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Longfield Parish Council Minutes

Medway Archives P231/29/1-8

Selected items from Longfield Parish Council's minute book in the Medway Archives.


7 February 1898
Calls for lamp at footpath by railway at Elm Terrace.  (This is the footpath from Hartley Road by the railway bridge)

11 November 1898
Call for Dartford Rural District Council to provide a proper water supply as current arrangements are inadequate.

7 September 1899
Council hears from Mid Kent Water Company.  They request the map sent shows where the mains will run in Station Road, Longfield Hill and Red Cow Farm.  They will also write to the Parish Meetings of Ash, Fawkham and Kingsdown about the possibility of a joint supply.


9 April 1900
Council decides to leave negotiations on water supply to Dartford RDC.

18 June 1900 (Parish Meeting)
Mid Kent want a guarantee of £640 (10% of total cost) before they will lay mains.  Only 4 miles of the 16 miles of mains will be in Longfield, but because the charge will be based on rateable value, Longfield's share will be £235.  Meeting requested charge be based on mileage.

At the meeting Mr Dobbs said there was an adequate supply from Mr Hickmott's well (at Longfield Court) if they wanted to formulate an alternative scheme.

1 November 1900 (Parish Meeting)
Proposal to complain of "chaotic and disastrous condition of the passenger and goods traffic on the SE & Chatham Railway" carried unanimously.

3 December 1900
Mr Dobbs had come back to the PC with a proposal to provide a 6 inch main (200 gallons/min) of "pure and wholesome" water to householders in Longfield and Hartley at a cost no higher than that proposed by Mid Kent Water.  If the PC agrees, a company will be formed, and if they give the company a guarantee of £160 then the dividend for the shareholders will never exceed 6%.  However PC felt that they could not proceed with this as negotiations with Mid Kent Water had gone too far.

7 January 1901
PC consents to the proposed Mid Kent Water Order 1901.

11 February 1901
PC decides to put up noticeboard outside the clerk's home (Kent House, Station Road) and at Church (if they agree).

1 August 1901
PC requests a Sunday postal delivery, as currently people have to collect post from Post Office.

3 February 1902
PC requests mid-day postal delivery for the depot and 12 cottages at Longfield Siding and for the 4 cottages at Middleton Farm (Hartley Bottom Road).

23 September 1902
PC requests railway company to change the name of the station from Fawkham to "Longfield, for Fawkham and Hartley".

23 December 1902
Kent and Essex Land Company to be asked when they are going to make up Kent and Essex Roads.


20 January 1905
PC to write again to Mr Hill, General Manager of SE & Chatham Railway, to ask for a bridge at the station.

17 April 1905
PC agrees to write to Post Office about the telephone service.  What is proposed, how much will it cost?  They also want to raise the issue of a telegraph pole erected at a dangerous spot on Pescot Hill (Main Road, near Langafel School).  

The meeting of 31 July 1905 reports the GPO's reply but gives no further details.

12 March 1906
Railway Bridge - Mr Vincent Hill of SE&CR has submitted plans for a bridge and necessary footpath diversion on the southern side of the railway.  They would need an undertaking from the PC to pay half the annual cost of repair, estimated at £6.5.0.  PC agreed to this, and will also write the the affected landowner Thomas Morton, to ask for diversion of the footpath and for a small piece of land for the bridge.

Letter to Kent and Essex Land Company to see if they will make up Essex Road.

12 November 1906
PC agreed speed limit should be 10mph in Longfield - less in special circumstances.

"Telephone facilities - letters were read from the Postmaster General and from Mr Durling of Meopham in reference to providing call offices at Longfield and Meopham, and requiring a guarantee for 7 years.  The clerk reported that Mr T F Cowlrick had been moving in the matter and had obtained the names of one dozen or so gentlemen who were prepared to guarantee the sum required, and he also reported that the Meopham quota was already guaranteed.  Mr Lynds moved that the parish would be ready to assist in any way possible in facilitating the provision of telephone communication.  Mr Gilham seconded.  Carried."

18 February 1907
"Certain correspondence relating to telephone facilities which had been received from Mr Cowlrick was read.  Mr Gilham moved that that PC are quite agreeable for the 5 gentlemen suggested by Mr Cowlrick to guarantee, but they think that as Mr Cowlrick has started the negotiations he should carry them through.  Mr Lechford seconded.  Carried."

4 March 1907 (Annual Parish Meeting)
Mr Lynds reported that negotiations were in progress with regard to the provision of telephone facilities, and that he hoped the matter would be settled shortly, and that the sum named by the Postal authorities would be guaranteed privately.

10 June 1907
Complaint regarding carding of manure containing dead fish and animals at the station.

10 August 1908
PC agrees to ask for a stile at the level crossing in Hartley near Longfield School (presumably Gorsewood Road, as original school was opposite where Langafel school is today)

22 March 1909
Proposed change in Post Office opening hours agreed to, but the PC hoped evening delivery would be granted in return.

Essex Road - frontagers to be approached about making it up.

Lighting - PC agreed to refer issue of public lighting to the annual parish meeting.

18 April 1910
Complaint to the Post Office for cancelling permission for people to collect their letters in the evening from the PO.

10 October 1910
Correspondence with Darenth Parish Council about tarring the road to Green Street Green.

14 August 1911
The noticeboard at Kent House reported to be in need of painting.

12 February 1912
Following a letter from Northfleet Urban District Council and newspaper report, PC agree to support their efforts to get a railcar service from Pinden Junction to Gravesend with halts at Dover Road, Northfleet and Longfield.

12 August 1912
A letter in the local press claimed the Longfield Fire Brigade had taken 40 minutes to get to a fire at the station.  Vice captain Harris said when interviewed by council that they had got the call at 5.15pm and were there in 10 minutes or so.  PC decide to investigate issues regarding equipment.

8 August 1913
Pickers' huts at Whitehill and their inhabitants said to be "undesirable".  Clerk to write to SE&Chatham Railway to say they are "no asset" to the new Longfield Halt adjoining.

(3 November 1913 - Pickers' Huts - SE&CR write to say no-one else has ever complained about them.)

30 March 1914
Essex Road has just been made up, Mr Lynds said the contract was for 13 inches of stones, but on being opened it was on average only 8 inches deep.  He said the frontagers do not like being robbed.

7 September 1914
The question of the provision of a sub-Post Office at Longfield Hill to be raised again.

25 March 1918
Complaint of acid smoke from factory at Longfield Hill.

3 March 1920
Complaints of trespass and theft from allotments.  No trespassing signs to be erected.

1 September 1920
Detailed inventory of the equipment of the Longfield Fire Brigade.

7 January 1930
Schemes for improving access to the station from Hartley.  Dartford RDC propose a road from Hartley Road to the Station by Elm Terrace.  Mr Wright opposed this, saying it would create a blind corner, he preferred old scheme via Mr Hohler's orchard.

(Dartford RDC scheme is the one eventually proceeded with)

Council housing - following Hartley's objection to the Hoselands Hill site, Longfield PC suggest a site near the Longfield burial ground.

15 April 1930
Request by Central Electricity Generating Board for wayleave for pylon at White Hill to be completed by next October.  Agreed.

3 June 1930
Following complaints, Post Office say deliveries at Longfield Hill should be by 8.30am.  Longfield PC thought reality was more like 9am.

West Kent Electric Company say it is unlikely they could "tap into" the HV cables being erected in Longfield.

3 February 1931
CEGB about to start work at Whitehill as part of South East England Electricity Scheme.

Kent Electric Power Company plan overland electric line from Meopham to Longfield.  A wayleave is needed at Longfield Hill therefore.  Longfield PC is confused as West Kent Electric Company had promised this line for 3-4 years - are the companies the same?  They were told power would be available in Longfield by June/July 1931 if all goes to plan.  Wayleave agreed.

11 March 1931
Station Road to be made up, construction of link to Hartley Road started.

11 May 1931
Longfield PC want the council housing under construction to be given first to people from Longfield.

1 June 1931
Kent Electric Power Company to begin work on Meopham to Longfield line on 27 May 1931.

6 July 1931
Dangerous level crossing west of Longfield Station.  Longfield PC want a footbridge.  They will consult Dartford RDC.

(4 August 1931 - Railway Company cost scheme at £1,210, Dartford RDC support scheme but will not pay anything towards the cost).

2 November 1931
Damage caused by wild rabbits with burrows on railway property.  Company has done nothing.

7 December 1931
Darenth PC wrote to say some opposition locally to Mr Holland's reapplication for licence to run buses between Ash and Dartford.  They and Longfield PC write to support him.  This has since been granted.  The Enterprize Bus was being opposed by Southern Railway and Maidstone and District Bus Co.  Longfield PC wrote to support owner.

(4 January 1932 - Enterprize Bus licence granted)

30 March 1932
Special parish meeting on street lighting.  Expenditure of up to £50 for their provision in coming year agreed by 10 votes to 4.  8 lighting columns are planned at (1) Martins Bank (library); (2) Corner Kent Road/Station Road; (3) Corner Essex Road/Station Road; (4) Corner Hartley Road/Station Road; (5) Service garage at Cross Roads; (6) Parish Church; (7) White Hill Cross Roads; (8) Between Railway Tavern and Whitehill Crossroads.  Cost for 500 candle power column is £8 each.  Annual running cost if on until midnight £3.1.0, if on until sunrise £5.12.6 (appears this is half the cost that the PC would have to pay).  Once the capital cost paid off, the annual maintenance cost will be £3.1.0.

4 July 1932
Southern Railway don't want to change Fawkham Station name, as to call it Longfield might invite confusion with Longfield Halt, and Mr Hohler contributed to the cost when the station was built.

6 March 1933
Letter from Head Postmaster at Dartford to say a sub post office will be established at Longfield Hill.

5 March 1934
Stamp vending machines erected outside Longfield Post Office at the request of Longfield PC.

3 February 1936
Call for phone kiosk outside Longfield Hill Post Office.  Current location inside causes problems when PO closed, eg. doctor had to be sent for by road in the middle of the night.

1 February 1937
Letter to be written to GPO asking when kiosk will be placed outside Longfield Hill Post Office.


5 December 1949
Longfield Parish Council agree in principle to Dartford RDC proposals to alter boundary with Hartley.

British Rail promise to look into providing a station car park.


2 January 1950
Hartley Parish Council suggest that the boundary should run from the boundary stone at the Old Rectory, along centre of road to bridge and thein right along the northern side of the railway, to where the present boundary crosses the tracks at Longfield sidings.

30 March 1950
Borough of Southwark rubbish tip said to be "a menace to the health of the people in the area.... a breeding place for flies and all kinds of vermin..... The stench is almost unbearable... during windy weather filthy paper allowed to blow about."  Dr Jenman proposed contacting local officer of health.  Agreed.

15 May 1950
Longfield PC request the removal of deadly nightshade growing by the allotments in Essex Road.

13 June 1950
Hartley PC wrote complaining that the Gorsewood Road footpath was being cut up.  Longfield PC reply the farmer has a right to.

5 March 1951
Longfield PC have no objection to Post Office proposal to discontinue opening between 9 and 10.30 on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

7 May 1951
Longfield PC object to closure of Longfield Post Office on Saturday instead of Wednesday afternoons, because Longfield Hill PO already closed on Saturday afternoons.

9 July 1951
Mr Hampson, the postmaster, says Longfield Home Guard Association asked him to close on afternoon of fete on 21 July.  PC leaves decision to Post Office.

1 October 1951
Letter from British Rail on proposals to withdraw passenger traffic at Gravesend West.  Longfield PC has no views.

2 February 1953
Request for stamp machine at Longfield Hill Post Office.

(2 March 1953 - Dartford Head Postmaster refused request as he said it would have only a very small use.)

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