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Some names redacted for data protection reasons

8 Jan 1960 Local News in Brief Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
Ecumenical Assembly

"….and Terry Coulson [1936-?2007], Hartley Green Cottage, Hartley, near Gravesend will represent the Rochester diocese at an Ecumenical Youth Assembly at Lausanne from July 13th - 24th. The meetings will be attended by delegates from over 20 countries, including 320 from Britain."

Tender for Big Scheme

"A tender of £143,974 for the construction of a drainage scheme for Hartley, Longfield and New Barn has been approved by Dartford Rural Council, subject to the approval of the Housing Ministry."

8 Jan 1960 His Whist Drives have Raised £1,000 for Charity Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"Although he admits that the life of a sailor would never have appealed to him, Mr Arthur P Leney (pictured) [1893-1962], 53 Essex Road, Longfield, has spent many years raising funds for the King George Fund for Sailors by organising Whist Drives. 'I think the reason why I am so keen on this fund is because I had a great-uncle who was in the Royal Navy and one of my sons is serving in the Merchant Navy,' said Mr Leney.

Mr Leney's fam as an organiser of whist drives has spread far beyond the boundaries of Longfield. It really began during the last war when the German air raids were at their worst. Mr Leney was living at Fawkham during this period and residents of the semi-isolated village asked the parish council to arrange social treats. Mr Leney was approached and formed a committee which started whist drives in aid of the Red Cross and St John Ambulance Brigade. In four years these drives raised nearly £500.

Born in Brasted, near Sevenoaks, 67 years ago, Mr Leney served in The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment in the First World War and came to Fawkham with his wife and two children, Trevor and Donald, after being demobilised.

The family moved to Longfield in 1945. Ten years later the area secreatary of the King George's Fun heard about Mr Leney's prowess as an organiser of whist drives and came to ask him to run drives in aid of the fund. He was glad to do so and so far his drives have raised £370 for the fund - the highest total raised by any Kent village. Mr Leney has been awarded the fund's certificate of merit for his work and he and Mrs Leney are shortly to visit the newly opened home for aged seamen at Bexleyheath.

Mr Leney, who estimates he has raised £1,000 for charity through his drives, is employed at Dartford Cooperative Society's bakery, starting off for work at 5.45am each day. He belongs to the local branch of the British Legion, and was an hon. secretary of the Hospitals' Savings Association for 10 years."

29 Jan 1960 South African Boycott Move: Council is Rebuffed Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"Dartford Rural Council's resolution calling for a boycott of South African goods came in for severe criticism at Hartley Parish Council Meeting. Instead of agreeing to the rural council's request to support the boycott, the council, on the proposition of the chairman, Mr William Ball, decided to dissociate itself from 'an unwarranted attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of another country.' Mr Ball said he had first hand knowledge of local sentiment in South Africa, and thought that whatever individual opinions of South African policy might be, a proposal to express a protest by a local council in this country was most ill advised. Mr A E Edward, vice chairman, protested strongly against members of local authorities using council meetings to disseminate political propaganda and said that such a proceeding was undignified and brought local government into disrepute. Endorsing this view , Mr J Grieve said the parish council's reply should make it plain that Hartley would not agree to such a request. Other members of the council spoke in similar terms.

With regard to the proposed playing field, the clerk reported that an objection to the council's proposal to purchase land in Stack Lane for this purpose had been received from the owners stating that the land was required for educational purposes. The council agreed not to press its proposal, but to ask the County Council to find an alternative site.

With regard to the coordination of bus and train services at Fawkham, as London Transport had stated that no further alteration in bus services could be contemplated, it was decided to support negotiations now being undertaken by Ash Parish Council in this connection. There will be no change in polling districts and stations in Hartley. It was decided to raise a rate of 1d in the pound on both general and burial accounts, which together were estimated to produce £244."

[It is worth noting that just over a month after the parish council had decided not to criticise South Africa, 69 black people who were F1839protesting against apartheid were gunned down and killed by police at Sharpeville, a township where black people were being forcibly relocated to from Vereeniging.]

15 Apr 1960 He Built Longfield Miniature Railway Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"Mr Arthur Lunn, who was the envy of nearly every boy in the land because he had a complete miniature railway system in the garden at his home Littleholme, The Drive, Longfield, has died.

He had more than 350 feet of permanent way with stations, signals, watertanks and tunnels on which to operate his fleet of a dozen locomotives and scores of trucks and carriages. And every bit of the 'Longfield Miniature Railway' he made himself, mainly from scrap materials, in his workshop. Children loved to be invited into his garden to see the trains running, and now and again Mr LUnn would allow his wonderful hobby to be on public display to aid charities.

A Londoner, Mr Lunn became an engineer and was works manager of a firm making vinegar when he retired in 1938. All his life he had been interested in model trains, indeed since the days of the Boer War when, a little boy, he was given an armoured train to play with. On his retirement and coming to live in Longfield, he set about his hobby in earnest. In his workshop he made the rails, the 19,000 'chairs' on which to base the track and the detailed models to run on them. His locomotives were about a foot long and the other trucks and carriages were to scale. The passenger carriages wer fitted with electric lights and the dining cars had little tables and chairs. There were 56 levers in the signal box he made and 93 levers in the control box.

What will happen to the splendid model railway? 'We do not know yet,' his son told a reporter. 'But we ar hoping that someone will be able to take it over complete and that it will not have to be broken up.' Mr Lunn, who was 70, leaves a widow, a son and a daughter. He was sidesman at the parish church and often judged at the village school sports. Cremation took place at Eltham."

29 Apr 1960 64 Springcroft for Sale Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
(Advert) "Detached chalet, built 1957, lounge, large kitchen, 2 double bedrooms, bathroom with coloured suite, garage, tidy garden, £3,000 – [NAME] 64 Springcroft, Hartley. Phone Longfield 2544."

6 May 1960 Well Known Agriculturist passes at age of 81 Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"A well known agriculturalist and businessman, Mr David Langlands Patullo, aged 81, has died at his home at Wrotham.

Born at Forfar, Scotland, he was the son of the late John Patullo, who farmed as tenant on, and later owned, a farm on the Glamis Estate.

At the age of 17, Mr Patullo left his post in a solicitor's office and came to Kent to work under the late David Langlands at Wested Farm, Swanley. With the outbreak of the Boer War he enlisted in the West Kent Yeomanry to serve in the campaign in South Africa, and after the war he returned to farming at Sutton and subsequently at Hartley, Chelsfield and Farnborough. Apart from farming generally, Mr Patullo's main study was the production and distribution of Scotch seed potatoes, upon which he was an authority, and shortly after his marriage in 1910 to Miss Jessie Henderson he joing the late Mr C W Higgs to found the now well known agricultural firm of Patullo Higgs & Co Ltd of Hayes. This company later took over the interests of the Sevenoaks Cattle Market, which is now run by Messrs Patullo & Vinson Ltd, of which Mr Patullo was the chairma of directors. His other business interests were in Dundee, and for many years he had been a member of the Farmers' Club in London.

Apart from his work as a farmer, Mr Patullo enjoyed an afternoon out with his sporting gun, and in addition to hunting, has ridden at point to point meetings throughout the district.

He leaves a widow, son and daughter in law, daughter and son in law, and 8 grandchildren. The funeral service was held at Wrotham, followed by cremation at Charing."

27 May 1960 Fawkham Pumping Station Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
(Public Notice) "Medway Water Board. Fawkham Scheme. Main laying contracts. Tenders are invited for the following main laying contracts:

Contract No 139 - 15 in diameter water main, Fawkham Pumping Station to Nurstead Reservoirs. The work consists of laying at Longfield and Northfleet, Kent of approximately 3,800 yards of 15in diameter spun iron water main with Tyton flexible joints, together with ancillary work.

Contract 142 - 18in diameter water main, Meopham Pumping Station to Singlewell...."

10 Jun 1960 His Feat of Strength Amazed Villagers Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"A much loved Meopham personality who seemed to bring the tough but breezy pioneering spirit with him from Canada when he returned to North Kent 10 years ago, Mr Ralph Cleghorn Bensted of Horns Oak, Harvel, who had died aged 92, was buried at Meopham yesterday.

When well past his 90th birthday, Mr Bensted walked daily from his farmhouse home to the George Inn, Meopham for a glass of beer - a round trip of 4 miles. On Sundays he regularly walked the same distance to go the parish church where he worshipped.

Born in the next parish at Longfield Court Farm, Longfield, his family also farming at Hartley, Mr Bensted went to Canada in 1889 to begin half a century of farming in Manitoba. His early days were most rigorous. He was given 160 acres of land by the government. There was no shelter of any kind, and he spent the first days chopping down trees to build a log cabin. Soon other friendly folk already settled in the area heard he had arrived and travelled miles to give him a hand. Eventually he was able to double the size of his holding in Canada but those tough but comradely days had left their mark on him.

He was never ill - not so much as a cold - and when in England, although in his eighties, scorned the wearing of an overcoat. Villagers were amazed when he carried a 28 pound sack of seed potatoes on his back the two miles to the George Inn - a feat which would have daunted a man half his age who knew the steep hill on the way. In 1954 the Bensteds had a serious setback when their farmhouse was gutted by fire, the two brothers having narrow escapes from death. A new house was later built on the site."

[Ralph Bensted was the grandson of William Bensted, who lived many years at Hartley Court; his father Henry lived for a while at Hartley House.]

17 Jun 1960 Donald McKenzie OBE Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"Donald McKenzie, principal scientific officer, Armament Research and Development Establishment, War Office (Dartford). A Scot, Mr McKenzie graduated at Glasgow University, where he gained his BSc and from 1924-28 did research work in the Belgian Congo. He joined the Civil Service in 1928. Mr McKenzie, who is married and has a son, has lived at [Whitehaven, Stack Lane], Hartley for 22 years."

8 Jul 1960 Cowman Wanted Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
(Advert) "Good Cowman required - Fulford, New House Farm, Hartley, Dartford."

15 Jul 1960 Local News in Brief Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
Picture feature of [NAME] of The Poplars, Church Road, Hartley, Longfield who has completed 6 weeks training to become an air stewardess with BEA.

5 Aug 1960 Church Taxi Service for Old Folk Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"Hartley, near Gravesend, Church Council, is to run for a trial period of a month a taxi service on Sunday mornings to take old people to and from church. The cost will be borne by the church council. This was decided at a meeting of the council when a report of the Christian Stewardship revisitation programme stated that 10 lay members of the church were visiting 75 families, most of whom are new residents in Hartley. The treasurer, Mr F F Tate [1905-1997], in submitting his report for the half year, said the financial position was reasonably satisfactory and provided nothing unforeseen occurred there should be a credit balance at the end of the year.

The rector (Rev R A Williams) announced that the group of teenagers known as 'All Saints' Sinners' had been disbanded and was reconstituted as the Hartley Junior Youth Club with himself as president and [NAME] as organiser."

12 Aug 1960 Road and Sea Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"Mr and Mrs [NAME], of Windycote, Gresham Avenue, Hartley near Gravesend, and their two children, [NAME] are leaving England at the end of the month for Australia.

Their departure will be slightly different from that of many families who seek a taste of life on the other side of the world. They will go across the English Channel on the vehicle ferry, for they plan to start their journey with a fortnight's camping holiday in Europe, going by road to Naples. There they will take their car with them on board the liner Oronsay for the voyage to Adelaide.

[NAME], an engineer, who has been teaching at the College of Advance Technology at Battersea, is taking up a similar appointment at Adelaide University.

The [NAME] have lived in Hartley for 7 years during which time Mrs [NAME] has played a full part in village social life, being particularly identified with the Thursday club."

12 Aug 1960 Longfield Shop for Sale Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
(Advert) "Longfield. New lockup shop. 14 years lease with option, rent £2 10s per week rising to £2 15s only, consisting of greengrocery, general store, frozen foods, ice cream, sweets, cigarettes, cafe at rear, car park at rear, bringin to shop one third of takings, flourescent lighting, show cases etc, automatic till, building up area, profit approximately £20 [probably per week based on other business adverts]. £1,500 to clear. Owner moving away."

8 Sep 1960 Dream Home Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"Although he no longer lives at Fawkham Manor in North Kent, Mr R J Billings, who has a substantial interest in the building industry, as well as farming, hopes to be living in the parish again before the year is out.

He is building himself a country house in Pennis Lane, Fawkham. While having the last word in modern amenities, the new residence will look like a mellow Kent farmhouse to blend with the unspoilt surroundings. Kentish ragstone is being used for the walls and the elevation will have old peg tiles. There will be 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a servants' wing. Farm buildings and 2 cottages are also being built. It is typical of Mr Billings' thoroughness that, in the latter, he has made provision for a downstairs bedroom in each one. 'So often one finds agriculture workers care for an elderly relative and it will be a useful amenity,' he tells me.

The reason Mr Billings, as it were, is building a new farming centre at Fawkham is that, although he parted with Fawkham Manor and the 254 acres immediately around it over a year ago, he still retains some 800 acres of farmland from the original estate. To compensate for the loss of acreage through the sale, he has bought 169 acres of arable land at Darenth not far away. He has also acquired 230 acres at Brenchley. Since Mr Billings sold the Manor at Fawkham and the land around it, they have come on the market again and will shortly be under the auctioneer's hammer. Mr Billings is living at Wrotham Hill Park, Fairseat, while his new house is being built."

23 Sep 1960 Hartley WI Produce Guild Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
Picture of Hartley and District WI produce guild members at Harvest Supper at Ash Village Hall. Paper of 30.9.1960 carried a report - 60 members from Ash, Darenth, Hartley, Longfield Hill and Southfleet were in attendance. Ash Drama Group gave a play reading in costume of 'Strained Relations.'

4 Oct 1960 Boys Fined £20 for GCE Fraud Birmingham Daily Post
Dartford Magistrates were told yesterday that a boy suffering from toothache persuaded another boy to sit in his place for the General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level French examination last June, because he did not think he could sit through the exam.

The boy who had the toothache, [NAME] (17) of Church Road, Hartley, Kent, was fined £20, for causing a GCE to be delivered to him by pretending he was the author of an answer paper in French set in an examination by the schools Examination Council of the University of London.

The other boy, 17 year old [NAME], of Three Corners, Barnehurst, was fined £20 for attempting to cause a GCE to be delivered to [NAME] by falsely pretending that [NAME] was the author of the answer paper.

The youths, both former students at the North West Kent College of Technology, Dartford, pleaded guilty, and were ordered to pay a total of £10 15s 6d costs.

In a statement read to the court, [NAME] said 'had I taken the exam, I consider I would have had a reasonable chance of passing.' [NAME] apologised, and said, 'I did not realise how serious the offence was. The decision was made on the spur of the moment.' "

4 Oct 1960 Pal Took GCE for boy with bad tooth Daily Herald
"17 year old [NAME] had toothache on the day he was due to face the French paper for his GCE. He knew he wouldn't be able to concentrate. In fact, he thought he wouldn't last 15 minutes. Then he had an idea. He asked his school chum, 16 year old [NAME], to sit in for him. [NAME] - who had been to French speaking schools since the age of 6 - agreed. But their 'French without tears' plan failed. Yesterday the boys stood in court at Dartford, Kent, accused of fraud. [NAME] of Church Road, Hartley, Kent, and [NAME] of Three Corners, Barnhurst, Kent, who went to the North West Kent College of Technology, Dartford, were each fined £20 with £5 7s 9d costs. [NAME] told the court: 'I didn't know how serious it was. I think [NAME] would have had a fair chance of passing.' His brother, [NAME] said: 'The trouble is our family tend to be too kind to others.' Mr A R Hills defending, said [NAME] wanted to become an accountant, but had resigned. 'He is without a job or qualification and will probably be barred from taking any university exam.'"

21 Oct 1960 Sale of Speedgate Farm Kentish Express
"Fawkham, Kent. London 21 miles, Farningham 2 miles. The excellent dairy and stock farm known as Speedgate Farm. Detached house containing 3 bedrooms, 3 reception, kitchen, bathroom, company's water and electricity. Versitile buildings, 2 former cowsheds, calf shed, 4 bay Dutch barn, 5 loose boxes, 2 bull pens etc. 71 acres. Principally well drained pasture with 15 acres of orchard (plums and apples). Vacant possession, which Messrs E J Parker and Sons are instructed bu R Squire esq to offer for sale by auction at the Royal Star Hotel, Maidstone on Thursday 10th November 1960 at 3pm."

6 Jan 1961 Play Field Hold up - Who Owns the Land? Dartford Chronicle
Colonel Jenman has been keeping weather records for 15 years. In 1960 there were 181 rainy days and 36 inches of rain.

6 Jan 1961 Local News in Brief Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
The provision of a playing field at Hartley is being held up because the owners of the land required for the purpose cannot be traced. When the matter was discussed at a meeting of the Parish Council, the chairman Mr William Ball, said it was possible that county records might be helpful in this respect, but it appeared that the attitude of some county officials was not only unhelpful but unreasonable. Mr L U Judge, clerk, had reported that no information had been received about the owners of part of the proposed site. It was understood that before the County Council could proceed to compulsory purchase of the site, written proof must be furnished that all possible steps had been taken to traced the owners. Mr Ball said a rural council could of its own initiative take the necessary steps for compulsory purchase of the land, but a parish council could only do so through the county council. Application had been made for the land concerned to be scheduled as a playing field.

Mr Judge read a letter from London Transport stating that the question raised in respect of the bus stop near Cherry Orchard is being considered. Mr Grieve again raised the point of the lack of coordination of 489 buses from Ash with train departures from Fawkham Station and it was agreed that this matter would be pressed further.

Mr Judge reported that maintenance work in All Saints' Churchyard was satisfactorily completed. Owing to weather conditions no inspection of the footpath from Hartley Court to Hartley Bottom had yet been made. Mr Hall referred to the 'appalling mess' on land outside two bungalows near the Memorial end of Church Road. This was as a result of drainage work and he thought the occupiers of the bungalows were fully justified in making a complaint. It was arranged that the clerks should discuss the matter with the District Surveyor. Mr HItchin raised the question of providing a footpath at Stocks Hill. This was a very narrow part of Church Road and the bend at the bottom of the hill was always a danger spot. After further discussions it was resolved to press the matter with the rural council and county authorities.

[The playing ground referred to was the current site at Woodland Avenue. The county council was not being unreasonable, the land had been sold in several building plots half a century before and ownership of many was unknown.]

20 Jan 1961 Bloodstained lint found in loaf Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"While slicing a loaf of bread a Hartley housewife and school teacher discovered pieces of plaster and lint, parts of which were bloodstained, Dartford Magistrates were told when Tip Top Bakeries Ltd, Orpington, were fined £35 with £7 7s costs. The firm admitted responsibility for the loaf and at the end of the case, [NAME], presiding, criticised a certain practice as being 'bribery or compensation'. [NAME], prosecuting, said a pupil at Swanley Secondary School obtained a loaf from the High Street Swanley, shop of Tip Top for a teacher, [NAME], whose home is at [Maraussan], Gorsewood Road, Hartley.

The following morning she started to slice the loaf but found it difficult to get a knife through it. [NAME] then noticed that a slice appeared to contain something which looked like sticking plaster. [NAME] and her husband decided to complain. The firm were informed and during the morning a representative of the firm called at the school to see her. [NAME] went on to say that the agent was shown pieces of the loaf. He asked to be allowed to take them away but [NAME] refused. She did allow him to take a small piece. 'She formed the opinion that he was treating the matter very lightly,' he said. 'The agent said she could get a replacement loaf and a box of cakes from the High Street, Swanley, shop. [NAME] collected a loaf but declined to accept the cakes.'

The matter was reported to the local public health authorities and the bread and contents analysed. Pieces of adhesive plaster, lint and other woven material were found and some of these were bloodstained, added [NAME]. For the company it was stated it was not correct to say the matter was treated lightly as the firm took a very serious view of the matter. After announcing the fine, [NAME] said the bench had heard evidence that [NAME] had taken the bread back to the shop where it was purchased. 'Then she was offered another loaf and some other commodity by way of bribe or compensation,' he said, 'We think the practice should stop.'

20 Jan 1961 Surprise for the Major Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"There was a pleasant surprise for [NAME] CO (pictured) of 'R' Battery, 263 (Thames and Medway) Light Regiment RA (TA) when he arrived at the officers' mess at Grange Road, Drill Hall. The RA cadets who have their headquarter there were waiting to present him with a plaque bearing the RA badge as a token of their appreciation of the keen interest he had taken in the unit since he took over 'R; battery.... Under the Territorial Army Reorganisation scheme, 263 regiment is to be disbanded and [NAME], who has served in the Territorial Army since 1937, will retire. He and his wife came to live at [Puckhaber] Larksfield, Hartley, in the spring of last year."

20 Jan 1961 Sale of Stock at Manor Farm, Longfield Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
(Advert) "Manor Farm, Longfield, kent. About 3 miles from Gravesend and 7 miles from Dartford. Sale by auction of farming stock, including 9 tractors viz Caterpillar TD6, 3 Fergusons, 2 Internationals, Oliver 90 and 2 Ransome MG. Claas Combine Harvester; Ransome 2, 3 and 4 furrow ploughs, mole plough; Ransome heavy 13 tine and other cultivator; 4 sets disc harrow; rotavator; expanding brakes; ring and plain rolls; corn, root and munure drills; Salopian Dung Spreader; Potato and Cabbage Planters; Potato Spinner; Grass Mowers; Lely Vicon Swath Turner; Allis-Chalmers Roto Baler; Lister Elevator; Hammer Mill; Mayrath Elevator etc. Land Rover (1949); Bedford 7 ton and 3 ton lorries. 4 tractor traillers; Hop Bins; 4 Oast Hairs; Quantity used hop poles and bats; 10 metal fruit ladders; Cutler grader; Fruit and Crop sprayers; Pig Weighing machine; portable steamers; dry feeders; poultry equipment and miscellaneous effects.

E J Parker & Sons, having sold the farm are instructed by Messrs D & K Woodward Limited to sell the above by auction on the premises on Thursday, 26th January 1961, commencing at 11 o'clock am......"

22 Jan 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Obituary of Len Cheary of 2 Darenth Cottages (66), painter and decorator who won prizes for vegetable growing. Leaves widow, 1 daughter and 4 grandchildren.

3 Feb 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Obituary of Charles Henry Brown (72) who had lived at Ivydene for over 30 years. Worked as gardener until 5 years ago. One place he worked was Old Downs. Leaves wife of 49 years, no children

3 Feb 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Thursday Club - 1st meeting of 1961. Mrs Casebow showed cine of her holiday in Yugoslavia

17 Feb 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Obituary of Arthur Ernest Slater of Clovelly, Ash Road. Moved to Longfield as master baker. Moved on retirement to Hartley on retirement in 1953 at age 75. During war he was in charge of special constabulary in Longfield. Leaves 1 daughter, Mrs Iddison of Church Road

17 Feb 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Ash Cricket Club Dinner, [NAME] on entertainment committee

3 Mar 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
100 attend Youth for Christ "squash" at URC Hall

3 Mar 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Social Club Chairman DTR Gray reports profits down to ? £137 10s 0d

10 Mar 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Planning enquiry on plans to build 40 houses at Manor Drive. Land was 4.25 acres to north of Manor Drive between 2 existing bungalows. Said to be poor agricultural land "impenetrable with scrub". Applicants were Porter Putt & Co, would be builders R E Jury & Co. [NAME] acted for 6 objectors.

10 Mar 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Obituary of Mrs S Peto of School House, Ash Road (77). She came to Hartley 20 years ago with her husband who died in 1943. She was for some years employed at the Country Club.

17 Mar 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Country Club Tennis Section now 41 senior members, up due to new surface of courts allowing more matches

17 Mar 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Copse Side planning appeal dismissed ([NAME] on behalf of J H Brewster)

17 Mar 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Marriage of [NAME] of Southfleet to [NAME] of Haley Bank, Church Road

24 Mar 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
7th anniversary of Hartley and Ash OAP Club

24 Mar 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Obituary of Mrs Elizabeth Martin of Old Downs, 88. Moved there 9 years ago

31 Mar 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Village fete to be for Cancer Relief, Chairman John Fry, Secretary Yvonne Fry

31 Mar 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Marriage of [NAME] of Streatham and [NAME] of [7] Merton Avenue

14 Apr 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Obituary of H Meddick (89) of Haggersville. Emigrated to Canada as a boy, came back in 1911, married and moved to Hartley where he was one of the original smallholders and founder of the Agricultural Cooperative. Former Parish Councillor. Wife is 90 and founder member of WI.

14 Apr 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Marriage of [NAME] of Ardgowan, Church Road to [NAME] of Meopham (picture)

14 Apr 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Darby and Joan Club to return, meeting Old Downs on alternate Mondays.

14 Apr 1961 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
"Dartford Rural Council on April 4 approved a public health committee recommendation that an engineering assistant be appointed to undertake the preparation and supervision of the proposed West Kingsdown Sewerage Scheme…. Mr F T C Sims (Longfield) said it was understood that the West Kingsdown scheme would roughly coincide with the completion of the Hartley, Longfield and New Barn main sewerage scheme. 'I think we are being a little premature. The Hartley, Longfield and New Barn scheme was to be completed in 18 months. 12 months have gone by and you can take it from me that it will not be finished in 6 months time. It will probably be another 18 months.' he added..... Mr Brian F Kirby (Engineer and Surveyor) said, 'It took quite 4 years working on and off to prepare the Hartley, Longfield and New Barn scheme.' ....."

21 Apr 1961 House for Sale at Woodland Avenue Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
(Advert) "Hartley - Detached freehold bungalow, 1 reception, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, garage, good garden, £3,950. Dunedin, Woodland Avenue, Hartley, Dartford." [Dunedin is now called Bracondale]

21 Apr 1961 County Council Election Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
Dartford Rural East Result: W Simmons (Con) 2,684 (75.8%), A J Easdown (Lab) 856 (24.2%). Swing Lab > Con 7.3%.

Cons gain Dartford Rural West and Dartford West, Labour hold Dartford East by 4 votes.

12 May 1961 Funeral of Paper Mill Director Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"The funeral took place on Tuesday after a service at St Anselm's RC Church Dartford of Mr Frank Bartholemew Langan (pictured), director and mill manager of London Paper Mills, Dartford, which is part of the Reed Paper Group. The interment was at Watling Street Cemetery, Dartford.

Mr Langan, who was 64, lived at Hillside, Fawkham Road, Longfield. He leaves a widow, 2 daughters and 2 sons, one of whom is employed at Empire Paper Mills, Greenhithe. Mr Langan joined the group in 1913 and served his apprenticeship at London Paper Mills. After service in the Royal Artillery in the First World War he worked at the Aylesford Paper Mills and Horton Kirby Mill. In the early 30s he succeeded his father, who was killed in a place accident, as mill manager of London Paper mill and was appointed director of the company in 1951.

Mr Langan, who died unexpectedly when at work was particularly proud of the long service of employees at London Paper Mills; in some cases there are 2 or 3 generations of a family working side by side in the mill. He took a keen interest in the welfare of his workpeople and was always willing to give advice on personal problems. A keen follower of all sports, particularly soccer, he played himself as goalkeeper in his younger days. He was instrumental in forming the London Paper Mills Football Club, the first works team to win the kent league championship. The club also reached the first round proper of the FA Cup in 1934."

[London Paper Mills only lost 1-0 to 3rd division south team Southend; it was a good year locally, as Dartford reached the 2nd round proper]

16 Jun 1961 Richard Charles Cox MBE Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"MBE - Richard Charles Cox [1890-1976], senior executive officer, Commonwealth Relations office (Hartley). Joining the Civil Service in 1937, Mr Cox has spent considerable time overseas, serving principally in Colombo, Calcutta and Bombay. An ex-Gravesend Grammar Schoolboy, he lives with his wife and 8 years old son at Shepherds Field, Gorse Way [=Briars Way], Hartley."

7 Jul 1961 Stole Cheque from Inland Revenue Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"Said to be a man of 'excellent character', [NAME], a 24 years old factory worker of Hartley Manor, Hartley, near Dartford, was given a conditional discharge at Kent Assizes after he pleaded guilty to stealing an Inland Revenue cheque valued at £32 9s 7d. Smith, who picked up the cheque on the caravan site where he lives, offered in court to repay the entire amount to the Inland Revenue."

11 Aug 1961 Kent Editor for 42 Years - Passing of Mr Arthur Witt Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"A prominent figure in Kent newspaper circles, Mr Arthur Witt, managing editor of the Gravesend and Dartford Reporter for almost 42 years, has died aged 75. He was cremated at the Medway Crematorium yesterday.

Mr Witt, who lived at Tree Tops [Fairby Lane], Hartley, had been ill for nearly a fortnight and died in Joyce Green Hospital, Dartford after an operation. He first joined the Reporter in 1914, and after Army service in France from 1915 to 1919, he rejoined the paper and succeeded the later Mr F A Mansfield as managing editor. Other newspapers on which he had served previously were the Southampton Times, the Evening Argus, Brighton; Walsall Advertiser, Maidenhead Chronicle and Bucks Advertiser.

During his long period in charge of the North Kent newspaper he had seen many notable changes - a new tabloid format, the replacement of advertisements for news on the front page and technical improvements including the installation of a three-deck high speed rotary press.

Through his occupation and his friendly disposition, Mr Witt enjoyed a wide circle of friends. Between the wars he played cricked for Gravesend for many years, and skippered Hartley Country Club for several seasons. At Hartley he was one of the originators of the Country Club as it is now known, and for several years was chairman of its board of directors.

Mr Witt leaves a widow and 2 married daughters - Mrs Norman Fison Clarke [Sheila F Clarke 1919-1991], who lives at Farningham, and Mrs David Sleep [June F Sleep 1925-2000], who resides on the Isle of Wight."

18 Aug 1961 Gorsewood House for Sale Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
(Advert) "Messrs Champion and Waterman have received instructions to sell by auction 3.02 acres with outline planning permission for residential development, including the freehold detached house known as 'Gorsewood House', Gorse Way, Hartley. Containing 5 bedrooms, 3 reception rooms, kitchen, bathroom, garage. On Wednesday 13th September 1961 at the Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel, Dartford at 3pm. Particulars, plan and conditions of sale from the auctioneers: Messrs Champion & Waterman, 15 Lowfield Street, Dartford..."

[This is the site of the future Beechlands Close]

22 Sep 1961 Gains Degree at Princeton Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"A former pupil of Wrotham Road Primary School, Gravesend and Gravesend Grammar School, 24 years old Ronald Clive Prime [1937-1974], younger son of Mr and Mrs C A Prime, Southdown, Manor Drive, Hartley has gained an MSc degree at Princeton University in the United States. He was in goodly company at the graduation ceremony, for also honoured on the same day were Mr Dean Rusk, the American Secretary of State, Mr Douglas Dillon, the Treasury Secretary of America and Mr Henry Cabot Lodge, a former US Ambassador.

After leaving Southampton University, where he gained a first class honours BSc degree, Ronald took a 2 year postgraduate course with a British Cable company, continuing his special study of electrical engineering. He then accepted an opportunity to go to Princeton University for 12 months with a $3,000 grant. There he did a certain amount of laboratory teaching, but had the opportunity of research work for his degree.

He is now carrying out research study on microwaves with the Bell Telephone Company in Boston.

An excellent sportsman, Ronald won the Victor Ludorum at Gravesend Grammar School. He also received his rugger colours there and at Southampton University. And in America he has played for the Princeton University Team. Ronald has an elder brother [NAME], who is in Australia, also on research work. Mr and Mrs Prime hope that some time next year both their sons will be able to return home for a holiday in Britain together." [This article is a bit of its time as it failed to mention Mr & Mrs Prime also had a 16 year old daughter, who later became a well regarded local solicitor]

13 Oct 1961 Marriage at Longfield Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
Woman Police Constable [NAME] (pictured), who has served 11 years with the Kent County Constabulary at Margate, retires from the force in December to get married.

Her fiance is 41 years old marine engineer Mr Roy Donald Robb [1920-1994] of 18 Main Road, Longfield, near Dartford. Miss Tapp, aged 32 lives at no. 23 Main Road.

Before either Roy or Amy were born their parents were close friends. Her father Mr James Tapp [1887-1965], was the village policeman at Darenth. As the years passed the families moved away from Darenth, and it was not until 5 months ago that Mr and Mrs [NAME] and Mrs Robb became neighbours once more. 'Although I knew his mother, I never met Roy until a month ago,' said [NAME]. 'Our first meeting could not have been in less romantic circumstances. I had got up early to go mushrooming. I was wearing an old pair of slacks, Wellington boots, a sloppy sweater with the dog's hairs on it, and was not wearing make up. Roy had gone to the same field from the opposite direction. Apparently the whole village had been whispering romance - and we were the last to know of it.' They became engaged this week and plan to marry at the Mary Magdalen Church, Longfield, on December 2nd. The one bridesmaid will be [NAME], a policewoman at Rochester, who shared a flat with [NAME] during her 2½ years' service at Margate." [This article shows the unequal treatment of women even comparatively recently. It is almost certain that the decision to retire was forced upon her as many employers at the time sacked women for getting married.]

20 Oct 1961 Women's Voluntary Service, Long Service Medals Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
Winifred Hall of 3 Fairby Grange Cottages, Ash Road, one of first recipients of WVS Long Service Medals. Picture of all medal winners

24 Oct 1961 Sale of Site of New Ash Green Sevenoaks Chronicle
"By order of the Trustees of the Estate of the late Allen Ansell: Hartley and Kemsing, Kent - Notice of Sale by Auction by Messrs Prall & Prall of the Freehold Agricultural Investments known as Newhouse Farm, Hartley (272 acres), North Ash Farm, Hartley (155 acres) and Dynes and West House Estate, Kemsing (29½acres) all subject to yearly agricultural tenancies and producing £651 per annum. At the Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel, Dartford, on Wednesday 15th November 1961 at 2.30pm"

16 Feb 1962 Gipsy Site at Longfield? Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"Last night Longfield Parish Council called a public meeting at the Village Hall to get the reaction of residents to a proposal that a site for the gipsies recently evicted from Darenth Woods might be established in the village. The council has received a letter from Dartford Rural Council seeking its views on the matter. Mr A E Potter, chairman of the parish council told a reporter, 'My council has given serious consideration to the problem and appreciated that the gipsies must live somewhere. The council would not oppose a site being established in Longfield, but has told the rural council that it does not consider suggested sites at Longfield Cross Roads and Pinden End Farm would be permissible as they contravene the Town and Country Planning Act and Kent Development Plan B."

9 Apr 1962 Should surplus food be preserved for famine areas regardless of cost? (Under 25 column) Daily Herald
[NAME] (age 22, pictured, of Hartley, Kent) said "Give it to hospitals or charity run homes. It shouldn’t be wasted at any price."

1 Jun 1962 Bungalows for Sale Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
(Advert) "Normans Estates, Available New Properties for occupation 1962. At Hartley and Istead Rise (near Meopham). Bungalows only still available - from £3,100….. Normans Housing (Bexleyheath) Limited, 1-6 Carlton Parade, Orpington, Kent. Telephone Orpington 31303."

31 Aug 1962 When he should have been on honeymoon Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
"Saturday should have been the wedding day of [NAME], 22 of Knotley Road, West Kingsdown, and on Monday he should have been on honeymoon. Instead he was in the dock at the East Kent Sessions, Canterbury. He appeared for sentence for breaking into the factory of Kimber-Allen Ltd, Swanley and stealing property and cash worth £145; for being found in possession of house breaking implements; and for attempting to break into Milton Cooperative Society's shop near Sittingbourne.

[NAME] (prosecuting) said that when [NAME] appeared before Sittingbourne Justices on July 18th, he pleaded guilty to the offences. He also admitted taking and driving away a car and driving without insurance, and for those 2 charges he was sentenced by the justices to a month's imprisonment in each case, to run concurrently, and disqualified from driving for 12 months. Det-Con [NAME] (Sittingbourne) said [NAME] had 2 previous convictions for robbery with violence and attempted shopbreaking and for motoring offences. He had been to Borstal.

[NAME] of [Kirkham], Church Road, defendant's employer, said it was his own daughter who was to have been the bride. [NAME] was a very nice chap and hard working. He had intended, when the couple got married, to make him a junior partner and he could live with the family. Apparently as the wedding day approached and the bills mounted, he lost control.

The chairman ([NAME]) said they were going to give [NAME] a chance. He would be placed on probation for 3 years on condition that he repaid £140 to the factory within 6 months; otherwise he would go to prison for 6 months."

[The following year he was sentenced to 3 years at the Kent Sessions for breaking a probation order, in 1965 he escaped from Lancaster Prison]

21 Sep 1962 Sevenoaks District Football League Sevenoaks Chronicle
League votes to admit Hartley Northdowners FC

5 Oct 1962 Arted & Co Advert Tonbridge Free Press (KM)
(Advert) "Scaffolding, mixers and plant for sale or hire. Arted & Co Limited, Woodland Avenue, Hartley, Dartford. Tel Longfield 2080, Borough Green 2916"

5 Oct 1962 Downers in Fine Debut Sevenoaks Chronicle
(Football) "Hartley North Downers 9 Weald 3. This was the first game ever played by the North Downers Club. The team had never played together, and the home ground had only been marked out Saturday morning. Yet the half time score registered 6-0 to Hartley. On the strength of this game, Hartley should prove to be one of the best teams in the third division, and be in the running for promotion. Scorers: Hartley - [NAME]."

5 Oct 1962 Local News in Brief East Kent Gazette
Fr Patrick Scally of Sittingbourne to be new assistant RC Priest in Hartley, Ordained Dublin 1940, had worked at Hartley about 10 years previously.

12 Oct 1962 10 Thrash Seal Reserves Sevenoaks Chronicle
(Football) "Seal Rserves 2 - Hartley North Downers 9. This must be the most lethargic and slipshod performance by a Seal side for a long time. Even when Hartley's [NAME] was carried off the field and taken to hospital with concussion, the Seal side never looked capable of pulling back 3 goals and winning. Reduced to 10 men so tragically, the Hartley side seemed to be in control throughout the game. They scored whenever they felt like it, and could have scored many more. The defence played magnificently, and the attack moved with purpose and direction. All the team played well, but [NAME] performance must be singled out for special mention. This was his debut for the club; a debut which reaped 5 of the 9 goals. Other scorers: Hartley, [NAME]."

19 Oct 1962 Football - Hartley North Downers Sevenoaks Chronicle
"Hartley North Downers 7 - Sevenoaks United B 3. As a result of this Smith's Cup first round tie, Hartley preserved their unbeaten record, but it was by no means as meritorious as the score suggests. Sevenoaks collected enough ill timed luck to last them the season. They broke down en route, they lost their way, and were a goal down in the opening minutes. The undulating Ash Road pitch did nothing to add to United's diminishing chances of entering the next round, and took its toll of hte visitors so that by the end of the game, the united were down to 8 fully fit players. Despite the plucky performance of their opponents, Hartley go through to the quarter finals. Yet the Hartley full backs will probably never play worse during the rest of the season. Captain and right back [NAME] highlighted a miserable performance by giving away the first penalty ever conceded by the club. The strength of this victory lay in the Hartley half back line, with young [NAME] giving a sound performance at left half. Although confronted with the best forward on view, he did much which must have impressed the club officials. The only Hartley forward with any gumption was left winger [NAME], who did not receive as much of the ball as he deserved, but showed enough to prove that, given adequate support, he can be the menace to any defence."

19 Oct 1962 Local News in Brief Times
Parcels train derailed at Longfield

15 Mar 1963 Sale of New House Farm Maidstone Telegraph
"By order of M T Fulford esq. Hartley, Dartford, Kent. Messrs Champion and Waterman have been instructed to sell by auction the live and dead farming stock including the Dairy Herd of 52 Ayshires and Shorthorns and Hereford Bull. Together with 2 Fordson Major kiesel tractors, International & Allis Chalmers tractors, Claas Combine Harvester, New Holland Baler, Threshing box, D.B, F/R & Ransome ploughs, Massey Harris Corn Drills, Russell Multi-Planter, sprayers, cultivators, Hayer mower, Allen scythe, trailers, manure broadcaster, dairy equipment and large quantity of useful equipment. At New House Farm, Hartley on Thursday 4th April 1963. Sale to commence at 10.30am. Livestock at 1pm. Catalogues from the auctioneers, Messrs Champion and Waterman, 15 Lowfield Street, Dartford (tel Dartford 23878). And at Swanley."

3 May 1963 Making up of Larksfield and Woodland Avenue Maidstone Telegraph
"Kent County Council invite tenders by not later than 9am on Monday the 27th May 1963, for the construction of tarmacadam carriageway and footways, together with surface water drainage and incidental works at the following private streets: Larksfield and Woodland Avenue (part), Hartley near Dartford. Total length 1,000 yards....."

10 Jun 1963 Local News in Brief Times
Marriage of [NAME] [of the Cottage, Ash Road] to [NAME] of Bishop's Stortford

16 Aug 1963 House Raided Maidstone Telegraph
"Someone broke into Treetops, Fairby Lane, Hartley, on Monday night, and stole £99 and a wrist watch."

23 Aug 1963 House to Let Maidstone Telegraph
"Hartley near Dartford. Detached modern bungalow with large garden, 2 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen/dining room, bath etc, to let furnished for 9 months at 6 guineas pw. Harvey Eland & Co, Station Road, Longfield. Tel 2406."

12 Sep 1963 Local News in Brief Times
"A smashing harvest of fruit" picture and article about derailment of goods train at Longfield

18 Oct 1963 Hartley Wake Up to Grab Points Sevenoaks Chronicle
"Brasted & Sundridge A 3 - Hartley Northdowners 5. Hartley Northdowners, newcomers to Division 1 of the Sevenoaks League, eased themselves into a gentle gallop in the last few minutes of this game on Saturday, and grabbed themselves two of the easiest points they will gain this season. Only a fine opportunist hat trick by [NAME], Brasted inside left kept hte final decision in doubt for so long. In fact the home team's finishing was so poor, that [NAME] was the only forward who looked as though he was not wearing carpet slippers in front of goal.....The game began brightly enough with Brasted creating 3 scoring chances in the first 10 minutes, but all of them were tossed away by [NAME], the home team's leader. Hartley also set out in an adventurous spirit, which was mainly inspired by their skipper and left back [NAME]. But when [NAME] pulled a muscle mid way through the first half, it had the same effect as a Shop Steward's whistle. Hartley suddenly collapsed into a series of futile solo efforts and Brasted took the opportunity to lift themselves leisurely out of trouble. [NAME] put Hartley one up in the opening minutes, after [NAME], with a fine run down the left wing, had laid on an easy chance. In the 20th minute Lynds made it 2-0 when he hopefully hit the ball goalwards and it somehow found its way into the net off a Brasted defender. Whith [NAME] a passenger on the left wing, Hartley fell to pieces and Wells stepped in to grab a hat trick to put Brasted, at this stage, deservedly into the lead. They stayed in front until 15 mintues from the end when Hartley suddenly stopped playing as thought they were on a Sunday afternoon walk, and goals from [NAME] gave them the game. Last season Hartley walked away with the Sevenoaks League Division 3 title and were promoted straight to Division 1, which is a tremendous step for this extremely young side, but one which they look capable of making without too much trouble. But on Saturday's permformance they have one big weakness - they depend far too much on their veteran skipper [NAME]. Without him, although they still possess a tremendous amount of footballing potential, they seem to lose their sense of direction. Goalscorers... Hartley: [NAME]."

18 Oct 1963 His Detour Ended with Collision Sevenoaks Chronicle
"A 54 year old linesman electrician, who was stuck in a traffic jam on the Tonbridge Road on June 5, thought he would avoid the inconvenience and bypass the traffic by turning up Shenden Way. Several cars in front of him did the same thing and went out onto the Tonbridge Road further up without mishap. He did the same but unfortunately a lorry was coming from the Tonbridge direction and his avoiding action was of no avail. At Sevenoaks Court on Friday, the electrician, [NAME] of Hartley [Culvey Keys, Church Road], near Dartford, was found guilty of driving his car without due care and attention, fined £15 with £5 11s 6d costs, and told by the chairman of the Magistrates, [NAME]: 'You have a good record, but it is a bad case.....'"

7 Jan 1964 Local News in Brief Times
Criminology magazine published by Sentinel Press, Church Road

21 Jan 1964 New Ash Green Times
KCC refuse planning permission

24 Jan 1964 Juniors Experiment Fails Sevenoaks Chronicle
"Hartley Northdowners Res 3 - Knole Juniors 1. Knowle Juniors, favourites to win the Sevenoaks League, division 3, suffered their first league defeat of the season on Saturday, against Hartley Northdowners Reserves. Last week the juniors lost their first ever match to Meopham in the Kent Benevolent Cup. Manager [NAME] rested [NAME] and also made 3 positional changes in the forward line. [NAME] was the replacement for [NAME], and unfortunately for Knole, both these experiments were abject failures. After a somewhat uncertain start to the current season, Hartley Reserves have, thanks to sound team building, in the last few weeks made spectacular progress in the league, and on the showing in this match must have more than a fair chance of promotion. Hartley from the kick off bore down upon the Knole goal like 10 red-shirted devils seeking the all-important first goal. Under this onslaught the Knole defence faltered. [NAME], harrassed by [NAME], slammed the ball into his own net to put Hartley ahead after 5 minutes. With the ball playing all kinds of tricks on the bone hard surface, Knole failed to adapt themselves to the conditions and paid the penalty in the 12th minute when a long clearance by Hartley caught the defence napping, [NAME] scoring with a nicely judged shot from 10 yards. Knole in the next 10 minutes were unlucky to see shots from [NAME] hit the woodwork, but apart from these efforts little was seen of their attack. Hartley increased their lead in the 30th minute when at least 3 Knowle defenders missed a cross from the left wing, before [NAME] scrambled the ball home. The Juniors broke away in the 34th minute, [NAME] sending [NAME] through to score Knole's 100th goal of the season. For a few minutes Knole, for the only time in this match looked as if they were going to pull the game out of the fire, giving the Hartley defence some anxious moments. Just before half time they were awarded a penalty. This appeared to be a harsh decision but justice prevailed, [NAME] brilliantly saved the spot kick by [NAME]. Following the resumption Knowle pinned the Northdowners in their own half for long intervals, but despite this territorial advantage the Knole attack seldom threatened to break through a solid defence, in which [NAME] was exerting a vice like grip over [NAME]. Hartley were relying on fast dangerous breakaways down the middle an din one such attack [NAME] suffered a nick injury and was carried off, [NAME], an ex-Kent amateur league goalkeeper, donned the jersey and gave a creditable display for the rest of the match. Hartley were the victims of daylight robbery in the 76th minute, when a shot by [NAME] went at least 2 feet into the Knole goal. Referee [NAME], who throughout the match had difficulty in keeping up with the play, was at the time stranded way down the pitch amazingly adjudged that the ball had not crossed the line. Knole with [NAME] on the wing continued to attack, having a goal disallowed 5 minutes from time, but Hartley gallantly held out to finish well deserved winners."

[This was Knole's only defeat all season]

27 Mar 1964 County Council Election Kentish Express
Public notice saying the number of county councillors for the Dartford Rural District will increase from 2 to 3.

17 Apr 1964 Cyclist Injured Herne Bay Press
"Edward Cutts, 70 of 15 Clarendon Street, Herne Bay, received slight injuries when he was in collision with a car driven by [NAME] of St John's Lane, Hartley, Kent in Sea Street, Herne Bay on Monday."

27 May 1964 Local News in Brief Times
Last year's derailment at Longfield attributed to the train being "oversize"

12 Jun 1964 Talent Spotting Kentish Express
"Left handed batsman [NAME], who is taking a well deserved benefit this season, was talent spotting this week at the Victoria Palace Theatre. The man he was watching was one of the stars of the Black and White Minstrel Show, Leslie Crowther. For [NAME] was hoping to persuade Crowther to turn out in one of his Sunday benefit matches later on in the season. [NAME], who benefit collectors on the Saturday of the Dartford game and the Gravesend Week were records for the respective grounds, has a busy weekend ahead of him. On Saturday night a special dance is being organised for the joint benefit of [NAME] and Sussex and England wicket keeper batsman [NAME], who also has a benefit this season, and on Sunday the Kent left hander leads a team of his county colleagues in a special benefit match against Hartley Country Club at Hartley."

17 Aug 1964 Local News in Brief Times
Bankruptcy of Cecil Joseph Wilberforce Raphael [1892-1979] of Greystones, Church Road]

21 Aug 1964 Coroner's Districts Kentish Express
Public notice saying the North West Kent Coroner's district which includes Hartley, Longfield, Ash will be abolished, and transferred to the Sittingbourne district, which in turn will be abolished and transferred to a new North Kent district.

25 Sep 1964 Pitch Rules Out Good Football Sevenoaks Chronicle
"Hartley 5 - Westerham III 2. Plahing their first match as a Division 1 side, Westerham could be satisfied. They made Hartley play hard all the time, although a poor bumpy pitch with grass 6 inches long, made reasonable football impossible, especially for the Hammers's young and small forwards. Hartley were well served on each wing and fully deserved to win, although 2 goals going in off the posts might have gone the other way..."

28 Nov 1964 New Ash Green Times
Crossman grants planning permission

22 Jan 1965 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Shock plan to build another new village - planning application by Barry Richards for housing for 1,000 at Hartley Manor to include shops, flats, school, convalescent home and a community centre. Refused by Dartford RDC

2 Apr 1965 Council Says No to Plan for 700 Houses Gravesend Reporter
"Landowner makes appeal to Housing Minister. The village of Hartley came under the housing hammer again this week with yet another plan for large scale development. Following close on the heels of the New Ash Green and Hartley Manor schemes, a third proposal to build 700 homes on 90 acres to the south of Longfield Station, if allowed, will turn Hartley into a large urban residential district. // But Dartford Rural District has turned down the application and at a local enquiry at Swanley, on Wednesday, landowner and housebuilder Mr Ronald Billings appealed to the Minister of Housing Mr Richard Crossman against the council's decision. // The council maintain that the developement is against the provision sof hte Hartley, Longfield and Meopham Town Map in which adequate land is available to meet the needs of the locatility. Also that the site is within area under consideration for includion in the Metropolitan Green Belt and that the development would be likely to cause an increase in comutin gto work in Londin for which they say 'No railway capacity in the peak hours is available.' The 4th objection is on the grounds of drainage. The council says that its new main drainage scheme was not designed to provide for the development of this land outside the area shown on the town map. The Medway and [......] have also objected becasue in the absence of main drainage there would be an increase in the danger of underground [.....]. // On [......] Mr Vaughan Neil said that the council's first three grounds of refusal had been dealt with in principle by the Minister for the development of New Ash Green. He described the Minister's decision on the New Ash Green enquiry as 'sound common sense' and commented: 'There is a very substantial need for housing generated by London and these houses have got to be found within easy travelling distance of London.' On Green Belt he said that this was no bar to development. 'The Minister has said he is prepared to consider each application on its merits, weighing amenity against housing needs.' Mr Vaughan Neil said it was an admission of utter failure for a local authority to say one cannot provide transport facilities. On the question of drainage he said he could not see any real basis for objection by the [.....] in accordance with modern standards of drainage.' He also pointed out that the Ministry of Agriculture had not raised any objections. 'As far as the Ministry of Housing is concerned this is a windfall,' he said. // Mr Billings told the enquiry that the site had been purchased in 1950 with a view to development, and explained that if planning permission were given work would start on the site in a month with the probable completion date of about 5 years. 'Houses are urgently needed in this locality,' he said, 'and we are very proud of our standard of building, a lot by local people.' Mr Billings promised that 20 per cent of houses would be let, the price range would be from £3,500 to £7,000. // Architect Mr John Little who designed the schee explained that the development wold provide car parking for 1,500 cars whith a large attractive pedestrian precinct, shops and possibly an office block for local employment. The houses would be laid out in a picturesque landscaped setting, some nestling into the hillside, with parthways through a 'park' setting. He hoped that trees would be planted to enhance the appearence of the development. The development would not be self contained, as was New Ash Green, but would form a part of Hartley. // For the council, Mr James Millburn said that eth Kent County Council's policy, supported by the council, of strongly resisting any expansion of the built up area of Hartley and Longfield was not changed by the Minister's decision to allow a new village New Ash Green. 'In fact the council's determination to see the countryside around Hartley preserved is increased,' he said. 'The value f the land for recreation purposes as part of a [.....] is considerable [....] in close proximity to Longfield Station. The Council have drawn attention ot the increasing difficulties which are likely to come about in the next few years for those travelling from Longfield Station to London in the rush hours. This position will become worse especially in view of the creation of the new village and the developent of the appeal site will only aggravate the problem. Residential development of individual area of land should not be allowed by ad hoc decisions. An overall plan covering SE England, including the whole of the outer Metropolitan region should first be prepared and approved, and development should hten be permitted in accordance with that overall plan." // [some parts of photocopy missing]

9 Jul 1965 Wellfield and Woodland Avenue Sevenoaks Chronicle
"Kent County Council invite tenders by not later than 9am on Monday the 19th July 1965, for the construction of tarmacadam carriageway and footpaths, together with surface water drainage and incidental works at the following private streets: …... Wellfield and part of Woodland Avenue, Hartley, length 648 yards....."

[648 yards would cover all of Wellfield and the section of Woodland Avenue between Wellfield and Larksfield]

1 Oct 1965 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
"When a village grows into a small town" article by Cub Reporter [NAME] of The Lantern, Gorsewood Road

5 Nov 1965 All Saints' Photo Club Sevenoaks Chronicle
Cine Section of All Saints' Photo Club, Hartley, show film of Historical Stroll along Darenth Valley at Shoreham, presented by [NAME].

3 Dec 1965 Local Weddings Sevenoaks Chronicle
" [NAME] wedding. Miss [NAME], daughter of Mr and Mrs C Clements, Pilgrims Way, Wrotham, on Saturday married [NAME], son of [NAME] of Hartley Bottom Farm near Dartford, at Wrotham Parish Church. Given away by her father, the bride wore a ballerina length white nylon brocade dress. There wre bridesmaids. They were [NAME]. [NAME] wore dresses of pink net over silk and the rest wore blue nylon and taffeta dresses and blue capes. They carried bouquets of mixed anenomies. The service was conducted by the Rev V G Nickless and [NAME] was the best man. Guests attended a reception at the Masonic Hall, Wrotham. The couple spent their honeymoon in London and will live at Hartley." (picture of couple)

7 Jan 1966 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Compulsory purchase of Longfield Hill playing field to go through for £1,500

7 Jan 1966 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Southwark want to use tip as camp site for borough youth organisations

7 Jan 1966 Gone to the states KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Mrs Barfield, wife of Mr A Owen Barfield of Westfield, Church Road, Hartley, has left for America to join her husband who is lecturing in the USA and Canada. Their daughter, Miss Lucy Barfield, well known dancing and music teacher in the Hartley area, left with her father in the summer for the United States, and is now teaching music and ballet over there. The family are residing in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but hope to return to this country in the summer of this year."

14 Jan 1966 Plea to Premier KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"The Prime Minister is being asked once again to intervene personally in the controversy over the plan to build a new village at New Ash Green in North Kent. He is being asked by the Hartley and Ash Rural Preservation Committee, which is fighting against the concept of a townlet of 6,000 going up in the area, to act in the same way he did over the 'corned beef' issue. A petition had previously been sent to him, but he had referred it to the Ministry of Housing. The Ministry in a letter to the committee, said the Minister had studied it with great care, but he did not find that it put forward any points which had not been already considered."

14 Jan 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Fundraising for LEPRA

£110 raised for Leoprosy Charity in 1965 in Hartley through sales of produce, old produce and stall at Longfield 'Gay Day'. £38 of this raised from sale of 1,674 Christmas Cards. Hartley group sponsors two 12 year olds, who have both been cured and discharged from hospital.

Hartley Evening WI Hartley Garage have asked for the tree in front of the hall to be removed as it obscures the garage from oncoming customers. A quote for internal decoration of the hall is being considered. Members also heard that local doctors can now offer cervical smear tests.

28 Jan 1966 Land for Sale at Manor Drive KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Champion and Waterman, 15 Lowfield Street, Dartford. "For sale by auction 22 February 1966, Dartford, Kent… Hartley - Residential Building Land, Manor Drive, with planning permission, 266ft frontage, 160ft depth, all services available."

[This was part of the house "Southdown", the new houses when built were named Eldelweiss, Entwood, Studley Dene, Tall Trees, Hillside, Midaway]

28 Jan 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
For failing to stop

"after an accident in Clarence Street, Gravesend on September 11, and for failing to report it, [NAME], Tabor, Briars Way, Hartley, was fined £10 at Gravesend on Friday."

Hartley Primary School

"Parents and friends had the opportunity of seeing the new Hartley Primary School on Friday, January 21, at a Wine and Cheese party. The school is not yet finished, but the classrooms are light, airy and warm, with working bays and fitted sinks, and doors led in out to the grass and asphalt playgrounds. Tables, chairs, cupboards are very modern, and the gaily coloured floors are attractive. The Assembly Hall with its gay curtains is well planned. There are 'showers', a footpath and indoor toilets. Headmistress Miss D Barnes is delighted after having spent several years in the old Hartley Primary school, which is still unfortunately being used until the new school is completed......."

HCA 'Wooding' Campaign

Hartley Churches Association sponsored a 'wooding' campaign last Saturday, under the direction of [NAME] of One Acre, Church Road, Hartley. A number of youngsters dressed in old warm clothes and boots brought wheelbarrows, go-carts, sacks and string, and combed the surrounding woods for logs and kindling wood for distribution to the older folks of the village. Age for collection was no bar, the little ones were needed for tying up bundles of twigs for lighting fires. Outdoor girl cooks were called for, as hot sausages were to be cooked over a fire in the woods - bread and tea were also provided - for all of those who worked. Mr and Mrs Casebow gave permission for the children to use their woods." [Mr Casebow [1897-1993] owned Hartley Court Cottage]

Springcroft Residents' Association

"Over 50 members and friends of the Springcroft Residents' Association went by coach to the Scala Theatre London to see 'Peter Pan' last week. The Association formed a band of workers some time ago to resurface Manor Drive, which has proved to be a real boon during the bad weather. Within the next few weeks they are going into action to complete the small stretch of road at Church Road end."

Hartley Guides

With 43 on the roll they say they can't take any more at present.

4 Feb 1966 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Obituary of Maud R Latham of 14 Hoselands View, came to Hartley after being bombed out of Hammersmith

4 Feb 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Negation of Good Planning

"Dartford RDC have sent a letter to the Kent Education Committee urging it to give priority to the building of a caretaker's house at Hartley Primary School. 'The School is divided into 2 parts, and there are inadequate cleaning facilities there,' Cllr Mrs Yvonne Fry told the council at its meeting on Tuesday. 'The Headteacher and staff are doing jobs that should be done by cleaning staff. It is a fine building and good staff relations have been built up. It is an absolute negation of good planning for the thing to be thwarted by inadequate cleaning facilities."

Debating Society

Paper notes that the Hart laments the lack of a local debating society now.

Hartley Players

Pictures from production of 'Billy Liar' including [NAME].

Road works may increase rates

Report of Hartley Parish Council Meeting. (1) Negotiations to buy playing field ongoing, grass is in good order, trees planted have been vandalised, will wait for erection of fence and making up of road to replant. (2) Telephone kiosk moved (3) Concerns about number of road openings on Hoselands Hill with another in the offing [Quakers Close] (4) Calls for footpath under railway bridge in Longfield (5) Church Road has problem of wandering dogs and 'disgraceful' state of road at corner of St John's Lane where bus passengers have to wait in 6 inches of water.

18 Feb 1966 Former Club Chief Dead Kent Messenger
"A former landlord of the White Swan, Ash and an ex-chairman of Hartley Country Club, Mr Hubert William Gladdish, died suddenly on Friday at his home, 8 Chester Road, Southport.

Mr Gladdish, who was 75, was born in North Kent. Before the first World War he joined the regular army and served throughout the war in France with the Royal Field Artillery. After the war, he lived at Snodland until 1943, when he came to live at Le Stocks Farm, Church Road, Hartley, where for a time he ran a fruit bottling business. In 1955 he took over the White Swan and in 1962 he left to go and live in Maidstone. He went to Southport from Maidstone.

Mr Gladdish was a keen member of the Hartley Country Club men's bowls sectino and was a founder member of the Erclei Masonic Lodge at Hartley. A widow, son and daughter are bereaved....."

18 Feb 1966 Projects for the next 12 months Kent Messenger
County Council plan to open 10 new branch libraries in the coming year, including one at Hartley for which £12,000 has been allocated.

25 Feb 1966 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Minster turns down application to build 24 houses at Hartley Court or 2 additional houses

18 Mar 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Scouts // New hut will be completed in the spring. "the group's second cub pack has started operations." One under [NAME] and Doreen Wickham meets Saturday mornings, other under Mrs Hewett, [NAME] and Sylvia Jones meets on Saturday afternoons, total membership 34.

Hartley Churches Association

Open air service to be held on Hoselands Green on May 29th. Mentions Good Samaritan Service run by HCA.

1 Apr 1966 Hartley Annual Parish Meeting KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Report for past year included: (1) Green at top of Stocks Hill had been made up; (2) BR asked to reopen station car park as existing one always full. Lighting scheme details awaited. (3) Old plans for subway under railway bridge at Longfield scrpped. "The latest news was that the bridge would be lengthened, and footpaths made on each side of the road. (4) Complaints of rubbish being thrown over fences at Copse Side. (5) Ash Road near Black Lion said to be dangerous.

8 Apr 1966 Longfield Parish Council KM - Gravesend Telegraph
(1) Longfield Parish Council have persuaded Dartford RDC to reroute the New Ash Green sewer away from the allotments to waste land south of B260. (2) Hartley PC have supported their campaign to raise danger of Southwark rubbish lorries going along B260. Hartley want them to go back to rail, but Cllr Sims learned that Southwark have closed their Walworth depot so rail would be impossible, in any case the tip is expected to close soon. (3) Dartford RDC write to report on meeting they held with the British Legion "about the erection of a community centre on rural council land at Whitehill Crossroads. Plans were being discussed and the building should include toilets and changing rooms for the use of the public when the new recreation ground was developed." (4) Council asks London Transport to move bus stop on north side of B260 to where the pavement is wider following safety concerns from the headmaster of the primary school.

8 Apr 1966 Essay Writing Prize KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Councillor Mrs Yvonne Fry of Rodings, Briars Way, Hartley was a member of the team who compiled the Hartley Afternoon WI scrap book, which was chosen second in the West Kent Federation and is now on exhibition at the Ceylon Tea Centre, London. This week Mrs Fry heard that she had been awarded first place in an essay competition to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Women's Institute. Added to this Mrs Fry heard that her twins, [NAME] and [NAME] had passed their 11 plus. Mr & Mrs Fry have another son, Michael, at Rochester Mathematical School, are staunch supporters of the Hartley Churches Association and Hartley Conservative Association. Mrs Fry besides her duties on Dartford RDC and Hartley PC does a very useful job helping in the production of The Hart magazine. She is president of the local Thursday club."

15 Apr 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Silver Wedding

"Mr and Mrs E J T Hitchin of Witzies, Church Road, Hartley, celebrated their silver wedding on Saturday March 26 with a family party of over 30 guests. Mr and Mrs Hitchin were married 25 years ago at All Saints' Church, Maidstone and lived at Rochester, Wallington and Finchley before settling in Hartley some 19 years ago. Mr Hitchin is an executive in the Post Office Engineering Department, and is a parish councillor, and a member of the Hartley Church Council. Mrs Hitchin is a member of Hartley WI and is in charge of the flower rota at Hartley Church. Their elder daughter [NAME] is a manageress of a restaurant, and [NAME], their younger daughter is a student at the Medway College of Art, Rochester."

Country Club Burgled

during Saturday night, 2 fruit machines taken.

Moving to New Post

"Mr HE Cook, of Tulip Tree Cottage, Ash Road, Hartley, fo rthe past 7 years deputy station superintendent at Littlebrook Power Station, Dartford, has been appointed superintendent at Richborough Power Station near Sandwich..... Mr Cook, a popular member of the community, has held several public appointments in recent years, all of which he has had to resign as he will be leaving the district shortly. For 3 years Mr Cook represented Hartley on the Dartford RDC and has served on all the main committees of this body. He has also been a member of the Hartley Parish Council. He is a member of the Thameside Educational Committee and a governor of Hartley and Longfield Secondary Schools. Mr Cook has held posts in many parts of the country with the Central Electricity Generating Board."

Mrs Alice Crouch

"of Salts Farm, Longfield, died at her home on Tuesday April 5 after a short illness. Mrs Crouch, who was 85, was born at Cranworth in Norfolk. She came to Hartley in 1901 to work at Hartley Manor, where she met her late husband, Mr Thomas Crouch. They were married in 1912 at St Mary Magdalene Church, Longfield, and made their home at Salts Farm, from which Mr Crouch's coal merchant's business was run. Mrs Crouch was a keen social worker in the village and an enthusiastic member of the local Nursing Association. She was also a keen church worker. Mrs Crouch had been an invalid for the last 15 years. In 1962 she and her husband celebrated their golden wedding. She is survived by her son and 2 grandsons. The funeral took place at Fawkham Church on Wednesday April 13 and the service was conducted by the Rev A Ford...."

29 Apr 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Parish Council

(1) Developers at Stack Lane [Carmelite Way] enquire about streetlighting for road. (2) Draft New Ash Green plan includes closes of parts of Church Road nad Ash Road. (3) Damage to Stocks Green following road being made up. (4) Problem of unauthorised bill posting in village. (5) "During any other business it was pointed out the disgraceful state of Stack Lane, causing much hardship to the residents."


Thanks to Bob a Job week raising £59 the last of the costs of the new Scout Hut have been covered. Highest sums being raised by scout [NAME] (£2 13s 10d) and cub [NAME] (£2 7s 4d).

21st Birthday

Party for 90 at Church Hall for [NAME], son of [NAME] of Blue Firs, Church Road. Educated at West Central School, Dartford and Guys Hospital, he is a dental technician. He joined Dartford YMCA at 11 and became Kent junior badminton champion, he now represents England. He received a rowing machine from his Kent colleagues.

6 May 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Tufty Club

First meeting on April 26 was vastly oversubscribed. 137 children wanted to join but they had to initially allow only 101 because they had no more books and badges for members, they now have enough for all. Membership fee is 2s 6d.

Bethel Church Crusade, Longfield Rally held at the Secondary School, included choruses and personal testimonies. Pastor [NAME] of the Bethel Church thought it worthwhile although he said there had not been many conversions as he hoped. Flowers presented to Miss Capper [of The Pales, Quakers Close], at 89 the chapel's oldest member.

13 May 1966 Starving Sows were Fighting over Straw Sevenoaks Chronicle
"The discovery by a police officer of 8 sows in a starved and emaciated condition at Sevenoaks Cattle Market led to a £25 fine for their owner at Sevenoaks Court on Friday. [NAME] of Thames View Farm, Church Road, Hartley, pleaded guilty to permitting unnecessary suffering to 8 sows at the market on February 14. Sarah was also ordered to pay costs of £6 13s 6d. Inspector [NAME] of Sevenoaks police said PC [NAME] had been on duty in the market when he noticed the sows in 8 pens. 'It seemed to him that they were in a state of extreme hunger', he said. 'They were ravenously eating the straw flooring - their bones were protruding through the skin so much, the whole of their bone structures were visible.' He also described how some of the animals had sores and even fungus growing on them. 'One sow climbed into another pen and started fighting with another over the straw.' Chief Insp [NAME] of the NSPCA was called in and he in turn asked a veterinary surgeion to examine the sows. It had been the vet's opinion that they had been starved for a considerable period of time. Their weight was about 200lb each, but in healthy considtion they should have been between 350 to 400lbs. Solicitor for [NAME] said his client had been in financial trouble and had been forced to change the sows' diet from meal to swill, which took some time for the animals to get used to. They had also been freshly weaned from litters which would also reduce their weight.

13 May 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
John Harbour obituary

"Mr John Harbour of Main Road, Longfield, died at Joyce Green Hospital last Saturday May 7 after a short illness. Mr Harbour, who was 69, was born at Crockenhill. He was married at Swanley 44 years ago and he and his wife settled in Longfield. He worked for the Kent County Council [1939 - Steam roller driver] for just over 40 years until his retirement 4 years ago. During the last war he was in the ARP. He was a member of the Old Age Pensioners for some years...."

Players Meet the Challenge

Picture review of Hartley Players production of Terence Rattigan's Separate Tables. Pictured are [NAME], [NAME], [NAME], [NAME] and [NAME].

Local artist's Success

Portrait of 11 year old child by [NAME] of Woodbridge, Ash Road accepted for 11th Internation Amateur Art Exhibition in London. She said she had been attending art classes at the Adult Education Centre in Gravesend for the last two years. She also plays badminton and tennis, and is a member of the Hartley Players.

Anniversary Honour for Society

"Three local women have been chosen to decorate Westminster Abbey with flowers, for the 900th anniversary celebrations. They are.... Mrs Pauline Abbs [prob 1928-2010], Colyton, Wellfield, Hartley.....The National Association of Flower arrangers of Great Britain was asked by the Dean and Chapter to send representatives fro the whole of the country to decorate the Abbey.....Mrs Abbs (pictured), who is a member of the Ash Floral Society, will work with Mrs Tompkins, a member of the Rocheser Floral Society, in decorating the tomb of General Sir Eyre Coot, just inside the west door."

20 May 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
New Ash Green Fire Station

Kent Fire Brigade are looking for a site for a day manned fire station in the Farningham area to help cater for New Ash Green.

27 May 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Tufty Club

"run by members of the Thursday club, held its second meeting on Wednesday May 18. Instead of the numbers falling off after the initial enthusiasm, more members were enrolled and the club's total stands at just under 150. Squash and biscuits were distributed by Mrs Allmey [1925-2016]. Mrs Ley [1924-2000] and [NAME] were at the reception desk, enrolling new member, and directing children to their activity groups. These were 'Hartley Hazards' with [NAME], where children are making a map of the village and learning how to combat its danger points; handicrafts with Mrs Lund, who is helping the children to make a model of a village complete with traffic signs; 'Storytime' with Mrs Figes [1918-2011]; 'Picture Page' with [NAME]; and 'Cookery Corner' with Mrs Fry [1919-2014] with a talk and demonstration on traffic lights, followed by the group making 'Traffic Signal Biscuits' addorned with red, yellow and green jam, which they took home with them...."

Longfield Primary School

Growing numbers iwth 470 on the roll has meant they needed to take delivery of a mobile classroom from Stone School.

Longfield Youth Fellowship

It has over 250 members under Mr Dudley Goodwin [1919-1993] but is without a home after the Scouts took over Longfield Hill Village Hall and it is believed will not let it to the Youth Group. This may force its closure. Furthermore Mr Goodwin reports a smear campaign against the group and has called for a public meeting to clear the air. [it seems the smear campaign may be related to Mr Goodwin recently standing for Labour in the District Council elections]

Longfield Secondary School Fete

This raised £700-800 and had 2,000 visitors. Attractions included Royal Fusillier rides in Scout Car and Land Rover, Go Karts from Brands Hatch, 1903 De Dion Veteran Car A8790.

27 May 1966 Obituary of Mrs Appleton KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Mrs Mary Florence G Appleton

"a very well known resident of Hartley, died in Joyce Green Hospital on Saturday May 24. Mrs Appleton, who lived at Holly Cottage, Castle Hill, was 80 years old at the beginning of this month, when one of her two daughters who live in Montreal flew home to be with her mother on this occasion. She was one of the first women in the country to attain a Master of Science degree, when she graduated from Leeds University in 1907. Mrs Appleton was married in Yorkshire to Mr Charles Appleton, who died some years ago, and spent a good part of her life in Egypt, Italy and Belgium, where her husband was in business. About 1932 the Appleton family returned to this part of the country, and opened Fairby Preparatory School at The Stoep, Fairby Lane, Hartley. They had the misfortune to lose two sons in the last war, one in the RAF and the other in the Fleet Air Arm. Tow of the daughters married and settled in Canada with their families, but the eldest daughter, Dorothy, is still living in Hartley. Group-Captain [NAME], the surviving son, is in the RAF and lives with his family at Goudhurst Kent. There are 9 grandchildren. The funeral took place on Wednesday May 25 at All Saints' Church, Hartley, the Rev RA Williams officiating."

Another obituary (KM 10.6.1966)

"Sir - May a former pupil of Fairby High School, Hartley, add a few words of appreciation to your note recording the death of Mrs Mary Appleton, its headmistress, at the age of 80. Mrs Appleton founded the school in 1939 and some 300 children passed through her hands between then and 1957 when it closed after she retired. She was a naturalist nd it was for her extraordinary knowledge of the countryside and her ability to pass it on to her pupils that she will be remembered. She was an understanding teacher who handled kindly, but very firmly, a large number of children ranging from the littlest ones to 13 year olds. Her lessons were marked not only for what she taught, but for the gay and witty way she taught them. There must be very many in this district who owe their later successes to Mrs Appleton - [NAME], Boreen, Church Road, Hartley"

10 Jun 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Library

"The library centre held at the Women's Institute Hall every Tuesday afternoon, will close down on June 14. All book should be returned by that date. Commencing on June 17, a mobile library will visit Hartley, Mondays 2.30 to 4.15pm and Fridays 10am to 12 noon. The van will stand by the Hartley Primary School at the Green. It is hoped that the construction of the permament library will start quite soon. Lt-Col C J Jenman has been in charge of the Hartley Library for the last 14 years in a voluntary capacity, and to him and all his willing helpers who have done yeoman service to the village, all thanks are due."

Hartley Parish Council

(1) William Ball, and M Metcalfe relected chairman and vice chairman (2) Gully at Hoselands Hill overflowing in wet weather; (3) Cllr Mrs Fry reported on poor state of roads, she walked from Church Road along St John's Lane to Ash Road and counted 60 potholes. Council agreed it was high time Church Road was widened.

Longfield Parish Council

(1) Council have had their compulsory purchase of the recreation ground at Longfield Hill registered at the Land Registry; (2) They approve Football club's request to erect a hut at Whitehill Road to meet league requirements if Dartford RDC agree.

Walter Wright Bequest

"The late Walter Wright left money in trust to give the old people of Longfield a trip to the sea each year. The trip this year will be on July 11 and the coach will leave Longfield at 9am sharp en route for Eastbourne. Anyone who draws an old age pension in Longfield is eligible to appy to go on the trip. If they have been before it is not necessary to apply but any new people wishing to come should contact either of the trustees [NAME] or [NAME], both of Main Road, Longfield.

Ash Church Fete

Paper has 2 pictures of the fete.

Country Club Burgled

"Thieves broke into Hartley Country Club early on Sunday morning and stole two fruit machines plus 4,000, cigars, wines and spirits to the total value of £850 [Presumably the fruit machines replaced the ones stolen in April (see above)]

Blue Peter

"9 year old [NAME] (pictured), Wayside, Gorsewood Road, Hartley who goes to Longfield Primary School, appeared in BBC television's Blue Peter programme on Monday when he demonstrated his skill on a pogo stick. His record is 2,000 consecutive bounces. // Hartley Couples celebrate silver weddings // "Tuesday was the silver wedding anniversary of two well known Hartley couples - Mr and Mrs Robert Cook, who live at The Stoep, Fairby Lane and Mr and Mrs S L Haskett, Treeview Berrylands. // Mr and Mrs Cook, who were married 25 years ago at Lamorbey Church, Sidcup, came to Hartley 8 years ago. Mr Cook, who served in the RAF as a flight engineer, is in business at Sidcup. Their only son is a partner in the firm, and their eldest daughter [NAME] is agent to a local 'pop' group. [NAME] their youngest daughter, attends the Medway College of Art and is going to Winchester College of Art where she will take a course in fabric design. Mr and Mrs Cook are leaders of the Hartley Youth Club, whose members presented them with a silver dish. The Old Age Pensioners' Club gave them a wooden plant stand. // Mr and Mrs Haskett were married at the Baptist Church, Eastleigh, Hants and went to live in London. About 4 years ago they came to live in Hartley. Mrs Haskett organised a branch of the NSPCC in Hartley."

17 Jun 1966 Scouts at Hartley will have new HQ KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Tomorrow will be a red letter day in the history of the Longfield and Hartley Scout Group for Mr Ken Stevens, Deputy Chief Executive Commissioner, will officially open the group's new headquarters at Larkwell Lane, Hartley.

Scouting first came to Longfield in 1910. Mr J Grieve, one of the original scouters, still lives in Hartley. This early troop did not last long, and it was not until 1927 that the present group, then known as the 1st Longfield, was started by Mr H L Hale. For the next 10 years it met in Longfield Village Hall, and was probably the only youth organisation in the village. For several years during this period there was also a 1st Hartley Scout Group, one of the scouters being Mr O Delf, father of the present groups ASM. The group kept going during the last war despite difficulties over a meeting place.

In 1954 the old Nissen hut in the Rectory Meadow, which was used as headquarters, rusted away and a move was made to the Social Club at Hartley. The name of the group was changed to Longfield and Hartley, and the idea of building its own headquarters took root. 6 years was the goal for which the group planned, worked and saved. Now, at last, and thanks to the help of many good friends, its ambition to have its own headquarters has been realised."

17 Jun 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Welcome Service at Hartley

"The Rev B R S Pont, of Bexley, has accepted the oversight of Hartley Congregational Church and will be conducting one or two services there each month. The Church has been without a minister for a long time. Members of the congregation are raising funds to build a manse. The church was crowded for a 'welcoming service' for Mr Pont which followed a meal prepared and served by the Women's Guild....." Description of service and attendees follows

Longfield Youth Group

Following meeting they have decided to request Kent County Council if they can temporarily use the old youth club building behind the primary school (due for demolition), and whether they could have the waste ground behind the school for a permament site.

Longfield Bethel

Coach trip to Billy Graham's crusade at Earls Court.

Rev Roger Williams

Appointed rural dean of Cobham. "Mr Williams has become a rural dean for the second time. For 2 years he was Rural Dean of Carnmarth South, Cornwall. Ordained in 1938 he spend all his clerical life in Cornwall until he became rector of Hartley in 1958. He held curacies at Kenwyn and St Budock, returning later to both these parishes as vicar. Succentor of Truro Cathedral for a brief period, Mr Williams was senior chaplain to the 4th British Division in the last war..."

24 Jun 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Afternoon WI

3rd birthday party for Hartley Afternoon WI attended by 60 members.

Mr Thomas Henry Scudder

"6 Elm Terrace [Longfield], died in University College Hospital, London after a long illness. Mr Scudder, who was 38, was born at Fawkham and lived in the district all his life. He worked for the Hartley Agricultural Stores for some years before becoming a postman at Longfield Post Office about 5 years ago. Mr Scudder, who was married at Fawkham Church in 1960, leaves a widow and 2 children......"

1 Jul 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Parish Council

(1) Enforcement order being served on owner of plant hire firm, restraining storing of lorries and equipment on land adjoining the Elms [?Church Road] (2) Tree preservation orders recommended for 'Umbrella Tree' and Willow by RC Church in Stack Lane. (3) Horses still using path from Black Lion to All Saints' Church even though it is not a bridlepath.

Mary Ann Corcoran

Funeral conducted by Fr Lawlor at Hartley Churchyard. She was 86, born in London, came to live with son at Rocquaine, Woodland Avenue, later moved to Old Downs.

Herbert Stanley Bennett

"Ethelbert, Ash Road, died suddenly at Joyce Green Hospital on Friday. He was born at Barking 74 years ago, and entered the Prudential Insurance Company as a young man. Mr Bennett joined the Buffs in 1914, and served in India during the First World War. He came to Hartley in 1933. Mr Bennett was a member of the Hartley Country Club, and at one period served as secretary. He belonged to the bowls section. At the time of his death he was secretary of Hartley Social Club, of which he was a founder member, and a member of the Old Age Pensioners' Club. He is survived by a widow, son and daughter. The funeral is at Hartley Church today at 10.30am."

Fawkham Church Flower Festival

Decorations by Hartley Flower Club led by [NAME] of Pinden. Picture of font being decorated white for baptism, pink for girls and blue for boys.

Longfield Church

PCC decide to repair west window at cost of £60-70.

Longfield Secondary School

Fete proceeds to go on Stage Lighting (£150), Audio-Visual Equipment (£140), Camping Equipment (£100) and an adding machine.

Ash burglary

Break in at Swan Farm, Billet Hill, transistor radio worth £10 taken.

8 Jul 1966 Motorcycle Accident Kentish Express
(Biddenden) "Motorcyclist [NAME] of Barnhurst received multiple injuries on Sunday when in collision near Heartsay Grange with a car driven by [NAME] of Acton. He was taken to the West Kent Hospital. His pillion passenger, Miss [NAME], of Hartley, near Dartford, was treated for shock and minor injuries."

8 Jul 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley District Women's Institute

Membership numbers were: Southfleet 67, Darenth 39, Ash n/a, Longfield Hill 52, Hartley Afternoon 66, Hartley Evening 75, Longfield 90, Greenhithe 59.

Longfield Guides

Newly formed group. Names of 12 first members listed.

Longfield Parish Council

(1) Council to object to plans to move Longfield from Dartford to Sevenoaks Constituency. (2) Rent of Allotments to rise from 6d to 1s a rod at Whitehill and from 7d to 1s 3d a rod at Longfield Hill. (3) Longfield Youth Fellowship want to erect hut on Southwark Tip land, PC OK with this. (4) Council to attend British Legion's presentation on Long Valley Hall. Cllr Sims said 2 years ago the council had offered them land at Whitehill but no longer desirable because of greater use by local residents (5) PC call for branch library in Longfield, not happy with mobile library service.

15 Jul 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Longfield School Bank

"It has been a week of activity at Longfield Secondary School where a film of the school bank has been made. The staff, manager of the school bank, Mr [NAME] (history); and assistant manager, Mr [NAME] (Maths), and Miss [NAME], who has written the script, have all cooperated in the venture. The school have been greatly helped by parents who have assisted in obtaining materials and processing. The cine-camera which was used was borrowed from the visual aids department of KEC at Maidstone. It is hoped that the film will be finished by the end of term and will be shown to the parents at a later date."

Ash and Ridley WI

"For the 8th year running, Ash and Ridley WI entertained the elderly and mostly crippled members of Camberwell King George VI Monday Club on July 4. Including the club warden and helpers, about 50 arrived at Ash village hall at 2.30pm" Details of meal and sketches performed. All given flowers and eggs.

Best Kept Garden in Hartley

"If you want to see the best kept garden in Hartley, near Dartford, pay a visit to Milano, Larksfield, where Mr and Mrs C F Young live. They have just won a cup presented by Mr L Bilsby [This will be Leslie Bilsby, managing director of Span, the developers of New Ash Green] for the best kept garden in the village. Mr Young who came to Hartley from Dartford 8 years ago took up chrysanthemum growing some years ago and today has 150 plants in his garden. He planned and laid out his winning garden, but he gives credit to Mrs Young for her unceasing care and attention to the plants. The garden is really delightful, with rose bushes, climbing roses, fuschias, and a sunken garden contains geraniums, petunias, nemesia and tagetes. Mr and Mrs Young are keen members of the Hartley and District Horticultural Society and have been successful on many occasions in the flower shows." (Picture of Mr & Mrs Young and their garden)

Meopham Doctor's Death

"Ten days after retiring as senior partner of the Meopham and Hartley doctor's practice, Dr William D Hasler, Arborfield, Hook Green, Meopham, died in Joyce Green hospital, Dartford on Tuesday. He was 65. A former chairman of Meopham Parish Council, a governor of Meopham and Culverstone Primary and Northfleet Secondary Schools, Chairman of the Meopham Village Hall Trustees and a man with many social connections in Meopham, Dr Hasler joined the Meopham and Hartley doctor's practice in 1927. He was a membr of the Rochester and Cobham Golf Club and a non-acting member of the Meopham Players. A widow, son and 2 daughters are bereaved..."

15 Jul 1966 Hartley Fete Sets a Record KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Hartley Village Fete at the new venue in the field by the War Memorial [That is where the 3 modern houses opposite Cliftons are now] on Saturday drew a record crowd of 1,500. The fete was in aid of the British Leoprosy Association and raised over £460. There was a great variety of stalls and sideshows. The baby show, organised by Mrs M Monteath [1924-2014], was very well patronised, and the winner of the Rose Bowl, presented by the local doctors, was won by Jane Whitfield - the best baby in the show.... The Rector, the Rev RA Williams auctioned a 10lb pig and by an excellent bit of auctioneering, whipped up the price to £4 15s 0d. At All Saints' Hall, the Youth Club are running a dance on Saturday to the music of the Lo-Limits. Proceeds will be put to the fete total for LEPRA." List of other winners in the Baby Show and Children's Fancy Dress Parade. Photos (1) Auction of the pig (2) Baby Show (3) Guess weight of large lump of coal (4) Guinea Pig Derby (5) Fancy Dress Parade

{Paper of the following week said 250 were at the Youth Club Dance at the Church Hall, didn't say how much raised]

22 Jul 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley WI Stage First Art Show

"Saturday was a proud day for 12 members of Hartley WI. For the first time an exhibition of their paintings in oil and watercolours and collage was shown at the WI Hall. It was about 3 years ago that Hartley WI discovered several of their members shared a keen interest in art, and since that time they have gathered reguarly, attending classes at Gravesend Art College and Longfield Evening Institute....." Pictures of Mrs M Self hanging pictures, Mrs [NAME] with her oil painting, Mrs [NAME] with her fabric collage.

Longfield Secondary School

Next year school will have 560 pupils and 26 staff. New subjects to be French and Commerce with Printing.

Miss Margueritte Pergassia

Obituary. Aged 66, originally from Tyneside, came to Hartley 4 years ago to stay with old friends Mr & Mrs G Begley of Church[1910-1987] Road, later Westfield, Church Road. Funeral at All Saints.

29 Jul 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Parish Council

(1) Woodland Avenue Playing Field - local organisations asked to donate a tree, and local people asked to look out for vandalism. They hope to install swings and seats. (2) London Transport to look at bus times at Longfield to better meet trains and 423 to Dartford, but timetable changes are difficult. (3) Barry Richards has written to complain of unlawful parking on his land at Foxborough Wood, and bad condition of stiles in area. (4) Concerns about speeding in Hartley. Suggested a mirror be installed at Fairby Lane junction with Ash Road. Problem junction between Ash Road and Station Road would be fixed when bridge rebuilt [Still a problem today] (5) Library - County council agree to plaque commemorating volutary librarians. (6) Post Office to close at 4.30pm on Saturdays from October (7) Scout Hut - trees to be planted on perimeter.

Hartley School

"The primary and secondary education Committee of the Thameside Educational Executive reported that it had noted that in discussion with the diocesan authorities agreement had been reached to close Hartley CE (Controlled) Primary School and to substitute a new 10 class county primary school. The change would be effective on the completion of the next stage of new building for the school."

5 Aug 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
All Saints' Church PCC

Church faces £200 deficit in 1966. Mural of country scene at Church Hall by Derek Rogers nearing completion.

Mobile Library at Longfield

Calls at Longfield Hill, Tuesdays 10-10.45am and Station Road, Mondays 11-12.30pm and Fridays 5-7pm. Fawkham Man fiend for his part in £3,000 Coal Swindle

Kenneth MacDonald Phillips, 44 [1921-2003], proprietor of Fawkham Green Garage pleaded guilty to 7 charges of theft and was fined £700 at Gravesend Quarter Sessions. His accomplice worked at the Coop Fuel Department had previously been sentenced to 1 year's imprisonment for falsifying paperwork. Coop decided to investigate when Phillips got cold feet and started paying for fuel. They found clerk had not destroyed statement of account which proved real situation and which Johns thought had been destroyed.

12 Aug 1966 Survey Underlines Changing Trends on Thameside KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"A sample survey of households in Thameside and the Green Belt undertaken by the kent County Council planning department as part of the quinquennial review of the Kent Development Plan, shows the population which has entered the area, mainly since 1957, has certain characteristics which differ substantially from the pre-existing population. It is younger and more likely to be employed in white collar jobs which it finds to a great extent in Central London, a fact of relevance to Kent's employment and commuting problems.

The surveys were carried out during 1962 and 1963 and volume 3 deals with Thameside and the Green Belt. The purpose of these surveys was to obtain facts, essential for planning purposes, about the population, including employment characteristics, travel to work and shopping habits. An important feature, relevant to all these topics, was the division of the population into 'immigrant' households (those who had moved into their area of residence since 1951) and 'local' households (those who had lived there in 1951 or before). The influence of these commuters on the various towns and villages is shown to differ in degree depending on the individual character of the receiving settlement and it is found that only in the villages and towns closer to London has the nature of the place been substantially changed.

Settlements in the Green Belt are shown to be strongly related to London, the majority having a strong dormitory function for the conurbation and the strength of this function varies between settlements accroding to their initial size, their proximity to London, their historic character and the strength of their urban function. The most significant changes have taken place in the originally smaller settlements while at the other end of the scale, towns like Tunbridge Wells and Gravesend, which are larger and further removed, have retained their original character to a much greater degree.

It appears from the surevey that the concentration of population into the settlements in the area and the continued expansion of these settlements has triggered off functional changes and changes in the inter-relationship between settlements which will occasion changes in the physical layout and character of the town centres affected.

The survey conducted in Gravesend and Northfleet shows that just over three-quarters of the housesholders interviewed lived in privately owned accommodation. The average number of persons per household was 3.2 which a higher average among immigrant households (3.5) and among local households (3.1), as there was among households living in council property (3.6) compared with those living in private property (3.1). It was found that 22.4 per cent of the households had moved into the survey area since 1951. A relatively high proportion of the immigrant households (24.4 per cent) had come from parts of Great Britain outside Greater London and Kent. This compared with Dartford-Wilmington (9.2), Swanscombe-Stone (8.7) or Hartley-Kingsdown (12.1). Of the total population 36.8 worked full time and 3.2 part time. Those figures were lower than those at Dartford-Wilmington or Swanscombe-Stone. Unemployment was negligible. A high proportion of the total working population (70.2) worked in the area, the corresponding figures being 79.9 in the Medway Towns, 76.7 in Maidstone and 54.0 in Dartford. The survey showed the no centres outside Gravesend attracted significant amounts of shoppers for either daily or weekly shopping. Gravesend was almost self sufficient for durable goods shopping, being used by 92.0 per cent of all households.

In Dartford and Wilmington just under three-quarters of all households lived in privately owned accommodation; the proportion among immigrant households (92.5) being much higher than among local households (66.0). Nearly one third of the households had moved into the area since 1951 - a higher figure than in other urban areas such as Gravesend and Northfleet (22.4) and Maidstone (18.9), but much lower than in rural areas such as Hartley-Kingsdown (60.0) and Swanley (49.9). Percentage of the fulltime working population was 41.3 and 5.2 part time. Unemployment was negligible. For durable goods shopping, Dartford had little competition from other centres. It was used by 85.0 of all households.

In Swanscombe and Stone over a third of the households interviewed lived in council property, rather higher than in Dartford or Gravesend-Northfleet, and just under a quarter of the households were immigrant. There was a higher level of immigration into Stone (excluding Greenhithe) than into Swanscombe and Greenhithe. A high proportion of the immigrant households were of local origin. 58.7 had come from parts of Kent within 15 miles and a further 10.9 from Bromley and Bexley. The survey found that 38.2 of the total population worked full time and 4.2 part time. The only two major centres for durable goods shopping were Gravesend and Dartford. Of the Swanscombe households 85.0 went to Gravesend, 18.8 Dartford, 12.5 Central London and 9.4 Swanscombe. Of Stone households 83.4 went to Dartford, 18.6 Gravesend, 13.1 Central London, while among the Greenhithe households Gravesend was used by 67.1 and Dartford by 44.8.

At Swanley 40.7 of the households interviewed lived in council property and just under 49.9 of the households were immigrant. This was the highest level recorded in mid and west Kent except Hartley-Kingsdown sample area. Nearly three-quarters of the immigrant households came from the Greater London area. 39.3 per cent of the population worked full time and 5.1 part time. For residents of Swanley Junction, Swanley itself met most of the daily and weekly shopping needs, but Dartford was the principal centre for durable goods shopping, being used by half the households.

In the Hartley-Longfield-Meopham-West Kingsdown survey, 92.5 of the households interviewed lived in private property, this level of private accommodation being higher than in the other areas of north-west Kent. 60.0 per cent of the households interviewed were immigrant, which was the highest recorded level of immigration in any survey area of Kent. The rate increased rapidly throughout the period 1952-62. In the Hartley-Meopham area a peak was reached in 1956-57, after which the level was maintained. More than half of the immigrant households (58.5) had come from the Greater London area. 41.4 per cent of the total population worked full time and 3.9 part time. A lower proportion of the Hartley-Meopham population was at work and a higher proportion of the West Kingsdown population (44.0 full time and 5.1 part itme). Gravesend was used by half of the households of the overall area for durable goods shopping, but two-thirds of the Hartley-Meopham households and one third of the West Kingsdown. Dartford was used by a quarter of the households of the overall area; it was marginally more important than Gravesend in West Kingsdown."

19 Aug 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
It's no problem making friends in Longfield

Feature on Longfield Evening WI, only formed last year but now has 100 members and is the largest in the Hartley District. The idea arose at a coffee morning held by Mrs [NAME] of St Mary's Way, now one of the vice presidents, 48 joined at the first meeting. President is [NAME] of Pescot Avenue, who is also a member of Hartley WI, was treasurer of a branch of the Townswomen's Guild and was for 3 years secretary of the Hartley Flower Club.

26 Aug 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Computor (sic)

"Dungeness nuclear power station has been connected to the central computing system in London. This means it will now play a part in assessing continually how to maintain the cheapest electricity supply to all parts of the country."

2 Sep 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Country Club Fete Well Supported

In spite of it being a showery afternoon. Included exhibition of judo, tug of war won by Country Club team, baby show, ladder golf. Pictures of 'Kick the Ball', 'Throwing for a Goldfish' and 'Bowling for a Pig' stalls.

9 Sep 1966 History of Education in Ash KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"At the Fawkham historical Society's meeting in the village hall on Friday, members enjoyed a talk by Mr [NAME], 'Education in Ash'. While in training college, he wrote a thesis on this subject. He was helped by the fact that his mother is the present headmistress of Ash School, thus enabling him to gather up a great deal of its past history.

An innovation was a tape recording of his interviews with elderly residents of Ash, who gave him vivid descriptions of their school days in the 1890s. Mr F Goodwin told of the real hardship experienced by some of the children, who worked in the fields as early as 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning, gathering strawberries or attending to the cows, before going to school in men's hobnail boots stuffed with paper. Mr Evans of Ash, gave his school day memories.

[NAME] gave information of the general pattern of education from the 1700s when only the children of knights and squires received an education. The first mention of Ash school was in 1735, and in a rector's will in 1811 a yearly grant of 20s per year was left to purchase pens and inks. Oil lighting was used until 1941, when electricity was installed, and in 1942 the 'fruit picking' holidays were discontinued, and the present holiday period established.

During the last war 100 children were evacuated to Ash from Eltham, and towards the end of the war 20 children from Ash went to Somerset. The school building was scheduled to be enlarged after the war but so far nothing has been done...."

16 Sep 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Longfield Parish Council

(1) Council concerned that L-Drivers are using land at Whitehill Crossroads for driving practice. (2) Committee to be formed of Ash, Hartley, Longfield, Fawkham and West Kingdown Councils to discuss matters of common interest. (3) Council to ask Kent County Council to acquire site at corner of Essex and Station Roads for use as a Library and Clinic following turning down of planning applicaiton to use it for shops.

Good Deed Returned

"Some time ago, the late Mr L Parry, founder of the Hartley Northdowners Football Club, arranged a football match between the Northdowners and a team of TV Stars. This was an outstanding succes, and the proceeds wre handed to the local Old Age Pensioners' Club. Mrs C H Bolding [1908-1989], secretary of the club, has now written to Mr R W Tugwood [1915-1987] hon sec of Northdowners, saying that the club members had read in the press that the Northdowners were in urgent need of help, and enclosed a cheque for £5. Mr Tugwood replied tha the was very touched at this fine gesture, but felt he could not accept the cheque, as it was really help on the management side that was needed to keep the Northdowners flourishing."

Model by Chance

"When Mr and Mrs [NAME], 17 Green Way, Hartley, recently went for a trip to London, and sat in St James's Park, they had no idea that before returning to Hartley, their 19 month old daughter [NAME] would be launched on a photgraphic model career. It was during the afternoon when Mrs [NAME] was drinking a cup of tea and Mr [NAME] was playing with his little girl that they were approached by a representative from afirm who asked permission to take their daughter's photograph.... A few days later Mr and Mrs [NAME] were notified that [NAME] photograph had been chosen from several hundred others, and would be used by a large insurance company for advertisement purposes."

23 Sep 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
West Ash Telephone Exchange

"When the parish council met at Hodsoll Street, the clerk reported with reference to the complaint made regarding the large number of extra telephones installed at Brands Hatch during a race meeting, resulting in the West Ash Exhange becoming completely jammed, the Postmaster General had apologised. The majority of extra calls will in future be transferred to other exchanges."

30 Sep 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Mrs E F Gay Emigrating

"Residents of Hartley said farewell to Mrs E F Gay of Brakefield Road, Southfleet, when she left last Wednesday for Sydney, Australia. Mrs Gay and her late husband were very well known in Hartley. Her late father and mother ran a fruit holding in Hartley, which is now carried on by her brother Mr Ernie Costen. Mrs Gay and her husband were stewards at Hartley Country Club for 13 years. for the last 15 years she has worked for the Dartford Rural District as a home help. Mrs Gay has gone to Australia with her daughter [NAME] and her husband [NAME] and their little girl [NAME]. [NAME] has been with Peak Frean's in the laboratories, and is taking up a similar post in Sydney."

Hartley Parish Council

Cllr Mrs Fry was called away after her son was taken to West Hill Hospital after a bicycle accident, now on way to recovery. (1) Church PCC object to proposed tree preservation order in the Warrens, because they may need to access the Church Hall carpark that way when development is complete. (2) Works on the new rail bridge in Ash Road due to start in the new year. (3) Widening of Church Road on hold "as KCC are still awaiting for a few more property settlements." (4) Parish Council against proposals to reduce number of district councils in Kent to 6, claim "local touch would be lost". (5) Northdowners Football Club said local football facilities were inadequate, PC thought they couldn't do anything about it but that football club was doing a good job.

28 Sep 1966 Local News in Brief Times
Mr & Mrs [NAME] of Longfield have 2 horses in training and both have won races

7 Oct 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Mr Percy Boorman

"of Hartley Wood Corner, Hartley, died in Joyce Green Hospital last Thursday after a short illness. Mr Boorman, who was 87 years of age, was born at Wateringbury, and came to Hartley as head gardener at Hartley Manor in 1926. In his heyday he had acted as judge in flower shows, and garden competition. The funeral was at All Saints' Church yesterday, the rector, the Rev R A Williams officiating. Among the mourners were Miss E Boorman (daughter) and Mrs and Mrs Marsh (son-in-law and daughter) and Mrs Hancock."

Adult Education

"Longfield Secondary School Study and Recreation Centre began its first week of operation of the study and recreation classes and once again many people turned up to enrol, only to find that the classes had already been filled. An additional badminton class, making 5 in all, has been formed for Thursday evening."

New Badge Chosen for Longfield School

Longfield CE Primary has new badge designed by pupil Marion Stapley. It is the white horse of Kent and Rochester diocesan gold shell on red background divided by the green of Longfield's fields.

Longfield Youth Fellowship Lose Hall

They have had to suspend meetings since New Barn and Southfleet Scouts have taken a 22 year lease on the Longfield Hill Village Hall. Notice to quit for Youth Group Imminent. They hope to use a building on the Southwark tip but are awaiting permissions. Hartley Youth Club have in the mean time offered a share in their facilities.

14 Oct 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Players

Picture of cast of Gigi at Country Club Hall.

Springcroft Residents' Association

"held its 6th annual meeting at 38 Springcroft on Sunday…. Founded in 1961, the association was formed to improve the amenities of the Springcroft estate. The committee has been actively concerned with the passage of heavy lorries through Manor Drive during the building of 6 new houses there, the possible installation of a gas main from Church Road down Manor Drive, the unsatisfactory reinstatement of the pavement on the west side of Springcroft after cable laying by Seeboard, the additional main sewer necessitated by the New Ash Green development and many other matters.

Longfield Station Book Stall

[NAME] from the station asks for donations of books and magazines to be sold for British Railwaymen's Home for Children and Old People at Woking. Station raised £75 for hom last year.

21 Oct 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Churches Association

Annual report mentions Week of Prayer culminating in a procession of witness to All Saints' Church for Harvest Festival service. "The Hart magazine, with a circulation of 630 copies, has been going through a difficult period."

All Saints' Church

Financial difficulties have led bank to call in Rochester Diocesan Church Extension Fund overdraft which means they need all parishes pay their debts in full. Hartley can't pay the £400 it owes this year for the loan to build the Church Hall, so fundraising effort has begun. (Paper of 16.12.1966 said "Sit Down" day at Church Hall where Rector received donations, raised £125)

Players Triumph - After such a Dull Start

Review of Hartley Players 'Gigi". Picture of [NAME], [NAME], [NAME] and [NAME].

21 Oct 1966 Days of the Horse Drawn Buses KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Pictured… is a copy of a bus service timetable which belonged to the grandfather of Mr Mr Smoker…. The photo was sent to us by Mr Smoker who says, 'My grandfather, a farm bailiff, lived at Maplescombe, near Farningham, and no doubt made frequent use of the car and the bus service. He died in 1878...."

The card says "The public are respectfully informed that Mr Hollands' Omnibues, the Vivid and the Wonder will run daily as follows: Weekdays (1) Farningham 7.50am, Sutton 8.05am, Dartford Station 8.40am (2) Eynsford 9.45am, Farningham 10am, Sutton 10.15am, Dartford 10.45am; (3) Farningham 2.15pm, Sutton 2.30pm, Dartford 3.05pm; (4) Eynsford 4.30pm, Farningham 5.10pm, Sutton 5.25pm, Dartford 6.0pm. (Reverse) (1) Dartford Station 8.41am, Sutton 9.15am, Farningham 9.30am, Eynsford 9.45am; (2) Dartford Station 11am, Sutton 11.30am, Farningham 11.50am; (3) Dartford Station 3.10pm, Sutton 3.47pm, Farningham 4pm, Eynsford 4.20pm; Dartford Station 6.10pm, Sutton 6.40pm, Farningham 7pm, Eynsford 7.20pm. 2 each way on Sundays.

26 Oct 1966 Local News in Brief Times
Advert for auction of Goodwins Cottage, c16th, 5b, 2r, 1 bath, ¼a land

28 Oct 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Visit to St Giles Centre, Camberwell

Women's Fellowship visited St Giles Centre, beneficiaries of the 1965 village fete.

2 Nov 1966 Local News in Brief Times
Marriage of [NAME] [of Hartley House, Ash Road] to [NAME] of New Zealand

2 Nov 1966 Hartley Library Postponed East Kent Times
"Ten libraries due to be built in Kent in areas including Hartley, Paddock Wood and Dartford are to become victims of the credit squeeze. Kent Education Committee have suspended their plans until further notice."

4 Nov 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Mrs Winifred Ruth Seton Miller

"News has been received of the death of Mrs Winifred Ruth Seton Miller in Rhodesia. Mrs Seton Miller lived for many years at The Gables, Hoselands Hill, Hartley. She is survived by a son in Auckland, New Zealand, and a daughter, Mrs Peter Grant, in Rhodesia."

Squeeze curbs 'black spots' spending

(1) Hartley PC told credit squeeze means a delay of about 2 years to the replacement rail bridge on Ash Road. PC says that even if funds are not available to widen all of Church Road, it is essential something is done at Stocks Hill before a fatal accident occurred. (2) Residents of Stack Lane inconvenienced many times by opening up for utility services for Carmelite Way.

Protesters should go it alone

Letter to editor by Mrs Wendy Leslie [prob 1917-1997] of 38 Springcroft. "I sympathise with the residents of Stack Lane, Hartley, whose 'road' has been dug up over and over again during the past few months. But I find it difficult to understand their approach to the problem. Neither can I comprehend the case for the making up of all private roads in Hartley. IN the first instance, the main traffic bearing rods in Ken tleave much to be desired and it would seem taht if money is not available for roads in general usage, can it be found to finance private roads even though the cost would eventually be borne by the residents themselves, involving them in considerable outlay. Would not Stack Lane householders be better advised to take a leaf from the book of the residents of 2 or 3 other roads in the village and make their own arrangements? The cost would be a mere fraction and the sense of achievement unbounding. If, however, residents in rural areas want county council specification roads, street lighting, bingo halls and the like, then I suggest they would be happier in a district where these are more readily available. Rural Kent, and even Rural England, is under pressure from all sides. If Hartley is to become a series of roads and pavements with no thought for natural beauty or character, then I want none of it. I wholeheartedly endorse the sentiment behind the tree preservation order in the Warrens, and if trees around my house were threatened, I would take similar action."

4 Nov 1966 Mrs Yvonne Fry KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Behind the charm and serenity of the village of Hartley lies a wealth of social activity in which a 43 year old mother is a central figure. She is Mrs Yvonne Fry, who has lived in Hartley for the past 10 years. Before she lived in Bexleyheath.

She is a cheerful, friendly person who has a deep interest in people and what goes on in the village. Her husband John, is the chief pharmacist at West Hill Hospital, Dartford, and he shares a number of activities with his wife. They have 3 children - Michael (17), and 11 year old twins, [NAME] and [NAME].

In the spacious lounge of the family's bungalow, Rodings, Briars Way, Hartley, Mrs Fry told me that she writes a page about young people's activities in the village entitled, 'Up and Coming,' for the monthly parish magazine - Hart. She also types out articles and helps with the duplicating. This newsy magazine is published by the Hartley Churches Association - All Saints Church of England, Congregational Church and St Francis de Sales RC Church. It has a distribution of 700 in the parish. The Association started 3 years ago and now runs many activities for young and old. For the past year Mrs Fry's husband has been chairman. The HCA has the Good Samaritan Organisation which helps people with their problems. Mrs Fry keeps a list of these, whehter they be personal problems, housing or road, or anything which may affect the village itself.

She plays a keen role in local government and represents Hartley on Dartford Rural Council. Both she and her husband are members of Hartley Parish Council.

Mrs Fry runs a Thursday Club - an offspring of the HCA - for mothers with young children. It has been going since 1956.

Mrs Fry, a member of the Road Safety Committee of the Rural Council, was asked earlier this year to organise a Tufty Club in the village. the club teaches road safety to children aged 3 to 9. It has 173 members.

One of the managers of Hartley Primary School, where her children were pupils, and a governor of Longfield Secondary School, Mrs Fry is chairman of the ladies' section of the local Conservative Association, and her husband is chairman of the men's branch.

Mrs Fry belongs to the Women's Institute and has spoken about local affairs to the two WIs in the village and to other organisations.

Her husband is a churchwarden at All Saints' and often reads the lesson on Sundays. He is on the appeals committee of the local branch of the British Red Cross and together they have organised fetes in the past to help raise funds.

Mrs Fry was born in Leytonstone, Essex, and was educated at a private school, then at the Central Foundation Girls' School in London. During the second World War she served in the ATS for 4 years and was one of the founder members of the Army Education for Women. Before she joined the Army in 1942, she worked in a bank.

Mrs Fry likes people and because of that gets involved with them. She dislikes what she calls 'the awful segregation' of calling people elderly when they are over 60. She said that the New Ash Green model village had brought many heartaches ot the residents of Hartley. It is being built on a beautiful stretch of farmland between Ash Village and Hartley. But Mrs Fry said the people of Hartley were anxious the model village should fit into the community and extra traffic would not cause worry to parents. Mrs Fry is dissatisfied with the local train service. She would like to see a swimming pool for children in Hartley and a good restaurant. Mrs Fry helps with the catering in the village. Every year a delicious buffet supper is held in the village hall especially for the 32 distributors of the parish magazine and their families."

11 Nov 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Evening Choir

Two pictures of their performance of The Gondoliers at the WI Hall.

Confirmation at St Francis de Sales

RC Bishop of Southwark C Cowderoy confirmed 59 children at St Francis de Sales.

Longfield Streets to be lit all night over Christmas

Longfield PC meeting (1) Streetlights to be left on all night 20 Dec - 1 Jan, cost £25 as a safety measure for motroists. (2) Proposed clinic at New Ash Green will not serve Longfield so fortnightly child clinic and monthly chiropody clinic in village hall will continue. Chairman said it would not be possible to have a separate building for a clinic in Longfield. Other councillors raised concerns about difficulty for older people climbing steps to village hall. (3) Problem of water washing down Hartley Road towards Pond Cottage.

18 Nov 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Mrs E Wansbury

"of 59 Attlee Drive, Dartford, has died in Bow Arrow Hosptial. Mrs Wansbury, who was 82, was born at Manton, Wiltshire and lived in Hartley at Bay Lodge, Ash Road, in her youth, together with her sisters Miss A Hobbs and Miss E Hobbs. She attended the village school at Fawkham and was married at All Saints' Church, Hartley in 1921. The funeral took place in All Saints' Churchyard, the Rev R A Williams officiating. She leaves 2 daughters..."

Hartley Horticultural Society

"Mr C C Baillie [1910-1970] presided at the 2nd annual meeting of the Horticultural Society. Mr [NAME], secretary, said there were now 118 members, an increase of 35 over last year....."

Aberfan Disaster

"Longfield and district has sent £162 19s 7d to the Aberfan Disaster Fund. The organising committee included Mrs DK Lodge [Faith Charity Lodge 1932-1996] of 20 Copse Side Hartley; Mrs D G Pull [1920-1987] of Down Ampney, Gorsewood Road; the Rev R A Dunkley, rector of Longfield; [NAME], manager of Martin's Bank, Longfield; and Mr H F Darby, headmaster of Longfield Secondary School. Longfield Primary School raised £15 for the fund and asked that it be used to buy something for the new school."

Long Valley Hall

Dartford RDC have refused planning permission, British Legion to appeal.

Silver Wedding

"Mr and Mrs Richard Cox celebrated their silver wedding anniversary with a family party at their home Old Forge, Ash Road, Hartley. They were married at All Saints' Perry Street, Northfleet. Mr Cox is a member of the Diplomatic Service, and they consequently spend much of their time abroad. At the moment they are on leave from Malta, having previously served at Colombo, Calcutta and Bombay. They have also toured much of the Indian Subcontinent, including Kashmir. Mr and Mrs Cox are both from long-established families in the area, and are particularly well known in Hartley. Their only child, Jonathan, is a pupil at King's School Rochester."

25 Nov 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Longfield Secondary School

"For the first time in its short history Longfield Secondary School has appointed a head boy and head girl. [NAME] (17) is head girl and [NAME] (17) is head boy.

Longfield Conservatives

They now have 150 members and hope to have 200 by end of year.

Ash Parish Council

Council complains of ballast lorries using narrow Billet Hill, and to RAC for Car Rallies using narrow lanes around Hodsoll Street.

Liberal is named

"Mr Peter Loftus, 38 year old research engineer in the aircraft industry, who lives at Boreen, Church Road, Hartley, was this week adopted as prospective Liberal Candidate for Deptford [In the end the LIberals did not fight Deptford in the 1970 election].

2 Dec 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
New Road a Headache for Hartley

Hartley Parish Council meeting. (1) Proposed New Ash Green to Longfield road via Fawkham Valley said to be "causing concern". (2) Regarding proposals to widen south end of Church Road, local residents attended meeting "to register their strong protest at desecration of this lovely rural end of Hartley." (3) "Long discussion took polace on the 'disgraceful' state of Stack Lane." (4) Council call for suggestions for road naming for future Quakers Close and Dickens Close.

Congregational Church

Picture of guess the birthday of the doll at their Christmas Bazaar. [NAME] and [NAME] pictured. Also picture of Father Christmas with [NAME].

Top Scout Gets his Reward

"At Longfield and Hartley Scouts' Headquarters on Friday, Kent County Commissioner Mr F C Braby handed Group Scoutmaster H T Wickham the Scout Medal for Merit for outstanding services to Scouting. It was a reward for the zeal he had shown in building up the Longfield and Hartley Scout Troop, and for his inspiration in getting the new headquarters built. Mr Wickham has been associated with the local troop since 1948. His wife, Mrs Doreen Wickham, is assistant Cub Master...."

9 Dec 1966 Ex-Councillor Dies at Home KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"The death has occurred of Mr Arthur Ernest Edward at Meadcot, Ash Road, Hartley. Mr Edward, 80 years of age, had been in failing health for a few years. He died after a week's illness. He had lived in Hartley for 44 years. Mr Edward served on Hartley Parish council and Dartford Rural Council, was one time treasurer for Hartley Conservative Association, and treasurer for Hartley Players for many years. Before his retirement he was insurance manager for 37 years with the British and American Tobacco Company. He is survived by his widow."

16 Dec 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Ronald Costen

Of Homestead, Church Road, died previous Monday aged 20. Born Hartley, attended Longfield Primary School and Northfleet Secondary School, apprenticed at Chatham Dockyard. He was drummer in the Runaways, first pop group in Hartley.

Hartley Churches Association

Will tour village carol singing on 19-21 December.

23 Dec 1966 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
St John's Lane

"Notices have been received by residents in St John's Lane, Hartley, that widening will take place at each end of the lane. Since the new development the road has been in a chaotic state and this news is very welcome to everyone using the lane."

30 Dec 1966 Building Date KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"It is just over 2 years since the Housing Minister agreed to the development of 429 acres of farmland between Hartley and Ash as a new village. Building in zone 1 at North Ash will start in the New Year."

6 Jan 1967 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
4b detached house for sale £8,000 with Winnetts; Detached house, 3b 2r 1 bath £7,500; Detached house 4b 2r 1 bath £7,750

6 Jan 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Parish Council

(1) Residents of St John's Lane complain about state of road, county council has already started improvements. (2) Suggested names for Pales Development are Quaker Close or Friends Close because of the historical connections of the house with the Quaker movement.

Hop on a bike says bill aged 91

Picture feature on Bill Cheary of Meopham. He married 60 years ago in Hartley, moved to Snodland to work as bricklayer, later building the house Solaris in South Street Meopham in 15 months, which suffered minor bomb damage in the war. He still cycles around Meopham village.

13 Jan 1967 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Relief for local farmers as Ministry of Agriculture Divisional Veterinary Officer confirms that one of the 42 cattle at Manor Farm, Longfield Hill, does not have foot and mouth disease.

13 Jan 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
OAP Party

Two pictures of party for old folk run by the Hartley Youth Group at the church Hall, one is encaptioned "A smoke for the old folk being handed round by one of the Youth Club members." This is the 4th year running they have hosted the party, paid for by profits from dances during the year.

Swanley Swimming Pool

Nearing completion. Newly formed Hartley Swimming Club one of those who have applied to use the facilities. Longfield Conservative Councillor Sims queried cost, Labour Leader Cllr Reeves said "people will be given an opportunity to swim - something that cannot be counted in money." Cllr Mellor also highlighted the social need for the facility. [The Conservatives had opposed the principle of building the pool when it was proposed originally]

20 Jan 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Ash and Ridley WI

Will be celebrating its 34th anniversary this year.

Unlucky 13th

"On their way to Denman College on Friday January 13 to take a course in Scottish Dancing, two members of Hartley Evening WI received cuts and bruises when their car collided with a telegraph pole near Chertsey. They were [NAME] of Stack Lane, Hartley, and Mrs Daphne Lund of Woodland Avenue, Hartley. And the registration number of the car - 1313 of course!"

20 Jan 1967 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
New detached houses, 3b 1r bath £6,350; Chalet house 9 years old, 2b, 1r 1 bath £5,350

27 Jan 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Ash Parish Council

(1) Decided not to make a decision on streetlighting until New Ash Green built. (2) RAC reply to say they are not responsible for all the car rallies in Hodsoll Street. (3) Proposals for bus shelter at the White Swan, council to ask brewer if they can provide a site.


Lack of swimming facilities a problem for Longfield Secondary School, a group of girls have been able to hire the Dartford College of Physical Education pool for an hour on Saturdays, but boys cannot use that pool.

3 Feb 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley to get a pool?

Hartley Parish Council. (1) "A village swimming pool and a golf course for Hartley were suggested at a meeting of the parish council on Friday." (2) Proposal for social club at The Croft rejected. (3) Problem of dumping of rubbish in Larksfield.

Friday Girl - [NAME]

Picture of [NAME] from Kchana, Gorsewood Road, Hartley modelling self designed bikini top, pyjama pants and silk coast. She is a student at the Medway College of Art.

Chancellor picks 5 new JPs

[NAME] of Ash Road, Hartley appointed magistrate for Dartford Division. He is a personnel officer at J&E Hall, and secretary of the Metropolitan Kent Productivity Association. He was a Kent County Councillor for 9 years, and Dartford Borough Councillor for 13 years becoming mayor in 1957.

Hartley Players

Picture of [NAME], [NAME] and [NAME] in production of Captain Carvello at Country Club.

Artist in suspense

19 year old [NAME] of Felsted, Church Road, Hartley, a former pupil of Northfleet Secondary School and now at Medway College of Art, hopes to be accepted by Royal College of Art, his practical work has been accepted, but he still needs to pass the interview.

10 Feb 1967 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Longfield PC worried about 3 narrow bridges when NAG is built

10 Feb 1967 Local News in Brief Gravesend Reporter
Hartley Swimming Club formed. [NAME] of Braye Cottage, Ash Road hon sec. Meet Swanley Pool

17 Feb 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Liberal Association

"A gallant little band of Liberal enthusiasts turned up at the WI Hall last Thursday for the inaugural meeting of the Hartley, Longfield and Southfleet Liberal Association. [NAME], Dartford Liberal Agent took the chiar and said as there were quite a number of active Liberal members in the area, they felt justified in forming this new association...."

England Call on [NAME]

England call up for 21 year old Kent Badminton player [NAME] for Thomas Cup Tie against South Africa at Wallasey. He lives at Blue Firs, Church Road, Hartley and has been in the county team since 1963.

22 Feb 1967 Local News in Brief Times
Death of David Jones, 90, formerly of Addey and Stanhope School

24 Feb 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley gives up part of the parish

Hartley Parish Council. (1) PC will write to KCC to say they are willing to give up area of Hartley sited in New Ash Green. (paper of 3.3.67 reported that Dartford RDC agreed to the change, but it didn't acutally happen until 1987) (2) Appeal against enforcement notice for parking of vehicles at The Elms will be heard at a local enquiry. (3) Damage to bollards around War Memorial following car collision nad flooding at the foot of Hoselands Hill a problem.

3 Mar 1967 Allova Dinn and his Gamp KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Picture feature on production by Hartley Evening WI parody of Aladdin at the WI Hall, filmed by [NAME] of the Hartley Cine Club. Pictures are (1) Vera Brown; (2) Pat McMahon and [NAME], (3) [NAME], (4) [NAME], (5) [NAME].

10 Mar 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Gorsewood Road

"Residents of Gorsewood Road in an effort to imporve the appalling state of their road, sent a petition to all householders, asking if they were willing to have the road made up by the Kent County council. Two-thirds were in favour and an application has gone to the council to carry out this work."

Hartley Swimming Club

Since they were formed a few weeks ago, they have received 100 applications to join.

Longfield appeal for policeman

Longfield Parish Council Meeting. (1) Council to request return of village policeman, saying population is double since they last had one, nearest officer now at Meopham [Editorial in paper 17.3.66 support idea of village bobby, understand that people don't feel assured by infrequent car patrols]; (2) They accepted quote from Seeboard of £110 5s 9d for streetlighting in Pescot Avenue, and £83 for 2 additonal columns with extra lighting on 2 existing columns at The Drive; (3) Council want to know where phone box outside primary school is going to be resited; (4) They will not support British Legion's appeal for planning permission to build a hall at Whitehill, saying the Whitehill Crossroads is a much better site [Paper of 17.3.66 said Legion was bitterly disappointed at PC's attitude]. At the annual parish meeting concerns about lack of parking at the station, especially with New Ash Green in the offing, and council said they had objected to being put into Sevenoaks Constituency.

Audrey Tutton School of Dancing

(Advert) "All branches of dancing taught. Students trained for major examinations. Children prepared for RAD, ISTD and BATD examinations. Fully qualified staff. Classes held at St John's Church Hall, Edwin Street, Gravesend. All Saints' Hall, Hartley - Tuesdays. Village Hall, Kent Road, Longfield - Thursdays. Principal A Tutton, 49 Darnley Street, Gravesend. Tel. Gravesend 3948."

17 Mar 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Building - to keep fit

English international badminton player [NAME] (22) has found a novel and effective way of keeping fit - he is helping his parents to build their own home in Hartley. 6 years ago, Mr and Mrs Frank Sharp found a substandard house, Blue Firs, in Church Road with a glorious view overlooking Hartley Bottom. After many months of negotiation they were given planning permission to replace the house with a more permament dwelling and they have recently completed the foundations of what will be a delightful self-designed chalet bungalow. Mr and Mrs Sharp have a lot of hard work ahead, but with the help of [NAME], who has already built his own hom in White Post Lane, Culverstone, they are facing the project with optimism and enthusiasm."

Make Up Classes

"Girls from the Longfield Secondary School enjoyed a demonstration on the correct use of cosmetics. This is an annual event for senior girls to encourage them to use make up with taste and to give them advice on the care of the skin..."

Mrs Elizabeth Mary Wood

Obituary. She was 97 and lived for the last 11 years with her son at 60 Kent Road, Longfield. Previously she had been a grocer in Bromley. Her husband died when she was 69, she then visited her daughters in Australia, war prevented another visit and when she tried to emigrate after the war, she was rejected for being too old.

24 Mar 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Radio Raid

"A transistor radio, ten pound notes and a quantity of cigarette coupons, were stolen from the home of Mr William Venus (61), Hamilton, Church Road, Hartley, on Friday."

Ash Parish Meeting

Only 4 parishioners attended. Calls for 30mph speed limit on South Ash Road, now extra traffic was going that way from A20 in connection with the New Ash Green development.

New Playgroup

"A playgroup has been formed for children for children under school age held at the Congregational Hall every morning commencing on April 17. This playgroup is organised and supervised by three local mothers, two of whom are qualified teachers. More details can be obtained from Mrs Rabbitt, Tamarix, Ash Road, Hartley - Longfield 3850." [Mrs Rabbit was better known to the generation attending the playschool as "Auntie Vi"]

Hartley Conservative Association

President William Ball told members to stop being apathetic. Treasurer [NAME] said finances OK but events not well supported.

31 Mar 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Longfield Secondary School

"Thameside Educational Executive is to support a resolution from the governing body of Longfield Secondary School that the school should be recognised as comprehensive in status, from September this year and to urge that the necessary accommodation be provided to avoid the transfer of children fro the school at the age of 13 in 1969." [This did not happen until the 1977 intake]

Longfield Church Annual Parochial Meeting

It was reported the Sunday School had 68 regular attendees with 10 teachers, there is also Youth Fellowship and Icthus Fellowship. The latter has its own minibus but increasing numbers means it is insufficient for their needs.

31 Mar 1967 Grand Lady of Local Theatre KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"If the wishes of a mother had not prevailed at early age, the name Sybil Willmot (pictured) [Florence Sybil Willmot 1902-1991] may well have been a household word in theatrical circles. As it is Mrs Willmot, who at 65 has become affectionately known as the grand lady of theatre in Hartley, is the oldest long established Hartley players. In the sitting room of the smartly furnished bungalow in Ash Road, Hartley, where she and her agricultural engineer husband Cyril have lived for 39 (sic, appears it should be 29) years, Mrs Willmot happily talked about her early acting days.

'I supposed they really began when I was pushed on to the school stage at Eltham,' she said, 'I found acting was a challenge (what a terrible word that is) and a pleasant experience and have loved it ever since. After I left school I attended evening classes in drama at Regent Street Polytechnic and even had the offer to join a then well know repertory company. Although I occasionally regret declining the offer, I am really very glad, for I would never have met my husband and had such a happy family life.'

Moving to Eltham from Hartley in 1938, Mrs Willmot wasted no time in pursuing her acting interest. 'Almost the firt thing I did when I arrived in the village was to join Hartley Players,' she said, 'I love character acting and luckily my ability to talk in a Cockney accent gained me a part in 'Britannia of Billingsgate' only a few months after joining the society.'

Now 39 years and 53 productions later, Mrs Willmot, whose appearence and character belie her age by about a decade, is still carefully rehearsing her lines, this time for 'House of Strangers' which the Players will present on the rickety stage of the Hartley Country Club at the beginning of May. 'Theatre audiences now, even in the villages, are far more critical than they were - I suppose it is one of the good results of television. The early productions with Hartley Players used to draw the entire village to the hall, and on Friday nights they would wear full evening dress for the occasion. Now the standard is higher, but we have still managed to keep our audiences.'

She attributes much of the success of the Players to the loyalty of members, both acting and working backstage. She is delighted at the recent formation of a youth group and denies she ever feels her age when acting with teenagers. 'I suppose like most actors I must have an inflated ego,' she smiled and it did not seem to worry her.

Mrs Willmot's acting talent may not have been inherited from her parents but it has certainly been passed onto her children. In recent years she had acted alongside her son [NAME], two of her three daughters, a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law. Only her youngest daughter [NAME] has not followed in her footsteps. She is now in Australia on an exchange teacher's training course. To Mr Willmot, his wife's theatrical antics are viewed with a long suffering resignation. 'He is an opera lover,' she said, 'and finds my interest in domestic comedies all rather lowbrow!'

Dar one say if she found time for any other interest? 'I love gardening,' she quickly replied, 'and Cyril has just persuaded me to play golf with him at Lullingstone Park.' She was very pleased to hear a practice net was to be erected at the club. 'Not that it really affects me - I haven't yet managed to move the ball off the tee!'

7 Apr 1967 £100,000 Longfield Road Plan KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Work will start soon on improvements to Hartley Road, Longfield, including the rebuilding of the railway bridge which crosses the road. The Minister of Transport, Mrs Barbara Castle, has made a grant of £28,125 to the County Council towards the £105,000 total cost of the scheme.

Rapid residential development of Hartley village over the past few years has considerably increased the vehicular and pedestrian traffic at Longfield station.

The scheme has been designed to eliminate the present hazard under the bridge, where the road is narrow and there are no footpaths. The bridge is to be rebuilt by the British Railways Board to give more headroom for vehicles and to enable Hartley Road to be widened from its junction with Station Road to a point 330 yards south. The improved carriage way will have a minimum width of 24 feet and two six feet wide footpaths will be provided under the new bridge. The scheme has been designed by county surveyor Mr Henry Bowdler in conjunction with British Railways Board and is expected to take 12 months to complete."

7 Apr 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Motor-cyclist injured

"After being involved in an accident with a moped in Ash Road, Hartley, near the junction with Castle Hill, on Tuesday night, motorcyclist [NAME] of 379 Hirst Road, Boxley was taken to Joyce Green Hospital, Dartford with a fractured right leg and detained. The moped rider was [NAME] of 2 Ash Road, Hartley."

Hartley Folk Club

"The first meeting of the Folk Club was held in the Social Club Hall on Saturday. This club, formed by [NAME], [NAME], [NAME] and [NAME], attracted an audience of about 50 people Music and singing was provided by the Hartley Folk Group and several members of the audience..."

Longfield Parish Council

(1) No waiting zone around station widened; suggestion for one-way system rejected after bus company objected as it would mean buses going further and using more petrol. (2) Police say if Longfield want a village policeman there will need to be 2 police houses in Longfield first, sites to be considered. One of the PCs at Northfleet is allocated to Longfield. (3) Some allotments at Whitehill Road to be lost to road improvement scheme.

14 Apr 1967 Local News in Brief Kent & Sussex Courier
[NAME] of Gorsewood Road fined £5 for parking in area of pedestrian crossing at Tunbridge Wells

14 Apr 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Women Hurt in Crash

"Motorist [NAME], of Studley Dene, Manor Drive, Hartley, and her passenger, [NAME], Grenville, Carmelite Way, Hartley, were both taken to West Hill Hospital, Dartford, with slight injuries after crashing with a lorry in Holmesdale Road, South Darenth, last Thursday. The lorry driver, [NAME], of Northumberland Road, Istead Rise, Northfleet, was unhurt."

[NAME] gets her brains from her father

"[NAME], of Gresham Avenue, Hartley, appeared in TVs University Challenge programme last week. [NAME], a first year student at Essex University, was selected after coming top in a very stiff questionnaire. She is studying a comparative course. Essex being one of the few Universities in this country to offer such courses. This is her second term, but she made news in her first term, by appearing in a TV documentary, and entertaining the Duchess of Gloucester in her room at the university. [NAME] is the daughter of [NAME], who reached the semi-finals in the search for the 'Brain of Britain' in the BBCs 'What do you know?' ".

21 Apr 1967 County Council Election KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Dartford Rural East Result: Fred Sims (Cons) 3,683 (78.4%), George Amos (Lab) 657 (14.0%), J Johnson (Lib) 356 (7.6%). No change.

Cons hold Dartford Rural Central, Dartford South and gain Dartford Rural West and Dartford North. Overall Conservatives have 66 councillors and 18 aldermen, Labour 2 councillors and 4 aldermen. Aldermen were not democratically voted, but appointed by the council themselves, they had same voting rights as other councillors.

21 Apr 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Horticultural Society

254 entries at Spring Show, up 100 from last year.

Folk Club

60 attend latest meeting.

28 Apr 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Women Conservatives

Picture of 'Hats Through the Ages' presentation at WI Hall.

5 May 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Players

Picture of cast of production of 'A House of Strangers' - Syblil Willmot, [NAME], [NAME], [NAME], [NAME], [NAME] and [NAME].

Rail Timetable changes

New train from Longfield to Holborn Viaduct at 8.04am

Fare Evasion

"[NAME], aged 17, Red House, Ash Road, Hartley, was fined £5 by Maidstone magistrates for attempting to avoid a 3s 9d railway fare from Rochester to Maidstone West Station. In a letter to the court, [NAME] said: 'I had not got sufficient money for the fare, but I felt too embarrassed to say so.' "

12 May 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
William James Read

"aged 76, of Shepherds Field, Briars Way, Hartley, died in Joyce Green Hospital on May 3. Mr Read was born in Southgate, London, and came to Hartley in 1965. He served in the first World War in the 10th battalion Royal Fusiliers in France and was awarded the Military Medal. He was a member of the Corn Exchange, and secretary of the Sutton Rugby Club and treasurer of the Sutton Cricket Club at one time. The funeral was held on May 8 in All Saints' Church, Hartley. The Rev RA Williams officiated, assisted by the Rev WM Read, rector of Bridlington, Yorkshire, Mr Read's elder son. His younger son is Dr Peter Read, a GP in Hartley. Besides these two sons, Mr Read leaves a widow and 8 grandchildren..."

May Queen

Picture of [NAME], neice of boxing champion Dave Charnley as May Queen and her attendants at Longfield Primary School.

Hartley Players

Favourable review of 'House of Strangers' production at Country Club. "Hartley Players have been in the game since 1926, and it is pleasing to note that their standard is well maintained."

12 May 1967 First House Complete… Gets 'Topping Out' Treatment KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Mr Edwin R P Boorman [1936-2012], editior of the Kent Messenger, performed the traditional 'topping out' ceremony on the first house to be completed at New Ash Green Village, near Hartley, on Tuesday. The ceremony involved Mr Boorman hammering in the first nail on the last section of the house roof. The foreman of the developes Span Kent Ltd, [NAME], presented Mr Boorman with the hammer after the event.

The 2,000 house project is recognised by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government as likely to have a wide influence on the system of housing and community making in the future. When the village was first proposed 3 years ago, it caused a storm of controversy, but on Tuesday, the Editor in Chief of the Kent Messenger, Ald H R Pratt Boorman said: 'Although we all want to preserve our Garden of England, this village is so planned that it will not interfere with the amenities of the surrounding countryside, which is some of the most beautiful in the county of Kent. The Minister announced that the benefits of this development outweighed its disadvantages and now the first of the houses has been built. We in Kent know that there will be great developments in this county and that changes must come. With London on one side and the Common Market and the proposed Channel Tunnel on the other, this area is naturally attractive. Here we have good constructive thinking, good and careful planning and workmanship and good use of surrounding amenities. I wish all those who live here every happiness possible.'

Introducing Mr Boorman and his son, the joint managing director of Span Kent Ltd, Mr Leslie Bilsby said: 'We are now at the mid-way point in creation. We are in between the past years of vision and planning and the future years of building and action.'

The development will comprise 2,000 houses with shops, schools, churches, community buildings nd club facilities. Planning of space is a keynote of the development."

Pictures of Edwin Boorman, Geoffrey Townsend (Joint Managing Director of Span) [1911-2002], Eric Lyons (Architect of Scheme) [1912-1990], HR Pratt Boorman and Leslie Bilsby [1911-1990] in front of house.

19 May 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Churches Association

Bad weather meant Whit Sunday service at Hoselands Green was moved to Church Hall, Longfield Church and Longfield Bethel attended for first time, plus Salvation Army Band. HCA planning support group for Mote House Cheshire Home at Maidstone.

Scouts Annual Meeting

Heard new hut has cost £2,000 plus fittings, cost raised by Scouts with substantial grant from Education Authorities. Overheads are high and subscriptions do not meet all of these, hence need for jumble sales. Scout roll has 100 members.

KCC Buckles its Green Belt

"In the revised Kent Development Plan, just approved by the County Council, it says that the preservation of the Metropolitan Green Belt an its associated 'green wedges' on the Thamesside Town Map, together with provision for open space and education needs would still be regarded as being of fundamental importance. The Thameside Town Map covers Dartford, Gravesend, Swanscombe, part of Northfleet and parts of Dartford and Strood Rural Districts. The report recommends that Hartley, Longfield and Meopham should continue as mainly residential communities. Provision should be made for a reasonable increase in population up to 6,280 households by 1978. Any expansion in the size of the villages would be opposed. Although a new village had been approved at New Ash Green, it was not intended that this should affect the policy restricting development in this area.

Council to probe secrets leakages

Labour accuse Independent group of former Labour councillors of using council housing waiting list, which is supposed to be confidential, for electoral advantage. Liberal spokesman saw no problem in doing this, Conservatives thought it was maligning council officers. Motion to investigate carried 6-3 with 6 abstentions.

[it is very likely that such a use of the housing list today would be considered a breach of the Data Protection Act]

9 May 1967 Local News in Brief Times
Picture of first great dane to become police dog, trained by [NAME] [of 8 Round Ash Way]

19 May 1967 Leary's Guests Kentish Express
"Boxer Dave Charnley, footballers [NAME] and Derek Ufton, and television personalities David Frost and Leslie Crowther have agreed to take part in the benefit match in aid of the Kent player Stuart Leary [1933-1988, also played football for Charlton Athletic and QPR] at Hartley Country Club on Sunday."

26 May 1967 Non, non to traffic plan KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Longfield parish council at its annual meeting on Monday did not agree with proposals made by Fawkham Council for the direction of traffic from the New Ash Green village. Fawkham propose using Ash Road and a new relief road passing from the north side of New Ash Green to the west of Hartley. It would start (at the its southern end) just west of the junction of the Hartley Ash Road and Chapelwood Road to pass just west of the woodlands, then on to cross Castle Hill just west of the Old Downs and from there almost due north to join Hoselands Hill. Just south of the railway bridge at the foot of Hoselands Hill a short spur should be built westwards, leading to a new car park just south of Longfield Station. The only disadvantage envisaged by Fawkham was that the traffic from Hartley and New Ash Green destined for the A2, Dartford and Dartford Tunnel would have to join the B260 east of Longfield instead of west of it, and would add to the flow along Longfield Main Road.

Longfield disagreed with the Fawkham proposal and put forward counter proposals. One suggestion was that a car park should be sited between Fawkham Valley Road and Station Road, thus eliminating any extra traffic through Longfield either to the station or to the A2, Dartford and Dartford Tunnel. A roundabout at the Whitehill Crossroads would cope with the additional traffic than increasing the traffic by three or four times down the already dangerous Hoselands Hill....."

[Needless to say, Fawkham's proposal would have minimised the amount of road in their parish and ensured that very little of the traffic would use the Valley Road]

Hartley Churches Association

Considering proposals to include churches in neihbouring villages.

Hartley Scene of 1966

Film by Hartley Cine Club includes Opening of Scout Hut; Guides, Scouts and Brownies and Cubs at Camp; OAP outings and Christmas Party; Mothers and Babies at Local Welfare Clinic; Whit Sunday Church Service on Hoselands Green; WI performance of The Gondoliers and a Pantomime; Hartley Morris Men dancing in the Village.

2 Jun 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
RC Church fete

Opened by Robert Fabian, former Met Police Det Superintendent, [whose career was dramatised by the BBC in the 1950s].

Christian Aid Week

House to house collection raises £58 4s 4d.

Mrs Mabel A White

"A Hartley woman who served on the St John Ambulance Brigade Post at Waterloo Station during the Second World War, died on Monday. She was 82 year old Mrs M A White of Old Downs Home, Hartley. She had lived in the area for nearly 20 years. Her daughter, [NAME], is the nurse and midwife for the district. Born in Eastbourne, Mrs White was a member of the Ash WI and Hartley OAP Club. The funeral service is at Fawkham Church next Monday and will be follwed by interment in the churchyard."

Hartley Parish Council

(1) Cost of acquiring land with no known owner at Woodland Avenue has increased markedly; (2) Council unhappy about not being consulted about Fawkham's proposal for the New Ash Green bypass; (3) No truth in rumour of a Hartley Hill to New Barn road being built; (4) "It is hoped that a workshop for the mentally handicapped will be a feature of the new housing estate of 300 dwellings at Wellfield; (5) Preliminary work carried out on Swimming Pool for Fawkham, Ash, Hartley, Longfield and Southfleet.

Baby Drowns in Fish Pond

"The spring bank holiday ended in tragedy for Mr and Mrs [NAME] of 13 Hampton Road, Bishops Stoke, Hants, who had come to spend the holiday with their friends Mr and Mrs [NAME] who live at [NAME], Church Road, Hartley. On Saturday afternoon, their 19 month old son David Christopher wandered out of the house unnoticed. When he was missed a search was made for him. He was found drowned in a fish pond in the garden. An inquest was held yesterday." [The paper of the following week reports on inquest. Verdict of Death by Misadventure.]

Picture feature

"Fast cars are a love of 20 year old model [NAME] of Birkenhaus, Round Ash Way, Hartley. but for [NAME] she still has to enjoy them from the passenger seat as she has been learning to drive but has not ha the time to take a test. [NAME] and her sister [NAME] both model dresses."

16 Jun 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Homes Raided

"Thieves broke into 3 houses near Hartley War Memorial on Monday and stole 2 radios, a number of wrist watches and other jewlery, and a collection of coins."

30 Jun 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Church Becomes a Flower Land "The King's Legatees who were responsible for the Domesday Book failed to discover Hartley Church, but the compilers of the Textus Roffensis (a Rochester Diocesan Register), dis and included it in their list 34 years later. If the people of that age had returned to Hartley on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, what a colourful sight would have met their eyes. The local flower club had decorated this 'small but dearly beloved church of Hartley' to quote teh words of the late Bishop Christopher Chevasse, a former Bishop of Rochester, and turned it into a veritable flowerland. The 3 day festival began with a celebration of Holy Communion by the Bishop of Rochester (Dr R D Say), assisted by the Rev RA Williams, Rector of Hartley and Rural Dean of Cobham. Afterwards Hartley's new rectory was blessed by the Bishop." Picture of Bishop, Rev Williams and other clergy outside Hartley Rectory in St John's Lane.

'Casebook' Actress to Open Fete

"Hartley Village Fete and flower show on July 8 will be opened by Miss Barbara Mullen who played Janet McPherson in the BBC's Dr Finlay's Casebook. She will arrive at the War Memorial Field, where the event is to be held, in a pony and trap, and will hand trophies for the most beautiful garden in Hartley contest to the winners. The attractions include a mini-skirt competition and a baby show. Proceeds go to the Shenstone Training Centre for the Mentally Handicapped at Crayford."

Hartley Parish Council

(1) Public meeting to be held to approve additional loan for Woodland Avenue Recreation Ground; (2) Council informed existing sewerage pipes at Springcroft are adequate; (3) Damaged bollards at War Memorial being repaired.

Percy Ernest James Graves

Obituary. Of Rochford Cottage, Church Road, died at West Hill Hospital aged 63. Moved to Hartley 15 years ago, worked for Henleys Electrical Industries Limited for 30 years.

Hartley Youth Club

Membership now 180. Entertained last week by Gravesend band "The Hobbits" and at forthcoming dinner Panthers beat group from Rochester will provide the music.

7 Jul 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Frank Hedges

"of the Gun Station, Church Road, died in Joyce Green Hospital on June 25. Mr Hedges, who was born in Swanley, was 69. He lived with his wife and family in Hartley Bottom for some 40 years and worked on Manor Farm, Longfield Hill, before coming to Hartley. Mr Hedges served in the Royal Artillery and Royal West Kent Regiment during World War One, in Mesopotamia, India and Egypt and was a Home Guard in WW2...."

Sister Cecilia

"has just celebrated her diamond jubilee as a nun. She entered the Convent of Mercy, Gravesend in 1904, and started teaching at St John's School, Gravesend in 1911. In 1925 she went to Greenhithe and taught there until 1931, when she returned to St John's as Headmistress until her retirement in 1950. Sister Cecilia stayed at the convent until 1956, and then became mother in charge at the convent in Hartley..."

Hartley and District Swimming Club

Now has 160 members, a third of which are children. Can't take any more new members at present.

Motor Cyclists Protest

"Despite objections from motorcyclists, the County Surveyor, [NAME] asked the county roads committee to prohibit motor vehicles on a track running east from Ash Church to Hartley Bottom Road, near Wrotham. Committee members will ask the county council to make the order and the Ministry of Transport to confirm this action. [NAME] said the narrow track, overgrown, muddy and steep was quite unsuitable for motor traffic. He said main reasons for the proposed ban were safety of pedestrians and horseriders who use the land. An objection had come from [NAME] of Orpington, who wrote on behalf of the South-Eastern Centre Auto-Cycle Union and the British Federation of Motorcyclists and motorcyclists generally, saying they would be deprived of enjoyment by being unable to explore this type of 'green lane'. [NAME] felt it was part of an unreasonable attack on the rights of way of South Londoners.

Longfield Parish Council

(1) Given population is now over 2,000 Longfield PC to ask for number of councillors to be increased from 7 to 9; (2) Letter to Dartford RDC about lack of open spaces and recreational facilities in New Barn; (3) PC to ask for tree preservation order for tree at western end of new shops opposite station; (4) Complaints of infrequent road sweeping and litter.

14 Jul 1967 TV Dr Visits Hartley Fete KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Pictures of Hartley Fete: (1) "Mr Andrew Cruickshank (Dr Cameron) and Mrs J[osephine] Bryant judged the fancy dres and presented the awards at Hartley Fete on Saturday"; (2) Choosing a Cactus Plant; (3) Some of the fancy dress winners, one has sign saying they can tell Stork Margarine from Butter; (4) Scouts preparing hotdogs; (5) "Members of the Hartley Players allowed visitors to the fete to try and knock their hats off with tennis balls - behind a safety net of course."

Dr Cameron Rides by in Pony and Trap

"More than 1,000 people attended Hartley Village Fete at the War Memorial Field ln Saturday and helped raise £600 for the amenity fund of the Shenstone Training Centre for the Mentally Handicapped at Crayford. The fete was opened by Andrew Cruickshank (Dr Cameron) of BBC TVs 'Dr Finlay's Casebook'. He was a last minute deputy for the unwell Barbara Mullen, who plays Janet, Dr Cameron's housekeeper. Mr Cruickshank arrived in a horse and trap driven by [NAME]. [NAME] a pupil at Shenstone, presented Mr Cruickshank with a buttonhole. Mr Seargeant thanked everyone for supporting the charity - 9 families in the Hartley district have children at Shenstone - Mr K Callis [1923-2001] for taking over as secretary, Mr Monteath [prob 1912-1971] for preparing the site, Mr and Mrs Amos for work behind the scenes and Peter Harle [1920-1986], publicity agent." List of stalls, stallholders and prize winners. Another article says Folk Club to give receipts from their meeting that week to the fete, but no figure given.

21 Jul 1967 Floats will aid safety Sevenoaks Chronicle
"Two model ice cream floats, which will be used as a training aids for instructing young children in kerb drill, were presented to the Kent County Road Safety Committee by the Ice Cream Alliance, on Wednesday of last week. The models were received by the committee chairman, Mr William Simmons at a meeting of the Hartley Tufty Club. One will be used for road safety training in that area, and the other will be loaned on request to road safety officers in Kent Rural Districts."

21 Jul 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Shock for Hartley Ratepayers

Cost of last piece of Woodland Avenue Recreation ground where no owner is known has been valued by District Valuer at £8,000 - 4 times original estimate. Poorly attended public meeting agreed to loan. Hartley first considered buying site in 1957.

Fairby Grange

(Advert) "Home for gentlefolk. Ash Road, Hartley. We have a limited number of vacancies in rooms that have been entirely refurnished. Fees from 16 guineas per week. Matron and Nursing Staff in attendance. Phone Longfield 2223."


New 2nd Hartley Guide Company meets Friday evenings at Congregational Hall.

4 Aug 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Ash Parish Council

(1) Dartford RDC have written to say the names of the two new roads in New Ash Green under construction would be taken from the 1790 tithe map - Over Minnis and Punchcroft. (2) Council told that Brands Hatch are not in breach of planning conditions (3) Pond at top of Billet Hill cleaned out and it was suggested they do the same to the pond on the left hand side of Hodsoll Street.

Helping Hands

"At the home of Mr Barry Richards, Hartley Manor, Hartley, a coffee morning ... was held on July 25 for the Helping Hand Organisation, which was started by Mr Richards. This organisation works with St Giles Centre, Camberwell, where alcoholics, vagrants and anyone in distress can get assistance...."

Hartley Parish Council

(1) Council agreed on swings, slides and climbing frame for Woodland Avnenue; (2) "The state of Hartley Green was deplored. The SE Gas Board who had left gas pipes, tackle and sheds on teh site have apologised for the sorry state. They promised to tidy up the green, where elderly folk from the nearby Old Downs home often sit; (3) Kent County Council say the boundary between Hartley and Ash can be resolved at the present time; (4) Concerns about New Ash Green traffic through Hartley with completion of the first houses "only a matter of weeks away." (5) Council told of plans for a local swimming pool, 81 ft x 37 ft. Likely site to be Longfield Crossroads.

Memorial 'Area's worst' says Legion

"Hartley Parish Council was told in a letter from Mr P Lennard, chairman of hte local British Legion, that the village war memorial was the worst kept war memorial for miles around..... Mr Lennard expressed the view that now that traffic had increased so much through Hartley, the memorial was in the wrong place. In fact it was a traffic hazard. Mr Lennard suggested it be moved to a more peaceful surroundings in a Garden of Remembrance which would be tended by British Legion Members. Mr W Ball (chairman) agreed with Mr Lennard and said the council would look around for a suitable site for the memorial."

11 Aug 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Blaze Guts Store

"Building materials worth £1,000 were destroyed in a fire which severely damaged a 2 storey storage building at New Ash Green, near Hartley, on Monday morning. The roof of the building collapsed and 4 appliances from Dartford spent 3 hours at the blaze."

WI Give a Party

Party organised by Afternoon WI at WI Hall for group from Holywell Old People's home. Pictures of WI president [NAME] giving cake t o 94 year old Mrs L M Bramble, and another of Mr C Bowles and Mr J C Hillier from Holywell with [NAME].

18 Aug 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Cycling Proficiency

"Mr Ernest B Hellard [1901-1974], of 63 Springcroft, Hartley, has been spending much of his time training the children of Hartley in cycling proficiency. The test is due to be held in November. Mr Hellard is more than qualified to do this work, as he was a member of Catford Cycling Club for many years and holds several medals."

Power Man Moves to Battersea

"36 year old Mr B W Picken [1931-1998] (pictured), deputy station superintendent at Littlebrook Power Station, Dartford, has been appointed station superintendent at Battersea. Mr Picken began his career with the Central Electricity Generating Board as an apprentice at Ironbridge Power Station in his native Shropshire in 1946. He later held appointments at Bankside Power Station, Northampton and Ferrybridge A and B stations, Yorkshire.

He came to Northfleet in 1959 as shift charge engineer when the new station was commissioned, and lived at The Warren, Gravesend. In 1964 he went to Brighton as operations supt of the A and B stations, and in June 1966, was appointed deputy station supt at Littlebrook.

Mr Picken, who is married with a daughter aged 8 and a boy of 6, lives at St John's Lane, Hartley. He plans to remain there when he takes over at Battersea. He is vice-chairman of the Littlebrook Sports and Social Club. Mr Picken is a keen campanologist. He belonged to the band of ringers at St Botolphs, Northfleet and now rings at Ash."

Man gets 2 months to pay £75 fine

Conviction of 2 men aged 18 and 20 for ransacking house at Hartley while owner was away. Value of stolen goods £126.

25 Aug 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Stocks Hill

"Workmen have begun cutting down trees either side of the road at Stocks Hill in preparation for the widening of Church Road. The first stretch of road to be widened is from the bottom of Stocks Hill to Thames View Farm." (Paper of 15.9.1967 said "During the week the old yew tree at Le Stocks Farm was felled to make way for the widening of Church Road at Stocks Hill.")

Mr and Mrs Arthur Milner

"of Springcroft, Hartley, celebrated their silver wedding with a party of more than 100 people at Hartley Country Club on August 19.... Mr and Mrs Milner were married at St Paulinus Church, Crayford on August 15 1942. They lived at Barnehurst until they came to Hartley 11 years ago. Mr Milner [1916-1997], who is the eldest of 12 children is a technician at the Gravesend College of Technology and Mrs Milner [1921-1997] works for the Post Office Overseas Telegraph, Victoria Embankment, London. During the war, Mr Milner served with the RASC in France and came back from Dunkirk."

Mr and Mrs Edward Faulkner

"of Rhiannon, Larksfield, celebrated their golden wedding at their daughter's home in Humberstone, Leicester, last week. They were married at West Ham on August 13 1917. Mr Faulkner served in the Royal Navy for 26 years and served throughout the First World War in the Mystery Ships and the 'O' boats, and afterwards he was in the Merchant Navy 10 years. They came from North London to Hartley 5 years ago. Mr and Mrs Faulkner are both keen gardeners, and are active members of the OAP Club. They have one son, one daughter and 1 granddaughter."

New School for Hartley Planned

"It is proposed to build a RC primary school at Hartley. At present RC children of primary school age attend St Joseph's Convent , Hartley. Father TC Lawler, RC priest at Hartley, told a reporter that there was a site for the proposed school in the grounds of the Oratory of St Francis de Sales. The school is planned to take about 160 children from the ages of 5 to 11 from Hartley, Longfield, New Barn, Stansted, Ridley, Green Street Green, Ash, New Ash Green and Fawkham. The school will be conducted as an aided voluntary school."

Secretary Wanted

Advert for Senior Secretary / Personal Assistant to the General Manager of Span's New Ash Green Village. Salary in region of £900, "command of administration and personal diplomacy are essential."

15 Sep 1967 Newcomers to move in to 'model' village KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"The first 37 houses in the new village at New Ash Green near Hartley, are ready for villagers to move in.

Plans for the village caused a storm of protest when they were announced nearly 3 years ago. The architects of the scheme are Eric Lyons and Partners and although this is the first Span development in Kent, the team has won many awards for its work in other parts of the country. The Ministry expect other villages to be modelled on New Ash Green and the project to have a wide influence on housing and community making in future.

At a public enquiry, it was said that the village, which will provide homes for 6,000 people in the heart of Kent, will have a rateable value of close on £¼ million. Part of the 429 acre site is particularly attractive landscape and protestors siad this would be spoilt by development. A spokesman for the developers, Span (Kent) Ltd said: 'Only approximately 190 of the 429 acres will be devoted to housing areas and services. Preservation of the countryside is of major concern to us.' The Minister of Housing and Local Government at the time, Mr Richard Crossman, overruled objections and gave permission for the development to proceed. His decision was described by the chairman of Dartford Rural Council (Cllr Leslie Reeves) as 'stark raving mad.'

But now, some of the houses have already been sold, at prices between £5,000 and £8,000, and the owners will move in after the official opening on September 21 by Sir Keith Joseph MP, a former Minister of Housing. Work began on the development in the spring this year and altogether 2,000 houses have been zoned in a 16 phase programme over 5 years. The target of the builders, Building Span Ltd, is 300 houses a year. The development will also include shops, schools, churches, community buildings and club facilities. In the initial stages the shops will be supplied and subsidised by the developers."

6 Oct 1967 Post for Guider Sevenoaks Chronicle
"To assist Kent County Girl Guides Commissioner, [NAME], to launch the new programme of Guiding, as well as to take on special responsibility for Ranger Guides in Kent, [NAME] of Hartley near Dartford, has been appointed assistant county commissioner. [NAME], herself a holder of the Queen's badge, has recently formed a Ranger Guide Group based on Longfield, and was appointed District Commissioner for Darnley West District. Even though she has this new appointment, [NAME] hopes to keep on as district commissioner, thus forming an link between practical and administrative sides of guiding."

22 Sep 1967 The Bombing goes on KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Long article by paper's owner HR Pratt Boorman about the bombing of Kent in September 1940 after the end of the Battle of Britain.

Sept 18 - Germans started using magnetic mine with a green parachute, much heavier at 500-1,000lb. They also used mines 8 feet long, nicknamed 'Satan', sometimes with delayed action, one of these landed in Swanley Village. German planes shot down at Chatham, Yalding, Stockbury, Cooling, Sheerness, Hartley, Sellinge, Ash, Eastry, Worth and Deal.

Sept 19 - magnetic mine west of Sutton at Hone. UXB at Swanscombe led to suspension of rail services between Northfleet and Dartford.

Sept 20 - Incendiaries at Shoreham and Otford, HEs and incendiaries at Stephan Farm and Timberden, Shoreham. Spittal Street and Hythe Street in Dartford closed because of suspectd double action bomb. Unexploded parachute mine at Birchwood Corner, near Swanley. UXB on rail line between Swanley and Eynsford and another at Stone Crossing.

Sept 22 - HE bomb direct hit on oil tanker at Littlebrook Power Station jetty, set hospital ship on fire too, but fire brought under control. 3 HEs at Dartford and 3 at Dartford Heath "and a parachute mine exploded over a wood at Hartley, doing damage to houses in the vicinity."

Sept 23 - 9 HEs at Horton Kirby, 1 UXB on allotments of Farningham Boys' Home, HEs on Dartford Girls' Grammar School and Joyce Green Hospital, Incendiaries at Shire Hall Road, Hawley and Charton Manor, Farningham.

22 Sep 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Churches Association

It is hoped that meeting on 12 October will approve new constitution for enlargement to become the Hartley and Longfield Churches Association. [in the following week's paper is a favourable editorial about HCA from Henry Kohn the news editor]

29 Sep 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Parish Council

(1) Application for pedestrian access to Church Hall from the Warrens has been approved; (2) Planning application for 6 shops, a supermarket and 3 houses at Cherry Trees has been received. PC raise traffic hazards at spot.

Longfield Secondary School

Detailed list of CSE candidates and subject passes. First outside examination taken at the school.

The suburbia Juggernaut

Letter by "Invicta" of London N5 "The people of Hartley, we are told, have now changed their attitude from hte most commendable attitude they previously took, and are now all set to welcome the newcomers who will be moving into the chic little commuters' boxes at New Ash Green. I daresay they little know what an adder they are about to harbour in their bosoms! Not only has sururbia destroyed agricultural land, but the inhabitants will destroy the way of life of the village (about which I hold no rosy illusions). New Ash Green will not be a village, sired of the soil; it will be just a collection of bedrooms where the young commuters, with their commercialese-cum-cockney accents, will eat and sleep after a 'busy' day in some musty City office. Because their living is miles away in London, they are not going to worry themselves unduly about agricultural property when they go out for a stroll Why should they? Now consider Hartley's position on the map. It is perilously near the North Kent industrial and urban conurbation. If Hartley - I beg the suburban country gentleman's pardon, New Ash Green expands, it will be towards Dartford or Gravesend, destroying more agricultural land all the more precious because of its proximity to those extensions of the commuters' erstwhile home town. If you think I exaggerate my claim, I suggest you take a look at Sir L Dudley Stamp's 'Man and the Land'. In that book, you will come across two illustrations of Edgware in Middlesex; one showing the village of 1926, the other, the Edgware destroyed by the 'newcomers', nothing but miles of commuters' boxes, stretching as far as London. Is that what another piece of England must come to in time?. Because of their volte face, the people of Hartley will be powerless to raise their voices against that expansion of suburbia......"

Gravesend Comment by News Editor Henry Kohn

[1905-1986] "People have started to move into New Ash Green, which will be Kent's newest village. Despite a bitter outcry from the residents of the neighbouring villages of Hartley and Ash, permission was given to turn acres of rich farmland into a home for 6,000 people. Most of the newcomers will be new to Kent and many of them will be new to village life. Now that New Ash Green is a reality and nothing can be done about it, one hopes that the hand of friendship will be extended to those who come to live there. They will have their problems, not the least being to get acquainted with each other and with the area in which they live. But if folk living in the ancient parishes of Hartley and Ash which border New Ash Green, lend a helping hand in the process of settling down this will be speeded up considerably. In short, a good neighbour policy will make strangers to Kent quickly feel they are part of the county." [Paper of 6.10.1967 reports on Ash Church's plans to welcome residents of New Ash Green]

6 Oct 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Floral Art Display

"Five years ago an enthusiastic band of Hartley women formed a flower club and on Saturday the club staged an exhibition of flower arrangements in All Saints' Hall…."

13 Oct 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Primary School PTA

2nd annual meeting. They have a swimming pool fund and were told the cost of a pool at the school would be £700 but as there are plans for a local public pool, they will take no further action at present.

20 Oct 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Folk Club

"At the Folk Club, Ash Road, on Saturday, was Sandy Denny [1947-1978], who is recognised as one of the female singers on the current British folk scene - her first long-playing record is shortly to be released. Miss Denny delighted the large audience with many songs from her repertoire, and was joined by a local lad, [NAME] in an eventful duet consisting of a number of Irish songs performed in many different keys." [Sandy Denny is recognised today as one of the foremost English folk singers of the 20th century, her song "London" was frequently played by the BBC during their 2012 Olympic coverage. See Wikipedia article]

27 Oct 1967 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
Land Commission notice of compulsory purchase at Gresham Avenue

27 Oct 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Here was a Typical Organising Female

Favourable review of Hartley Players' production of 'Fish out of Water' at the Country club. Picture of [NAME], [NAME], [NAME], [NAME], [NAME] [NAME] [NAME]

First Business in New Ash Green

"Barclays Bank is opening a sub-branch at New Ash Green on November 6. It will be the first business premises at the new village... The sub-branch will be under the control of [NAME], manager of the Longfield Branch, and will be housed in temporary premises. Permament premises will be opened in the main shopping centre in 12 months' time. The opening hours at present will be Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 10am to 12 noon. These will be increased as the population grows." manager of the Longfield Branch, and will be housed in temporary premises. Permament premises will be opened in the main shopping centre in 12 months' time. The opening hours at present will be Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 10am to 12 noon. These will be increased as the population grows."

28 Oct 1967 Local News in Brief Times
"Housing on land with no owner: Powers vested in the Land Commission to break through red tape and acquire an overriding title to land with a minimum of delay have begun to bear fruit. The Commission is to acquire compulsorily an acre and a half of fragmented land at Hartley near Dartford, Kent, which has been regarded by the local residents as an eyesore. all efforts over the years to trace the owners of the land have failed and this has frustrated development. by using its General Vesting Declaration the commission will acquire a clear title to the land, free of minor encumbrances, which will permit development for housing. It intends to sell the land, which is sufficient for 9 houses or bungalows, to small local builders, one of whom brought the land to the commission's notice. The Commission is also doing preparatory work in the south-east aimed at the acquisition of other much larger areas of land in unknown owership. The Commission said yesterday: 'This is likely to be the first time we have used this general vesting declaration as a commission, and we shall use it again from time to time'".

[Kent Messenger 27.10.1967 say a local builder brought the plots to the attention of the Commission because they needed more sites to keep their business going]

3 Nov 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Parish Council

(1) Purchase of additional land at Woodland Avenue Playing Field about to be completed, PC worried about speed of traffic in Larksfield and Wellfield near the ground; (2) Council considered plans for shops and parking at Cherry Trees.

Folk Club

Record attendance of nearly 100 at latest meeting.

Crisis at Hartley Country Club

"A crisis in the affairs of Hartley Country Club necessitated the calling of a special meeting by the board when teh chairman [NAME] and vice-chairman [NAME] told members that the financial position had been causing grave concern for some time. From January to September there had been a considerable loss. Because of this, expenses will have to be drastically cut.

A piece of land has recently been exchanged for 2 new houses adjoining the club. It is hoped one will be for the steward, and the other for a groundsman. At present the club was without a steward, and 5 members of the club were carrying out steward duties for 3 months. It was not anticipated that a permament groundsman would be appointed until finances improved. A suggestion was put forward to sell one of the houses, but after a long discussion and in the light of a sizeable amount from the sale probably being swallowed up by capital gains tax, it was decided to furnish one house and let it for 2 years.

A proposition to introduce gaming into the club was defeated. The plan was explained fully by a board member, who has expert knowledge on the subject. There was only a quorum of members present, and of those less than half approved the idea. After this decision [NAME] asked the dissenters for constructive plans for improving the club's financial position."

10 Nov 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Fairby Grange

"Important Notice - The managerment of Fairby Grange, Ash Road, Hartley, a convalescent and a home for the elderly, wish all old and new patients to know that they have no intention whatsoever of closing the home. [NAME] SRN and SCM Matron in Charge. We still have a few vacancies from 12 guineas..." [Not sure what this was all about, certainly they are still a going concern in 2022]

Firework Displays

"Hartley Country Club Entertainments Committee were in a dilemma on Saturday as whether to hold the fireworks display or not. It had been raining all day, and it was not until 6pm that it eased up, and it was decided to go ahead. 500 people turned up and the evening was a riproaing success. Besides a bonfire, there was a whole set display of fireworks, including rockets and fireworks of evry colour and description. Hot dogs and drinks did a very busy trade..." Also a display attended by 50 at the Congregational Church.

17 Nov 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Horticultural Society

Membership now stands at 126.

24 Nov 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Road Closing for Bridge Repairs

"A section of Hartley Road, Longfield, will be closed temporarily to road traffic during the reconstruction by British Rail of th railway bridge. About 200 yards of the road south from its junction with Station Road will be prohibited to traffic from midnight tomorrow to 5am on Monday; from midnight on December 2 to 5am on December 4; from 6pm on February 17 to 5am on February 19 and from 6pm on May 18 to 5am on May 20.

Two alternative routes will be signposted. Light traffic will be diverted via Main Road, Fawkham Valley Road, Castle Hill, Ash Road and the remainder of Hartley Road. Heavy traffic will be diverted via Main Road, Fawkham Valley Road to the Portobellow Inn A20, Ash Road via Ash and Hartley Green and the remainder of Hartley Road. Bus services will not be altered. Buses will operate a shuttle service from either side of the bridge."

Names live on

Mr and Mrs [NAME] and their baby, who are the first residents of New Ash Green, near Hartley, Kent's newest village, are living at 35 Over Minnis, which is the first 'neighbourhood' in New Ash Green. Over Minnis is named after an old local name. It is the intention of the developers, Span (Kent) Ltd to name all the roads in the village after ancient local place and field names. [NAME] teaches English at Longfield Secondary School. The family previously lived in Basildon, Essex." Picture "[NAME], chairman of Span (Kent) Ltd, hands a food mixer to [NAME] when they were welcomed to their new home on Friday."

1 Dec 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Congregational Church Christmas Bazaar

Picture of Father Christmas with [NAME] (7), [NAME] (5), [NAME] (3). Fair raised £107 to help pay for improvements to the front of the church, which are currently under way.

Husbands help make Lively Show

Favourable review of Hartley Evening WI Choir's production of Pirates of Penzance at WI Hall. Picture of [NAME], [NAME], [NAME], [NAME], [NAME].

Alexander Walker MBE

"of Kyrenia [1] Carmelite Way, went to Buckingham Palace with his wife and daughter to receive the award of the MBE from the Queen. Mr Walker who is a chartered engineer with the Ministry of Building and Works has been on 5 tours during the past 16 years. Last year he and his wife returned from Cyprus. Mr and Mrs Walker, who moved to Hartley in May last have 2 daughters, one in this country, the other - a keen archaeologist - in America."

8 Dec 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Cycling Proficiency

List of the first 12 candidates from Hartley to pass the cycling proficiency, another 4 will have to retake test. Next class to start in January at the Primary School in Round Ash Way. Class is already full.

Hartley Village Fete Meeting

Final total for 1967 fete was £500 for the Crayford School for Mentally Handicapped Children. The ballot for the 1968 fete charity was won by the Cheshire Homes, Mote House, Maidstone. Unsuccessful nominees were NSPCC, Leukaemia Research, Dartford rural District Old People's Welfare.

15 Dec 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hoseland Waits

"An old tradition will be revived by the Hoseland Waits who will be singing carols around Hartley this Christmas in aid of Oxfam. The members of the Hoseland Waits are all young children." List of members, including recorder and tambourine players.

Longfield Parish Council

(1) Residents of Pescott Avenue have complained about installation of street lighting; (2) Street cleaning should be done once a week but recently it has been fortnightly; (3) Complaints received for heavy traffic using The Drive and Pescot Avenue and cutting through an opening in a hedge to turn at the top of the Gallops; (4) British Legion have planning permission for the new hall and community centre.

22 Dec 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Boundary Commission

Final proposals will mean Hartley, Longfield and Ash move from Dartford to Sevenoaks Constituency. Proposals to move Northfleet from Gravesend to Dartford dropped, leaving Dartford as a much smaller constituency (52,506), Sevenoaks 61,142, Gravesend 72,198. Thanet West was only 38,727 so very wide variance of size was clearly still allowed.


Children's Christmas entertainment by local Conservatives attended by 95 children to enable parents to do Christmas shopping.

Hartley Parish Council

(1) British Rail say shortage of rolling stock means they can't lengthen trains at Longfield; (2) Cllr Loftus proposed council buys Church Hall but discussion deferred; (3) Council still concerned about parking at Cherry Trees shops.

William Thomas Tatlock

Obituary. Of 3 Hoselands View, died aged 55. "Mr Tatlock served with the Royal Corps of Signals in Italy and North Africa during the Second World War and for many years he was employed by R E Jury - builders in Gravesend." Funeral at Longfield Parish Church.

29 Dec 1967 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Colourful mail

"Brighter coloured mail can now be sent through the post. The range of acceptable colours has been extended to include all but red (reserved for night callers' letters) and any shades likely to cause eyestrain."

Completing the tidying up operation

"Following the publication by the Land Commission in October of a draft order for the compulsory acquisition of 1½ acres of land at Hartley, four further plots totalling 2½ acres are to be acquired as a continuation of the tidying up operation. Intensive efforts to trace the owner of the land have failed and prevented its development. As with the first case the Commission will acquire the sites by compulsory purchase in order to bring to land forward for development. 3 of the sites will be offered by selective tender to local builders for the erection of private houses and bungalows. The 4th site will probably be offered to the Local Authority who own the adjoining site. The combined site will enable a more economic use to be made of teh land."

12 Jan 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Wintry Scene

Picture outside St Francis De Sales RC Church with [NAME] and [NAME] from Parkview Stables, Fawkham

Hartley Youth Club

They gave a party for the elderly. Membership of Youth Club now 200? [newspaper a bit faded here].

Nellie Woodward

"The death occurred on December 29 of Mrs Nellie Woodward at her home Old Downs Lodge [1 Old Downs], Ash Road, Hartley. Mrs Woodward, who was born in Hartley 75 years ago served with the Red Cross during the war. Her husband was one time farm manager at Hartley Manor Farm for about 15 years. He also looked after the grounds of Old Downs, before it was taken over by the Kent County Council as a residential home for the elderly. Mr Woodward was a popular figure at Hartley Country Club, where he acted as a most efficient groundsman for some time. Mrs Woodward's funderal took place at All Saints' Church, Hartley....."

Mrs Olive Gladys Sheldon

"of Karwendel [now Leafy Nook], Briars Way, Hartley, died in Joyce Green Hospital on December 29. She was born in Belvedere, and was 54 years of age. Before coming to Hartley 3 years ago, Mrs Sheldon resided at Plumstead and worked for Standard Telephone, Woolwich, and later she was employed by the Ministry of Technology until the time of her death. Mrs Sheldon was a member of the Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows, for which she did a great deal of active work. She was very interested in gardening, and as recently as September was runner up in the chrysanthemum class at Hartley and District Horticultural Show. The funeral was on January 4, at Falconwood Crematorium. The Rev R A Williams officiated......"

Longfield Parish Council

(1) They have ordered £422 of play equipment from B Hurst to be split between playgrounds at Whitehill and Longfield Hill; (2) Comments about over bright lighting and advertising media; (3) Cost of streetlighting to rise from 0.7d to 1.1d per unit; (4) Boundary Commission say Longfield will move from Dartford to Sevenoaks Constituency despite objections of PC.

Hartley Primary School

Caretaker wanted, 30 hours per week, 4s 8d per hour.

19 Jan 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
David Thomas Robson Gray

of Brumleigh, Church Road, Hartley, has died in Joyce Green Hospital, aged 83 years. Mr Gray was born in Bromley, and was a Territorial prior to World War One, when he joined the Royal West Kent Regiment, reaching the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major, and served in India and France. In 1921 he came to Hartley and reopened Fairby Stores and Post office, where he lived with his family for several years, travelling to London daily, where he worked for a solicitor. He started the Hartley Social Club in 1935 and was vice president at the time of his death. He was choirmaster for many years at All Saints', a member of the original Hartley Choral Society, and played cricket for the old Hartley Club. In his legal capacity Mr Gray helped many villagers at the time when the bill to abolish tithes became law. His interest in the social club brought him in contact with Kent Working Men's Clubs and after becoming a member, he started the only women's convalescent home at Whitstable. The funeral took place at All Saints' Church...."

Longfield Youth Club

"A new youth club has begun activities in Longfield, in the grounds of Longfield Secondary School. It is being run for local youngsters between the ages of 15 and 17...."

Line Reopened

"The railway line between Swanley and Sole Street was closed on Sunday after a partial subsidence threatened the Hartley Road bridge at Longfield. British Rail engineers worked all night to strengthen the buttresses of the bridge, and the line was opened again for normal service at 5am on Monday..... Men are working near the bridge on widening the Hartley road and the subsidence occurred when the recent heavy snowfall started to thaw."

26 Jan 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Arthur Cecil Strutt

"died suddenly at his home Woodvale, Gorsewood Road, Hartley, aged 69 years. He was born in Yew Tree Cottage, Hartley Green and for a short period attended the village school. In 1936 after living and working in London, he returned to the village, where formerly his great-great-grandmother had lived at Middle Farm, now the Carmelite Friary. He was employed by Messrs J & E Hall Ltd of Dartford, until his retired in 1963 after 22 years' service. The funeral took place at All Saints' Church....."

Mrs Maria Margaretha Maddox // "of 24 Springcroft .... died in Joyce Green Hospital after a long illness. Mrs Maddox was born in Amsterdam 41 years ago, and in 1952 married Mr Maddox who was stationed in Holland with the RAF. They came to England and lived in Catford, London until 6 years ago when they moved to Hartley. The funeral took place... at St Francis de Sales Church."

2 Feb 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Parish Council

(1) They have shelved plans to buy Church Hall as it is not for sale. (2) "three members of the council had consultation with the promoters of New Ash Green as to the road situation as it affects Hartley, and learnt that the south end of Church Road would not now be widened as was proposed - new roads would be made from Hartley to Fawkham Valley Road, and another would be constructed to Hartley Bottom. People would be encouraged to use these roads to get to Longfield station, rather than going through Hartley Village. (3) Latest district plan shows no extension of development area from 1947 version. (4) Complaints about poor gritting of roads during January snows.

Longfield Secondary School

PTA agree to buy overhead projector, Fordifax copying machine and tape recorder, and also £50 to finance travelling expenses for school teams.

9 Feb 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Comedy Hit for Players

"In presenting Hugh and Margaret Williams' three act comedy 'The Irregular Vert to Love' at Hartley Country Club, Hartley Players enhanced the fine reputation they have built up over the years…..." Leading actors included [NAME]

Miss Olga Birkbeck

"of Little House, Ash Road, Hartley, died last week at the age of 78 years. The Rector of Hartley, Rev R A Williams, who conducted the funeral service on Tuesday, knew Miss Birkbeck as an actress in Plymouth Repertory Company when he was quite a boy, living in Plymouth; he was amazed to find her living in Hartley when he was appointed to Hartley church. Miss Birkbeck was a well known figure in the village a few years ago when she rode a tricycle."

16 Feb 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Longfield Parish Council

(1) Council asked why no slide at Whitehill playing ground, said at £200 they were too expensive. (2) Complaints about some Sunday buses being taken off which made it impossible to visit the hospital.

Longfield Youth Club

65 attend inaugural meeting. Club has its own £2,000 building. 58 have enrolled with 20 more about to. Next week will be a talk on what to look for in a secondhand car.

23 Feb 1968 First Families in new 'Village' KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Nine families have now moved into the New Ash Green housing development near Longfield. The development, started last year, is scheduled for completion in 1973 and wil eventually house 2,000 families.

Among the first to arrive were Mr and Mrs [NAME] who moved down from Manchester last Christmas, they chose to live in New Ash Green because of the careful planning and modern design of the scheme. Mr [NAME] is a journalist and commutes to London, a journey which takes an hour. Mrs [NAME] says she finds New Ash Green 'out in the wilds' as bus services are poor and she had to go to Longfield to do her shopping even though many goods are being delivered to her door. At present there is only a newsagent's and a bank on the site, though shops will soon be built. Even so, a car is essential, she says. She likes the open plan design of the three bedroom house which gives plenty of room for her two children to play. The prospect of living in a community with 2,000 other families does not worry her. 'We enjoy living in large communities and we find it easy to get to know our neighbours. We have found people here very friendly.'

Mr and Mrs [NAME] from South Wales have only been in their house a fortnight, but already they are pleased with their new surroundings. Mrs [NAME] says their children were high on the list of priorities when they bought the house. 'They are safe here,' she said, 'because no traffic goes past the house.' Until the planned school is built her eldest daughter will have to attend school at either Ash or Hartley. Mr [NAME] works in the Welsh Office in Whitehall and catches the train from Longfield. He too complains about the connecting bus services." (2 photos with article)

1 Mar 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Evening WI

48th birthday celebration. Cake cut by founder member Mrs [Daisy] Webb [1886-1974]. "… During the evening, Mrs Webb recalled the beginning of Hartley Women's Institute nearly half a century ago. It was in 1920 that Mrs T Tate, who still lives in Hartley and is now in her 91st year, rallied a small band of ladies in the village to form a Women's Institute. She was supported in this project by Mrs Waley Cohen, who at that time lived at Old Downs (now a Kent County Council Home for the Elderly). They met in a shed owned by the Small Owners' Association, which was on the site now occupied by Hartley Garage. Members sat on sacks of grain at their meetings, and every Saturday evening, a sixpenny whist drive was held, with chocolates and cigarettes as prizes. Members took along tables, cards and crockery, and even though rats and mice frollicked around, a great time was had by all. Profits from the whist drives, bazaars and summer fetes were carefully hoarded until in 1925 there was enough to start building the WI Hall. The late Mrs Balchin was the first president, followed by the late Mrs F Tate, who held office for many years - her daughter in law Mrs G Tate [prob Gwyneth Mary Tate 1910-1979], is treasurer of the Hartley Afternoon Institute and a Voluntary County Organiser of West Kent Federation today. Due to foresight of these pioneers, Hartley Evening Institute is still thriving and very popular in hte village, as is also the Afternoon Institute, which was founded about 5 years ago....."

Hartley Parish Council

(1) KCC reply to previous month's complaint that "it was impossible at times to cope with such a sudden fall of snow." (2) Grant from Playing Fields Association towards cost of equipment at Woodland Avenue. Permanent fence to be erected there in near future. (3) Stiles on both sides of railway at Gorsewood Road in poor state. (4) Dartford RDC "to get plans settled" following residents' complaints about car parking at Cherry Trees. (5) They have proposed Culvey Close as the name for the development at the Country Club. (6) Proposals to provide allotments discussed. (7) Plans for swimming pool for Hartley and 5 neighbouring parishes are progressing and a detailed specification has been drawn up.

8 Mar 1968 Living in the South East's 'Ideal Village' KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Advertising Feature on New Ash Green. General article about New Ash Green, mentions one of the houses is featured in the 1968 Ideal Home Exhibition display on New Ash Green. It features pictures of Over Minnis and the original shops at Over Minnis.

Your Dream Home at a Realistic Price

"The Span Kent House is one of 14 different types now being built at New Ash Green, Span's latter 20th century village in Kent. The design is uncompromisingly modern but the attractive facings of brick and timber are in natural colours to blend with the surrounding countryside.

This is a typical 3 bedroomed famlly home which shows maximum utilisation of space. On the ground floor is a sapcious entrance hall with cloakroom, and a fully fitted modern kitchen linked to the family/dining room by an attractive divider unit in parana pine. A sliding door connects this area to the large light living room, which measures 19ft by 12ft 6in.

To ease the flow of people through this show house, the upper storey is a dummy and visitors will walk from the living room, through a patio, into an exact layout of the 1st floor. Here there is a large main bedroom, compact and well appointed bathroom and 2 smaller bedrooms.

The house is heated by a gas fired ducted warm air system, with individually operated grilles in every room and a master unit with automatic controls in the hall cupboard. Water heating is by a 3KW immersion heater in the linen cupboard with switch controls both upstairs and also in the kitchen for the convenience of the housewife.

As in all the house types at New Ash Green, there is a Rediffusion wired input for TV and radio installed as standard with the selector switch conveniently situated in the living room.

When visitors have seen all the interior details of the house, they will pass through an exhibition area, which shows that this house is only a very small part of the far larger concept of New Ash Green, a planned new village. It will contain not just houses, but facilities for all aspects of community life, a centre with shops, community hall and car parks, schools, library, swimming pool and pub.

Span have planned New Ash Green as a whole place where existing green fields and woods of the Kentish countryside will be retained between small neighbourhoods of houses for the common use of all residents. And at prices between £5,000 and £8,000 they are showing here that a home in the country at a realistic price is no longer just a dream."

Adverts from Span's Suppliers

(1) Turners Asbestos Cement Co Ltd of Manchester (all monopitch roofing, and half vertical wall cladding, insulation board for linings to doors of heater cupboards and encasement of stanchions for fire protection); (2) J Young & Co (Kennington) Ltd (Sanitary ware including bathroom, cloakroom and kitchen fittings); (3) Archer Joinery Co Ltd of Belvedere (all door and window frames, and internal joinery); (4) Rediffusion of Maidstone (Cable TV)

8 Mar 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Folk Club

Record attendance to see Johnny Silvo peform at "club's converted barn in Ash Road" [not sure if Social Club is meant here]

Pensioners' Bus

"The minibus provided by Dartford RDC for transporting old age pensioners to and from the meetings, started last week...."

Longfield Secondary School

"Thursday was an important day at Longfield Secondary School as they officially opened the new workshop block. This new and well equipped building houses 2 metalwork rooms, a machine area, testing bay, and technical drawing room, and will very much enhance the school's capacity in this particular field."

15 Mar 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Longfield Annual Parish Meeting

(1) £450 of play equipment bought for Whitehill ground including 3 swings, see-saw, rocking horse, whirling platform and Jungle Jim; and £250 for Longfield Hill there will be a swing, see-saw and rocking horse. Seats to be installed at Whitehill too; (2) Boundary Commission proposals to move Longfield to Sevenoaks Constitutency disliked because they said they had firmer ties with Dartford; (3) Concerns over sale of The Gallops for building purposes; (4) Dudley Goodwin raised concerns about rubbish lorries following closure of Longfield siding, they don't use tarpaulins to cover the rubbish causing it to blow about; (5_ three incidents of flooding sewers on separate Friday evenings, caused by rubble getting into sewers.

22 Mar 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Rector of Ash leaving for Bromley Post

"The Rev Samuel Wallace Baker, Rector of Ash with Ridley since 1959, has been appointed vicar of St John's Bromley, he will take up his new post at the beginning of July. Mr Baker was educated at Trinity College Dublin, where he gained his BA degree. Ordained in Derry Cathedral in 1932, he held curacies at Clooney and Cavan and Derryheen, Northern Ireland, and from 1936 to 1949 he was rector of Murrah with Kollowen in the Cork Diocese. Mr Baker served from then until 1959 as a chaplain to the Forces and then came to Ash. He is married and his elder daughter [NAME] is married to [NAME] of Oxted. His elder son [NAME] is with GEC at Leicester. Mr and Mrs Baker also have twins [NAME] at St Edmund's school, Canterbury, and [NAME] at school in Tonbridge. Mr Baker is chaplain of Holywell Park Old People's Home." Picture of Mr and Mrs Baker.

29 Mar 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Burglary at Longfield Radio

"Television sets, record players, radios and valves worth a total of £900 were stolen from the premises of Longfield Radio, Station Road, Longfield."

Old folk are 'terrified' to walk in lane

"Residents of Ash protested at the annual parish assembly about hte state of roads around New Ash Green, which is being developed by Span Developments. One resident said the condition of the roads was 'disgraceful' and the footpath along Ash Road was often impassable. Another resident said large lorries travelling to and from the Span site were continually cutting up the banks of the lane and damaging hedges. There were complaints about the speed with which lorries were driven round the village, and one lady said the language used by some of the drivers when spoken to was 'shocking'. Old people, she said, were terrified to walk along the lanes because of the dangerous way in which lorries were driven...... A spokesman for Span said he was aware of the bad state of the road. The developers had engaged a gang of 8 men to keep the roads clear, especially during bad weather. There are other contractors working in the area' he said, 'and I do not think wew are entirely to blame. Because of the interest focussed on the development at New Ash Gree we are often made the scapegoats'. He added drivers would be told of any complaints received."

5 Apr 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Major Lawrence Wynn Blake (retd)

"of Kirkee [Primrose Cottage], Manor Drive, Hartley, died suddenly on March 25 at his home. Major Blake who was 69 years of age, was born at Hounslow Middx, and enlisted in the Royal Regiment of Artillery in 1915. He was discharged in 1951, having served continuously for 36 yeasr, rising from Gunner to Major. He served in two World Wars, and was mentioned in dispatches in 1944 for his services during the Normandy Campaign. Between the wars Major Blake served in India with the 15th Field Brigade RA from 1929 to 1940. On discharge from teh regular army, he returned to his home in Hartley. He enlisted in the territorial army in late 1951, and served a further 10 years in uniform with the 415 (Thames and Medway) Coast Regiment, Royal Artillery, at Milton barracks, Gravesend, finally retiring in August 1963, with a grand total of 47 years military service......"

Hartley Folk Club

200 attend first birthday concert.

Great Dane Khan

Picture of [NAME] aged 6 of Round Ash Way with Great Dane Khan, only Great Dane to reach police dog standard. Owned by Mr [NAME] a Dartford shop proprietor.

12 Apr 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Longfield Parish Council

(1) Owner of Greenfinches, Longfield Hill, complains about streetlight outside their house; (2) Council ask Kent CC to expedite works at Whitehill Crossroads, and to move the speed limit sign back before the junction. (3) Development at Brickfields refused; 2 flats and 4 maisonnettes to be built on site of old bakery in Main Road; new post office to be built on site of sorting office recently taken down in Hartley Road; (4) Gas Board to be asked about mysterious hole they have dug in St Mary's Way, with no hazard lights.

Ash Footpath

Notice of The County Council of Kent (Unclassified Road, Ash cum Ridley) (Prohibition of Driving) Order 1967 dated 3.4.1968 to ban motorised vehicles on path from Hartley Bottom Road to a point 160 yards east of Ash Church.

19 Apr 1968 Easter Raiders Grab Cash and Cable KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"A thief broke into the home of Mr Henry J Ellis [1906-1973], removal contractor, of Valley Wood, Castle Hill, Hartley ans stole a bottle containing £25 in sixpenny pieces, a glass jar containing £3 worth of threepenny pieces and pennies, £32 in notes and cash and 2 PO Savings Books....."

26 Apr 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Miss Agnes Cheary

"who was in her 86th year and was the oldest resident born in Hartley, died last week. She was a member of the Old Age Pensioners and Darby and Joan Clubs. In her younger days Miss Cheary worked at Hartley House for Mr and Mrs Ronald Spier, and was companion to the late Mrs Stickland of Old Downs. The funeral, conducted by the Rev RA Williams, took places at All Saint's Church..."

Emigration to Australia

"[NAME] of 1 Merton Avenue, Hartley, left for Sydney, Australia by air last Tuesday. [NAME], 18 is the eldest son of [NAME] of Green Way, Hartley, who for many years were proprietors of Hartley Dairy. He is emigrating under the Big Brother Movement, established 43 years ago in Victoria, Australia. Since it inception between 9 and 10 thousand boys aged 16-19 have gone to Australia. The organisation finds accommodation and employment for the boys."

Longfield Bethel Church

Mr T Howard to be inducted as pastor.

3 May 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
£90,000 Swimpool

"Full details of the plans and cost f the proposed £90,000 swimming pool for Hartley were submitted at the parish council meeting on Friday. [NAME] and [NAME] were congratulated on the specifications and drawings, which included the layout of the building the pool with heating plant, solarium and car park, covering about 1½ acres. It was said that the design had been approved by the Dartford RDC and the Amateur Swimming Association. The estimated cost of £90,000 was suggested as the Ministry would not be willing to give help to a smaller project. It was unlikely that an immediate loan could be obtained, but inquiries were going ahead with the possibility of getting other authorities interested. The pool at White Oak Swanley was excellent, but much too far from the outer rural areas."

Hartley Parish Council

(1) Dartford RDC willing to provide allotment site near the proposed Wellfield Estate; (2) Dartford RDC want to make rail crossing at Gorsewood Road safe as over 60 children use it daily. (3) Parish Council conducted survey at Longfield Station, resulting in meeting with British Rail to sort out times of trains. Nothing likely to happen until new rolling stock delivered in 1971/2. (4) Phone box at Stocks Hill removed while widening work goes on.

Hartley Players

They have vacated premises called the Den after May production.

10 May 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Alas, the illusion crumbled

Mixed review of Hartley Players' Production of 'Woman in a Dressing Gown' at Country Club, seems that reviewer is not keen on the play rather than its acting. Leading roles were [NAME].

Longfield Secondary School

20,000 tickets printed for fete raffle due to demand.

17 May 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Parish wants to buy wood

"Mr FTC Sims, chairman of Longfield Parish Council, proposed on Monday that an approach be made to Southwark Council, inquiring into the extent of its ownership of Hartley Woods and its willingness to sell to the parish council for public recreational purposes. Mr Sims has in mind the use of the land for a public open space, to be left much as it is now but without the barbed wire to keep people out. He siad it was a particularly attractive area of woodland which could be enjoyed by the public. The council agreed."

Sacristy Cafe

"Hartley and Longfield Churches Association decided to use the cafe attached to St Francis de Sales Church as a coffee bar for young people. It will be run by a committee comprised of members from the HLCA, St Francis de Sales Parish Action Committee, Hartley Youth Club and Longfield Saturday Club together with young people slected from users of the coffee bar."

24 May 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Visiting the elderly

A group of people interested in visiting the elderly and lonely in Longfield and Hartley met at Greenacre, The Drive, Longfield. Spokesperson from Dartford Rural Council Old People's Welfare Committee gave advice.

Hartley Conservatives

At lunch Yvonne Fry thanked them for their support in helping her win reelection to Dartford RDC with 904 votes, the highest of all wards.

31 May 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Parish Council

(1) Fencing around Woodland Avenue Playing Field complete. (2) Support from other local parish councils for swimming pool project. (3) "It has been observed that between 58 and 68 children used Gorsewood Road railway crossing on the way to cross to Longfield School every day, and the Kent Highway Committee, Kent Education Committee and British Rail were being asked for safety measures to be taken - possibly the appointment of a warden, or the erection of a bridge or tunnelling under the railway line. The parish council was very concerned in the light of reports from train drivers, who were really very worried when they saw children playing 'last across' at this spot." (3) Bottom of Stocks Hill said to be hazardous where newly widened part of Church Road suddenly narrows. (4) "Provision of footpaths in Ash Road from Green Way past the Post Office where so many children and adults congregate was considered a necessity, and enquiries are being made from the Kent Highway Authority. (5) Widening of Gorsewood Road under discussion. (6) Dartford RDC proposed a density of 40 people per acre for Wellfield Estate, Kent CC has upped this to 50. PC objects to this as too "urban".

Longfield Secondary School May Fair

In spite of heavy rain it was well attended. Raffle sold 17,000 tickets which meant they had to make a special barrel for the draw, which was big enough for a pupil to climb inside. Star prize of tape recorder won by Dr Jenman. A total of £7,000 was raised. [This may be the fete the headmaster was referring to in the 1970s when he told a group of pupils that he had discovered pluvius insurance wasn't worth it in his opinion. He told us of a fete where it had poured, but because total rainfall was less than an inch, they didn't get much of a payout.]

7 Jun 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Priory Fete

1,500 attend RC Fete opened by local actor Michael Bryant [1928-2002]. Long list of stallholders.

Hartley Conservatives

Conversatione Q&A meeting. PC chairman William Ball called for a firmer line by the Conservatives on Rhodesia [Not sure what is meant here, but he campaigned vigorously against criticism of South Africa in 1961]. Yvonne Fry called for a full time road safety officer for the area.

14 Jun 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Thieves Ruin a Holiday

[NAME] of 5 Copse Side, Hartley… had to return from his holiday in Tenbury, South Wales, after thieves broke into his house at the weekend and stole a television and radio combined, a twin-tub washing machine and spin drier, a refrigerator, a food mixer, a vacuum cleaner, a toaster, an electric wall clock and an electric kitchen clock."

Leukaemia Research

"Mrs Margaret Hancock [1913-1986] held a coffee morning in her lovely old world garden at [2] Hartley Wood Corner last week, the anniversary of her grandson's 7th birthday. The little boy was a victim of leukaemia last year, and this is the second time Mrs Hancock has held a coffee morning to raise funds for research into this disease..."

21 Jun 1968 Alarm over a 'death' crossing KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Following reports of young children playing the 'death game' on a railway pedestrian crossing at Hartley, near Gravesend, the parish council is pressing British Rail for a footbridge to replace the present unguarded path that leads over the track.

Up to 60 children a day, some of them infants, cross the line as a short cut to reach their schools in Longfield because the journey by road means a detour of several miles.

Mr William Ball, council chairman, said he had received reports that train drivers had been worried by children who dared each other to be the last one across. 'This problem has been with us for several years,' he said, 'but although there has not been an accident yet, there are now more houses and more children and the situation is becoming critical. This is a fast stretch of line, and when there is an accident there will be a loud outcry.'

One mother, [NAME] of Woodland Avenue said she was never happy until her two dhilcren aged 6 and 8 were safely home. 'Mothers in Hartley have had to devise a rota system to accompany the infants,' she said.

Mr A G Lacey, headmaster of Longfield Primary School said he had laid down the law about the 'death game' and had reinforced warnings by sending notes to parents. 'The problem arises out of the fact that Hartley children are going to Longfield School,' he said. [NAME], Longfield parish councillor and the farmer who owns the land through which the footpath runs, said he did not understand why Hartley children should have to go to school in Longfield. 'There is a perfectly good primary school in Hartley,' he explained. Asked why she sent her children to Longfield, [NAME] said the school there offered better facilities, such as a swimming pool. 'But in the case of secondary school children,' she went on, 'they have to go to Longfield, because we don't have a school for them here.' She thought a footbridge was the answer, not only for the children but also for the many adults who used the short cut. 'There is a stile to be negotiated,' she said, 'and often see mothers with prams struggling to get ovr it.'" Article includes picture of Hartley schoolchildren at crossing waiting for a train to pass.

21 Jun 1968 Shops, Residents in Village Row KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Mr F T C Sims [1915-1981], chairman of the Dartford Rural District Council and representative for Longfield, told a meeting of Longfield traders on Friday that there was a feeling of residents against traders in the village.

Mr Sims had been invited to the meeting, called by the Gravesend and District Chamber of Trade, to put the views of the council. Much of the meeting, which was held in Longfield Secondary School, was taken up by traders' complaints about parking facilities. In particular they said the village's central car park was so full of commuters' cars, that people wishing to shop had nowhere to park. Mr Sims agreed that commuters were using the carpark - including people from places outside the village, such as Meopham. But he said he was disturbed that this feeling of residents against traders had happened. He said that, as ratepayers, commuters had as much right to use car parks as anyone else. He said that the residents of Longfield proper walked to the shops, and, on Saturdays, when there were no commuters, the car park was nowehere near full. People preferred to park in Essex Road.

Mr Sims was challenged that this was because people were so used to finding the car park full that they looked elsewhere automatically. Speaking from the floor [NAME], owner of Longfield Garden Centre, alleged that Span (Kent) Ltd, the developer of New Ash Green wanted to 'kill Longfield' and drive trade to its proposed shopping centre with parking for 800 cars. Mr Sims retorted that this rumour was 'a sparrow chirping in a thunderstorm.' Mr Sims said he could not reveal what the rural council's plans were for alleviating the situation, but he said they were still affected by Government restrictions on spending. If a new car park were provided, he said it would be outside the village centre where land values were less. This would be for commuters, leaving the village centre car park for shoppers.

Some traders grew impatient with his arguments. [NAME] said: 'I couldn't care about the rural council. I am only interested in one thing. As far as I'm concerned, the parade of shops is the lifeblood of Longfield. Without the shops, Longfield is dead.'

The question of charges was discussed, [NAME], secretary of hte Chamber of Trade, suggested that charges could finance a new park, but Mr Sims said this would mean charges would have to be implemented throughout the rural district. Other suggestions were a multi-storey park and using land taken from people's back gardens.

The traders finally decided to send a letter to the clerk of the rural council suggesting, meanwhile, that part of the existing car park be barred to commuters. A petition for improved facilities may also be organised.

Replying to the allegation that 'Span wanted to kill Longfield.' Mr Robin Bilson [prob 1929-2012], an executive director of the firm, said: 'There are still a few shops unlet at New Ash green, and any trader who feels New Ash Green will have a bad effect on his business is welcome to take one. This is subject to their not directly competing with traders who already have leases. In a sense, this sort of comment is a vote of confidence in the sort of shopping centres we are setting up. It will cater for a very wide area. Whether the person who made the allegation is right or wrong, depends on the excellence of his own trade.' "

[The comments from Span are hardly a denial that they wanted to kill Longfield's trade]

21 Jun 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Northdowners FC

Annual meeting. Thanks to benefactors, Mr R Billings for use of his meadow [at Downs Valley], and to C Ellerby & Son and C and G Willmot for 'mechanical' help in tending the pitch.

Long Valley Hall

For past 2 Saturdays Building Fund reps have had a stall in Station Road, where people could 'buy' a brick for a shilling each. Forthcoming Building Fund fete will feature plans and a buy a brick stall.

Longfield Church Flower Festival

Hartley Flower Club to run festival at Longfield Church.

28 Jun 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
'No' to houses

"Dartford RDC's planning committee on Tuesday overwhelmingly turned down an appliction for permission to build 50 houses at Hartley. The applicant was Dartford RDC! Cllr Mrs Y M Fry, Hartley representative called the application 'monstrous' in view of the proposed density. Her motion rejecting the application was carried by 15 votes to 4. Cllr I T N Jones was heard to say 'This is ridiculous!'."

Screen to foil PO raiders

Post office to pay 75% of cost of installing anti-bandit screens at sub-post offices in crime prone areas. July 1st will see the final issue of the £sd definitive stamps.

Child Welfare Clinic

To be held twice monthly for New Barn area at Longfield Hill Scout Hall.

Work can only start on 17 schools

New Ash Green Primary School gets go-ahead. Hall and 12 classrooms (480 places), 3 form entry junior county primary. Cost £10,283.

5 Jul 1968 £750 Theft - Two Men for Trial Sevenoaks Chronicle
"Two men were committed ot the next Kent Quarter Sessions by Malling Magistrates last week, charged with breaking into houses at Platt and Wrotham Heath and stealing property worth £750. They are [NAME] of Four Ways, Conifer Avenue, Hartley and [NAME] of Rushetts Road, West Kingsdown...."

[Following week's paper said they were each given 2 year suspended sentence for burglary at Platt, said to be out of work and fallen on hard times]

5 Jul 1968 Sale of Stock at White House Farm Kentish Express
"Without reserve (by order of J R Long esq on reorganisation) White House Farm, Fawkham Green, Kent. Clearance sale by auction of Poultry House and Brooding equipment, surplus farm implements and vehicles, comprising: Two 180ft houses, 4 other houses, double loosebox, 5 Visi-chick 282 cage (electric) batteries, electric boiler, wallbridge plucker, acro sawbench, Hillaldham Tracking and Gear, Flamegun, petrol pump, Massey trailer and rear bucket, Mayfield Tractor, McConnel Hedge Cutter, Massey mower, 1963 Austin Minivan, 1961 Bedford 7 tonner, 500 feeders, 300 troughs, crates, egg washers, 23 Maywick Hex Brooders, Bins, Piping, Founts, Floors, 6 ton Bulk Hopper, portable forge and shearer etc. Which Messrs Pattullo & Vinson will offer for sale by auction on the premises on Wednesday July 10th at 11am. Viewing morning of sale. Catalogues, Auctioneers, Pattullo & Vinson, 154 London Road, Sevenoaks...."

5 Jul 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Break In at Social Club

"Thieves who broke into Hartley Social Club stole £50 in cash, 30 bottles of spirits and 50 tins of cigars to the total value of £150."

Country Club

400 attend Hawaiian babecue.

Mrs Ella Reeves

"died recently at her home Sherard, Llangranog, Llandysel, Cardiganshire. Mrs Reeves came to Hartley about 20 years ago from Eltham, but on the death of her husband 8 years ago went to live at Radnage, Bucks, with her daughter and family, and moved with them to Wales. She was at one time mayor of Woolwich. Mrs Reeves who was a member of Hartley and Ash WIs, leaves 2 sons, 1 daughter and several grandchildren."

Mr Reuben Weller

"aged 83, died suddenly at his home, Villa Rosa, Church Road, Hartley, last week. Mr Weller, who was born in Sussex, came to live in Hartley about 30 years ago after having served with the West Sussex Police Constabulary...." Funeral at All Saints'.

Hartley Parish Council

(1) Planning permission refused for Antiques Shop at Yew Cottage - residential area, parking. (2) KCC to clean ponds in Church Road within next 6 weeks. (3) 2 sets of swings, rocking horse, climbing frame and goal posts to be installed at Woodland Avenue within next week or two. (4) Litter bins to be provided throughout district.

Ash Parish Council

(1) KCC looking into speed limit through Ash village, police radar check to be made. (2) Final agreements signed for playing field at Hodsoll Street.

19 Jul 1968 Hartley Village Fete KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Leslie Crowther of television renown opened the Hartley Village Fete on Saturday, after a very amusing talk. He urged the hundreds of people present to give all they could, and promptly proceeded to tour the fete with his wife and three of his five children to 'have a go'. The venue for the fete this time was an excellent choice. Thanks were extended to the board of Hartley Country Club, who so generously allowed their delightful grounds to be used for the occasion..... The fete is held annually by Hartley and Longfield Churches Association to aid a specific charity, and this year Mote House, the Cheshire Home at Maidstone, was solected.....There were about 40 stalls and sideshows, and Mote House awarded a silver cup to the most attractive one. This was by the Hartley Evening WI, with their topical idea of 'Lively Lady'. The white sails at the back of the stall wwere very realistic, goods were all placed on the deck and white and blue flowers decorated the front to represent waves. All the helpers were in nautical costume....." Picture of him and young autograph hunters.

Other events were dance at Country Club with the Debonnaires, Whist Drive and Folk Night (paper of 9.8.68 says this raised £10 10s).

26 Jul 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
School Transport

Tenders invited by KCC for …(2) about 45 children between Fawkham, Ash, Hartley, Longfield, New Barn and Wombwell Hall School and Gravesend School for Girls and…. (4) about 115 children between Bean (approx 60) and Fawkham and Ash (approx 55) and Longfield Secondary School.

2 Aug 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Parish Council

(1) All Saints' Junior Church holds their first sports day in new Woodland Avenue Playing Field. (2) Church PCC agree on 4 foot wide path through churchyard to burial ground. (3) [NAME] and Ray Self thanked for renovating the Hartley sign on the green. (4) Work started on Hartley Library building.

Longfield Secondary School

School (87) beat staff (60) in cricket match by 27 runs. School Arctic party well on way.

9 Aug 1968 Thinking of Emigrating to New Ash Green (advert) Sevenoaks Chronicle
"Potential settlers from Britain are welcomed daily at New Ash Green - to look around the exhibition, see the many show houses and enjoy the countryside. Houses are freehold from under £6,000 to £9,000 and more. This week follow the signposts and discover a new way of life for you and your family in young, dynamic New Ash Green..."

16 Aug 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Crazy Rabbit Discotheque

"which started at Hartley Country Club in July, again had an excellent attendance of 180 young people on Saturday August 10…..Members … have all been notified that soft drinks only are on sale at their meetigs...."

Longfield Station

"British Rail has told Gravesend and District Chamber of Trade that it has plans for the reconstruction of the station and it was hopeful of completing the job within the next 5 years. The regional engineer is to investigate the possibility of improving the lighting at the station."

Leaving for a holiday - on horseback

[NAME] of Gravesend and her friend [NAME] of Church Road, Hartley plan to ride from Gravesend to Bridport in Dorset to raise money for cancer research. [Paper of 6.9.68 said they had completed ride but then phoned friend at Fairseat to send cattle conveyor to transport them home.]

30 Aug 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Lt-Col Cyril James Jenman

"On Saturday the sudden death occurred of Lt-Col Cyril James Jenman at his home, Morello [41] Cherry Trees, Hartley, at the age of 78 years. Lt Col Jenman was born in Battersea, London, was a Territorial and served in the first and second world wars. He was awarded the MBE in 1944. While he was still in the forces, the family moved to Elizabeth, Gorse Way, Hartley, where they resided until last year, when they moved to their present address. Mr Jenman was honorary librarian for Hartley for 14 years and served on Hartley Parish Council for 9 years, a very respected and esteemed member of the village....." Funeral at Hartley RC church.

Mrs Constance Mildred Foster

of Penmaen [4] Fairby Lane, died suddenly at her home, aged 62. She was born at Leyton, Essex and came to Hartley about 12 years ago. Formerly an eactive member of the Hartley Conservative Association, Mrs Foster was a member of the Ash WI and Hartley Afternoon WI and for many years she was a member of the Gravesend Townswomen's Guild, and Hartley Country Club, where she will be remembered for the help she gave to the men's bowls section preparing teas. Mrs Foster was well known in Longfield, where she worked with her husband in their butcher's business at Station Road. They had formerly traded at Northfleet under the name of John Bright, Butchers...." Funeral at Medway Crematorium.

13 Sep 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Longfield Station

"Longfield Railway station had its own station manager from Monday. Until then it had come under the station manager at Swanley. The new manager is [NAME] 40, who has been in charge of Bellingham station since November 1967. He will also be responsible for Sole Street, Meopham and Farningham Road stations. [NAME] joined the railway in 1953 after 7½ years in the regular army, during which he was involved in railway work in the Middle East. In 1960 he became station master at Upper Warlingham, transferring to relief staff in 1962 where he remained until taking over Bellingham. [NAME] who is married with 3 children, is living at the Station House, Farningham Road, and off duty enjoys fishing."

Longfield Play School

"has proved so successful that a similar school is to open at Longfield Hill for children around 3 to 5 years old. The school will be held in the Scout Hall each morning."

Brands Hatch noise officially 'unbearable'

West Kingsdown Residents' Association complain about Brands Hatch. They point out that before the war it was a grass track, then surfaced in 1950 and extended to take cars as well as motorbikes in 1956. Once there were 8 meetings a year, in 1960 there were 16 meeetings, this year over 70. Recent British Grand Prix was last straw. 92dB recorded at meetings with a peak of 115dB well above government limit of 90dB. People in Fawkham, Ash, Hartley and Kingsdown have also complained about the noise.

15 Sep 1968 Freak Storms Swamp South Sunday People
"Violent thunderstorms caused flooding and chaos on roads in the south yesterday….. Some roads in Kent and Surrey looked like rivers. Stretches of the Rochester Way were covered by 4 inches of water and at one spot near Bexley Village cars had floodwater up to their axles. Homes were flooded at Longfield, Kent, as water poured off surrounding fields....."

20 Sep 1968 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle
"How the floods hit the villages….. Longfield: At Longfield many cars broke downon the lanes and roads, and the water was at least 2 feet deep on Main Road, Longfield. Motorists tried to find a way round through Hartley, but Hartley Bottom was flooded, as were several places in Church Road, Round Ash Way had several feet of flood water, and water had to be pumped from houses there."

20 Sep 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Local burglaries

Series of daylight raids including Pease Cottage, Pease Hill, Ash (ornaments stolen), The Elms Green Street Green (silver and jewlery), and Little Merrit, Ash [Ash Road?]

27 Sep 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Longfield Secondary School

Number of pupils greatly increased this term and there will be overcrowding until new buildings are completed.

KEC Milk Ban Protest

Kent County Council have stopped free school milk to private schools. [NAME] of The Limes, Hook Green Road, Southfleet who has 2 children at Hartley Convent school has complained about this.

Span Vacancies

"Building Span Ltd require for their continued expansion during winter....." Decoration Foreman, Yard Foreman, Building Storeman, Plant Fitter. Contact Project Manager, main office next to Royal Oak Public House.

4 Oct 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Parish Council

(1) "A grievance by the residents of Woodland Avenue was heard at the Parish Council meeting on Friday. What was once a small builder's yard at the back of a number of bungalows, has now grown into a sizeable storage depot for iron scaffolding, the loading and unloading of which causes 'a deafening noise', it was alleged. Added to this, it was said that a circular cutting machine, and a power hacksaw had been installed, and in constant use. Large lorries used a small opening between two bungalows, party walls between the yard, and gardens have been made unsafe, and a real danger to children playing in their gardens. Mr A F Archer [1903-1981], of Childshall, Woodland Avenue said complaints were made to the Rural Council 5 years ago, but the nuisance had steadily worsened..." (2) Play equipment is up at Woodland Avenue, 6 people have applied for allotments on the land adjoining. (3) Footpath from Fairby Lane to Fairby Grange is having attention immediately. Work on Post Office to Green Way is urgently required, many lorries going to New Ash Green a hazard. (4) St John's Lane to be widened, land on south side to be acquired. 11 plots still need to be acquired to finish Church Road widening. (5) "In connection with the Best Kept Village Competition a not very complimentary report on Hartley was read by the chairman...This was not so surprising as it was quite dangerous to keep verges neat and trim with lorries teraing through Ash and Church Road at all times of the day. Before the meeting closed it was suggested that a seat half way up Hoselands Hill would be useful on the long climb from Longfield."

11 Oct 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Mrs Emily Edith Hollands

"The funeral took place at Fawkham Parish Church of Mrs Emily Edith Hollands, 3 Castle Hill, Hartley [3 Yew Tree Cottage, now Rose Cottage]. Aged 86 and a native of Chislehurst, Mrs Hollands had spent the greater part of her life at Fawkham and Hartley. Before her marriage in 1916 she was manageress of the Health Club, Weybridge, and as a young woman took a keen interest in the work of the Red Cross and St John Ambulance Brigade...."

18 Oct 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Mr James Grieve

"of Broughton, Ash Road died suddenly at his home on Thursday last week at the age of 86. The cremation is at Medway Crematorium… and the ashes will be interred in his parents' grave in Fawkham Churchyard. Mr Grieve, who is survived by his widow, came with his parents to Shoreham about 1882, and then moved to Churchdown Farm, Fawkham. Mr Grieve was born at Bervie, Scotland, and was one of 13 children. He served in the Boer Way. Mr Grieve was a member of Hartley Parish Council for many years. During the second world war, Mr Grieve was sergeant in charge of Special Constabulary in Hartley."

Gilbert and Sullivan

Favourable review of Evening WI's performance of HMS Pinafore.

Mr Ernest Richard Hoadley

"of 64 Wellfield, Hartley, has died at the age of 70. He had been ill fo rthe last few months, was born at Ash, and went to Ash, Hartley and Longfield schools. During the First World War he was in the Navy, serving on HMS Dragon, and in the Second World War he served in Hartley Home Guard. He was a well known figure in the village, and was employed by Mr and Mrs Mason, of Hartley House, as a gardener, retiring 4 years ago....." Funeral at All Saints'.


2nd anniversary of the publication "The Grapevine".

Longfield Station

Work to begin on improving lighting in the next 1-2 months.

25 Oct 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Longfield Parish Council

(1) Council and residents to object to closure of footpath from Northdown Road to Main Road. (2) Concerns about hole in hedge at Whitehill Playing Ground. (3) 5.30pm collection at Longfield Post Office on weekdays.

Long Valley Hall

Building work has started. Autumn Fayre raised £100.

2 Nov 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Wrong Side

"Pleading guilty at Northfleet to driving his car without due care, he collided head on with another vehicle in Wrotham Road, Culverstone, [NAME], sales director of Oak Farm Lane, said he returned from France the day before the accident after completing 3,000 miles. He still thought he was driving on the Continent, which caused him to drive on his right. He covered about 20,000 miles a year, one third on the continent. He was fined £20 with licence endorsement.

Hartley Players

Unfavourable review of performance of "Let's Get a Divorce", saying what was "lacking ... an awareness that it was a comedy to be played for laughs...."

Hartley Parish Council

(1) Church PCC has written to the Parish Council to say the old school on the Green would cease to be used as a school from 7 November and would council like to use it for a youth club? (2) Suggestion to PC that they put asphalt around the roundabout at Woodland Avenue. Seats to be installed there within a couple of weeks. (3) Complaints about appalling state of burial ground during bad weather. Asphalt path to be laid before winter.

22 Nov 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
School Milk

Petition from 150 Longfield and Hartley to county council against not supply free school milk to independent primary schools. They said they are saving county council money. KCC rejected petition, saying it is same as other authorities' policy and saves £37,000.

Longfield Parish Council

(1) Children not using gate to enter Whitehill playing ground but cutting through hedge onto heavy traffic. PC can't afford fence but will try to fill in gap. (2) Poor state of footpaths on both sides of Essex Road raised.

29 Nov 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Ash Parish Council

(1) Council annoyed at curt rejection by KCC of their request for speed limit in Ash Village. (2) PC rejected complaints from public about their appointee to Ash School governors. (3) Suggestion PC should meet monthly not bi-monthly as things are out of date by then. (4) Complaints by PC about poor state of roads, chairman and another had inspected roads, Ash Road was being swept fairly free of mud, but all side roads badly in need of attention. It was reported Chapelwood Road from West Yoke to Span's depot by Royal Oak was badley cut up.

Hartley Parish Council

"Residents of Quakers Close, Hartley, attended the parish council meeting to register a protest on the closing of full access to their road from Hoselands Hill. When permission was granted for this development, the Dartford Rural Council stated that another opening onto Hoselands Hill would be dangerous, but during buidling operations, lorries would be permitted to use this entrance. On completion and when Wellfield Estate came into being, traffic would be diverted in that direction, but a pedestrian access would still be available at Hoselands Hill. A map of the new estate was shown to the residents by Cllr Mrs Y Fry, which clearly showed the proposed new entrance. Residents complained that when they purchased their houses, they were not told of this situation by the builders, who are now applying to build a house on the present opening to Quakers Close." (2) KCC Roads have accepted responsibility for the Gorsewood Road railway crossing and a trying to get British Rail to cooperate with building a subway. (3) PC wrote to KCC saying as School on Green has now closed, and there is no pavement between Green Way and Round Ash Way, it means small children have to walk on Ash Road.

6 Dec 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Doctor's 'New Life'

"For most people, retirement means a time to relax, but for Dr and Mrs Ernest Claxton, of Manor Drive, Hartley, near Gravesend, it will mean the start of a completely different way of life - in a country thousands of miles away, working hard and long. The Claxtons are sailing on the liner Chusan with their destination Panchgani in India. There they will take part in the work of a new training centre being developed by Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of the Mahatma."

School Transport

Tenders invited to transport 50/60 children from Fawkham/Ash/Hartley/Longfield/New Barn to St Johns RC Primary and Secondary Schools, Gravesend.

13 Dec 1968 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Schools Clash on New Hours

"Kent schools are sharply divided on whether or not to change their hours because of British Standard Time and the dark mornings. The majority of schools are yet to make any alteration in their starting times, and any decision has been left to individual headteachers.... In the Gravesend, Northfleet and Swanscombe area, only a few of the children will be coming to school later. The matter has again been left to headteachers. Miss D M Barnes, headmistress of Hartley Primary School said her pupils now arrived at 9.20am instead of 9 - and went home later in the afternoon. Many children attending the school have to cross a busy main railway line on a narrow unguarded crossing. But Miss Barnes said, 'Only a few parents have asked for their children to come to school later and two parents have objected. Many parents bring children to school by car.' "

[British Standard Time was an experiment from 1968 to 1970 where Britain was in effect on Central European time 1 hour ahead all year round of today. It resulted in more accidents in the dark mornings and fewer in the evenings, supporters point to the overall fall, but it is now recognised the evening figures were distorted by the introduction of the breathalyser at the same time.]

Hartley Primary School

"The police are being asked by Thameside Educational Executive to deal with the congestion which occurs outside the new primary school at Hartley in the afternoons when parents come to collect their children in their cars. At a meeting of the Executive [NAME] described the position in the afternoon as 'chaotic'. He said he counted 41 cars jammed in the cul de sac leading to the school. They could hardly move and the school bus could not enter the school to pick up children to take home."

Old Hartley Primary School for Sale

"By order of the Rochester Diocesan Board of Education. Hartley former CofE school. Single storey brick and slated building with capacious rooms. Also 2 storey former school house. Playground area etc. The whole site approximately 150 ft x 190 ft. An interesting redevelopment proposition or for approved institutional use. Freehold for sale..... Bernard Thorpe & Partners, Oxted, Surrey"

3 Jan 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
House raid led to drinks orgy

"Bottles of spirits and wines, valued at £34, which were stolen from a Hartley house, were drunk by the thieves over a period of time, it was said at Kent Sessions, Maidstone on Monday." Three youths including [NAME] (17) (apprentice cable jointer, said to have been uprooted from America at age of 15) formerly of Ash Road, Hartley, were convicted of breaking into home of Roy Cyril Johnston [1928-2018] of Hartley and a separate offence of taking a car. He was fined £40 or 6 months' imprisonment.

17 Jan 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Cleaners Wanted at Primary School

Round Ash Way. Two cleaners wanted for 2½ hours daily, 4s 10½d per hour. Bus fares paid. 490 Bus leaves Gravesend Clock Tower 3.31pm , return 7.35pm.

24 Jan 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
New Rector of Ash and Ridley

"(the Rev Barry C Compton) was instituted and inducted at a service in Ash Church on Saturday. In the absence of the patron, [NAME], Mr Compton was presented to the Bishop of Rochester by Canon Wansey, his former vicar....." (Picture)

New Ash Green

Now over 100 families living here. First meeting of New Ash Green Film Society held iin Span Exhibition Hall. 70 attend New Ash Green Wives Meeting.

Longfield Parish Council

(1) Street Lights in Main Road to remain on all night after experimental period. Additional cost £40 per month; (2) Still problems with lorries turning on Gallops at Pescot Avenue; (3) Negotiations taking place to use Longfield Station Yard for car parking [previous week's paper said Dartford RDC negotiating with BR for 21 year lease of disused goods yard]; (4) PC agrees to diversion of footpath from Main Road to Northdown.

Castle Hill Theft

2 wheels taken from car of [NAME], parked outside his house, 2 Yew Tree Cottages, Castle Hill, on Friday night.

31 Jan 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Parish Council

(1) Library should be open in a couple of weeks; (2) Council asked to support West Kingsdown PC's complaint about increasing use of Brands Hatch; (3) Alleged nuisance of firm operating behind bungalows in Woodland Avenue to be looked into by Dartford RDC.

Parking in Round Ash Way

[NAME], who at the November meeting of Thameside Educational Executive complained of chaos caused at Hartley Primary School by parents crowding the road with cars when they came to collect their children, said at Monday's meeting that matters had improved since the police had taken action..."

Long Valley Hall

British Legion form new committee to run club under construction. The club will be a separate entity from the village hall.

Rail Timetable

BR hope to provide an extra evening train to Longfield and Meopham by dividing the 5.52pm Victoria - Maidstone train at Swanley. They are looking at more general timetable changes in the area, but it would not be until the early 1970s before they could take effect.

7 Feb 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Impact of New Ash Green

"Hartley is beginning to feel the impact of New Ash Green, the new village on its doorstep. For the past 2 years lorries, cement mixers and other heavy traffic on piecework have thundered along Ash Road to the site, to the peril of pedestrians walking along the narrow road where there are no footpaths; this is a special hazard to the children who have to walk this road to school. About 100 families are not in residence in the village, with quite a number of small children. The children of Primary School age are mostly taken to Hartley Primary School, wher ethe numbers are already quite considerable. Every other Wednesday afternnon, mothers and babies are transported to Hartley Infant Welfare Centre, and on those afternoons conditions in the Centre are quite hectic for the doctor, health visitor and voluntary helpers."


Second neighbourhood to be completed held its annual Residents' Society meeting.

Frederick Stanger

Obituary. He is the first person to be buried in the new garden of remembrance. Aged 81, he came to Longfield in 1956, joined Church PCC 1957 and Churchwarden in 1965.

14 Feb 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Northdowners FC They hope to resume activities next season, having come to an agreement with the Country Club to use part of their ground for a nominal rent.

Daphne Godfrey

"A big loss to the community has occurred by the death of Miss Daphne Godfrey on Thursday last week at the Joyce Green Hospital. Miss Godfrey, who was born 66 years ago at Horton Kirby, lived with her 92 year old mother at 25 Fawkham Road. Since the commencement of the Ever Welcome Club, Miss Godfrey, together with Mrs Godfrey, have been very active members. Miss Godfrey spent 44 years working in grocery stores, 20 with Mr Morris and for 24 years at Hicks Stores. For 36 years she had collected for the Gravesend Pay Day Club and helped Mrs Godfrey in her efforts for cancer research. At one time, Miss Godfrey played the organ at the Mission Hall...." Funeral at Longfield church. [Paper of 4.7.69 records death of Mrs Godfrey at age of 92]


Advert for stylists at new salon opening soon at Hartley, also 3 bed unfurnished flat to let. Longfield 2134.

21 Feb 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Players

Favourable review of latest production "No Time for Figleaves" at Hartley Country Club.

Hartley Library

"The new library in Ash Road is opening to the public on Wednesday next week at 10am. Opening hours will be: Tuesday 10am - 1pm and 2-7pm, Wednesday 10am-1pm and 2-5pm, Thursday 10am-1pm and 2-5pm, Friday 10-1pm and 2-7[m, Saturday 9.30am-1pm."

New Ash Green Playschool

Opened on Monday, 24 enrolled after open day. Matron is [NAME] of 75 Punchcroft, assisted by [NAME] of Hartley and [NAME] of Longfield. Only mornings at present but hope to open in afternoons soon.

28 Feb 1969 Opening of Hartley Library KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"A new branch library of the Kent County Library was opened by Cmdr DSE Thompson, chairman of the county council, at Ash Road, Hartley on Tuesday. The new building, costing about £10,000, has a stock of about 8,000 books, including a junior secion. In addition the branch will be able to draw on the main county library stock of over a million. Hartley and nearby parishes of Fawkham and Longfield are now served by a mobile library van and village centres. It is hoped that some residents of New Ash Green will be able to take advantage of the Hartley Library. A mobile library van will shortly be calling at the new village. Photo includes first branch librarian [NAME] with assorted politicians.

14 Mar 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Cherry Trees Shops

(advert) "Hartley - Neighbourhood Shopping Centre. Own Shoppers Carpark. Only 2 shop units remaining in new development of shops, flats and supermarket in unopposed trading area, serving large ever-increasing population. Units available from £850 pa on 21 year full repairing and insuring lease. Apply: Heale Investments Limited, 15 The Parade, Meopham, Kent Tel Meopham 2512."

Trade Descriptions Act 1968

Dartford Magistrates hear first case under this act against Invicta Motors of Lowfield Street for advertising car with 40,000 miles on clock when previous owner knew it was 91,000. Proprietor said they had to change odometer because original one was damaged. Fined £50.

Ash Primary School PTA

Concerned about safety of children getting to school, asked Span when the New Ash Green Primary School will be built. Span said delay due to disagreement regarding siting of school. Will be 3 form entry 240 pupil school, sited close to village centre between Ash Road and Church Road. Economic Situation means it has been taken out of this year's building programme, and put into that of 1969/70. Should open by September 1971.


Hartley troop to be split into two next month. Scouts asked to suggest names for tne new troops.

New Ash Green

Mobile library visiting Punchcroft weekly on Fridays 10am - noon. The Argus newsletter which over last year was issued quarterly will become a monthly publication. Editor [NAME] of Over Minnis is a journalist. Span plan a Village Day on June 7 when the shopping centre will open. Nearly all units have been let. [Paper of 30.5.69 said DJ Pete Murray would be attending]

21 Mar 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Longfield Parish council

(1) Motion passed that council should request a clinic, library and police house from the county council; (2) PC agreed to sell land at Whitehill Crossroads to County Council to improve sight lines at dangerous junction.

28 Mar 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Ash Parish Council

(1) Oak Farm Lane said to be in such a poor state that delivery drivers will not go there; (2) Told New Ash Green developing more slowly than thought but has already meant that the product of a penny rate has increased from £114 to £200. A resident of New Ash Green asked what they were going to do about representation on the council for New Ash Green; (3) Decline in telephone service, it was said to be near impossible to dial numbers from the village; (4) Council have been unable to get 30mph speed limit through Ash Village. Councillor Goodwin referred to the dangerous corner between Ash Road and Church Lane; (5) Gravesend Chamber of Commerce suggest banning commuters from part of Longfield carpark for the benefit of shoppers.

Hartley Fete

Beneficiary this year to be paying off the debt on teh Church Hall. Will be held at Country Club.

Design Go-Ahead for 29 Schools

Ministry of Education has given go-ahead for architects to start designing schools in the expectation building will start in 1970/71. They include New Ash Green, Longfield and Meopham primary schools.

11 Apr 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Theives Pose as Builders

"Detectives are appealing for information about a daring daylight raid on a house at Hartley, near Gravesend, on Tuesday. Two men posed as builders and actually did some work on the outside of the house, Ashdene, Gorsewood Road, before breaking in and stealing jewelery and domestic appliances. The occupiers [NAME], were out at the time and although neighbours reported seeing the men they noticed nothing unusual about them. It was the second daylight raid in Hartley in a few days..."


The two new Hartley troops to be called Castle (leader [NAME]) and Stocks (leader [NAME])

Country Club

A loss of £400 in 1967 has become a profit of £1,000 in 1968. Improvements to hall and bar planned.

Ridley Burglary

"A silver pocket watch, a pair of binoculars and £20 in cash was stolen from the home of [NAME], Woodside, Rectory Road, Ridley, on Sunday night."

22 Apr 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Luxury is a link house at New Ash Green

(Advert) Span advertising "link" houses for £7,800 to £11,000. Example is of a 4/5 bed house with "cordon-bleu" kitchen and "prairie size living room". "Now is the time to reserve your home in New Ash Green. Do it this weekend and you could be coming home to New Ash Green by Summer."

Rotarian on the Bench

"Mr William Thomas Farmer [1916-1987], Pantiles, Gorse Way, Hartley, has been appointed a JP for Kent and will serve at Dartford Magistrates Court. Mr Farmer is district manager of the Hastings and Thanet Building Society, and was previously secretary and manager of the Kent County Building Society, Lowfield Street, Dartford. He is a Rotarian at Dartford, secretary of the NSPCA for the North Kent ara, and on the war pensions committee for Bexley and Dartford. Mr Farmer has belonged to the Dartford Choral Society for 8 years. Mrs Farmer is a member of Hartley Afternoon WI. They have a son and daughter."

Ash by-pass plan comes under fire

Public Enquiry at Ash Village Hall for County Council's compulsory purchase order to acquire land betwen Ash Road and Corner Farm Crossroads for "a safe road for both local and through traffic to bypass New Ash Green" [Chapelwood Road]. Most objections were said to be based on the amount of compensation. 4 residents of Butlers Place thought this would cut them off from Ash Village.

Showhouse theft

"Thieves broke into Span (Kent) Ltd's show house at New Ash Green, during Sunday night an stole candlesticks, a television set, two goatskin rugs, kitchen utensils, ashtrays, and a wrought iron candelabra to the total value of £135."

8 May 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Eric Charles Kitchener Harris

"9 Hoselands View, died in West Hill Hospital, Dartford, a few hours after collapsing while leaving his car in Longfield, on April 29. Mr Harris, 53, was born at Northfleet. He was agricultural correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph, and had lived in Hartley for 19 years." Funeral at St Francis de Sales RC Church. He had captained the Country Club's Cricket 2nd XI.

Cherry Trees Shops

"A new parade of shops at Cherry Trees, Hartley, is nearing completion. The first shop opened last Thursday, caters for 'tots to teens'. "

Hartley Players

They had to cancel show "Something Rings a Bell" due to illness amongst cast.

Old Downs Home

Job vacancies - Female Cook £11 12s 0d, attendant £10 16s 0d plus enhanced payments for weekend and shift duty, domestic assistant £10 0s 0d. All for 40 hour week.

15 May 1969 His Longest 10 Seconds KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Among those injured in the Aberdonian, crack Anglo-Scottish Sleepr Express which jumped the rails at Morpeth Station, Northumberland, on Wednesday last week, was Mr Ronald Clements (48) [prob 1921-1996] of 3 Old Downs, Hartley, who had to have 15 stitches in a head wound and also suffered from shock. He was able to travel home later in the day. Describing the crash, Mr Clements said: 'It was the longest 10 seconds of my life.'....."

22 May 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Fawkham Fears Road Threat

"The tiny Kent village of Fawkham would be cut in two if Kent County Council's plan to construct a relief road from the new village of New Ash Green is approved. So concerned is the parish council about the proposal that it sent a leaflet setting out the plan to every householder in the village, with an appeal to attend a special parish meeting to discuss the matter.

Mr John Fulleylove [1916-1972] of Scudders Farm, Fawkham, vice chairman of the parish council, said: 'The proposed road would leave New Ash Green at Chapel Wood and descend into the Fawkham Valley, joining Valley Road, Fawkham, between the parish Church and Pennis. This would have the effect of cutting the village into two. It is felt that the road is not necessary and that it represents a very large expenditure which is disproportionate to the amount of extra traffic which will be generated by New Ash Green. Other people wonder whether sufficient research may not have been given to discover what are the traffic needs of New Ash Green. The proposed road will bring extra traffic onto Fawkham Valley Road, which is already a hazard and will have to pass under the railway viaduct at Longfield, where there is virtually single line traffic now. The county council has given the parish council verbal assurance that the new road would not be built until the railway viaduct was widened.' Mr Fulleylove said the proposed road would be 1½ miles long would go through countryside of great landscape interest. The plan.. comes before the Dartford Rural Council's Planning Committee next Tuesday."

[The following week's paper 30.5.69 reported on the meeting attended by a third of Fawkham's population. Chairman claimed road would be 36 feet wide with 3 lanes and cost £180,000 rising to £380,000 once works to viaduct at Longfield are factored in. Mr R J Billings offered 100 guineas to employ a town planning expert if a public enquiry were held.]

County Primary School Fete

Cllr Mrs Fry who opened fete said "in 1943 Hartley School was held in the old school building with Miss D M Barnes as headmistress and one teacher in charge of 57 children. Today the school has new buildings with Miss Barnes 10 teachers and 337 pupils." Raised £100. List of competition winners.

Longfield School Fete

Record £1,200 raised. Highlight was motorcycle display. Headmaster Mr Darby bravely volunteered for a spell in the stocks to have wet sponges thrown at him.

Long Valley Hall

Earliest article to give it its name. Work is behind schedule due to difficulty in tracing the original village hall trustees, causing lack of funds to employ labour at site.

Ash Round Table

"A new branch of the Round Table is being formed at New Ash Green... It will be alled the Ash and District Round Table, and will meet at the White Swan, Ash, on the second Tuesday of each month." Three founder members were [NAME], [NAME], and [NAME], all of New Ash Green.

30 May 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
St Francis de Sales Fete

Opened by antiques expert, raised £500. Included children's fashion parade organised by Pollyanna of Cherry Trees.

Hartley Parish Council

(1) Complaints at meeting about state of Hoselands Hill by railway bridge while works are going on to enable double deck buses to pass under, but progress is slow; (2) Complaints of motorbikes, a mini car, and horses using park at Woodland Avenue. Also broken glass causing a cut hand for a 10 year old boy. Mr and Mrs Fry collected 2 bucket loads of broken glass there. Hartley WI suggest they put litter bins there; (3) Resident has written to complain about dumping of rubbish in fields and woods, they say they have evidence it is Hartley people doing this.

6 Jun 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Long Valley Hall

"This Friday at 8pm, the British Legion Club section of the new Long Valley Hall will be officially opened by Dartford's MP, Mr Sydney Irving and Mrs Irving."

13 Jun 1969 Rodeo heralds new village's big day KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Almost 5,000 people came along to village day at Kent's neweest village at New Ash Green on Saturday, to enjoy hours of fun. It is estimated that more than 1,000 cars were there.

Pete Murray, TV and radio disc jockey, arrived on horseback leading a wild west rodeo. After being introduced by [NAME] of Span, who are developing the village to accommodate 6,000 people, he declared the fete open.

There were many stalls and sideshows, a flying display by the Redhill Tiger Club, dancing by the Ravensbourne Morris Dancers, and in the evening a fireworks displacy and dancing in the street to two bands at which at least 1,000 people were present.

The village day had been arranged to herald in the opening of the new shopping centre set among charming surroundings with free parking. A chemist and off licence are the first to open, and several more will open soon...."

13 Jun 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Ash Parish Council

LPTB say they hope to improve Sunday bus service and say there is no question of terminating buses at New Ash Green.

Longfield Parish Council

(1) First meeting of new council of 9 members; (2) Council asks for speed limit in Whitehill Road; (3) Longfield still short of the 6,000 population required for a clinic, even if thry combine with other areas.

27 Jun 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
James William Wren

"The death occurred in hospital of Mr James William Wren, High Reach, Gresham Avenue, aged 63 years. Mr Wren was a safety officer for a London firm for 45 years and had lived in Hartley for the last 10 years. He was a member of the Hartley & District Horticultural Society and Hartley & District Old Tyme Dancing Club." Funeral at Eltham Crem.

About Hartley

New booklet of Hartley history published by Rev R A Williams with cover design by [NAME].

4 Jul 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
RC Primary School

KCC deferred a decision on buying additional land for school as it was too expensive.

Websters Whiting Works, Hartley Bottom, Ash-cum-Ridley

By order of the owners, Messrs Fuller, Horsey, Sons & Cassell have been instructed to sell by private treaty the freehold chalk quarry and works with an area of approximately 11 acres and single-storey steel framed building thereon for the manufacture of Whiting, Paint and Putty, having a total floor space of about 11,000 sq ft. Electric mains 3 phase 440/400 volts. Mains water supply. It is estimated that there is some 400,000 cu yards of chalk still to be extracted, all above road level.

The plant and machinery includes a precipitated chalk whiting plant comprising a Herbert No. 16A internal fan type atritor drier-pulveriser with motor and vee belt drive and control gear, a Paxman 150 sq ft Rotary Vacuum Filter with horizontal vacuum pump and motor drives, a twin intermeshing paddle feeder, an Urquhart direct oil fired Air Heater Unit, an 8ft dia Cyclone and structure, two screw conveyors; fans, ducting, an auto weigher and a Visco Beth Dust Collector Unit; an excavator, a Drott B TD6 Crawler Tractor; 7 motor driven 4ft - 7ft Edge Runner Mills by Torrance and Sidney Smith, 4 portable electric mixers; a 4 head vacuum filling Machine; a bottle labelling machine; two 200 gallon and a 40 gallon stainless steel tanks, pumps, spare electric motors, belt conveyors and utensils...."

11 Jul 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
First try Lynda is Miss Hartley

Picture of 21 year old [NAME] of Lansbury Crescent, Dartford, the winner of the Miss Hartley Contest run by Thelma Antwiss at the Hartley Fete. Held in the Social Club, it was the first contest she'd entered.

Long Valley Hall

New hall management committee raising funds via country market and forthcoming village fair. Every effort is being made to complete works by the winter.

May Symons

"The death has occurred of Mrs May Symons, one time chairman and founder member of Hartley Players. It was Mrs Symons' enthusiasm, encouragement, and ability which helped to build the high standard of the society. She last appeared on stage in 1958 in 'Bell Book and Candle'. For over 40 years Mrs Symons has served the players."

18 Jul 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Fete nets £500 for new hall

"Miss Hartley ([NAME]) who arrived in a Rolls Royce driven by [NAME] opened Hartley Village Fete in the grounds of Hartley Country Club on Saturday which raised over £500 towards clearing the debt on All Saints' Church Hall...." Details of various competition winners including Horticultural Show with 150 + entries.

Longfield Parish Council

Out of library, clinic and police house, Longifeld has been told they are only likely to get a library and then probably not until 1972/73.

Longfield Primary School

To be split into infants and juniors. Infants (5-7) scheduled to take over 240 pupils.

25 Jul 1969 Commercial units to rent at New Ash Green KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Newly built small offices to rent at New Ash Green, 400 sq ft units; also Units 300 sq ft. Enquires from Span, The Manor House, New Ash Green. West Ash 466.

1 Aug 1969 Staff Wanted KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Vye and Son Ltd require staff for their new self service store which will be opening shortly at 8 The Row, New Ash Green…."

[Vye and Sons were a Kentish grocery chain, which had been taken over by Home and Colonial in 1955 but they continued to use Vye as a trading name. In 1967 there were 61 Vye stores. By a series of takeovers Home and Colonial is now part of Morrisons. See History]

8 Aug 1969 Transport of Pupils KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Thameside Divisional Executive advert for tenders for school transport. (1) 65 children from Bean to Longfield Secondary School; (2) 50 children from New Ash Green to Hartley Primary School…..

19 Sep 1969 Shop Units to Let at New Ash Green KM - Gravesend Telegraph
"Small shop units to let in upper covered concourse of exciting new shopping street in Kent….. In rapidly developing village of New Ash Green with eventual population of over 6,000 and a present catchment area population of 30,000; excellent car parking facilities for 800 cars.... Enquiries: Span Kent Ltd..."

[The claimed catchment area seems a bit ambitious as in 1971 the combined population of Hartley, Longfield, Ash and Fawkham was only 8,500. To reach that figure they must be assuming people would travel a considerable distance to New Ash Green]

3 Oct 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Gift to Hartley Church

"On Thursday last week an old lady, a former resident of Hartley, called at Hartley Rectory and handed the rector a paper shopping bag, saying 'This is to help the church; I used to live in the village and have been wanting to help the church for some time.' When the Rector opened the bag he found it contained £100 in notes. With the legacy from the estate of Mrs Maud Nielsen, and the gift of a piece of silver valued at £30-40, Hartley Church Council is now in sight of the £380 necessary to replace the worn out coke heating apparatus in the church with an oil-fired boiler, which has been installed."

Hartley Parish Council

(1) The Churchyard has been suggested as a new location for the war memorial, posters to be put up round village for objections or comments; (2) Council against house numbering; (3) Light at steps from Ash Road to Station has not been connected, also Cllr Hitchin reported new steep bank at the bridge has a loose surface and could be a hazard in wet weather.

Longfield Secondary School

"Seven new classrooms are in use at the Secondary School and it is hoped the rest of the extension will be in use in November...."

New Ash Green Community Centre

Nearly 150 attend film show at new opened centre.

17 Oct 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Florence Annie Warren

Obituary of "Stoneleigh, Gorse Way, Hartley, died at Holywell, Hodsoll Street, Ash. Mrs Warren was 84 and lived for many years at Stone Lodge Farm, Dartford, where her husband Mr John Warren was farm bailiff and a JP for Dartford. On retirement in 1946 they moved to Hartley. Mrs Warren was at one time a member of Hesketh Park Dartford Ladies's Bowls Club and a member of All Saints' Mothers' Union." Funeral at All Saints.

7 Nov 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Death of Hospital's Chief Pharmaceutist

"Mr John A Fry, Chief Pharmacist at West Hill Hospital, Dartford for 19 years (pictured), has died at home, Rodings, Briars Way, Hartley. He was closely associated with the Conservative Association, All Saints Church, Hartley Churches Association, Friends of Old Downs and village fete." Funeral at All Saints, list of chief mourners and representatives of organisations. Gilbert and Sullivan

Hartley Evening WI Choir presented Patience.

Lloyds Bank Opens at New Ash Green

Advert. They have just opened at 1 The Row, open 10am - 1pm weekdays, under supervision of New Road, Gravesend branch.

21 Nov 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Child Health Clinic

"will be starting on December from 2pm to 4pm at the surgery New Ash Green. It will be held every Tuesday at this time, when a doctor and health visitor will attend."

Horticultural Society

Annual meeting hears Hartley HS now has 123 members.

28 Nov 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
District Nurse

"Mrs DM Cook, midwife and district nurse in the Hartley District for the past 21 years is retiring on December 3. Nurse Cook, together with the Health Visitor, formed a relaxation class for expectant mothers in 1957 and the classes are still held once a fortnight in the WI Hall. She also for many years attended the child welfare clinic at Hartley, and has always been a great comfort to the sick and aged."

Following week's paper 5.12.69 adds more: "Nurse Cook was a Red Cross nurse in Battersea, before taking her training in midwifery at the mothers' and babies' hospital, Woolwich, and Barnehurst and Bexley Maternity Hospital, following on with general nursing in Surrey. In 1948 Nurse Cook took up the post of midwife and district nursse in Hartley and district, and has delivered hundreds of babies in the area. She, together with the health visitor, Mrs M Burridge started a mothercraft relaxation class in Hartley, ast which at least 400 expectant mothers have received helpful instruction. At a party in All Saints' Hall, Nurse Cook was presented with a cheque for £100 from reisdents in the district.... Nurse [NAME] succeeds Nurse Cook"

New Ash Green Churches Association

Just been formed with [NAME] as chairman. Hope to find a room for interdenominational meetings.

5 Dec 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Parish Council

(1) Police have said PC have very little hope in getting police stationed in Hartley, think they already adequately cover the village; (2) All replies support moving war memorial; (3) Span to be asked to reinstate footpath from Chapelwood Road to Church Road

Hartley and Ash Friendly Group

First annual dinner at Hartley Country Club. Mr A Hill, chairman, said club was formed last November with 6 members, now have 24, average age 75.

Hartley Fete

Public meeting decide 1970 fete should go to Amenities Fund for the Old Downs Home for the Elderly. 1969 fete raised £500.

12 Dec 1969 Local News in Brief KM - Gravesend Telegraph
Hartley Evening WI

Annual meeting. Membership is 66 with average attendance 42.

Longfield Village Hall

"The old village hall in Kent Road, Longfield will cease to function from December 31…."

Builders say: We're not quitting

"Work on Kent's purpose built village at New Ash Green... has slowed down but a representative of the builders, Span (Kent) Ltd denied this week that all work was to be stopped during the winter. She said she was unable to comment on rumours that the whole scheme might be taken over by another firm. 'We are slowing down the building programme this winter,' she said, 'but are going ahead with the houses at present under construction. We do not plan to start another neighbourhood unit until next summer. Sales are very slow, but this is mainly due to the difficulty people have in getting mortgages,' she added.

There are 210 families living in New Ash Green and there are about 100 houses waiting to be completed. The village was planned to accommodation 6,000 people in 1,800 households. Most of the residents are young people with families.... Many of those who have settled at New Ash Green are concerned about its future. They bought houss there because they were attacted by the prospect of amenities."

19 Dec 1969 Try a Basketful of Shopping at New Ash Green KM - Gravesend Telegraph
(Advert) "Northwest Kent's brightest, most relaxed shopping centre is now very much open for business. Come and begin to explor a new shopping experience - and pick up your share of the shopping bargains awaiting you at New Ash Green." Shops mentioned are:

Vye's Supermarket

Village Pharmacy

Barclays and Lloyds Banks

Donaldsons for Hardware - this month's offer, 4ft imitation Christmas Tree 19s 11d.

TW Bramham, fishmonger and poulterer

The Farm Shop

Martins the Newsagent - oldest shop in New Ash Green has moved from Over Minnis to the Shopping Centre

Coming soon - Butcher, Boutique, Shoe Shop, Flower Shop, Travel Agent.

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