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Newspaper Stories 1916

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01 Jan 1916 Closure of Gravesend Standard Newspaper Gravesend Magazine
(Jan 16 Shrimper's Net by the Wanderer) Surprised that the Conservative supporting Gravesend and Northfleet Standard has had to close due to lack of support, in town of 30,000 with a Conservative MP.  Paper was continuation of the Gravesend Journal founded in 1864 and incorporated with Standard in 1892.  Publisher of the Journal was late J S Caddel.  Writer concedes that it never wobbled in its partizanship, but had strong points in its layout and features on e.g. history of local regiments.  In another item he says Derby attestees have no right to look down their nose at conscripts when they only came forward with the threat of compulsion hanging above them.

01 Jan 1916 Kent Volunteer Fencibles (Gravesend) Gravesend Magazine
(Jan 16 Kentish Volunteer Fencibles) members helped with Derby recruiting and are now organising a Khaki Armlet rally.  Nearly all eligible members of the corps attested.

08 Jan 1916 Dartford Library Opens Kent Messenger
Carnegie Library opened in Dartford, very popular

08 Jan 1916 Bath Chair for Sale Kent Messenger
Wicker bath chair 38 shillings - Parker, Old Parsonage Cottages

14 Jan 1916 Economy Run Mad Dartford Chronicle
"Economy run mad" paper criticises Northfleet BC for saving 1s 11½d by not punctuating reports of their proceedings

15 Jan 1916 James Martin Sydney Morning Herald
Executor notice regarding estate of James Martin of Hartley

15 Jan 1916 Susie Griffin, Clarinet The Era
Clarinet and Saxophonist - Miss Susie Griffin, Bundoran

28 Jan 1916 Female workers in previously male jobs Dartford Chronicle
First ever female relieving officer for Dartford Union. Mrs E M Branston of Greenhithe, welcomed by paper, reminding those opposed that female guardians have already proved themselves

29 Jan 1916 Green Man Longfield Sunday Trading Kent Messenger
George Miles, landlord of the Green Man, Longfield Hill, fined £5 for selling 2 bottles of beer at 9.40am on Sunday 9 Jan

29 Jan 1916 Hartley Agricultural Cooperative Kent Messenger
Hartley agricultural cooperative society discuss settlement of ex-military on land.  They think there must be proper training first, disastrous otherwise (see article)

02 Feb 1916 Food Prices and Shortages Gravesend Reporter
"Member of Beefsteak Club" writes long letter about state of food in Gravesend, supports food committee.

05 Feb 1916 Army Recruiting Kent Teachers Kent Messenger
Kent Teachers and Derby Scheme, class A can be released immediately, B - can be released on appointment of substitute, C - can be released on appointment of qualified male teacher.  Attested (44, 29, 25), Rejected (17, 22, 16), Not Attested (3, 11, 5), No return (5, 4, 1) (A, B, C)

05 Feb 1916 Swedes for sale Kent Messenger
Swedes for sale, offers - Rural Development Company

07 Feb 1916 Henry Stahl Obituary Portsmouth Evening News
Died on service - Lieut Cdr Henry C Stahl, retired but rejoined for war (bought smallholding in Church Road)

11 Feb 1916 When Zeppelins Will not Come Dartford Chronicle
"When Zeppelins will not come" in view of anxiety over raids, the Imperial Air Fleet Committee list 7 examples - glass below 30 degrees, wind above 15mph, icy, thunder, prospect of rain, moonlight and not dark

11 Feb 1916 Longfield Rating Allegations Dartford Chronicle
Dartford Guardians ask W Robson to resign as rate collector after allegations by Longfield PC that he had underassessed some properties. Details of investigation

11 Feb 1916 Female workers in previously male jobs Dartford Chronicle
Meeting at Swanley about war service for women. George Day "emphasised the importance of women assisting as far as possible in the cultivation of land during the war".

11 Feb 1916 Agricultural College at Meopham Poultry World
Homestead Farm Meopham - a training centre for women

12 Feb 1916 Shell Shock Gravesend Reporter
Paper reports London lecture on shell shock

12 Feb 1916 Longfield Rating Allegations Kent Messenger
Dartford Board of Guardians advice Longfield Collector of Rates to resign after accusation he was underassessing properties owned by himself and another.  Paper asks where were elected representatives in all this? Are they too indolent or timid to allow their servants to become their masters?

17 Feb 1916 Henry Stahl Obituary West Sussex Gazette
Obituary of Henry Charles Stahl RN, died when his minesweeper was run into by Swedish boat

19 Feb 1916 Conscientious Objectors - Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
Godfrey J Bayns of Brixton writes to say sacking of conscientious objector librarian by Gravesend council may be illegal.

19 Feb 1916 Railways and the War Kent Messenger
Since war began SE&C Railway has been running 100 special trains a day for the government

19 Feb 1916 Conscription of Territorial Officers Kent Messenger
Territorial Army officers told they must agree to foreign service or resign, if they resign they can be conscripted

25 Feb 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Dartford Chronicle
Dartford Rural Tribunal - claims for exemption - Frank Hickmott of Longfield Court, accountant, asked for more time to arrange his business, granted 2 weeks. Walter John Elliott farm bailiff and Springhead Watercress beds, refused. Reg and Walter Lynds, employed by Miss Ethel Stubbs of Longfield to look after cows and 10 acres, adjourned.

26 Feb 1916 Conscription Policy Kent Messenger
Paper calls for military tribunals to consider public policy, not cause unemployment for many when one employer called up.  To give due but not undue consideration to Cos, leave last man of fighting family to parent.  Not to make jibes and jests at applicant's expense as at Dartford.  Hints some tribunal members lucky in regard of their own sons

03 Mar 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Dartford Chronicle
DRT - John Cornelius, farmer of Middleton Farm, helps widowed mother, sister drives milk cart, with help of boy they farm 26 acres. Military representative said it was easy to find labourers, to which the chairman George Day replied "said he would be glad to have the names and addresses of some as he wanted 4 or 5 badly... the miliitary rep was unable to supply these and the application was granted".

04 Mar 1916 Harrassment of Non-Combatants Kent Messenger
Percy C Winde of Meopham School House replies to letter with Wrotham postmark containing only white feather.  He is over military age and does other war work.

07 Mar 1916 J W Harwood Midland Daily Telegraph
J W Harwood member of Motor Machine Gun Corps

10 Mar 1916 Drunkenness at Ash Dartford Chronicle
George Richard Hills of no fixed abode fined 9 shillings or 7 days for drunk and disorderly at Ash Street, Ash

10 Mar 1916 Conscientious Objectors - Chislehurst Dartford Chronicle
Conscientious objector at Chislehurst, Percival Evershed, asked if he would retaliate when attacked - no. Was it right to stay at home when others fought - admire them but against his conscience to fight. Would he help wounded - yes. Isn't country like wounded in need - the kingdom of heaven is his country, militarism is not in the spirit of Christ. Military rep agree but argued war was absolutely necessary. Tribunal happy with his offer to join RMAC as ambulance driver.

10 Mar 1916 Hartley Roll of Honour Dartford Chronicle
Roll of honour - Hartley - Army: Charles Henry Baines, Edward Cheary, Capt David Copus, William Elliott, J Gardiner, Alfred Hodges, Robert Rose, T Rose, Frederick Shambrook, William Thornton, Maj C E Tristram, Richard Woodward. Longfield - navy 8 army 66 territorials 2. Fawkham - navy 1, army 10.

11 Mar 1916 Conscription Policy Kent Messenger
Press can sit in on tribunal discussions when public are excluded but can't report it.  They know some members are determined to conscript men whatever but public doesn't know this.

11 Mar 1916 Female workers in previously male jobs Kent Messenger
Correspondent says it is not unpatriotic as previously claimed for women farm workers to ask for 2s 6d per day.  Won't get the 40,000 volunteers if they don't, it's hard work and why shouldn't they be paid as much as munitions workers?

17 Mar 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Ash Dartford Chronicle
"One taken and one left" DRMT - Frederick Goodwin, corn merchant of Ash given exemption. Brother William J Goodwin , agricultural engine driver, refused.

18 Mar 1916 Archibald Oliver Obituary Gravesend Reporter
Death of Archibald John Oliver, former resident of Longfield and Swanley. Joined 25th Royal Fusileers as Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant. Sailed from Plymouth on Neuralia on 10/4/1915. Mentioned in despatches as aide-de-camp at Buckbu in June. Served in remote and unhealthy parts of the colony (? S Africa). Caught malaria twice and died of pneumonia. Aged 33. Football enthusiast, once played for Cornwall. Leaves widow and 2 small children.

25 Mar 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Kent Messenger
DRT - George Henry Zimmer, the Nursery, Longfield.  His father is German and is interned, he said it is impossible to keep home going if conscripted.  Refused

25 Mar 1916 Women Workers - Longfield Committee Kent Messenger
Longfield "War Service for Women - A committee has been formed to support the scheme for Agricultural war work for Women.  All information may be obtained from the Registrar, Mrs Dilworth Harrison, The Briars, Longfield

31 Mar 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRMT - H Williams of Elm Cottage, gardener, appealed on medical grounds, given 2 weeks to produce evidence. J H Vaughan of Hartley, clerk, adjourned.

01 Apr 1916 Longfield Variety Show Gravesend Reporter
Variety show at Longfield Club Room, list of performers. 50 gramophone records pledged for wounded soliders in Dartford and Gravesend hospitals.

01 Apr 1916 Conscientious Objectors - Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
Gravesend tribunal rejects conscientious objector request by cinema projectionist, because he shows "warlike" films.

01 Apr 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Kent Messenger
"Dartford Rural Military Tribunal: Henry Thomas Bentley of Hartley Green, a market gardener employed by Rural Development Co, was refused exemption.  The same company appealed (with the same result) for H Brock of Hothfield, Hartley, who, it was stated, would not be of military age till July."  Case of J H Vaughan of Hartley, clerk, deferred (did not appear).

01 Apr 1916 Stack Lane School Kent Messenger
"Education, board residence - Lady and Gentleman (both long experience with boarding pupils) will accept for good home and manly training, four lads (8-12 years old) delicate or otherwise; healthy country life on bracing Kent hills (20 miles out of London); all kinds of recreations, and facilities for poultry and general farming.  Terms on application to Home Care, Hartley, Longfield, Kent." [Homefield, formerly on corner of Stack Lane and Ash Road]

07 Apr 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRMT - Thomas C Stuart of Culvy Down, Hartley, market gardener, conditional exemption. Henry Thomas Bentley of Hartley Green, market gardener employed by Rural Development Company, refused. H Brook of Hothfield, also applied for by Rural Dev Co as skilled in intensive horticulture, dismissed. George W Hollands of Fawkham Green, engine driver, youngest man on farm and nearly 41, exemption granted.

08 Apr 1916 Female workers in previously male jobs Kent Messenger
Rector of Milton Church suggests in parish magazine that they should have women sidesmen, saying "women are doing wonderful things now".

14 Apr 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRMT - Clifford Dearson of the Firs, Hartley, rejected as medically unfit. Percy W Dennis of Elm Villa Hartley, fruit grower and market gardener, appeal rejected. In another case the military representative appealed exemption given.

15 Apr 1916 Henry Booth Hohler of Fawkham, Will Gravesend Reporter
Will of Henry Booth Hohler of Fawkham Manor, who died on 14 Feb 1916. Owned land and £180,000.

15 Apr 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Kent Messenger
Percy W Dennis of Elm Villa, fruit grower and market gardener - appeal against conscription rejected

15 Apr 1916 Wanted - Wire Netting etc Kent Messenger
"Wanted  Wire Netting, rough boards, 4ft, pig pounds, quartering, 6ft also 5f and 6ft stakes, also 200 small fence bats, state price.  Weston, Anzac Cottage, Hartley Hill" [now Hamilton, Church Road]

21 Apr 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Ash Dartford Chronicle
West Kent Appeals Tribunal - rejected appeal by Frederick Goodwin for William John Goodwin, said he was indespensible for business.

21 Apr 1916 Roll of Honour Dartford Chronicle
Roll of Honour In Memoriam - several rural parishes, but none from Hartley or Longfield

21 Apr 1916 Lady Hart-Dyke Working in Munitions Factory Dartford Chronicle
Lady Emily Hart-Dyke (pictured) and her daughter are working daily in a munitions factory.

21 Apr 1916 Longfield Rate Collector Dartford Chronicle
Dartford Guardians appoint A W Cromar of Merton House as temporary rate collector of Longfield, but not permanent to be fair to men at the front

21 Apr 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRMT - George Victor Lynds of Hartley Green, painter and storekeeper for firm building munition works has exemption extended 1 month.

22 Apr 1916 Conscientious Objectors - Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
Gravesend tribunal rejects conscientious objector request by Ernest Frank Challis, 25, draper's manager, who joined the "Peculiar People" and soul saved 13 years ago. Asked by Tribunal whether it was against his conscience to go to football matches or amusements, claimed he hadn't make sacrifices for conscience.

22 Apr 1916 Longfield Rate Collector Kent Messenger
DRDC - invests £5,000 in War Loan.  AW Cromar appointed collector of taxes for Longfield and Hartley to succeed W Robson.  In fairness to men at front his appointment is only until 6 months after end of war.

22 Apr 1916 Longfield Church Kent Messenger
Longfield - 56 Easter Communicants, lower due to many in forces.  Roll of honour with 80 names pinned to Church door.  Easter offerings are £13.0.0¾d

28 Apr 1916 Assault at Longfield Dartford Chronicle
Albert Brazier of Belvedere fined 40 shillings for assault on PC Rich at Dartford Road, Longfield, charge of being drunk in charge of a horse was dropped

28 Apr 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRMT - H Williams of Elm Cottage, passed fit for home service. T William Crouch of Longfield given exemption as coal merchant.

29 Apr 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Kent Messenger
H Williams of Elin Cottage, Hartley passed fit for home service.

29 Apr 1916 Prize Winning Dog Gentlewoman
Picture of Miss Davies-Cooke's prize winning Brussels Griffon dog Ch Elfin, born 27.4.1913.

01 May 1916 Gravesend Magazine to Close Gravesend Magazine
Closure of Gravesend Magazine due to fact that "war has claimed all the staff with one exception"

05 May 1916 Market Gardening Courses at Swanley College Dartford Chronicle
Kent Education Committee organising short courses at Swanley Horticultural College on market gardening for women to help war effort.

05 May 1916 Conscientious Objectors - Dartford Dartford Chronicle
Dartford UDC refuse to employ Cos, calls for sacking of CO teachers by KEC Committee member

05 May 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Dartford Chronicle
WKAT - Charles Foster, manager of Longfield Coal Wharf, appealed for son Charles. Has contracts with EC Powder Works and farm, dismissed.

06 May 1916 Gravesend Hospital Kent Messenger
Gravesend Hospital Flag Day collection appears to only go as far out as Southfleet

12 May 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRMT - A Humphrey of Elmhurst, Hartley, farm manager, given conditional exemption

20 May 1916 Gravesend Yacht Club VAD Hospital Kent Messenger
Gravesend Yacht Club VAD hospital especially wants to thank generous donors of Hartley and Longfield

26 May 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Dartford Chronicle
DRMT - John Cornelius of Middleton Farm, given conditional exemption

26 May 1916 Conscription Policy Dartford Chronicle
Editorial calls for tribunal members to talk less and listen more. Says appellants face rapid fire questions without a chance to reply. In interests of justice.

26 May 1916 Saving of Food - Failure of Voluntary Restrictions Dartford Chronicle
"There is on the part of the purchasing public as a whole no evidence of a marked reduction of consumption of food.

An understanding of the difficulty of giving the family what it is 'used to', without an inordinate increase of expenditure, a housewife has quoted the following figures for present purchases as compared with May 1914.

Compulsory restriction of the quantities purchasable might not, one suggests, be attractive in itself, or even popular, but it would at least help the housewife to make ends meet.

Tea (1½lb) Now 3s 6d (Price in 1914 - 2s 6d); Butter (2lb) 3s 2d (2s 4d); Bottled or tinned fruit (2 var) 2s 6d (1s 10d); Cocoa (1 tin) 1s 0d (0s 9½d); Cheese (1½lb) 1s 8½d (1s 4½d); Soap (7lb) 4s 2d (3s 8d); Soda (7lb)* 0s 6½d (0s 3d); Bundle wood (per doz bundles)* 1s 0d (0s 5-6d); Stove Polish (per tin) 0s 4d (0s 2½d) * There is considerable difficulty at times in obtaining supplies of such things as soda and bundle wood.

27 May 1916 Edwin Cheary - Commendation Kent Messenger
"Pte E Cheary (Hartley) - Heroic Conduct on the field - A Hartley man has been commended for distinguished conduct in the field.  Pte E Cheary, after serving at the front for 9 months, was recently home on short leave.  5 days after his return he was commended for his daring work in France.  By his splendid behaviour in the face of the enemy he has won distinction for himself and brought honour to his native village.  The following is a copy of a special card received from the General of his division a few days ago - "2nd Battalion Yorks & Lancs Regiment, 20502 Pte E Cheary - Your commanding officer and brigade commander have informed me that you distinguished yourself on 20th, 22nd April 1916 near ____ by conspicuous good service in an isolated and heavily bombarded trench, holding the position cheerfully, though without rations for 48 hours.  I have read their report with much pleasure."

27 May 1916 Summer Time Introduced Kent Messenger
Gravesend's clock winder Mr Munns subject to good natured teasing when he put clocks forward at 2am, people asked why he was prowling around in the night!

27 May 1916 Army Flyposting in Longfield Kent Messenger
A hint to Churchwardens

The Churchwardens of Longfield on the Saturday after Easter Day affixed their annual statement of accounts to the  church notice board, but on Sunday a large Army poster was pasted in the centre of the board, nearly covering the balance sheet, and also totally covering a notice just affixed by the clerk of the Parish Council.  Complaint was made to the Secretary of State for War, and inquiry having been made through the officer of the Eastern Command and the recruiting officers at Maidstone and Gravesend, and explanation was given of the cause of the incident. Other Churchwardens may find similar difficulty in providing for all the notices for which room must be found on church boards at the present time, and be glad to know that their rights may be respected if due representations be made.

27 May 1916 Gravesend Yacht Club VAD Hospital Kent Messenger
The Commandant wishes to thank most sincerely the following for their generous gifts and subscriptions to the above hospital.  The Countess of Darnley, Mrs Dann, Mr Branon, Mrs Paterson, Mrs Smith, Mrs Tolhurst, Phyllis and Jack Wilson, Mrs J Davis, Standard V (Wrotham Road Girls' School), and staff of Henley's Engineering Works - pound day.  The Commandant again thanks all who contributed pound day offerings.  The appeal from the Hospital met with a most generous response in Gravesend and District.  To all in Hartley and Longfield special thanks are due for their enthusiasm and generosity.  The following is a list of the gifts received:- Tea 53 lb; rice 184¼ lb; sugars 258 lb; jam 84 lb; marmalade 26 lb; tapioca 44¾ lb; cornflower 14 lb; coffee 8¼ lb; cocoa 12¼ lb; Quaker Oats 38½ lb; bread 5½ lb; other groceries 233¾ lb; fruit and vegetables 179½ lb; household stores (soaps, soda etc) 136 lb; eggs 163.  Subrciptions in money £6 10s 2½d.

27 May 1916 Gravesend Hospital Kent Messenger
"Heroes' Bed: During the past week the following donations have been received by the Committee of the Gravesend Hospital towards the 500 guineas required to endow the proposed 'Heroes' Bed'…… Rifleman J H Vaughan, Queen's Westminster Rifles [of Hartley, on War Memorial]... The Committee propose to keep the fund open until the war is over, as it is their sincere wish that all those who have a relative or friend serving with the colours should have an opportunity of subscribing to the Fund.

After the close of the war there will be a great number of men who will suffer physically on account of the great hardships endured whilst on active service, consequently it is anticipated that the bed will be fully occupied for many years.  Further the committee would respectfully point out that there can be no more fitting way of perpetuating the memory of relatives or friends who have fallen for the country, than by helping to endow this bed." [KM 22.7.1916 records gift of 5 guineas by Major and Mrs Tristram of Longfield.  The paper of 20.7.1918 reported on the unveiling of the bed, bed no 9 on the Tingey Ward.  Volunteer soldiers will be given preference over conscripts]

29 May 1916 Army Boots Case at Black Lion Gravesend Reporter
Boots from the barracks - case of John English and others (see article)

02 Jun 1916 Hartley Roll of Honour Dartford Chronicle
Roll of honour - Hartley - Army - K Cheary, commended for gallant service April 1916

07 Jun 1916 Postal Service Reorganisation Kent Messenger
"On and after Monday next there will be considerable alterations in the despatch of letters from Longfield.  The present outward mails will be abandoned, and the despatches on weekdays will be at 2.50 pm and 5.20 pm, and on Sundays at 9.40 am.  The times of collection at the outlyiing letter boxes will be altered to correspond.  The mails will all be sent to Dartford, and not to London direct."

09 Jun 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Fawkham and Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRMT - G H Humphrey of Steep Hill, Fawkham, director of building construction company - 3 month's exemption. CGM Lynds of Hartley Green, general labourer on war work at Longfield - 2 weeks adjournment.

09 Jun 1916 Local Casualties in Battle of Jutland Dartford Chronicle
Obituaries of 5 local men from battle of Jutland

09 Jun 1916 Cancellation of Bank Holiday Times
Whit Bank Holiday cancelled and postponed to 8th August.

10 Jun 1916 Lunchtime Closing of Longfield Shops Kent Messenger
Longfield - shops to close between 1 and 2 pm due to shortage of assistants due to call up

10 Jun 1916 Longfield Church Kent Messenger
Longfield - Ladies' Pilgrimage of Prayer visits Fawkham, Longfield and Longfield Hill.  Given lunch by inhabitants of L

10 Jun 1916 Longfield Parish Council Kent Messenger
Longfield PC - request for reinstatement of Sunday train to Gravesend as munitions workers now have to walk to work; agreement reached with Dartford RDC about taking flints from the allotment sites

17 Jun 1916 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
(1) DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Horace Day of Lion Cottages - dismissed.  CGM Lynds of Hartley Green - 2 week's exemption; (2) Longfield to hold memorial service at "The Camp" for Lord Kitchener; (3) Longfield - changes to post times - will now be despatched at 2.50 pm and 5.30 pm weekdays and 9.40 am on Sundays.  Outlying box times altered accordingly.  Post will now go to Dartford and not direct to London; (4) Chauffeur situation wanted - Joseph Rich, Hartley; (5) For sale - mare and good foal.  Apply A Humphrey, Hartley

23 Jun 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - CGM Lynds - 2 week exemption

30 Jun 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - W Crouch of Essex Road, Longfield, postman with 11 children and invalid wife - conditional exemption. GV Lynds of Hartley, painter - adjourned 1 week. Rev S Morgan complains of use made by military of National Registration Cards, when there was an assurance in parliament that they would not be used so. He said they have become the military's Encyclopaedia Britannica.

01 Jul 1916 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
(1) Shaws Laundries Advert - collect from Longfield, Hartley and Fawkham on Tuesdays; (2) Acquarium for sale, £3 - Hartley House; (3) Cook general wanted wages £20 - C G, Hartley House

07 Jul 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Dartford Chronicle
(1) DRT Appeals Against Conscription - John Foster applied for George M Swan of 2 Elm Terrace, Longfield his driver (dismissed), G S Applegate of Hartley, cowman (conditional exemption), and S E Simes of George Cottage, Essex Road, stockman with widowed mother (conditional exemption); (2) DRT Appeals Against Conscription - George P M Bassano of The Croft, Hartley, poultry farmer (conditional exemption); Edward Harold Hare of Hartley Green, market gardener & CO? (conditional exemption); (3) Military authorities have banned local people from using military vehicles to get to hospitals, affecting those who entertain the inmates or who bring flowers for wards.

08 Jul 1916 Army Boots Case at Black Lion Gravesend Reporter
Serious charges against licensed victuallers - John William English of the Black Lion, Hartley and Edward William Swift of the King of the Belgians Pub Gravesend accused of stealing 300 pairs of boots from Milton Barracks worth £218.10. "PS Sands stated that on Saturday, from a report lodged at the police office, and inquiries made and information obtained, at 6am he in company with the Chief Constable, proceeded to the Black Lion Hartley, and knocked at the door, which was answered by English, putting his head out of the window. "What do you want" he asked, and witness told him he wanted a few words with him. Prisoner then came downstairs and invited them into a small grocer's shop attached to the premises. Having cautioned him, witness told him they were making enquiries relative to an extensive robbery at Gravesend barracks, and that they had reason to believe that a quantity of the articles had been received by him. Prisoner at first denied all knowledge of it, but afterwards admitted that he had one or two cases. They asked if they could see them, and at prisoner's invitation they had a look over the premises. They found the one box produced containing 30 pairs of boots and laces, standing in what prisoner called the office. Going upstairs, in the first bedroom they found six cases similar to that produced, containing 180 pairs of boots and laces. In the second bedroom were three cases containing 90 pairs of boots and laces. Witness said the Chief Constable asked him to account for their possession, adn he replied "I drove to Gravesend on Thursday the 15th June, where I met another publican. We went into a public house and had a drink. He asked me if I had room to put a few boxes up, and I told him 'Yes'. He then left me and then went to a table and spoke to another man, dressed as a military officer. he came back to me and asked me to meet him the next day, Friday. I went to his house, and afterwards agreed to meet him ast the Pelham Arms at 2.30 the same day. He came at the time mentioned in a military motor lorry and with 2 soldiers and we all drove out together. The soldiers assisted to unload, and I placed them in the clubroom. I remained at home, and the other three left."

Witness then questioned him with reference to 6 bales of clothing and socks, and he denied all knowledge of them, saying he had never seen them. They told the prisoner they knew he had, and also who brought them out to him, and prisoner then admitted that he had received them, but had since disposed of them, and that they were fetched away in a covered van, but he did not know where they went. They then asked prisoner if a solider called on him on the Sunday evening and demanded his 'corner'. Prisoner replied yes, he called here and asked for his share and I told him I could not give him any but that he would have to go to Gravesend and see them. Before he left I gave him £1". Prisoner afterwards corrected this statement to "I lent him £1". Witness asked him if he knew the name and prisoner replied "No. I have only seen him once before." Witness and the Chief Constable brought the prisoner to Gravesend and after further enquiries at 4pm the same day, witness, the Chief Constable and Detective Reed went to the King of the Belgians Inn. There they saw the prisoner Swift and telling him that the reason of their visit was with reference to a robbery at Milton Barracks, and that they had reason to suspect that he knew something about it, cautioned him. They told him of the recovery of a quantity of boots from the Black Lion, Hartley, and that they had reason to believe that he assisted in gettting the goods there and unloading them with 2 soldiers and a man named English on the 16th June. Swift replied "I don't know English" Witness remarked that he had reason to believe taht he did for he had a cheque drawn in his favour by English on the London, County and Westminster Bank, Dartford Branch, dated 25th May 1916, No W3,861. Prisoner asked "Is that the little man that does a lot of dealing? If it is so I do know him, but if you'll excuse me I'm not very good at remembering dates." They brought prisoner to the police office and in presence

08 Jul 1916 Army Boots Case at Black Lion Kent Messenger
600 boots found at Hartley Inn - page 1 headline (extensively reported in following weeks)

08 Jul 1916 Gunfire from the Front Kent Messenger
Boom of guns from front heard over central and east Kent

08 Jul 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Kent Messenger
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Fairby Construction Company get exemption for 22 men in various parts of the country

08 Jul 1916 Bias in Awarding Contracts Kent Messenger
Correspondent complains of action by Gravesend BC re Mr Shultz.  His was lowest tender but they referred matter back because his sons weren't in army when in fact they were medically unfit.

08 Jul 1916 Army Boots Case at Black Lion Gravesend Reporter
John William English of Black Lion, publican, accused of handling stolen army boots

08 Jul 1916 Governess Car for Sale Maidstone Telegraph
"Governess Car, full size, round corners; stained; West End maker; Bedford cord upholstery; brass lamps, waterproof cover, whip, umbrella basket; recently done up; in good condition; £18, no dealers; seen any afternoon (Sunday excepted) - Hartley House, Hartley, near Longfield, Kent."

11 Jul 1916 Army Boots Case at Black Lion Times
Summary of remand proceedings in Army Boots case

14 Jul 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Fairby Construction company applies for exemption of GV Lynds of Hartley, painter and J H Skinner, smith of Hartley and many others (see article)

15 Jul 1916 Female workers in previously male jobs Kent Messenger
3.5 million people employed in war industries, 660,000 of them women

21 Jul 1916 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
(1) Amos John Austin of Manor Farm, Longfield fined 3s 6d for no dog licence; (2) Proposals to cancel August Bank Holiday, Lloyd-George wants peopled to "keep at it"; (3) Whole page of obituaries from the Somme

22 Jul 1916 Longfield War Casualties Kent Messenger
Longfield - casualties in recent fighting - Harry Swan (killed), Harry Jenkins (missing), and Fred Brooks of Pescot Avenue (wounded, likely to lose an eye)

22 Jul 1916 Bricks Wanted Kent Messenger
Wanted 20,000 bricks - French, Hartley

28 Jul 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Ernest Locke of Orchard Cottage, Hartley, clerk, given 1 month exemption on personal grounds. Stephen Crocher, fitters mate of Cuxton and employed at EC Works, Longfield (refused)

28 Jul 1916 Conscientious Objectors - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
"John Rich, a bricklayer, of Hartley, as a socialist objected to any form of military or naval discipline.  He said society was wrong.  They could not live by killing.  He did not think the cause was just or right for which England was at war.  His son, who was serving, did as he wished. He was hostile to every party that was not a socialist party.  He had a right to his own opinion.

The Rev S Morgan said no man had a right in his opinion if that opinion was wrong.

Applicant said it was impossible to be a Christian and a Socialist was well.

The Rev S Morgan "Oh, is that so, then I am done.  There is nothing to prevent a Socialist being a Christian.

Applicant said a socialist must be an athiest.  He was a creature of circumstance.   There was no such thing as having a will of his own.

The Military Representative said what was the serious hardship that applicant complained of.

Applicant explained that his son had joined the army voluntarily, and applicant had to pay his son's clubs in case of his returning wounded  He had not received a farthing for the whole time he enlisted.

Granted exemption so long as on munitions work."

[When conscription was introduced, so was a system of appeals against conscription.  This might be on the grounds of hardship, occupation or conscientious grounds, for example.  The tribunal was reluctant to grant exemptions on the grounds of conscience.]

29 Jul 1916 Local Casualties in Battle of Somme Gravesend Reporter
"The Great Advance - heavy local casualty list" (1 page); Also Dartford Chronicle 28/7/16

29 Jul 1916 Army Boots Case at Black Lion Gravesend Reporter
John William English committed for trial

05 Aug 1916 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
(1) Gravesend CofE churches to circulate form to find out how many are serving and what denomination; (2) Longfield - patriotic entertainment at Club Room organised by Mr and Mrs Fielder for Gravesend Yacht Club VAD hospital.  £8.5.1 raised.  Misses Elcome and Amos sang "Pack up your troubles"; (3)Housemaid wanted, house with 4 servants - Mrs H Baker, Hartley Manor

08 Aug 1916 Munitions Workers Postpone Holiday Times
Most munitions works attend to government appeal to postpone bank holiday on 7th.

11 Aug 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
(1) DRT Appeals Against Conscription - E Spriggs of Hartley Wood, gardener (2 months exemption). CGM Lynds of Hartley Green, working in stone quarries (adjourned). H Symons, farmer on Hartley Manor estate and M Webb of Hartley Wood, manager of smallholding (conditional exemptions). C English of The Stores, manager of corn and oil stores (2 months exemption); (2) 2nd anniversary of war, procession from Dartford council offices to the Bandstand. Mr Smale said "Nothing short of complete victory would compensate the country for the blood and treasure which has been poured our, and the arch villain must be brought to its knees" Similar speeches from others.

12 Aug 1916 Gravesend West Street Railway Kent Messenger
SE&C Railway tell Longfield PC there is no chance of restoring Sunday service to Gravesend.  LPC had said it means a 5 mile walk for munitions workers, hospital visitors and soldiers

19 Aug 1916 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
(1) DRT Appeals Against Conscription - CGM Lynds, Hartley Green, conditional exemption; (2) Small stack of meadow hay and white ferrets for sale - write or call Bassano, Hartley

25 Aug 1916 Hartley Roll of Honour Dartford Chronicle
New Roll of honour: Hartley - army - E Cheary (commended for gallant service, April 1916), Lance Corporal L West (wounded July 1916). Longfield had 3 sailors rescued from HMS Cressy, 4 army

25 Aug 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Charles GM Lynds of Hartley Green (conditional exemption)

26 Aug 1916 Longfield War Casualties Kent Messenger
Longfield - Pte A(lfred) Ing 23494 Gloucester Regiment died of wounds

26 Aug 1916 Homefield, Stack Lane to let Kent Messenger
To let Homecare (?Homefield, Stack Lane), vegetables, milk

01 Sep 1916 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
(1) (and passim) paper runs tobacco fund for troops; (2) Westfield, Church Road, sale of household effects by executors of TW Wells, including beds, crockery, hen houses, piano (see article); (3) Zeppelin raid on outskirts of London. Detailed eyewitness accounts without location

02 Sep 1916 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Bishop of London allows women preachers so long as they only address women and don't use the pulpit or chancel steps. Met with great resistance, but Dr Letitia Fairfield replied in Daily Chronicle of 17/8 that saying women preachers 'contaminated buildings' was "the most comprehensive insult ever offered to a human being"; (2) For sale furniture and effects of Westfield, Hartley Church Road

08 Sep 1916 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
(1) DRDC - Rev Stanley Morgan asked whether the health visitors had been to Hartley, Ash, Fawkham, Ridley or Kingsdown? - No. He and Rev E Smith agreed it was a disgrace as these areas were paying for them too; (2) Samuel Osborn and John Foster of Longfield accused of cruelty to horse, lame horse found carrying 23 cwt of coal at Lanes End. Foster fined 10 shillings; (3) Londoner's eyewitness account of Zeppelin raid. "like a silver galleon in the sky' how they hoped AA fire would hit it, and how each gun opens up in the few moments they see the Zeppelin in the searchlights. None hit, but exploding shells nearby make them think for a moment it has been; (4) Discussion why gunfire not heard 15 miles behind the line can be heard much further away in Kent

09 Sep 1916 Army Boots Case at Black Lion Kent Messenger
Initial application for bail for JW English.  Brother Charles £200, Mr Smith of Ash £200, himself £250

09 Sep 1916 Zeppelin Raid at Gravesend Kent Messenger
"About 1.20 am on Sunday, writes a village correspondent, the inhabitants of our quiet district were immediately aware of the booming of aircraft guns, the whistling of shells, the weird playing of numerous searchlights, and then such a crash!  The Zepps were here.  Looking up one could be seen splendidly 'held' by the nearest searchlight, and being attacked by an adjacent aircraft battery.  The airship changed her course like a turned hare and scurried away.  The craft had entered the parish from the south, making for London.  On being discovered by the searchlight, she made suddenly for the east.  4 explosive bombs  were dropped in the district and incendiary bombs fell in some fields, setting fire to a wheat stack.  Fire brigades, police and special constables hurried to the scene,a nd then what cheering!  The sky was illuminated to the north-east, and an airship was seen falling in flames.  Nearer home the biggest effect was theat of an explosive bomb which made a hole in a field nearly 30 feet in circumference.  The spot was discovered before daylight, and many eager searchers carried away souvenirs.  About 300 yards further on a bomb weighing 2 cwt fell in a field, exploding underground.  This was unearthed by the military on Sunday.  A hundred yards beyond, a farmer and his family had a narrow escape.  The farmer was watching the airship approaching - she looked about 12 yards long at the distance - and shortly afterwards whe dropped a bomb which smashed outbuildings, meal house, coal shed etc.  But spared the farm house and stables.  It was almost pathetic to see a faithful horse pick its way out from the debris at dawn of day.  Windows were broken in 2 streets, but the cause for deep gratitude is that not a single life was lost.  The few casualties officialy reported are sometimes received with scepticism, but here in a line of about 2 miles, 17 incendiary and 3 explosive bombs fell without even an animal being hurt.  The Zeppelin possibly was unloading her stock of explosives to enable her the better to escape, and dropped them right and left promisuously."

09 Sep 1916 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
(1) Dartford Rural District Council - concerns raised by Rev Stanley Morgan supported by Rev E Smith (member for Hartley) that new health visitors are not covering Hartley, Ash, West Kingsdown, Fawkham and Ridley, in spite of what they had agreed to; (2) Lt Hiscock and police raid Grand Theatre and 3 picture halls in Gravesend and questioned those of military age, drew a blank

09 Sep 1916 Homefield, Stack Lane to let Kent Messenger
"War time economy - to let, country villa in own grounds, furnished in exact self contained halves, all modern accommodation, bracing air on Kent Hills, vegetables, milk etc, easy access London (20 miles) - Home Care, Hartley, Longfield, Kent"

15 Sep 1916 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
(1) Toll of brave includes names from rural district but not Hartley or Longfield. Page of those recently decorated; (2) Criticism by paper of military raid on Dartford house of entertainment on 11th. 80 arrested with the "customary" result that not one shirker was roped in. Likens it to a press gang. Paper says there is ill feeling that officials appear to connive at "badging" single men but debadging married men in factories.

16 Sep 1916 Army Calls for Informants on Missing Conscripts Gravesend Reporter
Advert by Gravesend recruiting officer asking for whereabouts of about 100 named men, not certain if Hartley area covered but none south of Meopham/Southfleet.

16 Sep 1916 Longfield War Casualties Kent Messenger
West Kent Regiment - killed - Pte H Swan 991 Longfield

22 Sep 1916 Women Workers - Many Volunteers for Hospitals Dartford Chronicle
Request for women to work in local hospitals has been so successful that no more will be needed for the next 2-3 months

23 Sep 1916 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
(1) Fawkham - stained glass window in memory of HB Hohler dedicated; (2) Fear of Zeppelins said to be contributory factor in suicide at Greenhithe, wife said he was always reading or talking about them; (3) 100 acres of underwood for sale.  Apply A Humphrey, Hartley; (4) "The Noble Mission" The noble 4000 - Rev SJ Poole, local coordinator of National Mission census, claims 95% return of forms showing 40% married men and 60% of single men serving locally, with casualty rate of 5%. Northfleet (married serving - 501, single serving 750, killed/missing to 16/9 - 78; children of men serving - 1,129), Gravesend (427, 624, 33, 815), Milton (558, 771, 74, 1,205)

30 Sep 1916 Zeppelin Shot Down Gravesend Reporter
"Witnessed by thousands in Gravesend - The fiery ball in the sky - Demonstrations of joy and excitement

Three weeks ago last Sunday, thousands in Gravesend witnessed the fall to earth of the burning airship which has made the little Hertfordshire village of Cuffley famous the world over.    In the wee small hours of Sunday morning they had a nearer vision of the tragic fate with befell the super-Zeppelin, which dropped to its doom in a mangold wurzel field in the adjoining county of Essex,.  Contiguous as Kent is to Exxex, divorced only by the highway of empire, the people of this neighbourhood had a splendid view of the whole of this tragedy - brief in its duration, but swift in its accomplishment.  News that Zeppelins had crossed the coast was received at Gravesend and Northfleet shortly after 9 on Saturday night, and immediately all lights were extenguished.  People who were in the market were caught, as it were, in a trap, and they had to exticate themselves as best they could.  Trams which were running in the streets were left motionless on the track, and everybody sought the vicinity of their homes.  Reassuring news was spread later that the visitors were being driven off by aeroplanes, and many folk went off to bed.  Between 11 and 12 the guns of the Thames Defences began to bark, but they sounded a good distance away.  The many searchlights were going, thrusting their long shafts of white light through space into the serene, star lit sky, but nothing else would be discerned.  Just before 1 the guns sounded neare, and those who ventured into the streets, and they were nearly all those who were up, were rewarded with a sight of the marauder.  It was not a very big affair, as seen from Gravesend, but the searchlights played around it and held it as if in a pair of pincers.  IN appearance it was like a silver rod, not much larger than a foot, and  one gentleman who followed it from Rosherville with a pair of powerful glasses said he could distinctly see the gondola beneath the silvery envelope.  While it was floating in the bath of white light from the searchlights puffs of smoke from the shrapnel exploding round it rolled in eddies about it, and he is certain that one of the shots went home just to the fore amidships.  Teh vessel shook like a dog just emerging from the water, and then it emitted a black vapour and tried to make off.  At this moment the guns ceased firing and those who were following the course of events through field glasses aver that they distinctly saw an aeroplane.  An instant afterwards tehre was a red glowing disc suspended, as it were, from the sky, and the watercher saw it grow and grow, and glow and glow like a red hot coal.  It seemed to expand, as if some unseen Vulcan, were blowing a fiery bladder, and then it tilted upwards from the left.  It was at this moment the spectators realised what had happened.  "They've hit it" someone shouted at the top of his voice, and a mighty roar of approving cheers were sent up which must have reached for miles into Essex.  As the glowing object got into a perpendicular position, it expanded until it resumbled a hugh pear shaped ball, and the fames could be distincly seen roaring like a furnace.  Then the lower part fo the burning mass slowly dropped away, and in the distance ti looked like pieces of burning rope detaching itself and falling to the earth.  But those who viewed it with the aid of powerful glasses state that it was the gondola parting from the envelope.  These fragments fell slowly at first, and then shot down rapidly.  The main mass of the fiery ball took about 5 minutes to burn to its maximum and then it seemed to contract until at last it had the appearance almost of a glowing golden rod, suspended in mid-air.  Slowly it dropped and then with a sudden accession momentum fell to earth, like Lucifer, never to rise again.  The horizon obscured it, but werhe it fell a glow appear for a minute or two, and then died away, and all that remained to indicate the tragedy which had happened was the shafts of the searchlights, sweeping the starlit sky.   All this time people in the town had been frantically cheering and waving their hats and handkerchiefs, and the sirens from the craft on the river had kept up an unearthly pean of jubilation.l  Then there was a rush to the riverside in the belief that the burnign mass had fallen quite close, but the only sight rewarding the thousands who flocked there wre the lights of the craft blinking at their reflections in the turbid waters.  There was plenty of speculation as to the precise place in which the burning airship fell.  It was with feelings of satisfaction that Gravesend and Northfleet went home to bed between 2 and 3 - satisfaction at the fact that the Huns had been taught a second lesson which must have a great effect upon the morale of their Zeppelin crews, satisfaction that some reparation had been exacted for all the terrorising and frightfulness of these useless raids, satisfaction at the fact that Great Britain has at last awakened to the right mehod of dealing with these emissaries of the Kaiser, and satisfaction that the Germans have suffered a defeat within our own country."

30 Sep 1916 Wounded Soldies Entertained at Meopham Kent Messenger
120 wounded soldiers from both Gravesend VAD hospitals entertained at Meopham Green,  Did rain though

06 Oct 1916 Council Buy Traction Engine Dartford Chronicle
(1) DRDC - purchase traction engine from Aveling of Rochester for work on the roads, to save costs of paying contractors. Discussion over purchasing flints, George Day says council flints at Longfield might not be available, Rev Morgan thought some farmers had overcharged or cost the council more by not selling to them direct.  (2) Dartford Board of Guardians vote to request increase in old age pensions, but vote against urging reduction of age from 70 to 65

07 Oct 1916 Longfield Collection for POWs Kent Messenger
(1) Longfield - flag day for Kentish POWs in Germany raises £6; (2) For sale 100 acres underwood - Humphrey, Hartley; (3) Cook wanted - Mrs Herbert Baker, Hartley Manor; (4) Haystack (4 tons) for sale, grazing for sheep to let - Tate, Church Road

14 Oct 1916 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger
(1) Adult education - Cottage Gardening at Longfield and Hartley; (2) Manor Road, Longfield to be raised to deal with swampy area

14 Oct 1916 Discovery of Human Remains - Longfield's Tradition Kent Messenger
"During the excavations at the stone pit on the allotment field, belonging to the Longfield Parish Council, at Whitehill, near Fawkham Station, on Monday afternoon, a human skeleton was unearthed.  It was covered by only about a foot and a half of the loamy soil, and was lying on the top of the old river drift.  It is difficult to offer any suggestion as to how it came ot be deposited there, or what might be the antiquity of it, as no expert was at hand to give an opinion, and the bones mostly crumbled to dust on exposure to the air.  It might have been a man of the 'Galley Hill' type, thousands of years old, who had been somehow immersed in the water, and teh alluvial soil been deposited above him, or the body might have been buried at a slight depth at a later period.  It was lying with the feet towards the north east, the point at which teh sun rises on Midsummer Day, and to which the line off axis ast Stonehenge is directed, and so connected with the sun worship of the Romano-British period or thereabouts.  There were no relics of any kind accompanying.  On the other hand, there is a tradition in Longfield that a man was murdered there rather less than 20 years ago, and that the body could not be traced even with the help of bloodhounds.  All that could be gathered of the remains were taken into the care of the police, and were placed in the Fire Station, probably to be the subject of a Coroner's inquest."

20 Oct 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
(1) DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Charles English (26) - case adjourned; (2) Human bones found at Whitehill Stone Quarry, Longfield. 2 ft 6 in underground but much decayed so likely to have been there a long time; (3) Paper criticises abuse of conditional exemptions by some employers, who falsely tell those affected that it means they have to continue to work with them. Cites case of one man sacked by his employer who told him he would be in the army in a week, got another job, but told to go back to original employer by tribunal

21 Oct 1916 National Mission Census Gravesend Reporter
Correspondence about the National Mission's figure of 83% Anglicans, free church writers in this and other editions say it is too high. Non-church goers called Anglicans, easter communicants of CofE 2.7 million

21 Oct 1916 Fatal Cycling Accident - Tar Barrels on Longfield Hill Kent Messenger
"On Tuesday, the Coroner (Mr G E Penman) held an inquiry at the Town Hall, Gravesend, concerning the death of Sergt Albert Gherkins, aged 41, a resident of South Hackney, who met his death as the result of a cycling mishap at Longfield Hill.

Deceased's brother, William Gherkins, of Morning Lane, Hackney, said that deceased, prior to joining the army, was employed by Messrs Clarke, Nicholls adn Coombes.

Wm John Maylon of Longfield, deposed that on Tuesday week at about 7pm he was standing outside the lodge gates on Longfield Hill, when deceased cycled by on his right side, ringing his bell.  5 or 6 yards from the gate were some barrels lying on the side of the road.  Deceased's bicycle hit one of them, with the result that he was flung between the barrels and the hedge.  Witness picked him up.  He was conscious, but injured about the head.  Witness sent to the camp and 2 soldiers came and took the deceased back with them.  There were 5 barrels on the side of the road; they had been there over 3 months.  He had seen similar accidents happen there during that period.  On one occasion 2 soliders riding bicycles were thrown off, but did not receive severe injuries.  He did not know to whom the barrels belonged.  Some of the people of Longfield thought they should have been removed.  This had since been done.

Dr Bincks, house surgeon at the hospital, said that deceased was practically unconscious on admittance.  He had been at the hospital in the Barracks.  He was suffering from the effects of concussion and injuries to the head.  He died on Saturday from concussion of the brain, combined with double pneumonia, developed since the accident.

Captain Stephenson said deceased had been in the regiment only a few months.  On the night in question he had been to Longfield siding and was returning.  He bore a good character in every respect.

the Coroner said that if the jury thought it worth while he would willingly write to the Kent County Council about the barrels.  Barrels of that description might be lying about in other parts of the county.  But for the barrels, the man would have still been alive.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death."

21 Oct 1916 Casualties of War Kent Messenger
(1) Pte A Cole of West Yoke, Ash, killed in action (picture); (2) Kent Casualties - killed - Pte W Hurst, 24244 KRRC, Longfield

21 Oct 1916 Symons v Fairby Construction Company Kent Messenger
"Dartford County Court - Thursday, before his honour Judge Parry…..

Mrs May Symons of Heortlea, Longfield, sued the Fairby Construction Co Ltd for £59 9s, principally penalty for not finishing a building contract In the specified time.  The defence was that the delay in the completion of the building was due to the state of the labour market.  Judgement for the plaintiff for £43."

24 Oct 1916 Sale at New House Farm Kent Messenger
"New House Farm, Hartley, Longfield

Mr Philip Champion has received instructions from Mr Joseph Thornton, to sell by auction, at the above address, on Monday 6th November 1916 at 12 o'clock pm, the whole of the live and dead farming stock

comprising 5 horses, 4 cows, 10 heiffers and calves, 25 half bred sheep, 2 pigs, the usual collection of agricultural implements, and a quanitity of nursery stock, including 1,000 apples, 2,000 plums, 4,000 currants, 15,000 Ash plants and 1,000 poplars.

Catalogues (in due course) may be obtained at the place of sale, and of the auctioneer, Mr Philip Champion FSI, 5 Market Buildings, Maidstone, and 133 Lowfield Street, Dartford."

28 Oct 1916 £14 6s 9d from 92 houses Kent Messenger
£14 6s 9d from 92 houses.  In answer to an appeal made by Lord Harris for funds to provide comforts to Kentish soldiers at the fighting fronts and Kentish prisoners of war, it was resolved that a collection be made. The parish comprises only 106 houses, but of these 92 contributed and the sum of £14 6s 9d was the pleasing result."  [This is principally of interest because it shows the number of houses in Hartley had rapidly increased in a short time, following the acquisition of most of Hartley by Small Owners Limited.  At the 1911 Census there were 61 houses, but 5 years later there were 106]

28 Oct 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Kent Messenger
Darford Rural Tribunal - Thomas C Stuart, 32, market gardener - certificate withdrawn

28 Oct 1916 A Blackwell wounded Gloucestershire Journal
A Blackwell of Glos regiment wounded

28 Oct 1916 Fruit holding for Sale Kent Messenger
Fruit holding for sale, 2 acres, in full bearing, Tate, Hartley [Oaklands, Church Road]

31 Oct 1916 Sale at New House Farm Kent Messenger
"New House Farm, Hartley, Longfield, Kent

Mr Philip Champion has received instructions from Messrs Joseph Thornton and George Day, to sell by auction, on the above premises, on Monday 6th November 1916 at 12 o'clock noon, the live and dead farming stock

comprising 5 active cart horses, 8 cows and heiffers, 3 yearling steers, 3 weanling calves, 2 fat pigs, 14 half fred Hampshire ewes, 41 lambs, donkey cart and harness.  The usual collection of agricultural implements, including ploughs, harrows, Martin's cultivator, iron roll, binder, mower, set of stacking tackle, chaff cutter, 2 root slicers, sheep dipping apparatus, 100 new sheep gates, waggon, dung carts, harness, poultry, 2 acres mangel and a quanitity of nursery stock, including 2,300 apple and plum trees, 9,000 currant and gooseberry bushes, 1,700 poplars and 15,000 ash plants.

Catalogues may be obtained at the place of sale, and of the auctioneer, as above".

04 Nov 1916 National Mission Census Gravesend Reporter
Reply on behalf of National Mission: CofE 3,033, Non-conformist 382; RC 155; Not stated 61

04 Nov 1916 Ash and District Nursing Fund Kent Messenger
DRDC - to contribute £25 to Ash and District Nursing Fund, to secure nurse to serve outlying parishes

04 Nov 1916 A Blackwell wounded Kent Messenger
Kent Casualties - wounded - Pte A Blackwell, 23491 Gloucester, Longfield [Hartley]; Pte A Pankhurst, Longfield, 12853 Middx Regiment

04 Nov 1916 Longfield Hill Fatality Kent Messenger
"Sir - You drew attention in your current notes of last week to the sad cycling accident on Longfield Hill, but as no mention is made of the matter in your current issue, we may presume that nothing more is being done about it.  If that is so, I submit that justice is not being done.  May I emphasise one or two points?

Sergeant Gherkins lay by the roadside after the accident for about an hour, exposed tot eh cold, and alternately fainting and coming to.  Those watching him being unable to do much for his relief until the munition lorry appeared when he was taken to the camp at Longfield Village.  Your reporter at the inquest states that the victim, before he was taken to Gravesend Hospital, ' had been at the hospital in the barracks.'  But is it not true that he lay in the camp from about 8 o'clock in the evening until 3 o'clock next afternoon when he was removed to Gravesend?  Question: Why was he not taken to Gravesend Hospital straight away?  In addition to the motor lorry which took him to the camp, there was another motor soon on the spot, either of which could have made the journey in very quick time.  It was doubtless this inexplicable delay, added to the exposure by the roadside, which caused the pneumonia and accelerated the death.

Now, as to teh immediate cause of the accident, the tar barrels.  But for them the man would have ridden into the hedge, got scratched, more or less badly, picked himself up, and gone on.  Why did the jury not back up the Coroner's suggestion to write to the Kent County Council?  Why? If a tradesman inadvertently leaves goods on the pavement, and a passer by unseeing, trips over them, the former is liable for damages.  Is a public body exempt from such liability.  Such an authority may not have as we are commonly taught, a body to be kicked nor a soul to be consigned to purgatory, but is has a balance at the bank, and simple justice demands that it should disburse a fully adequate compensation to the widow and children for the loss they have sustained, this being altogether apart from any pension to which the poor souls may be entitled from the army.

J W Lawson, Clevis, Longfield, October 28th."

04 Nov 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Kent Messenger
West Kent Appeal Tribunal - appeal dismissed of Frank C Hammond, 30 married, contract manager to Fairby Construction Co, Hartley

10 Nov 1916 Quarry at Whitehill Road Dartford Chronicle
Parish meeting at Longfield over plans for a stone quarry on allotment land

16 Nov 1916 War Profiteers Gravesend Reporter
"XYZ" writes to say "there is one way in which both farmers and dairymen can be taught a lesson" if people refuse to buy milk 3-4 days a week.  "it wourl thorw such a quantity of milk on the hands of the profiteers that they would be compelled to bring down the price."  Also calls on bread sellers to weigh bread

17 Nov 1916 Alleged Pretence Dartford Chronicle
"Alleged pretence" Leonard V Debenham (29) of Ash sued F A Flint of Hartley for damage to hand on brush hook. Tendon on back of hand damaged, leading to loss of use of forefinger. Doctor said he didn't think finger would uncurl again. Damages of £15 awarded

17 Nov 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - George Bassano of the Croft, army want his exemption withdrawn, he said he produces 3,000 eggs per week and has 120 fruit trees, told to go to medical board (see article)

17 Nov 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - brothers FW and F Crouch of Longfield both given same medical class so tribunal says "the army must have the younger". Given until 1 January to give time to get up potatoes (see article)

17 Nov 1916 Abuse by some Employers of Conscription Tribunals Dartford Chronicle
Paper says big firms are avoiding tribunal decisions by getting men called up to work for them. Paper has sympathy with 41 year old married man with a business who was called up by D Urban Tribunal, who said the decision was disgraceful when 3 million single men had not been called up

18 Nov 1916 An Injured Finger Kent Messenger
Leonard V Debenhem, aged 20 of Ash, sued F A Flint of Bundoran [1 St John's Lane], Hartley, for compensation owing to injury to his hand by a 'brush hook', while cutting grass.  The hook, he said, came into contact with some sharp substance, and cut the first finger of his left hand.  After having medical attention he attended the Gravesend Hospital as an out-patient.

Doctors' evidence was given on both sides, the plaintiff's witness saying that plaintiff could not voluntarily bend his finger, and he doubted if he would ever be able to properly bend the joint again, while he might have to have the joint amputated.  The doctor for the defence said he examined plaintiff at the insurance office, and believed he had complete use of his finger, and that the stiffness was pretence.

the Medical Referee having examined plaintiff, his honour gave judgement for £15."

24 Nov 1916 Quarry at Whitehill Road Dartford Chronicle
Longfield Parish Meeting - big report re quarry. Meeting threatens to inform Local Government Board of illegal use of land bought for allotments and recreation

01 Dec 1916 Quarry at Whitehill Road Dartford Chronicle
DRDC - offer to arbitrate in Longfield dispute. Statement by Longfield PC Chairman

01 Dec 1916 Cycle Theft at Essex Road, Longfield Dartford Chronicle
Thomas Frederick Bristow (15) of Longfield bound over for stealing cycle accessories worth 22s 7d from shed of Fortunatus Lynds of Essex Road.

02 Dec 1916 Army Boots Case at Black Lion Gravesend Reporter
Robbing the British Army - report of John William English at the Kent Assizes, given 18 months hard labour (see article)

02 Dec 1916 The Wholesale Thefts at Gravesend Kent Messenger
"The wholesale thefts at Gravesend" English, Swift, Lander all got 18 months hard labour, Jowett got 9 months hard labour.Judge said to English and Swift "This is the last time that any honest and decent men ought to be tempted to steal from the British Army; and that is what you have been convicted of doing.  No doubt have both had a very substantial sum of money out of it, which prompted you to join in this wicked theft of goods belonging to the Army at a time when the country was at war.  It is a very bad case indeed, adn it makes the offence no less serious because you were men of education and position, and ought to know better."  Report menttions army camp at Longfield

08 Dec 1916 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Charles English gets 6 month exemption

09 Dec 1916 Fatal Accident between Hartley and Meopham Whitstable Times
Two from London Volunteers killed in road accident at White Hill between Hartley and Meopham

09 Dec 1916 Obituary of Henry Bensted Kent Messenger
Death, aged 81, of Henry Bensted on November 24th at The Cottage, Earl Stonham, Stowmarket, formerly of Hartley and Longfield Court.

12 Dec 1916 Fatal Accident between Hartley and Meopham Kent Messenger
Inquest on 2 soldiers killed when van overturned on road between Meopham and Hartley

12 Dec 1916 Nurse Wanted - Hartley Court Times
Nurse wanted £20-28 salary, 3 maids employed - Mrs Cuthbert Lambton, Hartley Court

13 Dec 1916 Will Hooley Seeks Farm Liverpool Echo
Will Hooley of the The Firs, Hartley looking for house and poultry farm

15 Dec 1916 Quarry at Whitehill Road Dartford Chronicle
More on Longfield Quarry dispute

16 Dec 1916 Quarry at Whitehill Road Gravesend Reporter
Longfield Parish meeting - disruption of a parish council

21 Dec 1916 St Joseph's High School, Hartley Kent Messenger
St Josephs High School for Young Ladies, Boarding School for Gentlemen's sons 4-10 advert

22 Dec 1916 Quarry at Whitehill Road Dartford Chronicle
Longfield Quarry Dispute - report of parish meeting

22 Dec 1916 James Caller of Longfield Dartford Chronicle
Family of Corporal James Caller of St George's Cottages, Whitehill & W Yorkshire Regiment received letter from officer. He has been missing since July 1st. No news but says sergeant with him when he injured his shoulder reported him as wounded.

30 Dec 1916 Longfield Hill Fatality Gravesend Reporter
Dartford RDC being sued by widow of husband who was thrown off bike at Longfield Hill and landed on tar barrels belonging to the council

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