good agricultural land is disappearing. So many otherwise responsible people seem to see agriculture as something one only does with land when it isn't needed for housing or ball games. If the local parish council wins its appeal for a recreation ground on 10 acres of land which gives a high potato and cereal yield and is good grazing, the tenancy of the farm becomes less viable.' Mr Glover added that schools in the area had plenty of land around them and could be used for recreation purposes in the school holidays which was the time of greatest need.

In a letter concerning the proposal, Sevenoaks District Council said they would also oppose the parish council plan. The council's reasons were the site was within the Metropolitan Green Belt and the proposal would be detrimental to the amenities of the area."

20 Aug 1976 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Gorsewood - More trees felled as bid to save them fails.

20 Aug 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
Children's summer playscheme (picture)

3 Sep 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
Gorsewood - Sevenoaks DC rejects public enquiry.

24 Sep 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
Billings Hill Shaw - Parish council request to build "pop in" for elderly on site of old nissen hut inpractical. Wimpeys say the land must be natural habitat, except possible restoration of tennis court

25 Sep 1976 Advert for the Ashes Restaurant New Ash Green Sevenoaks Chronicle
Open Tuesday to Saturday 7pm to Midnight. Sunday Noon - 3pm. Set Menu £1.95 Tues - Fri.

Grapefruit - Soup - Fruit Juice

Chicken Chasseur - Gammon Steak - Sirloin Steak (+30p)

Ice Cream - Gateaux


Details of other specials, including Country and Western duo Keith Nelson and Carl Banwell on Fridays, and Gabrielle sings and plays piano on Saturdays. Can seat up to 150.

15 Oct 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
Hartley Players - O What a lovely war (picture) -50th year

22 Oct 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
Gypsy Site Proposed

Hartley Wood - Proposed gypsy site on Southwark land opposed.

Stack Lane

Stack Lane - Mr J McGrath on behalf of residents oppose making up of lane to highway standards. Concern about felling of willow by RC church.

Middle School

Parish council suggest land at back of Billings Hill Shaw for middle school.

29 Oct 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
All Saints' Church: Presentation to Roger Williams who is leaving to become chaplain of Bromley College (picture)

19 Nov 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
Fete - Vote 29-1 for Home Farm Trust to run next fete.

23 Dec 1976 Local News in Brief N/A
Billilngs Hill Shaw

Billings Hill Shaw: Logs given to elderly after fruit sold for mentally handicapped.

Manor Field

Manor Field: Parish Council wins planning appeal

21 Jan 1977 Local News in Brief N/A
Hartley welcomes new rector - Peter Lock (picture)

28 Jan 1977 Local News in Brief N/A
New Ash Green: Tree planted in thanks to Harry Johnson, who steps down as chairman after 5 years of VA

25 Feb 1977 Hartley Parish Council Meeting Gravesend Reporter
(1) Parish Council Resignation of Robin Fielding (ill health) [1923-1995]. (2) Parish council unhappy about proposed site for Middle School on west side of Ash Road at Hoselands Hill.

2 Mar 1977 Local News in Brief N/A
Scouts: Gang Show hits target (picture)

4 Mar 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Stack Lane: Village split over problem lane. Parents at school want it made up, residents do not (picture of James McGrath)

18 Mar 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Stack Lane: Letter from [NAME] of Kamiros reminds them pavement promised when school built

1 Apr 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Stack Lane: Letter from George Amos to respect No Access signs

16 Apr 1977 Cheshire Grant is Refused Sevenoaks Chronicle
Sevenoaks Council announce grants of £4,350, mostly to Citizen's Advice (£3,650), but also £50 to Hartley Playscheme. Cheshire Homes rejected because council said only local bodies could apply.

22 Apr 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Parish Council: Chairman William Ball to retire as chairman

23 Apr 1977 Kent County Council Elections Sevenoaks Chronicle
Paper predicts a big majority for the Conservatives, says all parties are having trouble recruiting candidates. "Dartford Rural 3 [Division] Ash-cum-Ridley, Farningham, Fawkham, Hartley, Horton Kirby, Longfield and West Kingsdown.

Mr John Barnes, Conservative, aged 40, is a University lecturer, author and broadcaster. He has served on Kent County Council for 4 years and has been vice-chairman of the Kent Education Committee since 1974. He is married with 3 children. He is a former vice-chairman of the Sevenoaks Conservative Association and has contested 3 parliamentary elections in the Walsall North Constituency.

Mr Peter Little, Labour. 29 year old Mr Little is married and lives in New Ash Green. He is chairman of the Hartley and District Labour party, vice-chairman of the Sevenoaks Constituency Labour Party and executive member of the Kent Labour Party. He is employed as an organisation methods manager.

Mr Geoffrey Payne, Liberal. Mr Payne has lived in the North West Kent area for 36 years. He is employed as a sales supervisor and for the last 4 years has studied at Open University for a BA degree. His wife Beryl was elected to Ash-cum-Ridley parish council last year."

28 Apr 1977 Employment Agency Advert The Stage
"We [NAME] of Fairfield, Woodland Avenue, Longfield, Kent and [NAME] of 104 Fulwich Road, Dartford, Kent, hereby give notice…. that we intend to apply to the Secretary of State for Employment for a licence to carry on an Employment Agency ... for the Entertainment Industry at the premises Carrington Works, Fulwich Road, Dartford, Kent, such agency to be known as Sparkthorne Ltd." [Company dissolved in 1984 following petition from Customs and Excise, usually this was for VAT owed]

29 Apr 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
William Ball Retires

Parish Council: Party to mark retirement of W Ball after 26 years as chairman (picture)

New Ash Green By-Pass

New Ash Green - Fawkham - Longfield relief road planned for 1981

6 May 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
100th birthday of Miss Marjorie Capper of Fairby Grange, biography and picture

7 May 1977 Tories Sweep to Victory Sevenoaks Chronicle
County Council Election Results. KCC now Conservative 94 (+31), Labour 8 (-23), Ind 1 (-1), Lib 0 (-7). Result for Hartley's division Dartford Rural 3. Anthony Barnes (Cons) 4,762; Peter Little (Lab) 1,461; Godfrey Payne (Lib) 596. Turnout 44.85 per cent.

20 May 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Jubilee: Details of celebrations

27 May 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Parish Council Chairman

Parish Council: John Tate elected chairman

Accident on Ash Road

Bad accident near Black Lion, poor reflectors blamed

New Ash Green Allotments

Allotments on 2a land allocated by Bovis; [NAME] elected director of VA. Association bans horse riding on grassland

17 Jun 1977 Local News in Brief N/A
Merton Avenue

Merton Avenue: Residents Association formed

Queen's Jubilee

Tree planted by William Ball in grounds of Primary School for Jubilee. School PTA gave jubilee crown to all pupils and staff.

18 Jun 1977 26 Sites on KCC Gipsy List Sevenoaks Chronicle
"Rumours that certain areas have already been selected for an official gypsy site in the Sevenoaks District, ave been categorically denied by Kent County Counicl. Mr Edward Crawford, chairman of the County Council's Works and Projects sub-committee dealing with gipsies said 'We are at a very early stage in our search for a site in the Sevenoaks district, and already it seem there are rumours that certain sites have been selected. Not only is this not true, but it is impossible as most of the sites have not yet been visited by our officers.' The sub-committee is considering the list of 26 sites, suggested after a stormy meeting by Sevenoaks District Councillors. They are: Chalk Pit, Hartley Bottom.... Chalk Pit, Pinden, Longfield.... Rumours and counter rumours have been rife since the controversial list was made public by Sevenoaks District Council.... Sevenoaks district already has one official gipsy site at Edenbridge, established by the old rural council. County, however are determined that there should be a second...."

8 Jul 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Fete opened by Peter Glaze, over £1,000 raised.

29 Jul 1977 Local News in Brief N/A
Youth centre to be built in New Ash Green on land in Hartley parish. Parish Council discussion on use it could be put to.

12 Aug 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Summer playscheme: picture of 4 children

25 Aug 1977 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Obituary of Sam Dreyer of Stack Lane (see article)

2 Sep 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Merton Avenue: Residents protest about KCC attempts to charge them £27,000 to make up road, when they don't want this (picture)

9 Sep 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Hartley Grange Cottage now let by PC to tenants, members of staff at RC Primary School. Much of furniture contributed by clerk and councillors

16 Sep 1977 Local News in Brief N/A
Stack Lane

Stack Lane: Pavement in lieu of making up road accepted by residents.


Chief scout awards to [NAME1] and [NAME2] (pictured)

22 Sep 1977 Sports Centre at New School Plan Dartford Chronicle
"New Ash Green's proposed new middle school will not only cater for the educational needs of its 9 to 13 year old pupils - it will also house a mini sports centre for community use, if negotiations between interested parties are successful.

Under plans drawn up by Kent county Council the school could be enlarged to include extra sports facilities, changing rooms and storage for public use for an extra £69,000. Facilities availabel to the pulbic would be an enlarged gymansium, tennis courts, two squash courts and the school playing fields. Some of hte areas could be floodlit to enable evening use.

At last week's meeting of Sevenoaks District Council's Amenities Committee, members greeted the scheme enthusiastically and unanimously recommended that the council accept the scheme in principle - provided they are satisfied with figure on its probable public use. 'It is sound commonsense to make the best use of school facilities in this way,' declared Councillor Frank Schubert (C Fawkham & Hartley). Councillor Jim Scanlan (Lab, Ash-cum-Ridley), who lives in New Ash Green and has been involved in negotiations for several months, told members that the Sports Council would probably give a 50 per cent grant towards the project. He said other grants were likely to be received from Kent County Council, and Ash-cum-Ridley Parish Council, as well as from village organisations, and did not expect Sevenoaks District Council's share to be more than £30,000 plus running costs. Councillor Scanlan pointed out that by 1980 - when the proposed school is likely to be built - New Ash Green, together with Hartley and Longfield, would be the third largest area in the Sevenoaks District with a 13,000 population.

But the school scheme will not provide New Ash Green's only sporting facilities. Plans are already afoot for a sports pavilion and swimming pool to be financed partly by grants and partly by village organisations. Councillor Scanlan firmly believes that these additional facilities could be a reality by 1980."

23 Sep 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Horticultural Autumn show, picture of 3 competitors

23 Sep 1977 Local News in Brief N/A
Association of Friends of Old Downs to invite residents to tea in their homes

29 Sep 1977 New Ash Green Boundary Dartford Chronicle
"New Ash Green Village Association are pressing the Boundary Commission to bring forward the date when the boundary between Ash-cum-Ridley and Hartley parishes is reviewed. At the moment several neighbourhoods of New Ash Green and the Middle School fall within Hartley parish and the assocation is anxious to see them all in Ash parish. The Boundary Commission has pledged to look at the matter in 1980, but the Village Association want it done sooner as the village will have been completed by then and they fear that grants towards the youth centre could be affected if it is not incorporated into Ash parish."

[It would not be until 1987 that the VA got its wish. Such a change made sense and also the area of New Ash Green formerly in Hartley was poorly represented on Hartley Parish Council. Then as now, the lack of warding means that large areas of the parish had little or no representation]

30 Sep 1977 Hartley Cubs 50th Anniversary Gravesend Reporter
50th anniversary of cubs included 6 of the original pack: Ernie Earl (pictured), Tom Crouch, Horace Day, Tom Hollands, Fred Gardner and Len Simes. History and photos (including Skip Wickham)

28 Oct 1977 Village Appraisal Gravesend Reporter
Village appraisal launched.

18 Nov 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Horticultural Society

Horticultural Society: Annual meeting, membership up from 155 to 198. Officers listed.

Edward G Wall

Obituary: Edward G Wall of Erceldoune, Church Rd, aged 82. Lived in Hartley since 1939 and had worked at Standard Telephones & Cables at Footscray.

25 Nov 1977 Local News in Brief N/A
Ash Road: Requests for "drive carefully" signs and rumble strips.

25 Nov 1977 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Fears that Hartley, New Ash Green and Longfield will coalesce.

2 Dec 1977 Local News in Brief N/A
Vote to share 1978 fete between HCA Welfare Fund, MS, and Friends of Old Downs.

6 Jan 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
10 year old house 5b 2r 1bath, backs onto open land £33,950 (later reduced to £33,250 3/2/78)

13 Jan 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
House for Sale at Dickens Close

New chalet style 4b house at Dickens Close £32,950 - Porter & Cobb

Skateboard Park

Longfield PC say they can't identify suitable site for skateboard park

Hartley Conservatives

Hartley Conservatives claim success in membership drive

13 Jan 1978 Longfield - Hartley Boundary Gravesend Reporter
Longfield PC don't want the railway to be the dividing line for their parish, as they would lose a lot of rateable properties to Hartley

19 Jan 1978 Bovis Advert Dartford Chronicle
Bovis Advert: "Anyone looking for a new house must visit New Ash Green". 3 bed houses from £14,250, 3 bed detached houses from £19,250, 4 bed detached houses from £27,750

20 Jan 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
British Pregnancy Advisory Service appeal against SDC's refusal for sewage purification plant at Fawkham Manor

27 Jan 1978 Hartley Parish Council Meeting Gravesend Reporter
(1) Council likes idea of Garden of Rememberance; (2) Hartley PC sets rate of 1½p in the £ for 1978/9; (3) (Prob Skateboarding) Schools approached for site, unwilling citing supervision

2 Feb 1978 Merton Avenue Dartford Chronicle
Merton Avenue "Residents win 6 year fight: After a 6 year battle over the fate of Merton Avenue, Hartley, it looks as thought he road's House and Landowners' Association has won th fight to stop the road being made up. At a meeting of kent County Council's Works and Porjects sub-committee recently, members decided to reverse tehir original decision made in January 1977 and passed a resolution to leave the road as it is. This issue has been the subject of countless heated arguments between Hartley Parish Council, Sevenoaks District Council, Kent County Council and the Merton Avenue House and Landowners Association since 1972. When KCC Works and Projects sub-committee finally passed a recommendation to have the road made up in January 1977, members agreed that the total cost of about £27,000 should be met by the frontagers. This would have cost them about £6,000 each for a road they did not want. Mrs [NAME], spokesman for the association said, "It has taken us a whole year to get the Works and Projects sub-committee to undo what they did last year." Sevenoaks District Council decided in June 1977 that they wanted the road made up to create a second access to their Wellfield Estate. When KCC realised the road would serve as an access road to the District Council's estate, they asked SDC to meet the cost. It was in September of that year that SDC Planning Committee had a sudden change of heart and decided to let the residents have their own way. Speaking on behalf of the Association, [NAME] said 'We are all very happy that after so many years both Kent and Sevenoaks District Council thin it wise to leave the road as it is just as KCC and the old Dartford Rural Council wanted back in 1972. We feel that at last we shall be left alone.' "

3 Feb 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Hartley Labour Party

Hartley Labour claims to have doubled membership in last year. List of officers

St Joseph's School

Feature on old Convent School in Woodlands Avenue (picture), closed 1976 and nuns moved to Gravesend.

9 Feb 1978 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Dr David Owen, Foreign Secretary to address Hartley Labour Party.

17 Feb 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
"A good evening's entertainment" review of Hartley Players production of Absurd Person Singular

23 Feb 1978 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Amendment to Town Map approved by Minister to develop 8 acres at Butler's Place, "rounds off New Ash Green" with minimum impact.

24 Feb 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Quakers Close House for Sale

10 year old det bungalow, 2b 2r 1 bath at Quakers Close £23,000

Wellfield Estate

Cllr Sheila Eames says HPC not correct to say that Sevenoaks had granted permission for 500 houses at Wellfield without considering traffic. They had stopped a lot of feeder roads to Wellfield

Cherry Trees Shops

cllr Hitchen of HPC suggests removing the strip at Cherry Trees to improve parking.


[NAME], teenager, puts plans before HPC for skateboard park

2 Mar 1978 Taking Car without Consnet Dartford Chronicle
[NAME] of Caxton Close given 120 hours community service for taking car without consent

3 Mar 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Fire Strike

Volunteers led by George Amos, who would have helped if fire had broken out in Wellfield/Old Downs/Fairby during firemen's strike, are stood down


17 year old from Over Minnis, New Ash Green, ordered to do 100 hrs community service for attempted robbery of Egyptian Tourist at Clapham Common


Labour parliamentary candidate Richard Redden calls for street lights in Hartley after falling in Ash Road and needing hospital treatment (picture)

23 Mar 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Anti-Social Behaviour, Motorbikes

[NAME], Hartley resident for 17 years, complains of motorbikes in Hartley Woods.

All Saints' Church, Membership

Over 100 names on electoral roll for All Saints', anyone else has until 31st to register

30 Mar 1978 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Sevenoaks Rates

Sevenoaks Rates: General Rate 93.09p in the pound (reduced by 18.5p for Domestic premises), plus parish rates Hartley (1.25p), Longfield (1.35p), Ash (1.00p), Fawkham (3.95p). In addition 6.33 in the pound for sewerage to Thames/Southern water

Swimming Club

11th anniversary of Hartley and District Swimming Club. [NAME1] (president) said it was a testament to their enthusisam that they keep going in spite of the distance to the nearest pools. [NAME2] chairman (pictures)

Seeboard Tariffs

Seeboard tariffs from 31 March: Domestic 2 part (Standing Charge £2.63 per qtr, 2.67p per unit; White meter £3.96 per qtr, 2.79p daily units, 1.14 night units)

Bus Timetable Changes

Timetable changes - fewer 489/490 buses to Gravesend but more in peak hours between Longfield and New Ash Green

7 Apr 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
1 year old house at Banckside, 4b 2r 2 bath. £42,500 Porter Cobb

14 Apr 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Village angry over bypass delay after young cyclist knocked down. KCC councillor John Barnes said it wouldn't be built until 1984 at the earliest and possibly not at all in 1980s. He said accident figures don’t justify extensions of speed limits. Some call for streetlighting.

14 Apr 1978 Local News in Brief N/A
Obituary of Winifred G Brimble of Broughton Ash Rd, formerly Ardgowan, Church Rd, aged 80. Came to Hartley in 1954, was village reporter for 8 years.

21 Apr 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Golden Wedding

Golden wedding of Sid (80) and Ciss (79) Critcher of Quaker's Close, he was a postman and she worked for post office too. They moved to Hartley about 10 years ago

Banned from Speaking

Labour parliamentary candidate Richard Redden refused permission to speak at annual parish meeting by chairman John Tate, because he didn't live in Hartley, but then allowed local county councillor who lives in Lamberhurst to speak. Cllr Barnes has apologised to him for this. Meeting votes against streetlighting. Mr Redden said that villagers laughed when they heard of his accident

Middle School

Joint use facilities to be provided at Middle School, campaigner for football pitches told.

28 Apr 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Perran Close

Development at Perran and Colyton reduced from 9 houses to 8, HPC want it reduced to 7

Ash Road Traffic

Residents of Ash Road may seek rates reduction due to traffic. Reg Logan [1926-1997] said he has just moved opposite St John's Lane, difficult to get out, seen 2 serious accidents in 7 months and car has driven into his garden

Bus Stop Moved

Bus stop to be moved to junction of St Johns Lane and Ash Road

Access to Hartley Wood

Parish council want to fence off access to Hartley Wood at Beechlands Close

Anti-Social Behaviour, Motorbikes

[NAME] writes to save our woods from motorbikes. Hartley Wood is becoming the home of the Japanese Yamaha, Suzuki and clapped out old motor bikesWellfield Access

Wellfield: Council to consult ombudsman over access roads.

Anniversary of Afternoon WI

15th anniversary of Afternoon Wl, which has 67 members. Picture of Joan Brown, Enid Campbell, Olive Pearce and others.

5 May 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Rail Timetable Changes

Monday's timetable will introduce new 20 min frequency between Swanley and Medway Towns in peak time

Hartley Morris Men

Hartley Morris Men at Meopham (picture)

12 May 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Longfield ATC

Picture feature on Longfield ATC camp at Lincs. Interviewed [NAME1] of Wellfield, [NAME2] of Ash Road, [NAME3] of Hoselands View

New Ash Green By-Pass

Don't sweep your traffic onto us'. Letter by [NAME] of 49 Northdown Road, Longfield. Hartley as well as NAG is the problem, diverted traffic would end up at Whitehill Crossroads and then use totally unsuitable Whitehill Road. Asks why [NAME] moved to Ash Road in the first place!

Ash Road Traffic

Ash Road: [NAME] of Longfield says problem is much wider than Hartley

19 May 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Skip Wickham Retires

Retirement of Skip Wickham after 30 years in charge of Longfield and Hartley Scouts. In his time they have moved from hall in Longfield to Social club to Scout Hut - army hut placed on filled in cesspool in Larkwell Lane

Competition Winner

[NAME] (10) of Church Road wins Express Dairy painting competition, wins prize of Stylophone (picture)

Glebe House for Sale

Glebe House, Ash Road advertised for £49,500, built 1958, ½a land, 4b 2r 1bath. 2 mins from station

26 May 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Hartley Wood Access

HPC have received no reply from owner at Beechlands Close about their plan to fence off entrance

New Ash Green By-Pass

Ash Road: 1,250 signatures for relief road, told it would be low priority by KCC

2 Jun 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Ash Parish Council Meeting

Mike Brown to become chairman of Ash cum Ridley PC

New Ash Green By-Pass

Ash PC support bypass

Ash Road Traffic

Ash Road: 1,400 signature petition sent to MP.

23 Jun 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
WI Longfield Market

WI Friday market to begin 30.6.78 at Jubilee Hall

Longfield Tip

HPC suggest skateboard park at Southwark Tip. No reply to suggestion from Longfield PC, Ash PC not interested because it is too far away

Labour Meeting disrupted by national front

Hecklers from National Front disturb talk by Foreign Secretary Dr Owen to Labour group at NAG

House for Sale at Round Ash Way

Round Ash Way - 4b 2r 1bath house for sale at £36,000

Football at Manor Field

Manor Field: Discussion for building football pitches, currently barley grown there.

Perran Close Naming

Perran Close: Given name by PC

30 Jun 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
House for Sale at Banckside

Banckside (probably) - Large house on corner for sale 5b 3r 2baths. £59,000

Vandalism at Gorsewood Road

Vandalism of land rover of [NAME1] of Gorsewood Road (wheels removed), and theft of [NAME2]'s land rover from Gorse Way (pictured)

7 Jul 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
village Fete

Hope to have raised £2,000 for MS Research and Old Downs. Picture of 3 children attending.

Charges for School Travel

Complaints over KCC plans to charge for school travel from NAG to Longfield

Lucy Barfield

Marriage of Lucy Barfield now of S Darenth. She was teacher of music and dance at Hartley and Cobham Hall

Ada Emily Eliza Burridge

Obituary of Ada Emily Eliza Burridge (52) of South View Church Road, accomplished florist, owned Kenways at Earls Court. Killed in car accident at Maida Vale

St Joseph's School Fire

Fire at former St Joseph's School. Police say not arson, but locals report seeing people running away just before.

14 Jul 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Ash Road

Traffic survey finds 1,200 cars between 8-9am at Wellfield, 600 at Fairby Lane/St John's Lane. Conclusion much of the traffic Hartley seeks relief from is from Hartley. [Paper of 4/8/78 has alternative theory that traffic from New Ash Green to Longfield was using Church Road and so bypassing Ash Road/St John's Lane junction]

Hartley Library

Library: garden planned.

21 Jul 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
New Barn Referendum

New Barn votes 87% to be in one authority, 69% for Gravesham, 15% Dartford, 14% Sevenoaks. Turnout 70%

Church Hall Communion

All Saints': Monthly communion planned for Church Hall, and other schemes agreed.

28 Jul 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
New Ash Green By-Pass

KCC to review priority of by-pass

Jubilee Hall Opens

Official opening of Jubilee Hall, Longfield

Miss Drinkwater Retires

Retirement of Nora Drinkwater after 16 years at primary school

Ash Road Traffic

Ash Road: KCC to look again

Maynards Florists

Jon Tate of Maynards Florists, Gravesend going to Interflora convention in US (Picture)

4 Aug 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Garden of Remembrance

Garden of Remembrance plans.

Boundary between Ash and Hartley

Ash wants to take over all Bovis land into their parish. Poll found 131-92 to keep current boundary.

11 Aug 1978 George and Louisa Taylor Gravesend Reporter
Golden wedding of George and Louisa Taylor of Springcroft. Biographies.

1 Sep 1978 Local News in Brief N/A
16 year old [NAME] from of Ash Road wins poetry prize (picture)

14 Sep 1978 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Wellfield: complaints about road access to estate.

15 Sep 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
All Saints': bishop of Tonbridge preaches sermon.

29 Sep 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
"Your Right to Vote" letter by [NAME] of Johns Close and of local labour party.

13 Oct 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Manor Field Controversy

Manor Field: William Ball defends his record on the development.

Scouts Awards

Chief scout awards for [NAME1] and [NAME2] (picture)

27 Oct 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Parish Council votes narrowly to continue with Manor Field development.

24 Nov 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Fairby Stores Parking

Social Club: wording of shopper's parking sign agreed.

Northfield Plans

Bovis's plans for Northfield include garden centre, caravan park, cottage industries, housing, as well as open space.

1 Dec 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Residents of Gorse Way oppose application by Foven Construction Ltd for 9 bungalows.

22 Dec 1978 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Northfield Meeting

Ash and Hartley Parish Councils meet on Northfield

URC Breakaway Church

Breakaway church from URC, called "Hartley Christian Fellowship" meeting at house of [NAME] of Old Downs.

23 Mar 1979 Local News in Brief N/A
Manor Field: contractor appointed to create football pitch and car park.

30 Mar 1979 Local News in Brief N/A
Edgar M Sharp

Edgar M Sharp of Copse Side [prob 1913-2001] wins MBE. Biography, civil servant in CRO and Lord Chancellor's Department. Picture of him and son [NAME] and dau in law [NAME].

Karate Title

[NAME] of Fairby Lane wins light middleweight title in karate (picture).

6 Apr 1979 Local News in Brief N/A
"Village Split over relief road plan", Charles Ellerby speaks against road through Fawkham Valley. County Council says this is unlikey "before 1991".

12 Apr 1979 Northfield - vote for agriculture N/A
Annual parish meeting votes to oppose housing on Northfield and to return land to agriculture.

4 May 1979 All Saints' Church Membership N/A
"Attendances up at All Saints' ", now 75 communicants for all services. 50 in Sunday School.

25 May 1979 Local News in Brief N/A
Vandalism at Woodland Avenue

Complaints of vandalism and motorbikes at Woodlands Avenue recreation ground.

Parish Council Elections

Parish Council elections: complaints that Conservatives broke agreement with Labour not to run under party names.

15 Jun 1979 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Chapelwood, New Ash Green

Complaints that new houses were too near existing properties in Chapelwood Road.

Longfield Secondary School

Parish council say dual use facilities for sport will be available in Longfield School.

15 Jun 1979 Local News in Brief N/A
[NAME1] of Chantry Avenue and [NAME2] of Fairby Lane to go on Scout "Eurotrek 79". Picture.

14 Sep 1979 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Manor Field: 300 at meeting, which opposed council's plans to cancel contract for football pitches. The councillors concerned pointed out that people voted for them in recent election knowing they were against football pitches there; that the permission was still in effect and at the moment they were getting income and not having to maintain the land. [NAME1] and [NAME2] offered to do work free of charge and [NAME3] and [NAME4] also opposed council.

28 Sep 1979 Local News in Brief N/A
Manor Field Controversy

Manor Field: council decision to cancel project overturned. Cllr Freddie Eames said public meeting was appalling, emotional and unrepresentative.

Attack on Holiday

Karate star [NAME] (26) of Fairby Lane, runs for life from attack at Barcelona Disco.

5 Oct 1979 Local News in Brief N/A
Fence to be built to prevent vandals at Woodlands Avenue recreation ground.

16 Nov 1979 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
[NAME1] and wife [NAME2] of Church Road involved in accident on A2

30 Nov 1979 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Annual fete meeting votes to share proceeds between Leukaemia Research (prop Janet Collins), St Joseph's Hospice (prop R Jones of Coltstead) and HCA Welfare Fund.

7 Dec 1979 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
New garden of rememberance to be dedicated.

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