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Small Owners Limited - sales and buyers

The map is the 1936 Ordnance Survey Map, divided up by the extents of the original plot sales by Smallowners Limited.  Look up a number on the map to find details in the schedule of the name of the buyer, date of purchase, and where known, where the purchaser came from and what their profession was.

Areas shaded blue on the map did not belong to Smallowners, while land shaded brown did belong to Smallowners, but we have no details of the purchaser at present.  The details show the buyers came from all walks of life and from a wide area.

In 1928 the company transferred all its remaining land to the company secretary Jane Foote Maxton (number 35 on map).

Schedule of buyers from Small Owners Limited

The table relates to the numbers on the map and gives the description, buyer, as well as the buyer's address and occupation in 1911.  The final column gives (where known) the agricultural use of the holding.

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